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Holbrook Ancestry in England

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           William Holbrook and Elizabeth Pitts   

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William and Elizabeth Pitts

The William PITTS family is included in Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer, 3rd (Santa Clarita, CA 1998), pp. 467-468 and 742-744. Additional information from other sources including the NEHGR 151:61.

William PITTS - b. England. Possibly the son of George PITTS and Mary JAMES, who married in Hingham, Norfolk on Aug. 8, 1613. William arrived in American from Ipswich aboard the 'Diligent' on Aug. 10, 1638. He was described as a servant of Philip JAMES of Hingham, Norfolk by Daniel CUSHING, also a passenger on the 'Diligent'. A trader, he settled at Hingham, MA, and a William PITTS was granted permission to build ships and other vessels at Konohasset in 1675. He may have been the William PITTS who was married on Dec. 7, 1655, to Susanna ALLEY (d. 1668), widow of Philip ALLEY of Boston, MA. Married about 1649.

Elizabeth - b. England; d. by Aug. 1655, Weymouth, MA. Administration of her estate was granted to her daughter and son-in-law on Aug. 1, 1655.

Child of William and Elizabeth Pitts

  1. Elizabeth - d. about 1696, Scituate, MA. Married William HOLBROOK.

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Holbrook Ancestry in England

Both insufficient documentation and conflicting claims require that caution be used in identifying the first two generations of the following English ancestry as that of Thomas HOLBROOK of Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA. The information as presented here for the family in England and in America is from various sources, but is essentially in agreement with Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer, 3rd (Santa Clarita, CA 1998), pp. 302-306. The information for the earliest three generations in England is not in agreement with Walter Goodwin Davis' The Ancestry of Joseph Neal (1945), in which the author states "The pedigree of the American family can only be carried back to the emigrant's father with certainty...." For the American families, see Genealogical Register of the Descendants of The Early Planters of Sherborn, Holliston, and Medway, Massachusetts, by Abner Morse (1855 Boston), among other sources.

Richard Holbrook

Richard HOLBROOK - d. about 1546, Dundry, Somerset. Will written Apr. 19, 1546, and proved Jan. 24, 1546/7. Also found recorded as HOLBROOK alias HOGES. Said to be the ancestor of Thomas HOLBROOK of Weymouth, MA.

Thomas and Agnes (Derell) Holbrook

Thomas HOLBROOK - b. Somerset, England; d. 1559, Dundry, Somerset, England. Will dated Mar. 28, 1559, and proved May 6, 1559. The name of his first wife is not known.

Agnes DERELL - Married first Mr. SANDERS. Daughter of Nicholas DERELL (d. 1546, Malreward, Somerset) and Alice (d. 1551, Malreward, Somerset).

Thomas Holbrook

Thomas HOLBROOK - b. Dundry, Somerset; d. about 1571, Norton, Malreward, Somerset. Will dated Jan. 11, 1571 names sons Thomas, William, John the Younger, Robert, and "my eldest son, John." The name of his first wife and mother of the first three children listed is not known.

Edith - d. 1593-4, Compton Dundon, Somerset. Will dated Nov. 12, 1593, and proved 1594, names sons William, Robert and John HOLBROOK, and Richard and Thomas SANDES. Married first Mr. SAUNDERS, by whom she had sons Thomas and Richard.

William Holbrook

William HOLBROOK - b. about 1562, Somerset; d. 1625-6, Glastonbury, Somerset. Said to be the son of Thomas HOLBROOK and Edith, but also said to be the son of John HOLBROOKE. Lived in St. John the Baptist, Glastonbury, Somersetshire. Will dated Dec. 11, 1625 and proved Feb. 1, 1625/6. The name of his wife and mother of his children is not known, but she may have been the Edith HOLBROOK who was buried at St. John the Baptist, Glastonbury on Jun. 11, 1612.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lucille BALL and William Howard TAFT

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The Holbrooks in America

The information as presented here for the family iin America is from various sources, but is essentially in agreement with Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer, 3rd (Santa Clarita, CA 1998), pp. 302-306, and The Great Migration 1634-1635, by Robert Charles Anderson (Boston 2003), Vol. III, pp. 350-55. Also, see Genealogical Register of the Descendants of The Early Planters of Sherborn, Holliston, and Medway, Massachusetts, by Abner Morse (Boston 1855), among other sources.

