From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

Henry Kerby and Hannah

John Kerby and Joannah Owen        Leonard Tarrant, Sr.

          David Kerby and Elizabeth Tarrant

          Asa Kerby and Martha Elizabeth Highsmith

          Elizabeth Kerby and John Joseph Sears

          Chesly Sears and Elizabeth C. McClanahan

          Malinda Margrett Sears and Scott Cyrus Freeman

          Lucy Jane Freeman and James Martin Lawson

          Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

          Stephen Martin Lawson

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Tarent/Tarrant Ancestry

Considerable effort has been made to connect Leonard TARRANT of SC to Leonard TARENT of VA, who died in MD in 1718. There is substantial information about the ancestry of the latter Leonard TARENT, including the BROOKE, BOOTH and UNDERWOOD families of his second wife. He did have a son named Leonard, probably by his first wife (name unknown), but nothing is known about this son other than his name appearing in the will of Leonard TARENT. He married second Mary BROOKE and their daughter Mary married Rev. Robert ROSE. No positive evidence has been found connecting the TARRANT and TARENT families, and available information indicates such a connection is virtually impossible.

Leonard Tarrant, Sr.

Leonard TARRANT, Sr. - b. about 1713 or earlier; d. 1791, Ninety Six District, SC. Will dated Feb. 23, 1791. The name of his first wife is not known, but it appears likely that she was the mother of his children. Leonard's second wife was the widow Mary HARGROVE of Amherst Co., VA. Leonard TARRANT, Sr. had personal service during the Revolution in that he supplied 375 pounds of beef for the troops who left Henry Co., VA for the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. He was paid for these provisions on Sep. 13, 1783 (Public Service Claims Bk. 111, p. 158, LVA Archives, Richmond, VA). In Augusta Fothergill's Virginia Tax Payers 1782-1787, Leonard Tarrants is listed in Henry Co., VA with 1 poll and 4 slaves. An affidavit by his son James states that Leonard moved with his family to Greenville County, SC in 1787. Leonard signed his will with his mark 'L'. The children of Leonard are listed in the order they appear in his will, and his second wife, Mary HARGROVE TARRANT, was living in SC in 1791 when Leonard's estate was probated.

Children of Leonard Tarrant, Sr.

