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                  Kellogg and Bird Ancestry

Joseph Kellogg and Joanna Samuel Kellogg and Sarah Merrill Joanna Kellogg and John Smith John Kellogg and Sarah Olmstead John Smith and Esther Colton Sarah Kellogg and John Belden Ephraim Smith and Mary Preston Hannah Belden and Nathaniel Merrill Simeon Smith and Eliza Wheeler Allen Merrill and Tamma Smith Elizabeth Merrill and Elijah Mason Morey William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson Stephen Martin Lawson

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Bird Ancestry in England

The Bird information is primarily derived from "The Ancestry of Prudence Bird, Wife of Martin Kellogg of Braintree, Essex, England (Who Had Descendants in New England)," by Myrtle Stevens Hyde (TAG 71:87-92).

John Bird

John BIRD - b. about 1516; bur. Nov. 13, 1575, Thorley, Hertfordshire. In his will dated Oct. 20 1575 and proved Dec. 12, 1575, John describes his property as Mandefelde in Thorley and Sawbridgeworth, Hamstalls in Thorley, Banstrete in Thorley, Hockrell Field in Bishop's Stortford, and Lewes Field, Short Croft, and Bulsans Meade in Hallingbury, Essex. These properties were given to son William, to daughter Joan BRETT, and to grandsons John and William, sons of John BIRD. Among the others named in his will were his four daughters, sons-in-law Giles BRETT and Richard POUNT, and "John Birde my brother Georgs sone."

Children of John Bird

  1. Joan - b. about 1542, Hertfordshire. Joan, Giles and son John are named in her father's will. Married Giles BRETT. Son: John.
  2. John - b. about 1544, Hertfordshire; bur. Jul. 6, 1571, Thorley, Hertfordshire.
  3. Alice - b. about 1546, Herfordshire. Named in her father's will, as was Richard POUNT, husband of Alice or Grace.
  4. William - b. about 1548, Hertfordshire. Named in wills of his father and his brother John.
  5. Grace - b. about 1550, Herfordshire. Named in her father's will, as was Richard POUNT, husband of Alice or Grace.
  6. Susan - b. about 1552, Herfordshire. Named in her father's will as unmarried.

John and Mary Bird

John BIRD - b. about 1544, Hertfordshire; bur. Jul. 6, 1571, Thorley, Hertfordshire. In his will of Jun. 30, 1571, John indicates that considerable preparations had been made for his father to care for his widow, young son, and possible baby. John appoints his brother William as executor.

Mary - She was well provided for in her husband's will and committed to the care of John's father. No further record of her has been located.

Children of John and Mary Bird

  1. John - b. about 1566, Hertfordshire; bap. Feb. 18, 1569/70, Thorley, Hertfordshire; bur. Feb. 2, 1625/6, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire.
  2. William - b. 1572. Named in the wills of both his father and grandfather. In his father's will of Jun. 30, 1571, he is described as "the childe in my wives wombe (if she be wth childe)."

John and Prudence Bird

John BIRD - b. about 1566, Hertfordshire; bap. Feb. 18, 1569/70, Thorley, Hertfordshire; bur. Feb. 2, 1625/6, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. John is named in the wills of both his father and grandfather. In his will of Jan. 31, 1625/6, he calls himself a yeoman of Hockrell, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, and named his wife and children, with his two youngest daughters being under age 22.

Prudence - d. Sep. 1638, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. Prudence was executrix of her husband's will. In her will dated Sep. 14, 1638 and proved Oct. 2, 1638, she names her sons John and William, and called both Martin KELLOGG and John ROWELL "my sonne in lawe."

