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Introductory Comments

Thomas Lawson, Sr. John Lawson and ? ---- McKinney Mordecai Lawson and Frances Stephens Line of Frances (Stephens) Lawson C. M. Lawson and Sarah M. Sims Line of Sarah M. (Sims) Lawson Mordecai S. Lawson and Elizabeth Caroline Turman Line of Elizabeth Caroline (Turman) Lawson James Martin Lawson and Lucy Jane Freeman Line of Lucy Jane (Freeman) Lawson Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman Line of Iva Melvina (Freeman) Lawson Stephen Martin Lawson

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Introductory Comments

The parents of Thomas LAWSON, Sr. of SC are currently not known. There have been a number of LAWSON surnamed lines which have been shown to be closely related through Y-DNA research, with the common immigrant ancestor most likely residing in Colonial Virginia in the early 18th century or late 17th century. Current conjecture is that the common immigrant ancestors may have been Rowland LAWSON and Lettice WALE of Lancester Co., VA, with Rowland having known brothers Epaphroditus LAWSON and Richard LAWSON.

While the available documentation is limited, there is considerable evidence in census records, land records and court records which permits construction of the family stucture of Thomas LAWSON, Sr. of SC. It is with great gratitude that the research, analysis and sharing of information by Wilbur Lawson and Don G. Thomas, as well as many other LAWSON kin, is acknowledged. Both have generously shared their own findings, as well as that gathered and shared by other LAWSON descendants. As usual, this compiler is responsible for any errors in this narrative, and future additions and/or changes are expected. Additional documentation and critical analysis is always welcome.

Some notes on given names

Listed are some given names in the families of the sons of Thomas LAWSON, Sr. All these families had roots in SC and probably VA, and all had at least some family members known to have lived in TN.

John        Davenport   Thomas Jr.    Amos Banks

Thomas      Thomas    Thomas J.     Thomas
Rebecca      Rebecca       Rebecca
Amos B.                Amos B.
                Samuel H.     Samuel H.

The use of the given name Davenport suggests a possible link to the LAWSON family of Lancaster Co., VA. John DAVENPORT was witness on several LAWSON documents and his son George DAVENPORT (1649-1684) married a granddaughter of Rowland LAWSON (1620-1660). Y-DNA of a descendant of Dodson LAWSON (believed to be 3-great gransonson of Rowland LAWSON) matches the 25 markers of a descendant of Thomas LAWSON of SC. Further Y-DNA analysis provides a number of LAWSON lines (PDF format chart) with a common ancestry, most likely in Colonial Virginia.

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Thomas and Jennie Lawson

Thomas LAWSON, Sr. - b. by 1755; d. after 1810, probably in Abbeville Co., SC. Thomas LAWSON appears in a rost of SC patriots in the Revolution, serving with the First Regiment in 1780, and in a list of Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants, receiving a grant of 287 1/2 acres on Apr. 16, 1784. The census records of Abbeville District and Edgefield Co., SC for 1790, 1800, and 1810 indicate he and his wife were born prior to 1755, and that they had 3 sons by 1790. They probably married by 1772, earlier if they had older children (very possible). His name is given as Tom in 1790, Thomas in 1800, and Thos. in 1810. The 1800 census of Edgefield Co., SC shows Thomas and wife over age 45, with one son and onw daughter ager 10-16 and another son age 0-10. The 1810 census record for Thos. and Thos. Jun. is preceded by: "That part of Abbeville District South of the road leading from the uper Bridge on Longcane to Swances Ferry by Col. John Logans and East of said Creek". The children listed below are based on census records, circumstantial evidence and the will of Jane LAWSON, which names four sons. Noting that the census records indicate only one child born from about 1777 to 1790, one might conjecture that there were other children born in this period who died young.