  1. Benjamin - b. 1735; d. 1819, SC. Will dated Nov. 15, 1808 and probated Aug. 20, 1819 in Greenville Dist., SC. Obituary in the Charleston Courier of 14 Aug 1819. Married Martha DALTON. The order of their children as given here is subject to correction. Children of Benjamin and Martha TARRANT: Amelia 'Milly' married first George PHILLIPS, and second Solomon HOLLAND; Elizabeth 'Betsy' married Mark SNOW; Mary 'Molly' married Peyton WADE; Leonard, Esq. married Elizabeth BLACKBURN; Rev. Benjamin married Ann ROBINSON; Wyatt married Sarah DALTON (sister of Rosetta); Robert married Rosetta DALTON (sister of Sarah); Samuel Augustus married Sally TARRANT (his first cousin and daughter of Capt. James TARRANT); Rev. James married Rebecca LANGLEY; and Rev. John married first Mary Elizabeth (WITHERSPOON) PORTER, and second Lucy SULLIVAN.
  2. Leonard, Jr. - b. probably after 1735; d. after Jul., 3, 1777. Will dated Jul., 3, 1777. Leonard, Jr. signed documents with his full name, and was a Capt. for a Henry Co., VA militia company. Evidence that Leonard TARRANT, Jr. had service during the Revolution has not been found, but his widow provided supplies for the Henry Co., VA troops, for which she was paid in 1783, along with her father-in-law Leonard TARRANT, Sr., and her brothers-in-law Samuel, Reuben, John and James TARRANT. Leonard, Jr. married Mary TANKERSLEY, daughter of Richard and Winifred TANKERSLEY. Children of Leonard, Jr. and Mary TARRANT: Winifred married Daniel McKENZIE; Larkin married Mary; Reuben married Charity Cox BALLENGER; Rev. Carter married Catherine; Rachel married Robert BOLLING; and Terry married first Ann STEPHENSON and second Mary 'Polly' PATRICK.
  3. Samuel - Married. Children: Elizabeth married Jephtha JOHNSON; and Minus married Nancy McCONNELL.
  4. Nelly - Married Mr. DANIEL.
  5. Elizabeth - b. 1742, VA. Married David KERBY.
  6. Reuben -
  7. John - b. 1741/2, VA; d. 1799, Greenville Co., SC. John gave his age as 35 years on Sep. 13, 1777 in Henry Co., VA. Married Dec. 7, 1768, Amherst Co., VA Tabitha TANKERSLEY, daughter of Richard and Winifred TANKERSLEY. John's will was written Apr. 8, 1799 and proved that year in Greenville Co., SC (Will Book A, page 109). Children of John and Tabitha TARRANT: Samuel married Anna 'Nancy' HAMPTON (Tarrant County, TX is named for their son Gen. Edward Hampton TARRANT); Sally married Alexandr McKENZIE; Rowland married Hannah WOOD; Richard married Rebecca; Nancy married Henry MACHEN; John; and George married Mary Caroline WALKER.
  8. James - b. Nov. 30, 1753, Halifax Co. (parent of Pittsylvania Co.), VA; d. Jul. 5, 1840, Jefferson Co., AL. A declaration by Capt. James TARRANT from his Revolutionary War Pension Application (R10395) includes: "I was born in Pennsylvania<sic> County, Virginia last day of November 1753. When very young, my father moved to Amherst County, Virginia, where he lived for fifteen years and removed to Henry County on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. After the War, I resided in Henry County three of four years. In 1787, my father moved to Greenville County, South Carolina." James married first Jane BURCH and second Keziah TERRY, probably the mother of at least the two youngest children. Children of James TARRANT: John Birch married first Margaret RUSSELL and second Sarah W. AYERS; Susannah married Mr. BURDINE; Rebecca; Sally married her first cousin Samuel Augustus TARRANT; Lydia married Mr. SITTON or TILTON; Polly married Mr. GARNER; Benjamin married Mourning RICHARDSON; Jane married Mr. GURLEY; Nancy married Mr. DACUS; Drusilla married first John HEMPHILL and second John STEPHENSON; Eleander married James Hignight HEWITT; and James married Eliza Ann TARRANT.

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Kerby Family in America

The earliest generation (or generations) of the KERBY/KIRBY family in America  are not clearly documented, with attempts to identify the parents of John KERBY (d. 1773) of Pittsylvania Co., VA giving in several proposals. The outline below is shared by Tracee Kirby after her review of available records, with Henry KERBY being the immigrant ancestor of this Kerby line. However, comments regarding this compilation or any alternative are welcome.

Alternative proposals for the parents of John KERBY (1698-1773) have been made by others. One suggestion is that he was one of 4 or more children of Richard KIRBY and Elizabeth. Richard lived in Goochland Co., VA where land grants were recorded Sep. 8, 1730 and Jul. 25, 1741, and a deed recorded Aug. 21, 1744. By 1749 he was in Lunenburg Co., in present Halifax Co., VA area, and was last mentioned in records of South River Monthly Meeting of the Quakers on Apr. 21, 1759.

Another suggestion is that John KERBY was one of 13 children of Robert KIRBY (b. May 1, 1662, New Pocoson, York Co., VA; d. Apr. 25, 1727, Charles Parish, York Co., VA) and Catherine CLARK-TOMPKINS (b. about 1672, VA; d. May 30, 1745, Charles Parish, York Co., VA), daughter of John CLARK and step-daughter of Humphrey TOMPKINS. The fifth child of Robert and Catherine was John KIRBY (b. Jul. 19, 1698, York Co., VA). No evidence has been seen to support this alternative line. Any document showing that John, son of Robert was in Halifax Co., VA would be welcomed.

Henry and Hannah Kerby

Henry KERBY - b. England; d. Hanover Co., VA, probably. A Quaker, he arrived in America prior to Feb 1687/8 when a land grant was paid to Edward THOMAS for his transport. Henry KERBY appears on the Tithe List of Hanover Co., VA for Mar. 28, 1732.  Married in Essex Co., VA.