Children of John and Prudence Bird

  1. John - b. about 1595, Herfordshire. Both John and Frances are named in the wills of both his parents. Married Frances.
  2. Elizabeth - b. about 1597, Herfordshire. Named in her father's will. She or a sister married John ROWELL.
  3. Prudence - b. about 1599, Hertfordshire; d. before May 20, 1671, Essex. Married Martin KELLOGG.
  4. Mary - b. about 1601, Herfordshire. Named in her father's will. Married Apr. 1, 1624, Bishop's Stortford, Herfordshire to Thomas WATERMAN.
  5. William - bap. Nov. 13, 1603, Bishop's Stortford, Herfordshire. Named in the wills of both his parents.
  6. Jane - bap. Feb. 2, 1605/6, Bishop's Stortford, Herfordshire. Named in her father's will. She or a sister married John ROWELL.
  7. Susan - bap. Jan. 10, 1607/8, Bishop's Stortford, Herfordshire. Named in her father's will. She or a sister married John ROWELL.

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Kellogg Ancestry in England

The Kellogg information is primarily derived from three sources, supplemented by others. The principal work is The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New, by Timothy Hopkins, 1903. The American lineage also appears in Genealogies of Hadley Families, by Lucius M. Boltwood, 1862, and The Family History of Judge Ellsworth B. Belden and Collateral Families, by Stanley R. Belden, et al., 1980.

Phillippe Kellogg

Phillippe KELLOGG - b. possibly at Debden, England. First appears in Bocking, Essex in 1583, and resided at Great Leighs from 1585. Probably the son of Thomas and grandson of Nicholas, of Debden, who married Florence HALL, daughter of William HALL. The marriage of Phillippe is not found, but his first recorded child was born in 1583. Evidence suggests the last five children listed below were of a second marriage. The listing of his children here may be incomplete.

Children of Phillippe Kellogg

  1. Thomas - bap. Sep. 15, 1583, Bocking, Essex, Essex; bur. Dec. 1, 1663, Great Leighs, Essex. Sexton of the church at Great Leighs. Married first May 4, 1611, Great Leighs, Essex Annis HARE (bur. Sep. 5, 1630), and second Jul. 24, 1633 Tabitha (bur. Sep. 20, 1647), widow of William HALLES and John HILLS. Children of Thomas and Annis KELLOGG: Amma married William BYRD; Elizabeth died young; and Martin.
  2. Annis - bur. May 25, 1611, Great Leighs, Essex.
  3. Robert - bap. Nov. 14, 1585, Great Leighs, Essex; bur. Jan. 18, 1666, Braintree, Essex.
  4. Mary - bap. Feb. 16, 1588, Great Leighs, Essex. Married May 1, 1628, Great Leighs, Essex William STOTTURNE.
  5. Prudence - bap. Mar. 20, 1592, Great Leighs, Essex; bur. Mar. 24, 1629, Great Leighs, Essex.
  6. Martyn (or Martin) - bap. Nov. 23, 1595, Great Leighs, Essex; d. May 20 - Sep. 20, 1671, Braintree, Essex.
  7. Nathaniel - d. about 1655, Farmington, CT. Settled at Hartford, CT 1640, at at Farmington in 1653. Names brother John, sisters Jane and Rachel, and nephew Joseph, son of Martin, in his will. Children of Nathaniel KELLOGG: Elizabeth died young; Joseph died in infancy; and Nathaniel died in infancy.
  8. John -
  9. Jane - Married Mr. ALLISON.
  10. Rachel - d. before Oct. 20, 1666. Married Samuel CAVE, who made his will Oct. 20, 1666, Braintree, Essex. Children of Rachel and Samuel CAVE: Rachel married John PARBOROW; Phoebe; Mary; and Nathaniel.

Martin and Prudence (Bird) Kellogg

Martin KELLOGG - bap. Nov. 23, 1595, Great Leighs, England; d. May 20 - Sep. 20, 1671, Braintree, Essex. A weaver or cloth worker residing at Great Leighs and Braintree, where he obtained property May 22, 1632. Will dated May 20, 1671 and proved Sep. 20, 1671 at Braintree, England, mentions children Sarah, Joseph, Daniel, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Martin, and grandson John KELLOGG. Married in St. Michael's Bishop's Stortford, County Hertford, Oct. 22, 1621.

