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Hudson Ancestry in England

Richard Hudson and Mary

Richard Hudson and Mary Bowman

Robert Hudson

Robert Hudson and Martha

Simon Hudson and Mary Anderson

Frances Hudson and Thomas Massie

Mary Massie and William R. Freeman

James Howell Freeman and Lucy Jane Hazelrigg

Scott Cyrus Freeman and Malinda Margaret Sears

Lucy Jane Freeman and James Martin Lawson

Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Hudson Ancestry in England

Virtually all the information on the Hudson family has been received, either directly or indirectly, from the Hudson Family Association (South) of Longview, TX. Refer particularly to the lineage in BULLETIN No. 39 (p. 69), with addition in No. 51, and the Hudsons of Chesterfield chart in BULLETIN No. 50. Additional information on the HUDSON ancestry and the Hudsons of Dickson Co., TN received from Mr. Van. A. Husdon via the internet.

Henry Hudson I

Henry HUDSON I - b. about 1500, England; d. poss. Dec. 1555, Tamworth, Staffordshire. One source styles the father of Henry and William HUDSON as 'Henry HUDSON, Gent., Alderman of London, Lord of Manors, etc.' Henry was probably a member of the Muscovy Company, or Association of Merchant Adventurers, which Sebastian CABOT founded by 1553. The Company, chartered in 1555, sought a northern route to China, either easterly or westerly. He is said to have married Barbara, and had eight sons and three daughters, including the following.

William Hudson

William HUDSON - b. about 1528, London, England. Son of Henry HUDSON I.

William and Alice (Turner) Hudson

William HUDSON - b. about 1560, London, England; d. 1630, England. Married about 1603. Possibly son of William HUDSON, however he may have been a grandson of Henry HUDSON, Gentleman, through another son. Married about 1603.

Alice TURNER - b. England.

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The Hudsons in America

Richard and Mary Hudson

Richard HUDSON - b. 1605, Tamsworth, Staffordshire, England; d. 1657, Northampton Co., VA. Baptized Nov. 5, 1608, Tamsworth, Staffordshire, England. Son of William HUDSON and Alice TURNER. A mariner, he arrived in America in 1635 on the Safety, and settled first in Northampton Co., VA. Court records seem to indicate that Richard may have been an indentured servant of Obedience ROBBINS when he arrived in VA. Married first in England or shortly after arriving in VA. Married second about 1638, Accomack Co., VA, Mrs. Mary HAYES. Married third 1652, Accomack Co., VA, Barbara JACOBS.

Mary - b. England. A court record indicates one of her children, as a minor orphan, was placed under the care of Ruth HAYES, who was said to be sister-in-law of Mary.

Children of Richard and Mary Hudson

  1. Richard - b. about 1630, England; d. 1678, Henrico Co., VA.
  2. Robert - Married Elanor.
  3. Edward - b. about 1638. Henry - b. about 1642; d. 1710. Possibly a Quaker, moving to Somerset Co., MD with his brother. Married Lydia SMITH. Children: Robert; Mary; Elizabeth; Christian; Rhoda; Absalon married Sophia; Major who married Martha; Henry; David; John married Sarah; and William married Sarah.
  4. Nicholas - b. about 1644, probably in Accomack Co., VA; d. Jan. 5, 1676, Pokomoke Hundred, Somerset Co., MD. Moved to MD about Apr. 1670 after the birth of first son and daughter. He married Elizabeth FREEMAN, a Quaker, who was married second on Nov. 29, 1677 in Somerset Co., MD to George HASFURT/HASFORD. Children: Richard died as child; Violetta married Richard WARREN; and Elizabeth married John SNOW.
  5. John - b. about 1646; d. 1694. Married Mary.

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Richard and Mary (Bowman) Hudson

Richard HUDSON - b. about 1630, England; d. 1678, Henrico Co., VA. Though unproved, it is believed he was the son of Richard HUDSON and Mary. His will, dated Oct. 25, 1669 at Roxdale, Henrico Co., VA, names his three sons, who inherited the Hudson plantation. Married about 1658, Accomack Co., VA.

Mary BOWMAN - b. VA. Living in 1688. The Roxdale plantation may have come to the Hudson family through Mary. She was sister of Robert, William and John BOWMAN, and daughter of Robert BOWMAN, Sr. (d. Feb. 17, 1670/1, Varine Parish, Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co., VA).

Children of Richard and Mary Hudson

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  1. Richard - b. 1659-1660, VA. Progenitor of the "Hudsons of Amelia." Richard sold his share in the Hudson plantation to his brother Robert in 1688. He married Mary (HALL?). Children: James married Phebe HUDSON, his first cousin; Thomas; Hall married Elizabeth; possibly Charles; and Richard married Martha (WARD?).
  2. Robert - b. about 1662, VA; d. 1757, Chesterfield Co., VA.
  3. William - b. about 1668, VA; d. Nov. 27, 1701, Henrico Co., VA. Progenitor of the "Hudsons of Hanover." Inherited a portion of his father's Roxdale estate in 1689. Married Elizabeth JENNINGS. Children: Charles married Mary and/or Sarah Ann ROYALL; William married; John married Elizabeth HARRIS (twelve children, including son: George HUDSON married Sara Elizabeth JENNINGS; granddaughter: Elizabeth HUDSON married Rev. John CLAY; great grandson: Sen. Henry CLAY); and Christopher.