Hannah -

Children of Henry and Hannah Kerby

  1. Richard - Lived in Goochland Co., VA where land grants were recorded Sep. 8, 1730 and Jul. 25, 1741, and a deed of gift of 100 acres from Richard to daughter Betty GOLDBEY was recorded Aug. 21, 1744. By 1749 he was in Lunenburg Co., in present Halifax Co., VA area. Last mentioned in records of South River Monthly Meeting of the Quakers on Apr. 21, 1759. Married Elizabeth BAKER (b. 1698; d. Nov. 6, 1778, Halifax Co., VA), possibly his second wife. She was recorded as wife of Richard in deed of Feb. 16, 1742. It is difficult to clearly identify whether each record refers to Richard KERBY, Sr. or Richard KERBY, Jr. Children of Richard and Elizabeth KERBY: Richard married first Judith ECHOLS, and second Sarah ANDERSON; Henry Baker married Mary ANDERSON; Betty married James GOLDBY; and Samuel.
  2. John - b. 1698, VA; d. about 1773, Pittsylvania Co., VA.
  3. Francis -  b. about 1710. In Goochland Co., VA in 1750, and in Albemarle Co., VA in 1753. Married Mary by 1750. Children of Francis and Mary KERBY: Benjamin; John; William; Hawkins; and Pricilla Ann.
  4. William -
  5. Henry - Called Henry KERBY, Jr. in Hanover Co., VA.

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John and Joanna (Owen) Kerby

John KERBY - b. 1698, VA; d. about 1773, Pittsylvania Co., VA; will dated Nov. 19, 1772 and proved Feb. 25, 1773. One undocumented source gives his birth date as Jul. 18, 1698. Son of Henry KERBY and Hannah. Received land grant Dec. 1, 1740 in Goochland Co., VA, and sold said land Sep. 20, 1748 to Thomas MASSIE, and removed to Lunenburg Co., VA, purchasing 280 acres on the south side of Pigg River on Jul. 12, 1750. Church affiliation was with the South River Meeting Quakers until May 16, 1767 when he and his wife joined the Baptist Church. He was co-executor with his son Francis of the will of William OWENS.

Joanna(h) OWEN - b. about 1705; d. 1795. Daughter of William OWEN and Lydia.

Children of John and Joannah Kerby

  1. Francis - b. 1730, Pittsylvania Co., VA. Married Elizabeth DAVIS, daughter of Samuel and Sarah. Child: Wilmeth. For addiontal information, as yet unconfirmed, refer to the Davis-Kerby-Hodges-Wallace Branch data.
  2. John - b. 1733, VA; d. 1795, Pittsylvania Co., VA; will dated Mar. 11, 1795 and proved Sep. 1, 1795, Pittsylvania Co., VA. Mentioned in will of William OWENS as grandson. Private in Virginia militia in Rev. Married 1752, Sarah, probably the daughter of Samuel and Sarah DAVIS. Children of John and Sarah KERBY: Nathaniel; and Moses married.
  3. Mary - b. 1736. Married Mr. HUBBARD.
  4. David - b. Jul. 14, 1738, Goochland Co., VA; d. May 11, 1811 Warren Co., KY.
  5. Henry - b. 1740, Lunenburg Co., VA; d. 1806, Rutherford Co., TN; will proved Sep. 29, 1806, Rutherford Co., TN. Married Mary Ann WITT (b. 1744, VA; d. 1806, VA). Children of Henry and Mary Ann KERBY: Samuel L.; and Christopher married Betsy.
  6. Susanna - b. 1743. Married Mr. THOMSON.
  7. William - b. 1745; d. before 1773.
  8. Josiah - b. 1747.
  9. Jesse - b. 1750.
  10. Henry - Married Susanna WRIGHT (b. Halifax Co., VA).
  11. Joanna -

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David and Elizabeth (Tarrant) Kerby

David KERBY - b. Jul. 14, 1738, Goochland Co., VA; d. May 11, 1811, Warren Co., KY; will dated Apr. 26 and proved Jul. 1, 1811, Warren Co., KY. Son of John KERBY and Joannah OWEN. First purchased land May 10, 1760, Halifax Co., VA, and in Pittsylvania Co., VA by 1767. Took oath of allegiance in Henry Co., VA, Sep. 13, 1777 at the age of 39. Removed to Greenville Co., SC by 1787, and to Warren Co., KY about 1800. Married about 1756.