Prudence BIRD - b. about 1599, Hertfordshire; d. before May 20, 1671, Essex. Daughter of John BIRD and Prudence.

Children of Martin and Prudence Kellogg

See Notable Cousins for line to: Raquel WELCH
  1. John - d. before Mar. 27, 1654. Married before Apr. 29, 1648 Susan. Son : John (b. 1649).
  2. Nathaniel - b. Mar. 12, 1624, Great Leighs, Essex; d. before Apr. 6, 1702. Married Elizabeth and had son Nathaniel.
  3. Joseph - bap. Apr. 1, 1626, Great Leighs, Essex; d. before Feb. 4, 1708, probably at Hadley, MA.
  4. Sarah - bap. Feb. 1, 1628, Great Leighs, Essex. Married William JACOBS.
  5. Daniel - bap. Feb. 6, 1630, Great Leighs, Essex; d. 1688, Norwalk, CT. Selectman and representative to the General Court at Norwalk, CT. Name of first wife not known. Married second 1665 Bridget BOUTON (d. 1689), daughter of John and Alice. Children of Daniel KELLOGG and his first wife: Mary married Joseph PLATT; and Rachel married Abraham NICHOLS. Children of Daniel and Bridget KELLOGG: Sarah married first Daniel BRINSMEAD, and second John BETTS; Elizabeth did not marry; Daniel; Samuel married first Sarah PLATT, and second Sarah LOCKWOOD, widow of Mr. HICOCK; Lydia married John CLARK; Benjamin did not marry; and Joseph married first Sarah PLUM, and second Mrs. Mary LYON.
  6. Samuel - b. probably at Braintree, Essex; d. Jul. 17, 1711, Hatfield, MA. A farmer in that portion of Hadley, MA that became Hatfield in 1670. Married first Nov. 24, 1664 Sarah DAY (d. Sep. 19, 1677, slain by Indians), daughter of Robert DAY and Editha STEBBINS, and widow of Nathaniel GUNN. Married second Mar. 22, 1679 Sarah ROOT (d. Jan. 15, 1718/9), daughter of Thomas ROOT of Westfield. Children of Samuel and Sarah (DAY) KELLOGG: Samuel married Hannah DICKINSON; Nathaniel married first Margaret BELDEN (daughter of John BELDEN and Lydia STANDISH), and second Mrs. Priscilla WILLIAMS; Ebenezer; and Joseph slain in infancy by Indians. Children of Samuel and Sarah (ROOT) KELLOGG: John did not marry; Thomas did not marry; and Sarah married Abraham MORTON.
  7. Martin - b. probably at Braintree, Essex; bur. Jan. 29, 1685, Braintree, Essex. Will dated Jan. 20, 1685 names wife Elizabeth and children Elizabeth, Martin and Joseph.

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The Kelloggs in America

Lt. Joseph and Joanna Kellogg

Joseph KELLOGG - bap. Apr. 1, 1626 Great Leighs, England; d. before Feb. 4, 1708, probably at Hadley, MA. Son of Martin KELLOGG and Prudence BIRD and grandson of Phillippe KELLOGG. At Farmington, CT in 1651 and joined church there with his wife Oct. 9, 1653. Moved about 1657 to Boston, MA where he purchased property Oct. 16, 1659. Sold Boston property Jun. 13, 1661 and moved to Hadley. Agreed to keep ferry between Hadley and Northampton in 1661, which he, son John, and grandson James operated until 1758. The Court at Hadley formalized fares and conditions for the ferry in Jan. 1675, Jun. 1677, and in 1687. He was selectman a number of times, and served on various town committees. Joseph was named Sgt. of the military company ('train band') Mar. 1663, Ens. in the Foot Company May 9, 1678, and Lt. of the same company Oct. 7, 1678. He served as Lt. under Capt. Aaron Cook, Jr. until 1692. Was in charge of the Hadley troops at the Turners' Falls Fight on May 18, 1676. His will dated Jun. 27, 1707 and proved Feb. 4, 1708, contains considerable details on his estate and family, and includes his testimony of faith. Joseph married first, probably in England, and second May 9, 1667 Abigail TERRY ( b. Sep. 21, 1646, Windsor, CT; d. by Oct. 31, 1726, Hadley, MA), daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth. Abigail's will, dated May 29, 1717, names the 8 surviving children born to her and Joseph, beginning with Stephen (b. Apr. 9, 1668).

