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Cheney and Harrison Ancestry
Heath Ancestry      Johnson Ancestry
  |                   |
Mary Heath and John Johnson         Porter Ancestry
            |                         |
        Isaac Johnson and Elizabeth Porter            Morris Ancestry
  _____________________|_______                         |
  |                           |                         |
Elizabeth Johnson and       Nathaniel Johnson and     Edward Morris and
        Henry Bowen           |    Mary Smith           |  Grace Bett
          |                   |                         |
Abigail Bowen and           John Johnson and Margaret Morris
        Nathaniel Aspinwall   |
          |                   |
Abigail Aspinwall and       Isaac Johnson and
        John Child            | Abigail Peake
          |                   |
        Abijah Child and Abigail Johnson
        Sarah Child and Elijah Mason
        Sophronia Mason and Eli Morey
        Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Merrill
        William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews
        Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman
        Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson
        Stephen Martin Lawson

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English Ancestry of Mary (Heath) Johnson

The ancestry of Mary (HEATH) JOHNSON is abstracted from "The Heath Connection: English Origins of Isaac and William Heath of Roxbury, Massachusetts, John Johnson, Edward Morris, and Elizabeth (Morris) Cartwright," and "Heath-Johnson-Morris Update: The Ancestry of Agnes (Cheney) Heath," by Douglas Richardson (NEHGR 146:261-278, 149:173-186).

John and Agnes Harrison

John HARRISON - b. about 1500; d. 1550/1. John's will was dated 4 Jan. 1549/50 and proved 28 Apr. 1551 named daughter Joan CHENEY. He identified himself in his will as "John Haryson yeoman dwelling in the parishe of Waltham holy Crosse in the Cownetie of Essex," and asked to be buried in the churchyeard of St. Lawrence, Waltham. Married about 1522.

Agnes - d. after 1582. In his will of 1582, son-in-law Christopher GOLDINGE called her "Mother Britten." Married second Mr. BRITTEN.

Children of John and Agnes Harrison

  1. William - d. 1595. William's will was written 28 Aug. 1594 at Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, and proved 19 Feb. 1594/5, naming many relatives including 'cousin' Agnes Cheyney. He was an overseer of the will of brother-in-law Robert CHENEY in 1567, and of brother-in-law Christopher GOLDINGE in 1582. Married Mrs. Isabel CORDELL of Enfield, Middlesex by license dated 15 Jun. 1586.
  2. Joan - b. about 1525, Waltham Abbey, Essex; d. May 1597, Waltham Abbey, Essex; bur. 14 May 1597, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Married Robert CHENEY.
  3. Elizabeth - d. 1571-1602. Married first by 1550 to Thomas SMITHSON (bur. 15 Mar 1570/1, Waltham Abbey, Essex). Thomas' will was dated 13 Mar. 1570/1 and proved 7 Sep 1571. Elizabeth married second 13 Aug. 1571, Waltham Abbey, Essex to Henry PEACOCK (d. between 28 Mar and 16 Apr. 1602) of Sewardstone in Waltham Abbey. Elizabeth is not named in Henry's will. Children of Elizabeth and Thomas: Henry married Alice BURTON; Jane married Mr. CORDELL; Elizabeth married John GREENE; Thomas; Oliver; John; and Christopher died as infant.
  4. Margaret - Married about 1558 Christopher GOLDINGE (bur. 11 Apr. 1582, Waltham Abbey, Essex). His will was dated 17 Apr. 1582 and proved 16 May 1582, naming his wife's brother William and brother-in-law John HANFORD. Christopher was an overseer of the will of brother-in-law Robert CHENEY. Children: John; Edward married Margaret VAVASOUR; Christopher; Nicholas; Elizabeth married William DANE; Agnes married Mr. BRADLEY; and Alice.

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Robert and Joan (Harrison) Cheney

Robert CHENEY - b. about 1520; d. by 13 Mar. 1567/8, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Son of Robert CHENEY (b. about 1490; d. about 1542), whose will was written 26 Oct. 1542, naming son Robert and daughter Agnes/Annes DONNE, and requesting burial in the churchyard of Saint Lawrence, Waltham. Robert, son of Robert, was grandson of Robert CHENEY (b. about 1460), a resident of Waltham Abbey, Essex in 1494. Robert's will was made 1 Oct. 1567 and proved 13 Mar. 1567/8, and names his children, his step-father Mr. BRYTTAYNE, his sister DONNE, his wife's brother William HARRISON, and her brother-in-law Christopher GOLDINGE. Married about 1549.

Joan HARRISON - b. about 1525, Waltham Abbey, Essex; d. May 1597, Waltham Abbey, Essex; bur. 14 May 1597, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Named in her father's will dated 4 Jan. 1549/50 as Johanne Cheyney. Married second in 1568 to John HANFORD (bur. 7 Feb. 1610/1, Waltham Abbey, Essex). John was married second 12 Dec. 1597, at Waltham Abbey to Alice WICKSTED. Daughter of John HARRISON and Agnes.