Elizabeth TARRANT - b. 1742, VA. Daughter of Leonard TARRANT, Sr.

Children of David and Elizabeth Kerby

  1. Jesse R. - b. Oct. 23, 1757, Halifax Co., VA; d. Dec. 17, 1853, Warren Co., KY. Rev. soldier (Pension file W9489). Married Mar. 18, 1778, Martinsville, VA, Sophia CHOICE (b. Sep. 30, 1760; d. Jul. 11, 1853). His obituary reports that Jesse and Sophia had 135 grandchildren, 303 great grandchildren, and 7 great great grandchildren. Children of Jesse and Sophia KERBY (order uncertain): David married first Polly ANDERSON, and second Mary DUES; Nancy married William POTTER; Lucy married David HANLY; William B. married Lennial (or Lavinia) ANDERSON; Cyrus married Keziah GREEN; Elizabeth married Frederick POTTER; Jesse R. married Prudence DISHMAN; Isaiah married Sophia KERBY; John C. married Elizabeth JACKSON; Polly; Tully Clinton married Nancy C. HARRINGTON; and two other children.
  2. Leonard T. - b. Oct. 4, 1760, Pittsylvania Co., VA; d. Sep. 15, 1842, Warren Co., KY. A Rev. soldier, he enlisted May 1, 1778 as a substitute for his father and served two tours (Pension file S31183). Married and appears to have had a large family.
  3. Solomon - b. 1762; VA; d. 1818, KY. Rev. soldier. Married first Frances ELLISON, and second Nancy BLANDWAS. Children of Solomon and Frances KERBY: David R. married first Mary Jane ROWLAND, second Nancy JOHNSON, and third Sarah HUMPHREY; William C. married Matilda Carter KERBY (daughter of Asa KERBY and Elizabeth HIGHSMITH); Asa C. married Elvira BLEW; Solomon R. married first Rhoda DUNCAN, and second Nancy BLAND; Wade F. married Emily BLUE (or BLEW); Agnes married Obadiah HUDSON; and Ann married Frederick ROWLAND.
  4. Agnes - b. May 3, 1763, Halifax Co., VA; d. Dec. 26, 1832, Logan Co., IL; bur. Carlyle Cem., Logan Co., IL. Married May 10, 1781 in Henry Co., VA to James L. TURLEY (b. Jan., 8, 1761, Fairfax Co., VA; d. Jun. 4, 1836, Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co., IL; bur. Carlyle Cem., Logan Co., IL), son of William TURLEY. Lived in Union, Sangamon and Logan Cos., IL. James subsequently married Sarah HOBLIT, widow of Thomas LUCAS. Children of Agnes and James TURLEY: Sarah; David married Mary 'Polly' RIBELIN; Elizabeth married James CHEATHAM; Samuel; Charles married Elizabeth CHEATHAM; William married Elizabeth REIBLIN; John; James; George Washington married Margaret Powell SCOTT; Nancy married John PORTER; Thomas Jefferson; Lucy married her first cousin Thomas Jefferson SCROGGIN; Emily married her first cousin John SCROGGIN; and Agnes.
  5. Asa - b. about 1767, VA; d. Mar. 1851, Randolph Co., MO; will dated Jul. 30, 1850; buried Randolph Co., MO.
  6. Samuel L. - b. Mar. 4, 1768, VA; d. 1836, Warren Co., KY. Rev. soldier. He may have been the Samuel Kirby who is listed in the Cornstalk Militia in 1804 (Cornstalk Militia of Kentucky 1792-1811, by G. Glenn Clift), but there appears to have been several men of that name in Warren Co., KY in the same era. Married Mar. 12, 1788, Mary SPANGLER. Son of Samuel and Mary KERBY: Samuel M. married Elizabeth MARTIN.
  7. Sarah Ann 'Sally' - b. about 1769, Franklin Co., VA; d. 1833, Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co., IL; bur. Steenbergen Cemetery, Logan Co., IL. Married in 1788 in Ninety-Six District, SC to Humphrey SCROGGIN (b. 1763, Culpeper Co., VA; d. 1846, near Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co., IL; bur. Steenbergen Cemetery, Logan Co., IL), son of Humphrey SCROGGIN and Margaret DOGGETT. Children of Sally and Humphrey SCROGGIN: Elizabeth married William MOORE; Jemima married Mr. JOHNSTON; Margaret married Benjamin RICE; Carter Tarrent married Phoebe SHELBY; Barton married Mary HAINES; Lemuel married Telitha; Absalom married Sarah DORSEY; Thomas Jefferson married his first cousin Lucy TURLEY; Pleasant married Mary STILLEY; John married his first cousin Emily TURLEY; Leonard David married Mary Margaret SIMS; and Eliza Squire FOSTER.
  8. Elizabeth - b. 1773, VA; d. about 1827, Perry Co., IL. Married Jul. 12, 1799, William PILES. Lived in Dade Co., MO.
  9. Isaiah - b. about 1777, VA. Married May 25, 1798, Christian WILLIAMS, daughter of John & Silvy.
  10. Zeporah (or Zipporah) - b. Feb. 15, 1778, Halifax Co., VA; d. Aug. 4, 1838, Blount Co., AL. Her marriage to John PACE, Jr. has been reported as Mar. 6, 1798, and as Mar. 10, 1799, Warren Co., KY. Children of Zeporah and John PACE: Anna married Wilson FOREMAN; Elizabeth married Sherrod ROWLAND; Martha W. married first Ebenezer INGRAM, second Noel Arrington, and third Christopher ROWLAND; David Kirby married Bethana R. PETTY; Agnes married Hiram WRIGHT; Amelia married Enoch ALLDREGE; Jesse K. married Elizabeth Bagley PETTY; and Zipporah Alabama married William RIDGE.
  11. Anna - Named as a child of David and Elizabeth in one listing. Married Wade HAMPTON.