Joanna - b. England; d. Sep. 14, 1666, Hadley, MA. Her name is also reported as Joanne, but her surname is not known.

Children of Joseph and Joanna Kellogg

See Notable Cousins for line to: Clinton 'Clint' EASTWOOD

  1. Elizabeth - b. Mar. 5, 1651, Farmington, CT. Died young.
  2. Joseph - b. Aug. 11, 1653, Farmington, CT; d. about 1683. Fined 10 shillings in Mar. 1682 for breach of Sabbath, "having travelled till midnight in the night before the Sabbath."
  3. Nathaniel - bap. Oct. 29, 1654, Farmington, CT. Died young.
  4. John - bap. Dec. 29, 1656, Farmington, CT; d. about 1725, Hadley, MA. Operated ferry at Hadley after his father. Married first Dec. 23, 1680, Hadley, MA Sarah MOODY (b. 1660, d. Sep. 10, 1689, Farmington, CT), daughter of Samuel MOODY and Sarah DEMING; and second Ruth. Children of John and Sarah KELLOGG: Sarah married Abraham MOODY; John died young; Joseph married Abigail SMITH; Samuel married first Mary ASHLEY, and second Rachel ASHLEY; and a son died same day as born and day before his mother. Children of Joseph and Ruth: Ruth died young; Joanna married first Samuel TAYLOR, and second James DEWEY; Esther; Abigail married first Jonathan ATHERTON, and second Isaac HUBBARD; John; and James married Experience SMITH.
  5. Martin - b. Nov. 22, 1658, Boston, MA; d. Suffield, CT. Resided at Hatfield, Deerfield, and Suffield. captured with four of his children in French and Indian destruction of Deerfield on Feb. 29, 1704 and taken to Canada. His son Jonathan was killed in the raid. Married first Dec. 10, 1684 Anna HINSDALE (b. Feb. 22, 1666; d. Jul. 19, 1689, Hatfield, MA), daughter of Samuel HINSDALE and Mehitable JOHNSON; second Feb. 27, 1690/1 Sarah DICKINSON (d. Feb. 11, 1732), daughter of John DICKINSON and Frances FOOTE, and widow of Samuel LANE; and third Oct. 5, 1732 Sarah HUXLEY, daughter of Thomas HUXLEY, and widow of James BARLOW and Ebenezer SMITH. Children of Martin and Anna KELLOGG: Martin married Dorothy CHESTER; and Anna married Joseph SEVERANCE. Children of Martin and Sarah KELLOGG: Joseph married Rachel DEVOTION: Joanna married an Indian Chief in Canada; Rebecca married Capt. Benjamin ASHLEY; and Jonathan was slain by Indians at age 4.
  6. Edward - b. Oct. 1, 1660, Boston, MA; d. after 1730. Resided at Hadley, MA, Brookfield, MA, and Lebanon, CT. Married about 1691 Dorothy. Children of Edward and Dorothy KELLOGG: Joseph; Joanna; Thomas married Elizabeth LEE; Dorothy married Thomas AINSWORTH; Catherine; Mary; Ephraim married Lydia SAWTELLE; Eleanor married Thomas AINSWORTH; and Edward married Jemima BARTLETT.
  7. Samuel - b. Sep. 28, 1662, Hadley, MA; d. 1717, Hartford, CT.
  8. Joanna - b. Dec. 8, 1664, Hadley, MA; d. after Apr. 1727. Married John SMITH.
  9. Sarah - b. Aug. 27, 1666, Hadley, MA; d. Jan. 1729, Westfield, MA. Married Apr. 27, 1686, Hadley, MA Samuel ASHLEY (b. Oct. 26, 1664, Springfield, MA), son of David ASHLEY and Hannah GLOVER. Children of Sarah and Samuel ASHLEY: Mary died in infancy; Samuel married Hannah DEWEY; Daniel married Mrs. Thankful TAYLOR; Sarah; Mary married Samuel KELLOGG; Rachel married Samuel KELLOGG; Jacob did not marry; Joanna married first Joseph TAYLOR, and second Deacon James DEWEY; Ezekiel married Hannah GRISWOLD; Aaron married Bethiah DEWEY; Abigail married Samuel GOODRICH; and Joseph married Anna DEWEY.

