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John and Alice Watson

For additional information, refer to the extensive notes on the family and descendants of John and Alice WATSON posted on the WATSON Forum in messages 4499 through 4502 by Jean Blackmon, based on records abstracted and compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III.

John WATSON - b. 1648; d. between Aug 1702 and Feb 1705/6, Henrico Co., VA.

Bequests from the Will of John Watson
Dated Jul. 30, 1702 and recorded Feb. 1, 1705/6, Henrico Co., VA

   To wife Alice, the land I live on called "Cowtale Quartter" and if she die, her share to my son John, the whole being 478 acres, as by patent. If she marry, all to be divided between wife Alice and sons John, Joseph, and Benjamin, but the part with the house to Benjamin.
   To son John, one half the plantation I live on, and also to him 100 acres, part of a tract of 195 acres, on the east side of the north branch of Upham Brook, part of a greater tract taken up by James More; and if he die, to his two brothers.
   To son Joseph, 400 acres on Chickahominy Swamp, part of a greater tract bought of Thomas Cocke, Sr.; also 200 acres on south side of Chickahominy Swamp, part of a greater patent of 480 acres 21 April 1690, to adjoin land he lives on.
   To son Benjamin, plantation I live on, after the death of my wife, being one half of 478 acres; also 50 acres on the south side of Chickahominy Swamp, at a place called Upham Brook; also 95 acres on the east side of the northern branch of Upham Brook, part of a greater tract of 195 acres; also 280 acres on south side of Chickahominy Swamp, part of the greater tract of 480 acres.
   To daughter Sarah, wife of Michael Johnson, 1 shilling.
   My Indian boy Peter to be set free at 36 years of age. All other good and chattels to wife Alice, and she to be sole executrix.

Wit: Ben Hatcher, Ben Hatcher, Jr., James Young, C. Evans

Alice - b. 1633. Widow of Henry ROWAN, and mother of Francis ROWEN (b. 1667) and Mary ROWEN, who married before 1686 John JONES.

Children of John and Alice Watson

  1. Joseph - d. 1752, Henrico Co., VA. His will was written in 1751 in Henrico Co., VA, naming his wife and three children. Married Ann. Children of Joseph and Ann WATSON: John married Mary; Martha married Mr. BELL; and Lucy married Thomas JONES.
  2. Benjamin - d. Mar. 1715, Henrico Co., VA. His will was dated Mar. 16, 1715 and recorded Apr. 4, 1715, naming his two children. Married Agnes 'Aggy' ALLEN, likely the sister of William ALLEN. Aggy married second Robert MOSBY. Children of Benjamin and Aggy WATSON: John; and Judith.
  3. John - d. about 1750, Henrico Co., VA. His will was written in 1749 and recorded Apr. 2, 1750. Daughter Susanna married, as his second wife, Col. Robert BOLLING, son of Maj. John BOLLING and Elizabeth BLAIR, he first married Mary BURTON. Col. BOLLING, a descendant of John ROLFE and Pocahontas, became the step-son of Richard BLAND, who was connected to the JEFFERSON, LEE, MARSHALL AND WASHINGTON families. John WATSON married Mrs. Martha HINDS. Martha was the mother of Mary HINDS (b. Oct. 23, 1744) by her first marriage. Martha married third Elisha MILLER. Children of John and Mary WATSON: Susanna married Col. Robert BOLLING; and Elizabeth married George SEATON.
  4. Sarah - d. before Jan. 19, 1756, Goochland Co., VA. Married Michael JOHNSON.

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Matthew and Ellinner Hutcheson

Matthew HUTCHESON - d. about Jun. 1750, Goochland Co., VA. His will dated Mar. 13, 1749/50 and proved Jun 19, 1750 (Goochland County, Deed Book 6, page 75) names his wife, five children and son-in-law William JOHNSON.

Ellinner - d. after Mar. 1749. Named as wife in will of her husband, and probably the mother of their five children. The children are listed here with available birth dates as found in the papers of Joseph CARPENTER of Rutherford Co., NC and published in Counting Kindred, by E. E. and M. L. Deppen (Sinking Spring, PA 1940), page 267.