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Asa and Martha Elizabeth (Highsmith) Kerby

Asa KERBY - b. about 1767, VA; d. Mar. 1851, Randolph Co., MO; will dated Jul. 30, 1850; buried Randolph Co., MO. Son of David KERBY and Elizabeth TARRANT. Asa sold land in Apr. 1811 in Warren Co., KY to John STAHL, and lived also in Monroe Co., MO. He was a member Silver Creek Church (Primitive Baptist), Mt. Airy, Randolph Co., MO (Aug. 1819); excluded (Apr. 1820); received (Aug. 1839). The houshold of Asa KERBY appears in the 1850 census of Randolph Co., MO. Randolph Co., MO court records (Wills, Bonds, Letters - Book D 1853-1858, pages 164-66) of Jun. 18, 1855 name the heirs of Asa KERBY. Even though these records state that Asa died intestate, his will is found in Randolph Co., MO (Adm. & Executors Book B-C 1849-1854, page 103). Married Sep. 5, 1799, Warren Co. KY.

Heirs of Asa Kerby - June 18, 1855

State of Missouri
County of Randolph

   On this 18th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty five personally appeared before me clerk of the county court within and for the county and State aforesaid William E. Waldin who being duly sworn according to Law states that to the best of his knowledge and belief the names and places of residence of the heirs of Asa Kerby decd are as follows viz.
   Elizabeth Kerby widow of said decedent, Nancy Gaines, the heirs of Lucinda Atterbury decd, Polly G. McClanahan, Frances Palmer and Malinda Thomas all of whom live in Randolph County in the State aforesaid
   Elizabeth Sears, Malinda Burton, Ary McDavitt, all the heirs of John Kerby decd, except Frances Palmer, who live in Macon County in the State aforesaid
   Sophia Walker who lives in Monroe county in the State aforesaid
   Asa Kerby who lives in the State of California
   Matilda Kerby, Elvira Worthington who live in Putnam County in the State aforesaid
   That the deceased died without a will
   That he will make a perfect inventory of and faithfully administer all the estate of the decd and pay the ebts as far as the assets will stand and the law direct and account for and pay all assets which shall come to his possession or knowledge

Wm. E. Waldin

The Randolph Citizen - June 28, 1855


To Asa H. Kerby, son of Asa Kerby dec'd.