Jane 'Jennie' - b. before 1755; d. after Mar. 20, 1828, Wilkinson Co., GA. The will of Jennie LAWSON was dated Mar. 20, 1828 and recorded in Wilkinson Co., GA, naming her four sons who are to divided the proceeds from sale of her two lots of land in Lee Co., GA. As "Jane Lawson, widow, of Halls Militia District, Wilkinson Co., GA," she drew Lot 140 in District 13 and and Lot 157 in District 2 of Lee Co., GA in Apr. and May, 1827 for Revolutionary War Service of her husband. Although Jane's will and land grant records do not name her deceased husband, there are SC census records showing that John, Davenport, Thomas, Jr., and Amos LAWSON all lived near Thomas LAWSON, Sr. in 1800 and 1810.

Children of Thomas and Jennie Lawson

  1. John -  b. about 1772, possibly in Abbeville Dist., SC; d. after 1840, GA.
  2. Davenport - b. about 1774; d. Aug. 12, 1840, Stewart Co., GA; bur. Lawson Cem., Holliday, Stewart Co., GA. Davenport LAWSON appears in Edgefield Co., SC in 1800 at age 26-44, with wife in same age bracket and a son and a daughter under age 10. Davenport appears to be in Crawford Co., GA in 1830. In 1831, Davenport applied for the land in Lee Co., GA that was granted in the 1827 Bounty Land Lottery to Jane LAWSON. Married Margaret CLEMENTS (b. about 1765, GA). Children of Davenport and Margaret LAWSON: Sabrina 'Sabra' (b. about 1797) possibly married Hardy DURHAM; William; Margaret Jane married William A. CLEMENTS; James Edwin married Nancy Ann BEARD; Thomas; Mary married Mr. SLATTER; and a daughter married Mr. PETTES.
  3. Thomas, Jr. - b. abt 1777, SC; d. 1854, Wayne Co., TN. He appears to have migrated to TN before 1820. Census records seem to indicate that he married Elizabeth (b. 1786, SC; d. after 1860) between 1800 and 1810 (say 1806), and had five sons and seven daughters. He appears to have been living with parents in 1790 and 1800, and had his own family in Abbeville, SC in 1810, in Wayne Co., TN in 1820, 1830, 1840, and 1850. The 1819 petition to form Wayne County included "Tho's Lasson" as signer number 218. The 1836 Wayne County Commissioners' Report, which set the tax district boundaries, states that "The place of holding Elections in the Tenth District shall be at the House of Thomas Lawson." Thomas appears on both the 1836 and 1838 tax lists of Wayne Co., TN with 20 acres and one poll each time. The 1850 census gives his age as 62, and his wife's age as 64. This census lists his three youngest surviving children, and Jane COOPER, age 74 (relationship not known). The 1860 Census of Wayne Co. lists Elizabeth at age 73, living in the T. J. LAWSON household.  Son James A. LAWSON (b. 1808, SC) married Mary A. 'Polly' MARTIN (b. Mar. 1810; d. Jan. 6, 1877), daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth MARTIN. According to Almon J. Sims' The Pariss Sims Family, the "John LAWSON farm" on Bear Creek, Wayne Co., TN, was purchased in 1834 by Robert SIMS, father of Sarah M. LAWSON. However, land records of Wayne Co. reveal the following transactions, showing no John LAWSON and suggesting that the quote in The Pariss Sims Family should read "James Lawson farm": 8 Jan 1837 80 aces bought by Harrison CRISTIAN from estate of Douglas H. STOCKTON; 4 Feb 1837, 55 acres of the 80 sold by Harrison CHRISTIAN to Robert SIMS; 10 Jun 1837, 55 acres sold by Robert SIMS to Matthew J. SIMS; 29 Jun 1839, 55 acres sold by Matthew J. Sims to James A. Lawson; and 7 Dec 1839, 55 acres sold by James A. LAWSON to Saml. A. MARTENS, witnessed by William T. LAWSON. Children of Thomas and Elizabeth LAWSON: James A. married first Mary Ann 'Polly' MARTIN (daughter of Samuel MARTIN and Elizabeth), and second Ellen; three daughters; William T.; a  son; Rebecca Ann married Samuel A. MARTIN (son of Samuel MARTIN and Elizabeth); a son; Mary C.; Elizabeth F.; Thomas Jefferson married Rachel BELEW; and a daughter died young.