Children of Matthew and Ellinner Hutcheson

  1. Elizabeth - b. about 1731, Goochland Co., VA. Married William JOHNSON.
  2. Hannah - b. May 17, 1734, Goochland Co., VA. Married Dec. 25, 1753, Goochland Co., VA Jos. CLARK.
  3. Matthew - b. Jul. 3, 1737, Goochland Co., VA. An indenture dated Dec. 18, 1750, between William JOHNSON, executor of the estate of Matthew HUTCHESON, Sr., places Matthew as a carpenter apprentice to James HUGHES of Goochland Co., VA until the age of 21.
  4. David - b. Feb. 5, 1741 (twin), Goochland Co., VA. Administrator of the estate of William JOHNSON of Charlotte Co., VA.
  5. William - b. Feb. 5, 1741 (twin), Goochland Co., VA. Note that another reading of the birth month of the twins David and William gives the month as ending in "ber."

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Johnson Family Research

The early JOHNSON lineage is not fully established. At present, it seems certain that William JOHNSON, who married Elizabeth HUTCHESON, was the son of Daniel JOHNSON and his wife Agnes. The father Daniel JOHNSON was probably Michael JOHNSON. His grandfather is unknown. A number of publications identify Michael as the son of Edward JOHNSON and Elizabeth WALKER, and grandson of Dr. Arthur JOHNSON and Barbara GORDON. See especially The Ancestry of William and John Johnston, by Dr. Lorand V. Johnson (Shaker Heights, OH 1977), in which Dr. Johnson inconsistently places Michael JOHNSON as a son of Edward JOHNSON, and without specific evidence. Discussion of the relative merits of Dr. Johnson's presentation of the JOHNSTON genealogy will be left to others. Many exchanges of opinions and research have been made available by Linda Sparks Starr.

Special thanks to cousin Harold E. Johnson for his extensive research of land and other records concerning the JOHNSON family. He has graciously shared his discoveries, and they form the foundation for all of the ancestry presented here for Daniel JOHNSON of Rutherford Co., NC.

Early records of William Johnson and Daniel Johnson

Records pertaining to the Michael Johnson family

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Michael and Sarah Johnson

Michael JOHNSON - d. before Aug. 22, 1719, Henrico Co., VA. His parents have not been satisfactorily identified, but he was possibly the brother of William JOHNSON and Daniel JOHNSON, whose land records place them in the same era and location. The inclusion of three daughters of Michael here and the baptism date of son Daniel rests on the conjecture that Michael JOHNSON of Henrico (Goochland) Co., VA is the same Michael JOHNSON who had these children baptised in New Kent Co., VA.

Sarah - d. before Jan. 19, 1756, Goochland Co., VA. A deed of land executed on Jan. 19, 1756 by son Isaac includes the clause "Except the graveyard where Michael Johnson, his wife and child is buried." The names and order of the children of Michael and Sarah are subject to correction. Daughter of John WATSON and Alice.