Children of Joseph and Abigail

See Notable Cousins for line to: Charles CURTIS, Philo Taylor FARNSWORTH, Frank Billings KELLOGG, and Will Keith KELLOGG

  1. Stephen - b. Apr. 9, 1668, Hadley, MA; d. Jun. 5, 1722, Westfield, MA. Married May. 8, 1694, Hadley, MA Lydia BELDEN (b. Mar. 1675; d. Jan. 6, 1759, Colchester, MA), daughter of John and Lydia. Lydia married second Jan. 17, 1734, Westfield, MA Benjamin LEWIS. Children of Stephen and Lydia KELLOGG: Stephen married first Abigail LOOMIS, and second Sarah COOK; Lydia; Moses died young; Abigail married Christopher Jacob LAWTON; Daniel married Hannah NOBLE; Ephraim did not marry; Mercy married first Rev. Judah LEWIS, and second David BIGELOW; Noah married; Silas married Ruth ROOT; Amos married first Mary STEBBINS, and second Prudence SEDGWICK; and Aaron married Mary LEWIS.
  2. Nathaniel - b. Oct. 8, 1669, Hadley, MA; d. Oct. 30, 1750, Amherst, MA. Lt. in militia, selectman, and member of Amherst church Nov. 7, 1739. Married Jun. 28, 1692, Hadley, MA Sarah BOLTWOOD (b. Oct. 1, 1672, Hadley, MA), daughter of Sgt. Samuel BOLTWOOD and Sarah LEWIS. Children of Nathaniel and Sarah KELLOGG: Nathaniel married first Sarah PRESTON, second Martha (ALLIS) HAMMOND, and third Mrs. Elizabeth SMITH; Ebenezer married first Elizabeth (INGRAM) PANTHORN, and second Mrs. Sarah STEPHENS; Ezekiel married Elizabeth PARTRIDGE; Samuel married Sarah SMITH; Sarah married Deacon Ebenezer DICKINSON; Abigail married Benjamin SHELDON; Mary married Dr. Richard CROUCH; Ephraim married Dorothy HAWLEY; and Experience married Timothy NASH.
  3. Abigail - b. Oct. 9, 1671, Hadley, MA; d. after 1742. Married Nov. 14, 1688 Jonathan SMITH (b. about 1663; d. Oct. or Nov. 1737), son of Philip SMITH and Rebecca FOOTE. Children of Abigail and Jonathan SMITH: Jonathan married Hannah WRIGHT; Daniel; Abigail married Jonathan PARSONS; Stephen; Prudence; Moses married Mary MARSH; Elisha married Sarah SMITH; Elizabeth married Richard CHAUNCEY; Ephraim married Martha SCOTT; and Aaron married first Abigail SCOTT.
  4. Elizabeth - b. Oct. 9, 1673, Hadley, MA; d. Jul. 4, 1750, West Hartford, CT. Married Nov. 27, 1691, Lt. John NASH (b. Aug. 21, 1667; d. Oct. 7, 1743), son of Lt. Timothy NASH and Rebecca STONE. Children of Elizabeth and John NASH: Rebecca died young; John married Hannah INGRAM; Moses married first Rebecca GRAVES, and second Mary (COOK) KELLOGG; Elizabeth died in infancy; Timothy married first Prudence SMITH; Abigail married Deacon Abraham MERRILL; Stephen married Elizabeth SMITH; Daniel married Abigail; Samuel married first Margaret MERRILL, and second Mrs. DICKINSON; Phineas died in infancy; and Enos married Joanna BARNARD.