Children of Robert and Joan Cheney

  1. John - b. about 1550, Waltham Abbey, Essex; d. about Feb. 1594/5, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Administration of his estate was granted to his brother William on 9 Feb. 1594/5, who renounced it in favor of John's widow on 28 Apr. 1598. John was married 14 Jul. 1575 at Chehunt, Hertfordshire to Joan BONDE. Children: Eleanor married Matthew STOCKER; William married Anne SOMNER; Elizabeth; and Agnes died as infant.
  2. Ralph - b. about 1551, Waltham Abbey, Essex; d. by Oct 1599, Woodford, Essex. His will was dated 20 Jul. 1599 and proved 22 Oct. 1599, naming his children or their husbands, and other relatives, and requesting burial in the churchyard at Woodford, Essex. Ralph resided at Waltham Abbey and Woodford, Essex. He was named in the wills of his father and Uncle William HARRISON. Ralph was married 26 Apr. 1576 at Chigwell, Essex to Anne SLANEY. Children: Anne married Thomas SPARKMAN; Joan married John HANFORD; Ralph; Elizabeth; Francis; William; John; Susan; and Magdalene.
  3. William - b. about 1556, Waltham Abbey, Essex; d. by Apr. 1610; bur. 1 Apr. 1610, Waltham Abbey, Essex. William's will was dated 16 Feb 1609/10 and proved 2 May 1610, naming his step-son William NEWMAN and step-grandchildren Jane, William and Sarah NEWMAN. William was an overseer of the will of William HARRISON in 1595, and of brother Ralph CHENEY in 1599. Married 5 Feb. 1580/1 at Waltham Abbey to Mrs. Margaret NEWMAN FLOYD (bur. 21 Oct. 1609, Waltham Abbey, Essex).
  4. Agnes - b. about 1560, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Married William HEATH.
  5. Robert - bur. 28 May 1616, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Married by 12 Oct 1609 and had a child who died in infancy.

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Edward and Alice Heath

Edward HEATH - b. about 1525; bur. Mar. 8, 1592/3, Little Amwell, Ware, Hertfordshire. Probably the son of Robert HEATH (d. after 1575). Edward wrote his will Mar. 6, 1592/3 (proved Mar. 23, 1592/3, calling himself a "Collermaker sycke in bodie," and naming his wife and ten surviving children. Edward married about 1550.

Alice - bur. Dec. 24, 1593, Ware, Hertfordshire.

Children of Edward and Alice Heath

  1. Margaret - Possibly the Margaret HETH who was married Nov. 26, 1571 at All Saints and St. John, Hertfordshire to John NORRIS.
  2. William - b. about 1550/5; d. 1624/5; bur. Jan. 7, 1624/5, Ware, Hertfordshire.
  3. Robert - Possibly bur. Oct. 6, 1603, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire. Children.
  4. Joan - Married and had children.
  5. Elizabeth - Married Dec. 3, 1582 at Ware, Hertfordshire to John KING (poss. bur. May 17, 1593, Ware, Hertfordshire). Children: Margaret married William CURTICE; and John.
  6. Thomas - Probably bur. Oct. 19, 1616. Thomas was married Nov. 29, 1599 at Ware, Hertfordshire to Agnes WOODBURNE. Children: Thomas died as infant; Martha married George BRAND of Roxbury, MA; Dorothy; Joan died young; Mary died young; Elizabeth died young; Thomas married first Joane BENNET, second Anne, and poss. third Mary SCARBOROUGH.
  7. James - bap Mar. 9, 1560/1, Ware, Hertfordshire; bur. Sep 21, 1562, Ware, Hertfordshire.
  8. John - bap. Feb. 28, 1563/4, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire.
  9. Ellen - bap. Jul. 9, 1565, Ware, Hertfordshire. Additional data questionable.
  10. Katherine - bap. Aug. 20, 1568, Ware, Hertfordshire.
  11. Richard - bap. Aug. 20, 1568, Ware, Hertfordshire; d. before Mar. 1592/3.
  12. Alice - bur. Jun. 7, 1571, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire. Possible daughter.

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William and Agnes (Cheney) Heath

William HEATH - b. about 1550/5; d. 1624/5; bur. Jan. 7, 1624/5, Ware, Hertfordshire. Son of Edward HEATH and Alice. William was married Jun. 9, 1580 at Waltham Abbey, Essex.

Agnes CHENEY - b. about 1560, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Alice was named in the wills of her father and her Uncle William HARRISON. Daughter of Robert CHENEY and Joan HARRISON.