You are hereby notified that on the 4th Monday in August 1855, application will be made to the Randolph County Court, at the court house in Huntsville, in Randolph county, in the State of Missouri, for the assignment of dower in, and distribution of, the slaves belonging to the estate of Asa Kerby, dec'd, among the distributees of said decedent, or for a a<sic> sale of said slaves if an equal division cannot be made in kind. Also for an order of court requiring the heirs of said decedent to account for advancements made to them by said decedant in his lifetime.


June 28, 1855 -- 8w.

Martha Elizabeth HIGHSMITH - b. about 1780, NC; d. Oct. 1855, Randolph Co., MO. Daughter of Thomas HIGHSMITH and Sarah WOODS.

Children of Asa and Martha Kerby

  1. John Wesley - b. about 1800, Warren Co., KY; d. about 1850, Centerville, Monroe Co., MO. Married about 1820, Sophronia 'Sophia' RIGSBY, daughter of James. John's middle name is also reported as Whiteside. John and Sophia KERBY had ten children, including: Mahulda Rigsby 'Huldy' married William DUDLEY ABBOT; Dicia 'Dicey'; John S. married first Margaret I. WHITE (daughter of Randolph Franklin WHITE and Elizabeth 'Betsy' RILEY), and second Mrs. Martha A. MITCHELL; Thomas S. married Sarah Francis WHITE (daughter of Randolph Franklin WHITE and Elizabeth 'Betsy' RILEY); and Sarah N.
  2. Matilda Carter - b. about 1801. Married first, Dec. 16, 1821, Martin SEARS. Married second, Jul. 17, 1823, William C. KERBY (b. 1797) son of Solomon KERBY and Frances ELLISON. Children of Matilda and William KERBY: Polly C.; Solomon S. P. married first California C. BARNES, and second Susan RYALS; Elizabeth married Abraham GRAHAM; James J.; Martha Sophia married Jeremiah Hubbard WORTHINGTON; William R.; Matilda T. married Deck POLLARD;Theodorick Webb married Ann Eliza SIMPSON; Mary S.; Henry; and Asa married Mary Ann POLLARD.
  3. Elizabeth - b. 1804, Warren Co., KY; d. Jul. 1888, near Gifford, Macon Co., MO. Married John Joseph SEARS.
  4. Sarah Alice - b. ca. 1805, Warren Co., KY; d. ca. 1825. Married Apr. 13, 1823, Chariton Co., MO, Elder William SEARS (b. Apr. 11, 1804, near Raleigh, NC; d. Aug. 8, 1879, Callao,Macon Co., MO; bur. "Old" Chariton Cemetery, Valley Twp., Macon Co., MO), as the first of his three wives. Son of John SEARS and Matilda HOBSON. Children of Sarah Alice and William SEARS: Alvira married Joseph Wayland WORTHINGTON; and Lucinda married Wayne THOMAS.
  5. Lucinda - b. about 1807, Warren Co., KY; d. before 1834. Married Mar. 3, 1827, Chariton Co., MO, John ATTERBURY (b. 1802, KY). Children of Lucinda and John ATTERBURY: Emerald married Julia JACKSON; James; Erasmus married Susan F. LOCKRIDGE; Drusilla married Afold R. SHRECKHISEE; John; and Dorcas.
  6. Malinda Jane - b. Jan. 26, 1811, Warren Co., KY; d. Dec. 4, 1895, Linden, San Joaquin Co., CA. Married first, Jan. 28, 1830, John F. McDAVITT (b. Dec. 15, 1805, Woodford Co., KY; d. Apr. 12, 1847, Old Bents Fort, Colorado Territory), son of Basil McDAVITT, Sr. and Elizabeth FINNELL. John died during the Mexican War. Malinda applied for a pension and land grant as his widow in 1848, listing her two daughters. She and her daughter Malinda Jane McDAVITT were living in the household of her father Asa KERBY in the 1850 census of Randolph Co., MO, and they moved to CA in 1873. Malinda married second, Nov. 23, 1852, Elijah BURTON. Children of Malinda and John McDAVITT: Malinda Jane McDAVITT (b. 1837) married Apr. 7, 1853, Philip H. PRATHER; and Elizabeth, of whom nothing is known after 1848.