  5. Prudence - b. Oct. 14, 1675, Hadley, MA; d. Sep. 21, 1747, West Hartford, CT. Married Apr. 16, 1699 Deacon Abraham MERRILL (b. Dec. 21, 1670; d. Nov. 6, 1747, West Hartford, CT), son of Deacon John MERRILL and Sarah WATSON. Children of Prudence and Abraham MERRILL: Prudence married first Ebenezer SEDGWICK, and second Col. David WHITNEY; Abraham married Abigail NASH; Abigail married John SMITH; Joseph married first Mary MERRILL (his first cousin), second Abigail STONE, and third Martha (ALLEN) CHAPINS; Margaret married Capt. Samuel NASH; Elizabeth died in infancy; Jerusha (or Joshua); and Joanna.
  6. Ebenezer - b. Nov. 22, 1677, Hadley, MA; d. Aug. 22, 1746. Married Jul. 6, 1700, Colchester, CT Mabel BUTLER ( b. 1682; d. Sep. 3, 1742), daughter of Daniel. Children of Ebenezer and Mabel KELLOGG: Abigail married Mr. GILLETTE; Ebenezer married Abigail ROWLEY; Elizabeth married Mr. ROBERTS; Mary married Timothy MERRILL; and Prudence married William ROBERTS, Jr.
  7. Jonathan - b. Dec. 25, 1679, Hadley, MA; d. Aug. 8, 1771, Colchester, CT. Married Jan. 3, 1711 Ann NEWTON (b. Apr. 13, 1692, Colchester, CT; d. Aug. 14, 1769, Colchester, MA), daughter of James NEWTON. Children: Jonathan married Mary NILES; Joseph married Sarah CLARK; Margery; Ann married John WELLS, Jr.; Israel married Abigail NORTHAM; Stephen married first Martha WELLS, and second Sarah (POOL) HART; Silas died young; Martin died young; and a child died in infancy.
  8. Daniel - b. Mar. 22, 1682, Hadley, MA; d. there Jul. 5, 1684.
  9. Joseph - b. May 12, 1684, Hadley, MA; d. Sep. 9, 1724. Married Jul. 5, 1710 Elizabeth COLTON (b. Apr. 5, 1686), daughter of Thomas and Sarah. No children. Elizabeth married second Joseph BILLINGS (b. Nov. 15, 1700), son of Samuel BILLINGS and Rebecca MILLER.
  10. Daniel - b. Jun. 10, 1686, Hadley, MA. Died young.
  11. Ephraim - b. Jan. 2, 1687/8, Hadley, MA. Died young.

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Samuel and Sarah (Merrill) Kellogg

Samuel Kellogg

Samuel KELLOGG - b. Sep. 28, 1662, Hadley, MA; d. 1717, Hartford, CT. Son of Joseph KELLOGG and Joanna. A family note indicates the possibility that Samuel was reared from 1669 in the family of Col. Nathaniel STANLEY, of Hadley and Hartford.