Children of William and Agnes Heath

  1. John - bap. Aug. 5, 1581, Ware, Hertfordshire; d. young.
  2. Alice - bap. Dec. 23, 1583, Ware, Hertfordshire; bur. Oct. 10, 1640, Ware, Hertfordshire. She was probably married Sep. 19, 1614 at Ware, Hertfordshire to Nathaniel LARKE (bur. Feb. 24, 1648/9, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire. Nathaniel, who married second Annis (d. Feb. 1648/9), was an overseer of the will of Thomas JOHNSON of Ware, Hertfordshire, dated Aug. 13, 1639, and proved Feb. 9, 1640. Children of Alice and Nathaniel: Elizabeth; Mary; John; Mary; Elizabeth; Mary; Nathaniel; Joseph; Benjamin; Susan; and Nathaniel.
  3. Isaac - bap. Feb. 13, 1586/7, Ware, Herfordshire; d. 21 Jan. 1660/1, Roxbury, MA. Isaac was married Jan. 14, 1628/9 at Ware, Hertfordshire to Elizabeth MILLER (bap. Mar. 3, 1593/4, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire; bur. Jan. 14, 1664/5, Roxbury, MA), daughter of Thomas and Agnes MILLER. Elizabeth (MILLER) HEATH was sister of Joseph MILLER, Anne MILLER (wife of Robert BURNAP), and Margaret MILLER (wife of Thomas WATERMAN, all of Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA. On Dec. 22, 1630, Isaac witnessed the will of Agnes PORTER, step-mother of Elizabeth (PORTER) JOHNSON, who later married Isaac JOHNSON of Roxbury, MA. Isaac and Elizabeth, and their daughter, arrived in America in 1635 aboard the 'Hopewell,' together with his cousin Marth HEATH, daughter of Thomas and agnes HEATH and future wife of George BRAND. He became a freeman at Roxbury, MA in 1636, and in 1637 was chosen Ruling Elder of the Roxbury church. Children: Elizabeth married John BOWLES; and Isaac died as infant.
  4. George - bap. Aug. 4, 1588, Ware, Hertfordshire.
  5. William - b. about 1590, England; d. May 29, 1652, Roxbury, MA; bur. there May 30, 1652. William came to America in 1632 on the 'Lyon,' settled at Roxbury, MA, and became freeman on 4 Mar. 1632/3. He was married first Feb. 10, 1616/7 at Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England to Mary CRAMPTHORNE (bap. Jan. 16, 1591/2, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England; bur. Nov. 24, 1621, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England), daughter of Thomas CRAMPTHRONE and Mary LYNDESELL, and granddaughter of William CRAMPHORNE and Jone PLOWE. William was married second Jan. 29, 1622/3 at Gilston, Hertfordshire, England to Mary PERRY (b. England; bur. Dec. 15, 1659, Roxbury, MA). Children of first marriage: Mary; and Isaac married Mary DAVIS. Children of second marriage: a daughter (stillborn); Peleg married Susanna BARKER?; Mary married George SPEAR; and Hannah married Isaac JONES.
  6. John - bap. Jul. 25, 1591, Ware, Hertfordshire; prob. bur. Jan. 20, 1594/5, Ware Hertfordshire.
  7. Mary - bap. Mar. 24, 1593/4, Ware, Hertfordshire; d. May 1629, Hertfordshire, England; bur. 15 May 1629, Ware, Hertfordshire. Married John JOHNSON.
  8. Prudence - bap. Nov. 6, 1597, Ware, Hertfordshire; d. after Jan. 1631/2, Hertfordshire. Married Edward MORRISON.
  9. Thomas - bap. Oct. 1, 1603, Ware, Hertfordshire; prob. bur. Oct. 5, 1603, Ware, Hertfordshire.
  10. Thomas - bap. Sep. 30, 1604, Ware, Hertfordshire. Thomas was married Apr. 9, 1627, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire to Elizabeth MUMFORD, and resided at Great Amwell and Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire. Children: Twin sons died as infants; Isaac; Elizabeth; and John.

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Edward Morrison and Prudence Heath

Edward MORRISON - Edward was married Oct. 25, 1622 at St. Mary Mounthaw, London. Their children were known by the surname MORRISON or MORRIS.

Prudence HEATH - bap. Nov. 6, 1597, Ware, Hertfordshire; d. after Jan. 1631/2, Hertfordshire. Daughter of William HEATH and Agnes CHENEY.

Children of Edward and Prudence Morrison

  1. Elizabeth - bap. Feb. 22, 1623/4, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire; d. Oct. 6, 1673, Roxbury, MA. Elizabeth arrive in America in 1635 on the 'Planter' as Elizabeth MORRISON, age 12, servant to family of George GIDDINGS. She married before Jul. 15, 1664 Edward CARTWRIGHT, who apparently drowned at sea about Aug. 10, 1671.
  2. Isaac - bap. Feb. 3, 1625/6, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire.
  3. A son - bur. Oct. 28, 1627, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire.
  4. Mary - bap. Dec. 10, 1629, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire.
  5. Edward - bap. Jan. 22, 1631/2, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire; d. Sep. 14, 1690, Woodstock, CT. Known as Edward MORRIS, he married Grace BETT.

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