Children of Michael and Sarah

  1. Daniel - bap. May 16, 1699, St. Peter's Par., New Kent Co., VA; d. about Feb. 1754, Goochland Co., VA. Daniel's will names brother James. Daniel's nephew James JOHNSON, Jr., executed a deed in 1757 identifying the father of James JOHNSON, Sr. (and brother Daniel JOHNSON) as Michael JOHNSON.
  2. John - d. about 1750, Goochland Co., VA. John's will was dated Jul. 30, 1750 in Goochland Co., VA and names his wife, children and brothers Isaac and Stephen Benjamin. [Note that his recorded will has a date of Jul. 30, 1750 and a recrded date of Feb. 19, 1750 - it is likely that either the will date should be Jan. 30, 1750 or the recorded date should be Feb. 19, 1751.] Married Mary PLEDGE, daughter of John PLEDGE. The Nov. 22, 1750 will of John PLEDGE names daughters Agnes PLEDGE, Martha PLEDGE, Judith, Ann PLEDGE, and "Mary now wife of John JOHNSON." Children of John and Mary JOHNSON: Daniel; John; Joseph married Sarah HARRIS; James; and Mildred.
  3. James - Witnessed to the will of his brother John JOHNSON. A Jan. 4, 1757 deed for 200a. by son James JOHNSON and his wife Mildred is for "part of a tract of land taken up by Michael Johnson, grandfather of said James Johnson bounded by Tuckahoe Creek." Children: Agnes; Drury married Hannah CLARK; Sarah married Stephen SAMPSON; James married Midlred MIMS; Mary married Bartholomew TURNER; David married Lucy ELLIA; Isham; and Benjamin married Martha HUGHES.
  4. Isaac - Patented 400a. in Brunswick (later Lunenburg) Co., VA in 1747 with brother Joseph JOHNSON. Isaac patented an additional 400a. in 1755 in Lunenburg Co., VA, adjacent to the earlier patent. In 1756, Isaac deeded 150 acres of land, "Except the graveyard where Michael Johnson, his wife and child is buried." This deed also states that the land was bounded in part by land of Daniel JOHNSON, John JOHNSON and Benjamin JOHNSON, all of whom were deceased. Married Mary, whose relinquished her dower rights in the 1756 deed. Children of Isaac and Mary JOHNSON: Joshua married; John married Ermine; and Michael married Susannah HALEY.
  5. Anne - bap. Feb. 12, 1705, St. Peter's Par., New Kent Co., VA.
  6. Sarah - bap. Oct. 12, 1707, St. Peter's Par., New Kent Co., VA.
  7. Agnes - bap. Apr. 2, 1708, St. Peter's Par., New Kent Co., VA.
  8. Joseph - d. before Mar. 3, 1761, Lunenburg Co., VA. in 1759, Joseph deeded 200a. of land in Goochland Co. that had been "willed to the said Joseph Johnson by his father Michael Johnson." His will was recorded Mar. 3, 1761 in Lunenburg Co., VA, naming his wife and children. Married Mary. Children of Joseph and Mary JOHNSON: Michael; Isaac married first Ann, and second Rebekah BOWEN; Sarah married Peter WOMACK; Mary married Jerrel WILLINGHAM; David; Ann married Stephen WOOD; Joseph; Susannah married Peter HUDSON; Elizabeth married Josiah FOSTER; Isley (daughter) married Drury MELONE; and Charity.
  9. Stephen Benjamin - d. before Aug. 21, 1744, Goochland Co., VA. Benjamin's estate inventory is dated Aug. 21, 1744. The 1756 deed executed by brother Isaac mentions Benjamin JOHNSON as deceased. In 1763, Benjamin JOHNSON, Jr, and John BARNETT and wife Agness deeded 150a. in Goochland Co. on Tuckahoe Creek. Children: Banjamin; and Agnes married John BARNETT.

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Daniel and Agnes Johnson

Daniel JOHNSON - bap. May 16, 1699, St. Peter's Par., New Kent Co., VA; d. about Feb. 1754, Goochland Co., VA. Son of Michael Johnson and Sarah WATSON. His will was dated Jan. 25, 1754 in Goochland Co., VA, and names his wife, children and brother James. Executors were brother James JOHNSON, and sons William JOHNSON and John JOHNSON, and the will was witnessed by brothers James and Joseph JOHNSON, and Moses BRUMFIELD. Further evidence is desired concerning his relationship to the other JOHNSONs of Goochland Co., VA. is being gathered. It is very likely that Daniel and Agnes had additional children other than those named in his will. It is probable that Daniel and Agnes were married about 1720, his brother John being married before Nov. 1720.

Agnes - Their children are given in the order they appear in their father's will.

Children of Daniel and Agnes

  1. William -
  2. John -
  3. Usly - Married Mr. WOOD.

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William and Elizabeth (Hutcheson) Johnson

William JOHNSON - d. Charlotte Co., VA. Son of Daniel JOHNSON and Agnes. Named as son-in-law in the 1749 will of Matthew HUTCHESON. Rev. William Douglas arrived in Goochland Co., VA in Dec. of 1750, but did not begin his Register until "the year 1756 when I got this book." The sometimes noted marriage date of Oct. 9, 1756 is without doubt a mis-reading of The Douglas Register which records that date in a section headed "Marriages Not Recorded By Rev. Wm. Douglas, But Indicated by the Birth Registry. Date here given, unless otherwise specified, is birth date of first child shown in this register." A note in family papers states that David HUTCHESON was the administrator of the estate of his brother-in-law William JOHNSON of Charlotte Co., VA. William JOHNSON sold his inherited lands in Goochland County in 1761 and removed to Lunenburg Co., VA. Married before 1748, Goochland Co., VA.