Thomas and Jane (Powyes) Holbrook

Thomas HOLBROOK - b. about 1590, Somerset, England; d. 1677, Weymouth, MA. Said to be a descendant of Richard HOLBROOK of Somersetshire, England. Lived at Broadway, Somerset, England. Left Weymouth, England Mar. 20, 1635 at age 34 in the 'Marygould' with wife and oldest children, arriving at Dorchester on Jun. 7, 1635 and settling at Weymouth the same month. Will dated Dec. 31, 1668 with codicil Dec. 31, 1673, and proved Apr. 24, 1677, Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA, names wife Jane, three sons, three married daughters, and grandchildren John, Peter and William HOLBROOK. Freeman May 1645 at Weymouth. A selectman at Weymouth six times (1641-1654), and a grantee of Rehoboth, MA, although he forfeited the grant and remained at Weymouth. A deposition made on Nov. 2, 1666 gives Thomas' age as 77 years, whereas the ship passenger list gave his age as 34 in Mar. 1635. Married Sep. 12, 1616, St. John the Baptist parish, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England.

Jane POWYES - b. about 1594, England; d. before Apr. 24, 1677, Weymouth, MA. Thomas and Jane became ancestors of Presidents GARFIELD, BUSH and TAFT (the latter through three lines).

Children of Thomas and Jane Holbrook

See Notable Cousins for line to: George Herbert Walker BUSH, Barbara (PIERCE) BUSH, George Walker BUSH, James Abram GARFIELD, Frederick HOLBROOK, Joseph Perry HOLBROOK, and William Howard TAFT

  1. John - bap. Apr. 6, 1618, St. John's, Glastonbury, England; d. Nov. 23, 1699, Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA. Gravestone indicates he was age 82, whereas passenger list gives age of 11 in 1635. was born by 1644, and John took the Freeman's oath 1640. Holder of various public offices, property holder, lender. Served during King Philip's War. Captain. Will dated Jul. 12, 1699. Married first Sarah (d. Jan. 14, 1643/4, Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA); second Elizabeth STREAM (b. 1624; d. Jun. 25, 1688), daughter of John STREAM and Elizabeth WHITMAN; and third Mary JACOB (b. 1637), widow of James OTIS, Jr. (d. about 1683), step son of Elizabeth (WHITMAN) STREAM OTIS. Thus, the second wife of John HOLBROOK was the step-sister of the first husband of John HOLBROOK's third wife. Children of John and Sarah HOLBROOK: John married Abigail PIERCE (daughter of Capt. Michael PIERCE); Abiezer did not marry; Hannah married Ephraim PIERCE (son of Capt. Michael PIERCE); and Samuel married Lydia. Children of John and Elizabeth HOLBROOK: Sarah married Simon WHITMARSH; Elizabeth married Joseph NASH; Mary; Lois married Mr. NASH; Eunice married Benjamin LUDDEN; Experience married Joseph EDSON; and Ichabod married Sarah TURNER.
  2. William - bap. Jun. 12, 1620, St. John's Church, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England; d. Jul. 3, 1699, Scituate, MA.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1625, England; d. Jul. 22, 1697, Braintree, MA. Resided at Scituate, Weymouth, and Braintree, MA. Owner of vast real estate. Will mentions sons Peter, William and Thomas. Married 1650 Joanna KINGMAN (b. 1624; d. after 1696), daughter of Henry and Joanna KINGMAN. Children: Thomas married Deborah DAMON; John; Peter married Alice GODFREY (ancestors of Pres. William Howard TAFT); Joanna married Uriah CLARK; Joseph died young; Mary; Susanna married Andrew WILLET; and a daughter died in infancy.
  4. Ann - b. about 1630, England. Married John REYNOLDS. Daughter: Mary.
  5. Elizabeth - bap. Feb. 13, 1630/1, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England. Married May 6, 1650, Scituate, MA Walter HATCH (d. 1701), son of William and Jane HATCH. Children: Hannah; Samuel; Jane; Antipas; Bethiah; John; Israel; and Joseph.
  6. Jane - b. about 1637, Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA; d. about 1679. Married about 1656 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA to Thomas DRAKE (b. Sep. 13, 1635, Colyton, Devonshire, England; d. Sep. 23, 1692, Weymouth, MA), son of William DRAKE and Margaret WESTOVER. Thomas was married second on Mar. 9, 1680/1 at Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA to Millicent (FORD) CARVER, and they were the parents of Experience. Children of Jane and Thomas: John married Sarah; William married Sarah NASH; Joseph married Elishama; Amy; Elizabeth; and Benjamin married Sarah POOL.