This presents some interesting relationships, since Nathaniel STANLEY (1638-1712) was the son of Thomas STANLEY and Benet TRITTON, and his mother married second Gregory WOLTERTON, adoptive father of John MERRILL, father of Sarah who became the wife of Samuel. And Nathaniel STANLEY married Sarah BOOSEY, sister of Hannah, first wife of John PRATT, father of Ruth who married Wilterton MERRILL, son of John and brother of Sarah who became the wife of Samuel.

Purchased land in the South Meadow in Hartford, CT 1691, sold it in 1705 and purchased land in West Hartford, CT. Deacon of Second Church at Hartford, CT where he and wife were admitted Mar. 17, 1695. Married Sep. 22, 1687, Hartford, CT.

Sarah MERRILL - b. Sep. 19, 1664, Hartford, CT; d. about 1719, Hartford, CT. Will probated Nov. 3, 1719, Hartford, CT. Daughter of John MERRILL and Sarah WATSON.

Children of Samuel and Sarah Kellogg

See Notable Cousins for line to: Charles CURTIS and Clara Louise KELLOGG

  1. Samuel - b. Aug. 27, 1688, Hartford, CT; bap. there Sep. 16, 1688; d. about 1712, Hartford, CT. Married May 11, 1711, Hartford, CT Hannah BENTON (b. about 1687), daughter of Samuel BENTON. Hannah married second Oct. 20, 1715 Joseph ROOT, by whom she had seven children. Daughter of Samuel and Hannah KELLOGG: Sarah married Moses PECK.
  2. Margaret - b. Jan. 1690, Hartford, CT; d. Mar. 11, 1786, Harwinton, CT. Married May 6, 1714, Hartford, CT Benjamin CATLIN (b. Feb. 1, 1680, Hartford, CT; d. 1765, Harwinton, CT), son of John CATLIN and Mary MARSHALL. Children of Margaret and Benjamin CATLIN: Jonathan married Thankful COLLYER; Sarah married Andrew BARTHOLOMEW; Abraham married Mindwell GRISWOLD; Joel married Sophia HOLCOMB; Benjamin married Abigail STANLEY; Jacob married Hannah PHELPS; Amos married Martha DAVIS; Daniel married Dorcas WATSON; and George married Mindwell PHELPS.
  3. Abraham - bap. Oct. 23, 1692, Hartford, CT;. d. 1718. Will proved Aug. 14, 1718. Married Apr. 2, 1718, Northampton, MA Miriam COOK (b. Sep. 30, 1690), daughter of Noah COOK and Sarah NASH. No children. Miriam married second Nov. 11, 1719 Capt. Daniel WEBSTER, of Hartford.
  4. John - b. Dec. 16, 1694, Hartford, CT; d. Jul. 12, 1725, Hartford, CT.
  5. Isaac - bap. Jan. 17, 1696/7, Hartford, CT; d. Jul. 3, 1787, New Hartford, CT. Elected 23 times as representative to Connecticut Assembly. Capt. in 1774. Deacon of First Church at New Hartford, CT. Married Dec. 26, 1717, Hartford, CT Mary WEBSTER (b. May 31, 1697; d. Jan. 3, 1780), daughter of Joseph WEBSTER and Mary JUDD. Children of Isaac and Mary KELLOGG: Samuel married Mary STEELE; Abraham married Sarah Marsh; Mary married John BIRGE; Theodocia married Jonathan MARSH; Isaac married Martha MERRILL; Noah married Clemence MERRILL; Joseph married Esther PORTER; Ashbel married first Sarah LOOMIS, second Lydia STEELE, and third Lucy COTTON; Sarah married William MERRILL; Margaret married Joseph MOORE; Ann married Roger CROW; Esther married a Mr. BIRGE; and Huldah married James BENHAM.