  7. Araminta 'Ara' - b. Dec. 1, 1812, Warren Co., KY; d. Mar. 14, 1858, Macon Co., MO. She is called Ara in family records. Married about 1832 to Leo McDAVITT (b. Jul. 7, 1804, Woodford Co., KY; d. Feb. 16, 1882, Macon Co., MO), son of Basil McDAVITT, Sr. and Elizabeth FINNELL. Children of Ara and Leo McDAVITT: Sarah Margaret married Lewis Calvin DALE; Nancy married Nathaniel BROYLES; Eleanor Elizabeth 'Ellen'; Thomas Waller married Ellen S. BROYLES; Mary Jane married Jasper W. PATRICK; Dr. Basil Carlisle married Mary Annetta WILLIAMSON; Asa Woodford married Mary Mandana MURRAY; Daniel Alsley died young; and William Harrison married Laura Isabel GASH.
  8. Sophia Choice - b. Apr. 6, 1817, Warren Co., KY; d. May 16, 1883, Monroe Co., MO. Married Mar. 6, 1838, William Millholand WALKER (b. 1810; d. 1896). Children of Sophia and William WALKER: Sarah Nancy married John L. HERRIN; Joseph Franklin married Martha E. MAUPIN; Elizabeth Esther married James G. ALEXANDER; Malinda Margaret married Green W. BOTKINS; William Upton married Elma Frances BURNWORTH; Mary Susan married Gabriel LILY; Virginia Ann married John H. BROWNFIELD; and John Wesley married Lorena Susan WOOD.
  9. Asa Humphrey - b. about 1820, Randolph Co., MO. Asa was living in his father's household at the time of the 1850 census of Randolph Co., MO, and he was named with brother-in-law William F. GAINES as co-executor of his father's will. Since Asa is notified by public notice in The Randolph Citizen on June 28, 1855 to appear in court concerning his father's estate, it appears that he was then no longer living in the area, and a list of heirs of his father on Jun. 18, 1855 indicates he was them living in CA. Married -?-.
  10. Nancy G. - b. about 1822, Randolph Co., MO; d. after 1905, FL. Married Oct. 1, 1841, William Frank GAINES. The William F. GAINES household is found in the 1850 census of Randolph Co., MO, Dwelling and Household 22, including William F. GAINES, 32, farmer, Nancy, 27, Lucinda, 7, Laura A., 5, Melisa, 3, and Asa, 6/12. William was the supposed founder of Gainesville, FL. Children of Nancy and William GAINES: Lucinda; Laura A. married Mr. McCAMPBELL; Melissa; Asa; and Gabriella.
  11. Mary Grace 'Polly' - b. about 1827, Randolph Co., MO. Married Feb. 11, 1853, James C. McCLANAHAN (b. about 1827; d. 1872, Macon Co., MO), believed to be the son of William McCLANAHAN and Sarah COX. The public notice in The Randolph Citizen on June 28, 1855 concerning the estate of Asa KERBY is signed JAMES C. McLANAHAN<sic>. James' will, which was written Jan. 23, 1871, recorded Mar. 4, 1872, and witnessed by Joseph P. SEARS and William C. McCLANAHAN, names his wife and children. Children of Polly and James McCLANAHAN: Thomas J.; Sarah Elizabeth m. James N. NEET; Samuel Caldwell; and Mary Electa Belle.
  12. Frances Ann 'Fannie Ann' - b. Jan. 25, 1833, Randolph Co., MO; d. Sep. 18, 1863, Randolph Co., MO. Married on Sep. 4, 1851 in Randolph Co., MO to John N. PALMER (b. about 1829, KY), son of James J. PALMER and Christina.

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