  4. A daughter - b. about 1785, SC; d. before Mar. 20, 1828. Age 10-16 in 1800 census. Not named in mother's will.
  5. Amos Banks - b. 1790, SC. Married probably about 1809 in SC, Elizabeth HUGHES (b. 1790-1794, SC; d. Nov. 28, 1845), possibly the daughter of James HUGHES, Sr. of the Wayne Co. 1820 census. The 1810 census of Abbeville Co., SC lists Amos LAWSON at age 16-26, with wife of same age and a daughter under age 10. By his first marriage Amos had 5 sons and 3 daughters. He is not found on the 1820 Wayne County census, but is in the 1830 census as 221001000-01110100 with 3 slaves, the only LAWSON slave-holder in the county (family sources report he owned land in TN, KY, AL, SC and MS, and had slaves). Amos witnessed a deed in Wayne Co., in 1824. The Wayne County tax list of 1836 lists him with 100 acres and one poll, and the tax list of 1838 lists him with 160 acres and one poll. Son William S. LAWSON is recorded in the 1840 census as having one slave. Amos married second on May 11, 1847 in Itawamba Co., MS, Elizabeth SHELTON (b. about 1816, TN; d. 1873, Perry Co., AR), and had three more sons and a daughter. Amos moved to Itawamba Co., MS probably between 1838 and 1840. On Nov. 28, 1843, Amos Banks LAWSON patented the SW 1/4 Section 14 and the NW 1/4 of Section 36 of Twp 10S Range 8E of the Chickasaw Meridian in Itawamba Co., MS (Doc. No. 14678 and 14679, respectively). Amos moved back to Wayne Co., TN in 1849 or 1850, and is found in the 1850 census of Wayne Co., TN as Amos B. LOSSON, age 60. It appears that sons Samuel and Amos exhibited some "youthful indiscretions," with Samuel (at age 18) indicted and tried for wearing a Bowie knife, but found not guilty on Sep. 24, 1851, and Amos (at age 27) tried for an affray, but found not guilty on Jan. 28, 1852. Elizabeth (SHELTON) LAWSON is found in the 1870 census of Perry Co., AR in Household 28 at age 57, with Jesse B., 21, John D., 19, and Robert B., 17. All are shown of being born in TN. Goodspeed's article on Jesse R. Lawson of Perry Co., AR states that his mother had three sons, Jesse being the eldest. Children of Amos and Elizabeth LAWSON (his first marriage): Sarah married Aaron TEAGUE; William S. married; Anne married Able Bee STEPHENS (Abel's half first cousin Frances STEPHENS married Anne's first couisn Mordecai LAWSON); Davenport P. married Martha Jane PRESCOTT (or PREWETT); Amos B. married Sarah J. BORRING; Mack; Samuel Houston married Martha Hannah INGRAM; and Elizabeth Emily married first Nathaniel Young BROWN, second Carter A. BOYD, and third James Colden SPARKMAN. Children of Thomas and Elizabeth LAWSON (his second marriage): Jesse B. married Matilda Agnes KLINGELHOFFER; John D.; Robert B. died young; and Elizabeth J.

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John and Sarah Lawson

John LAWSON - b. about 1772, possibly in Abbeville Dist., SC; d. after 1840, GA.  Son of Thomas LAWSON, Sr. and Jane 'Jennie' of Abbeville District, SC. John LAWSON deeded his Edgefield Co., SC real and personal property to Mordecai McKINNEY in Nov. 1793. The 1800 census of Edgefield Co., SC lists John LAWSON at age 26-44, with wife of same age and a son and a daughter under age 10. Census records indicate he married between 1790 and 1800, leaving Abbeville before 1820, and possibly before 1810.