  6. Jacob - b. Apr. 17, 1699, Hartford, CT; bap. there Apr. 23, 1699; d. Jul. 31, 1765, Hartford, CT. Lived at Farmington and West Hartford, and became a Lt. Married first Feb. 1723, Hartford, CT Mary SEDGWICK (b. Jul. 1, 1705; d. Aug. 12, 1759), daughter of Capt. Samuel SEDGWICK and Mary HOPKINS; and second in 1760 Ruth LEE (b. Jun. 14, 1703; d. Dec. 26, 1794), daughter of John LEE and Elizabeth LOOMIS, and widow of William JUDD. Children of Jacob and Mary KELLOGG: Timothy married Keziah JONES; Elizabeth married Joseph HINSDALE; Lydia married first Timothy SEYMOUR, second Matthew CLARK, and third Archibald MCNEIL; Jacob married Mary HARMON; Azariah married Hannah CATLIN; Ozias did not marry; George married Sarah CLARK; and Hannah married Caleb CROSSWELL.
  7. Benjamin - b. Jan. 1, 1701, Hartford, CT; bap. there Jun. 22, 1701; d. after 1753, Canaan, CT. Admitted to church at Canaan, CT 1742, and chosen a deacon there Jun. 5, 1753. Married first Nov. 9, 1721, Hartford, CT Abigail SEDGWICK (b. Feb. 3, 1702), daughter of Capt. Samuel SEDGWICK and Mary HOPKINS; second Elizabeth BROWN; and third Elizabeth WEBSTER (d. Aug. 22, 1757, Canaan, CT). Children of Benjamin and Abigail KELLOGG: Margaret; Benjamin married Comfort THOMPSON; John married Union STODDARD; Abigail married Charles BURRALL; Maria died young; Samuel married Chloe BACON; Thankful married Daniel HOPKINS; and Jerusha married Daniel KELLOGG. Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth (BROWN) KELLOGG: Anna; Nehemiah; Mary; Ebenezer married Filena FULLER; Molly married Joel DEMING; and Elizabeth married first Ebenezer SMITH, and second David CLARK.
  8. Joseph - b. Apr. 13, 1704, Hartford, CT; bap. there Apr. 16, 1704. The name of his wife is not known. Married about 1734. Children of Joseph KELLOGG: Sybil married Jonathan HANCOCK; Elijah married Anne HURLBURT; Joseph married Prudence AUSTIN; Aaron married first Tabitha HANCOX, second Hannah ROBBINS, and third Rhoda (DEAN) POWERS; and Asahel married Naomi GAYLORD.
  9. Daniel - b. Apr. 1707, Hartford, CT; bap. there Apr. 13, 1707; d. Sep. 1, 1773, West Hartford, CT. Member of the church at West Hartford 1732, and Capt. at Hartford 1756. Married Nov. 27, 1729, Hartford, CT Deborah MOORE (b. about 1710; d. Sep. 1801), daughter of Capt. Thomas MOORE and Deborah GRISWOLD. Children of Daniel and Deborah KELLOGG: Daniel married Jerusha KELLOGG; Seth married Lois; Joel married Susannah HOSMER; Moses married Jerusha SPENCER; Deborah married Gideon DEMING; Charles; and Enos married Keziah BELDING.

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John and Sarah (Olmsted) Kellogg

John KELLOGG - b. Dec. 16, 1694, Hartford, CT; d. Jul. 12, 1725, Hartford, CT. Son of Samuel KELLOGG and Sarah MERRILL. Admitted to church at West Hartford in Jun. 1714. Married Jan. 3, 1718/9, West Hartford, CT.

Sarah OLMSTED - b. Jan. 1, 1696, Hartford, CT. Daughter of Thomas OLMSTED and Hannah MIX.

  1. Sarah - b. Oct. 30, 1719, Hartford, CT; d. Feb. 25, 1792, West Hartford, CT. Married John BELDEN.
  2. Hannah - bap. Feb. 18, 1722, West Hartford, CT. Died in infancy.
  3. Hannah - bap. Apr. 21, 1723, West Hartford, CT. Birth date also reported as Apr. 30, 1723.
  4. Esther - bap. Jul. 4, 1725, West Hartford, CT.

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