Elizabeth HUTCHESON - b. about 1731, Goochland Co., VA. William JOHNSON was named as son-in-law in the will of Matthew HUTCHESON, dated Mar. 13, 1749. Therefore, she is probably the mother of all the children of William JOHNSON. A birth year of 1736 has been estimated, but that would mean Elizabeth was age 13 or less when she married. Her birth about two and a half years prior to her sister Hannah (b. May 17, 1734) is more likely. Daughter of Matthew HUTCHESON and Ellinner.

Children of William and Elizabeth

  1. Mary - b. Apr. 25, 1748. The birth year is indistinct. From family record.
  2. Eleanor - b. Sep. 2, 1750. From family record.
  3. Usly - b. Jan. 20, 1753. Probably named for her Aunt Usly (JOHNSON) WOOD. From family record.
  4. Daniel - b. Oct. 10, 1754, Goochland Co., VA; d. before Apr. 1813, Rutherford Co., NC. Birth from family record.
  5. Thomas - b. Oct. 9, 1756, Goochland Co., VA; bap. Jan. 16, 1757, Goochland Co., VA. From family record and Douglas Register.
  6. William - b. Jun. 23, 1758, Goochland Co., VA; bap. Aug 13, 1758, Goochland Co., VA. From family record and Douglas Register.
  7. Elizabeth 'Betty' - b. May 7, 1760, Goochland Co., VA; bap. Jun. 24, 1760, Goochland Co., VA. From family record and Douglas Register.
  8. David - b. 1762. From family record.
  9. A child - b. 1764. Name difficult to read; perhaps Ciletty. From family record.

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Daniel and Mary (Morton) Johnson

Daniel JOHNSON - b. Oct. 10, 1754, Goochland Co., VA; d. before Apr. 1813, Rutherford Co., NC. Son of William JOHNSON and Elizabeth HUTCHESON. Migrated to Rutherford Co., NC from Virginia with Joseph and David CARPENTER. Daniel was reportedly from Goochland Co., VA, and may have lived for a time in Wilkes Co., NC where he received a 400 acre land grant on Nov. 19, 1779. There are papers concerning Joseph CARPENTER which have information about the HUTCHESON family, probably close relations of Daniel JOHNSON. Daniel's will was written in Rutherford Co., NC on Dec. 25, 1812, and proved Apr. 1813, naming his youngest children as Patsy, Daniel and Marion, and other children Amy JONES, John JOHNSON, Betsy, Leanner, Lois, Ureah, William JOHNSON, Joel JOHNSON, and Phebe. Executors were David JOHNSON, John (surname torn), and wife Mary JOHNSON. Witnesses were William WHITE, Carter JOHNSON, and Thomas JOHNSON. On Apr. 13, 1813 in Rutherford Co., NC, Mary JOHNSON, David JOHNSON and John JOHNSON were appointed executors of the will of Daniel JOHNSON. The relationship of David JOHNSON is unclear.

Mary MORTON - b. Apr. 25, 1748; d. after Aug. 1836. Her parents are not currently known, but what may be a family record provides the following names and dates, without surnames: Eleanor was born Sep. 2, 1750; Usly (?) was born Jan. 20, 1753; Daniel was born Oct. 10, 1754; Thomas was born in 1756; William was born in 1758; Elizabeth was born in 1766; David was born in 1762; and another brother or sister was born in 1764 (name appears to be Ciletty). Vienna Carpenter, who copied this information, believed these to be siblings of Mary MORTON. However, a comparison to the data for the siblings of Daniel JOHNSON (as found in The Douglas Register) reveals many similarities.