Sarah - b. about 1774; d. after 1820, possibly in Franklin Co., TN. Sarah's first name is from family sources, and her surname is uncertain, being reported as both BALL and SIMS. And it may also be that the wife of John LAWSON and mother of his children was Ms. McKINNEY, based limited information and the naming of John's son and grandson. A Nov. 11, 1793 deed reads, in part "... John Lawson of Edgefield Co. to Mordecai McKinney for 15 pound, sold ... (animals, household goods) ... with all the rest of my household furniture ... s(igned) John Lawson - wit. Joseph Tucker..." [SC Deed Book 9, pp. 327-28]. Both Mordecai McKINNEY and Thomas LAWSON are named in three other documents of Edgefield County between 1791 and 1799. The question remains about the reason for the property sale by John LAWSON to Mordecai McKINNEY, especially since it appears he remained in the county at least until after the 1800 census. It is noted that a son of John LAWSON is named Mordecai and a grandson is named McKinney. Much additional research and analysis is required and there still may be no link between Ms. McKINNEY and Mordecai LAWSON. The children listed here are based only circumstantial evidence and very limited resources, with all information on children, including birth order, subject to change.

Children of John and Sarah Lawson

  1. A daughter - b. about 1796, SC. No further information.
  2. Mordecai - b. about 1797, SC; d. 1851-1860, probably in Itawamba Co., MS.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1801, SC. A Thomas LAWSON is in the 1820 census of Abbeville Co., SC at age 16-26, with wife same age and no children. Married about 1819.

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Mordecai and Frances (Stephens) Lawson

Mordecai LAWSON - b. about 1797, SC; d. 1851-1860, probably in Itawamba Co., MS. Available evidence indicates he was the son of John LAWSON and Sarah. Mordecai has not been found in the 1810 (age 13) or 1820 (age 23) censuses. In the Register of Deeds at the Franklin County, TN Court House there are three entries referring to Mordecai LAWSON: Purchaser of 50 acres on Indian Creek on Sep. 14, 1824; purchaser of 21 acres on Bean's Creek near David O. Anderson on Dec. 22, 1824; locator for 50 acres on Jan. 11, 1826. [Note that Mordecai's son David O. A. LAWSON was born about 1823.] Mordecai lived next to Amos B. LAWSON in Wayne Co., TN in 1830, and near C. M., James A. and Thomas, Jr. in 1840. He is found on the Wayne Co., TN tax lists of 1836 and 1838 with no land and one poll. Mordecai and Frances LAWSON were received in 1842 as members of the Enon Primitive Baptist Church, located between old Cardsville and Carolina in Itawamba Co., MS. On June 7, 1847, in Itawamba Co., MS, Mordecai, Frances, son-in-law Wm. C. CYPERT, and sons C. M. and D. O. LAWSON signed a Deed of Trust between Mordecai & Frances, and Elijah B. HARBOUR. Mordecai lived next door to David LAWSON in Itawamba Co., MS in 1850. A Church minute of the April 1851 meeting reads: "Brother Mordica Lawson came forward and made acknowledgements for fighting and after deliberation had, he was restored to full fellowship." Census records of 1830 and 1840 give a constructed family of Mordecai LAWSON and Frances STEPHENS as follows, with the names of the children and actual/estimated birth years added.

F 1815-20 Rebecca    1815
M 1815-20 C. M.      1816/17
F 1815-20 Elizabeth  1818/19
F 1820-25 A daughter 1820/21
M 1820-25 David O. A.1823
M 1820-25 McKinney   1825
M 1825-30 Amos B.    1827
M 1835-40 A twin son?
M 1835-40 A twin son?

Frances STEPHENS - b. Oct. 22, 1798; d. Jan. 3, 1868; bur. Old Birmingham Cemetery, Lee Co., MS. Daughter of John STEPHENS and Lucy COLLINS. Frances was possibly related to Hardy STEPHENS of the 1830 Wayne Co., TN Census. The 1860 census of Pontotoc Co., MS includes Frances STEPHENS in the houshold of her son-in-law William C. CYPERT. The family of Mordecai and Frances is constructed from census records and other evidence.