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Robert and Mary Hudson

Robert HUDSON - b. about 1662, Henrico Co., VA; d. 1757, Chesterfield Co., VA. Son of Richard HUDSON and Mary BOWMAN. Progenitor of the "Hudsons of Chesterfield."

Mary - Surname possibly FFARGUSON.

Children of Robert and Mary Hudson

  1. Samuel - d. 1761, GA. Married Drucilla. Children: John; Christopher; Robert; William; and Charles.
  2. John - Married Ann ROBERTSON.
  3. Henry - d. about 1760, Chesterfield Co., VA. Married Mary (RUSSELL?). The first four named sons are all found in the muster of 1754 of Granville Co., NC, in the company of Capt. Daniel HARRIS. Children: Henry; John; Chamberlain married; Isaac; Abraham married Elizabeth TYLER; and William.
  4. Peter - b. 1695-1700, Henrico Co., VA; d. 7 Oct 1752, Halifax County, VA. While not proved, evidence suggests that the Peter HUDSON who died in 1752 was the son of Robert HUDSON and Mary. In his will, Peter left 400 acres of land to his "nephew" Robert HUDSON. Peter was married on Aug. 20, 1723 in Henrico Co., VA to Martha. A court record of Henrico Co., VA dated Oct. 25, 1725, names Martha as the widow of Halcot PRIDE, and indicates that they had more than one child. Children: Sarah HUDSON married Edward PARKER; William HUDSON; Phebe HUDSON; Mary HUDSON married Capt. William HARRIS; David HUDSON; Judith HUDSON married William HARRIS; Peter Hudson II married Mourning GRIFFIN; James HUDSON, Sr. married Agnes BURTON; and Daniel HUDSON, Sr. possibly married Tabith HILL.
  5. Robert - b. about 1685, Henrico Co., VA; d. Swift Creek, Chesterfield Co., VA.
  6. Phebe - Married James HUDSON, her first cousin and son of Richard and Mary.

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Robert and Martha Hudson

Robert HUDSON - b. about 1685, Henrico Co., VA; d. Swift Creek, Chesterfield Co., VA. Though unproved, it is believed he was the son of Robert HUDSON and Mary. Left will naming four sons.

Martha - b. VA; d. Chesterfield Co., VA. Surname possibly HANCOCK. Evidence suggests she may have been related to Eleazer CLAY, great uncle of Henry CLAY, whose mother was Elizabeth HUDSON.

Children of Robert and Martha Hudson

  1. Robert - d. 1787, Mecklenburg Co., VA. Married. Children: Ephraim; Robert married; and William married.
  2. Joel - b. 1728, poss. in Chesterfield Co., VA; d. 1810, Bedford Co., VA. Married Amy NEWBY (d. 1813/4, Bedford Co., VA). Children of Joel and Amy: Alexander; Joel married Sukey JONES; John Newby married Nancy GOLDEN; Peter; David; Simon; Robert married Clary; Patty; Sally Price; Amey; Mary; and James married first Louisa OWENS, second Mary 'Polly' FARRIS, and third Nancy EMMETT.
  3. George - A minor in 1757. Married in 1761 in Chesterfield Co., VA to Annie. Children of George and Annie HUDSON: George married first Rebecca Lindsay CONWAY, and second Mary 'Polly' BERRY; Obediah; and Night.
  4. Simon - b. about 1738, VA.
  5. Frances -
  6. Margaret -
  7. Mary -
  8. Dinah -
  9. Tabitha -
  10. Another daughter - Robert and Martha are said to have been the parents of four sons and six daughters.

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Simon and Mary (Anderson) Hudson

Simon HUDSON - b. about 1738, VA; d. probably 1775-1780, Buckingham Co., VA. Settled in Bedford Co., VA. Son of Robert HUDSON and Martha. Married about 1756, Chesterfield Co., VA.

Mary ANDERSON - Daughter of Hugh ANDERSON. She married second, as his second husband, Sylvanus MASSIE, father of Thomas MASSIE.

Children of Simon and Mary Hudson

  1. Frances 'Fannie' - b. about 1760, VA; d. Jun. 25, 1802, Montgomery Co., KY. Married Thomas MASSIE.
  2. Simon - b. 1772, VA. Moved to Madison Co., KY, and then to Clay Co., MO. Married Jul. 27, 1797, Bedford Co., VA, Sally TRUEMAN, whose family also moved to KY, then MO. Children: Simon and Samuel.

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