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Capt. William and Elizabeth (Pitts) Holbrook

William HOLBROOK - bap. Jun. 12, 1620, St. John's Church, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England; d. Jul. 3, 1699, Scituate, MA. Son of Thomas HOLBROOK and Jane POWYES. His will was dated Sep. 9, 1696 and proved Jul. 17, 1699. Resided at Weymouth, Mendon (by 1663), and Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA (1676). Freeman 1647. Selectman, Deacon of Congregational church, and Captain in militia at Mendon. Married first before Aug. 1655, Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA; and second about 1696 Abigail WRIGHT, daughter of Richard WRIGHT, and widow of Robert SHARPE and Thomas CLAPP.

Elizabeth PITTS - d. about 1696, Scituate, MA. Also reported to have survived her husband. Daughter of William PITTS and Elizabeth.

Children of William and Elizabeth Holbrook

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lucille BALL, William Howard TAFT

  1. Elizabeth - b. about 1649, Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA. Married first at Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA on Dec. 13, 1666 John SPRAGUE (bap. Apr. 1638, Charleston, MA; d. Oct. 26, 1683, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA), son of William SPRAGUE and Millicent EAMES. Elizabeth married second after 1683 James BICK. Children of Elizabeth and John SPRAGUE: John died as infant; Elizabeth married James WALLING; John married Mary KILLIAN; William married first Hannah MITCHELL, and second Sarah WHARFIELD; Persis; Ebenezer married first Mary MANN and second Elizabeth; David married; Hannah; and Millicent married Mr. PECK.
  2. Samuel - b. about 1650, Weymouth, MA; d. Oct. 29, 1712, Scituate, MA.
  3. William - b. Jun. 23, 1657/8, Weymouth, MA; d. Nov. 19, 1714, Mendon, MA. Settled at Mendon, MA, and "was rich." Will dated Nov. 15, 1714, and proved Dec. 16, 1714. Married at Sherborn, MA Margaret FAIRBANKS (b. Jun. 27, 1664; d. after 1714), daughter of George FAIRBANKS and Mary ADAMS. Children (all who died young): Mary; Margaret; and William.
  4. Hopestill - Married 1688 Samuel READ (d. about 1717), son of John. Children: Samuel married Deborah CHAPIN (ancestors of Pres. William Howard TAFT); John; Josiah; Ebenezer; and Mary.
  5. Cornelius - b. Nov. 19, 1662, Weymouth, MA; d. Dec. 14, 1742, South Weymouth, MA. Will proved Dec. 24, 1742. Married first about 1686 Margery EAMES, daughter of Justus and Mehitable EAMES; and second Experience (d. Jan. 19, 1742). Children of Cornelius and Margery: Mehitable married Mr. CORBET; and Margaret did not marry. Children of Cornelius and Experience: Experience married Timothy THAYER; Elizabeth married Samuel JACKSON; Abigail married John JONES; Mary married Ebenezer BICKNELL; William married first Margaret TORRY, and second Elizabeth POOLE; Hannah died young; and Cornelius.
  6. Jane - d. after 1702. Married first Oct. 18, 1671 at Medfield, MA, John ALBEE; and second about 1677 Alexander BALCOM (d. May 4, 1711), as his second wife. Children of Alexander and his first wife: Katherine; Alexander; and Sarah. Children of Jane and Alexander: John; Freegift; Joseph; Hannah; Samuel; Deborah; and Lydia.
  7. Mehitable - d. Oct. 29, 1719, Smithfield, Providence Co., RI. Married was married on Jul. 20, 1670 at Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA to Jonathan SPRAGUE (bap. May 28, 1648, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; d. Sep 1741, Smithfield, Providence Co., RI), son of William SPRAGUE and Millicent EAMES. Jonathan was prominent in town and colony affairs. He married second Hannah (HARRIS) COOK. Children of Mehitable and Jonathan SPRAGUE: Jonathan married first Bethiah MANN, and second Hannah COGGESGALL (his son Jonathan SPRAGUE III married Mary MOWRY, daughter of Henry MOWRY and Mary BULL); Patience married Judge William JENCKES; Joanna married John TEFFT, Sr.; Persis married Ebenezer COOK; William married first Alice BROWN, and second the widow Mary WALLING; and Mary married first David BROWN, and second Judge William JENCKES (widower of her sister).
  8. John - b. Mendon, MA; d. 1721. Married Sarah CHITTENDEN.
  9. Experience - Possible daughter.