Children of Daniel and Mary

  1. Amy - b. Apr. 1, 1777. Named in father's will. Married by 1810 to Mr. JONES.
  2. Lois - Elizabeth is identified as the third daughter of Daniel JOHNSON. Named in father's will.
  3. John - b. Nov. 6, 1778. Named in father's will.
  4. Elizabeth JOHNSON - b. Oct. 10, 1780, NC; d. Aug. 5, 1856, Rutherford Co., NC. Called Betsy in her father's will. Married Joseph CARPENTER.
  5. Leander - b. Sep. 18, 1782. Called Leanner in her father's will. Married Woodward Griggs. A letter written by her to her mother from Macon Co., NC on Aug. 18, 1836 has been preserved. In it she mentions "sister Rhue Carpenter," "brother Joab" and "his Little Daughters" and their "brother Benjamin Johnston." Also mentioned are Daniel and Wesley Johnson, perhaps other sons of Joab. Leander's letter clearly testifies to her Christian faith.
  6. Zeruah - b. Oct. 16, 1784; d. Jan. 30, 1836, Rutherford Co., NC. Called Rhue in sister's letter, and Ureah in father's will. Married May 1, 1802 (bond), David CARPENTER (b. about 1755, NC; d. between Apr. 1, 1816 and 1820 census), son of Peter CARPENTER and Barbara DEPPEN. Refer to the Peter CARPENTER family for children.
  7. Dick - b. Oct. 8, 1786. Named in Bible record, but not in father's will of 1810.
  8. William - b. Oct. 8, 1786. Named in his father's will.
  9. Joab - b. June 7, 1788. Named Joab in a transcription of a family Bible record and letter of his sister, but transcribed as Joel from his father's will. Married Jun. 13, 1807, Rutherford Co., NC Maryann BLANKENSHIP. Children: Benjamin; and daughters.
  10. A son - b. June 7, 1788. In the Bible record, his name appears to be Penitor or Perter, but could be Peter or Porter. Not named in father's will of 1810.
  11. Lois - b. May 17, 1790. Name transcribed as "Loes" from family record in Vienna Carpenter papers. Named in father's will.
  12. Phebe - b. Dec. 27, 1792. Named in father's will of 1810. Possibly married Nov. 10, 1810, Rutherford Co., NC James ALLEN.
  13. Martha - b. Feb. 17, 1795, NC; d. June 11, 1878, MS. Called Patsy in her father's will. Married Feb. 8, 1832 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC James CARPENTER (b. Sep. 5, 1798; d. Dec. 6, 1875), son of John and Mary, and grandson of Peter. James and Martha resided in Lincoln Co., NC and migrated to MS sometime after 1850. Children: a son died in infancy; John Abel married first R. E. WALDROP, and second Annie R.; Mary A. married John AVERY, who married second Sarah F. PROCTOR; a son died in infancy; Michael Theodore married first Margaret Susanna HOKE, and second Henrietta Josephine CARPENTER; Ann Elizabeth married F. Cicero SIPE; and William Lawson probably did not marry, although one source reports he married a Miss WEAVER.
  14. Daniel - b. May 20, 1797, NC. One of three youngest children named in father's will. Lived in Rutherford Co., NC in 1822, Macon Co., NC in 1840, and Monroe Co., TN in 1850, 1860 and 1870. Married before 1820 Elizabeth CANSLER (or CANSELOR) (b. about 1803, NC), daughter of John CANSLER and Barbara RUDISILL. Son Mote resided in the Hanging Dog Community of Cherokee Co., NC. Daughter Rebecca may have been the Ruth DOUGLAS appearing int the 1870 census in Daniel and 'Bettie' JOHNSON's household, with children Nancy, Rachel and Joseph. Children: Isriah Morton 'Mote' married first Catherine LOVINGOOD, and second Mahala PALMER; Barbary; Catherine; Nancy married John WOODY; James married Martha Ann LOVINGOOD; Rebecca; Harriet; William Edney; John married first Mary Elizabeth POWELL, second Jane BRADY, and third Nancy Jane MORGAN; and Bartley.
  15. Marion - b. May 3, 1800, NC. Called Mary JOHNSTON in marriage record. One of three youngest children named in father's will. Married Oct. 10, 1818, Rutherford Co., NC, Phillip CANCELLOR (or CANSLER), son of John CANSLER and Barbara RUDISILL.

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