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Samuel and Mary (Pierce) Holbrook

Samuel HOLBROOK - b. about 1650, Weymouth, MA; d. Oct. 29, 1712. Son of William HOLBROOK and Elizabeth PITTS. Constable at Scituate in 1685. Married Jun. 23, 1675.

Mary PIERCE - b. 1654, Scituate, MA; d. Apr. 26, 1735. Daughter of Capt. Michael PIERCE and Persis EAMES.

Children of Samuel and Mary Holbrook

  1. Persis - b. Oct. 11, 1676, MA. Married Apr. 30, 1696 John FARROW (b. Dec. 8, 1672), son of John FARROW and Mary HILLIARD. Children: Mary; Priscilla; Mercy; Bethiah; John died young; Hannah; Seth; Abigail; John; and Ezekiel.
  2. Elizabeth - b. Dec. 14, 1678, Scituate, MA; d. young.
  3. Bethia - b. Apr. 2, 1681, Scituate, MA. Married Sep. 26, 1700, Scituate, MA Samuel WINSLOW (b. about 1674; d. after 1750), son of Kenelm WINSLOW and Mercy WORDEN. No children.
  4. Samuel - b. Feb. 9, 1683, Scituate, MA. Married Dec. 15, 1708, Scituate, MA Jane CLAPP (b. Nov. 1689), daughter of Samuel CLAPP and Hannah GILL. Children: Hannah married Thomas JAMES; Mary married Jacob LINCOLN; Bethiah married Morris TUBBS; Jane; Lydia married Jacob VINAL; Priscilla married Elisha MERRIT; Desire married Israel NICHOLS; Samuel married Sarah PIERCE; and William.
  5. Elizabeth - b. Apr. 2, 1685, Scituate, MA. Married Jul. 9, 1701, Scituate, MA Nathaniel WINSLOW (b. about 1679), son of Kenelm WINSLOW and Mercy WORDEN. Children: Martha; Elizabeth died in infancy; Elizabeth; Bethiah; and Nathaniel.
  6. Mary - b. Nov. 2, 1686, Scituate, MA; d. Mar. 11, 1759, Mendon, MA. Married Eleazer DANIELS.

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