Itawamba County, Mississippi

Deed Book 6, pages 255-256

Mordica Lawson To E. B. Harbour This Indenture made and entered into this 7 day of June AD 1847 between Mordica Lawson & Francis Lawson wife of the said Mordica Lawson of the first part and P. G. Thomas & Stanley D. Stegall of the second part and Elijah B. Harbour of the third part Witnesseth that whereas the said Mordica Lawson is justly indebted to the said parties of the second part by his several promissory notes bearing date over with these presents with D O A Lawson Wm C Cypert & C M Lawson as securities to the same one of said notes for the sum of seventy five Dollars and due on or before the first day of March 1848 bearing interest from date at the rate of eight percentum per annum the other of said notes for the like sum of seventy five Dollars due on the 1st day of March 1849 with interest as above the payment of which said notes the said Mordica Lawson is willing and anxious further to secure - Now therefore for and in consideration of the premises and of the sum of five dollars in hand paid the receipt whereoif is hereby acknowledged the said Mordica Lawson hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the said party of the third part his heirs and assigns the following described lands towit the north portion of the north west quarter of section No. twenty four in Township No. ten and Range No. Eight east of the Basis meridian at Pontotoc according to the survey of the Chickasaw Cession of land in the State of Mississippi containing ninety acres to the division line between the said Mordica Lawson & William C. Cypert to have and to hold the said Bargained promises unto the said party of the third part and his heirs and assigns forever In Trust however and upon the express Agreements as understanding: that if the said Mordica Lawson or his above named securities or either of them shall well and truly pay off and fully discharge the above mentioned promissory notes when they and each of them shall become due and payable according to the terms and effect thereof together with the interest accruing thereon and all charges and incidents necessary to the due execution of these presents so that no default be made theirs then this Indenture to be void and of noneffects If default however be made therein then the said party of the third part shall immediately or soon after such default as he shall be required by the said parties of the second part take possession of the premises hereby conveyed and after having given thirty days notice of the time and place by advertisement in writing at three or more of the most public places in Itawamba County shall on said premises proceed to sell the same to the highest bidder at public auction for cash in hand and out of the proceeds ensuing from such sale pay off and discharge the notes above mentioned with the interest thereon according to the tenor thereof together with all the charged and expenses necessary and incident to the due execution of these presents. and the balance of the money so owing (if any) shall well and truly pay and apply to the Credit of the said Mordica Lawson upon a Judgement in Circuit Court of said Itawamba County at the suit of the Branch of the Bank of the State of Alabama against the said Mordica Lawson D O Lawson Wm C Cypert C M Lawson P G Thomas and Stanley D Stegall should any portion of said Judgement at such time remain unpaid by the said Mordica Lawson It is further agreed and understood by the parties to these presents that the said Mordica Lawson is to remain in possession of the premises hereby conveyed and have the use and occupation of the same untill the party of the third part shall be required to take possession of the same as herein before provided and moreover that in the event of the death of the said E B Harbour party of the third part or of his refusal to accept of the trust hereby conferred then and in that case it is agreed that the parties of the second part shall nominate and appoint such person as they shall think proper to execute these presents whose acts in the premises are hereby agreed to be valid and binding upon the parties to these presents as if done and performed by the said E. B. Harbour In testimony whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto set their Hand and seals the day the day<sic> and year first above written

                                              Mordica Lawson    - seal -
                                              Francis + Lawson  - seal -
                                              Wm Cypert         - seal -
                                              D. O. Lawson      - seal -
[Entry in margin of page 256]                 C. M. Lawson      - seal -

Received satisfaction in full this September 24th AD 1847.

                                        S. D. Stegall & P. G. Thomas
attest  E.G. Thomas

Children of Mordecai and Frances Lawson

  1. Rebecca - b. Sep. 18, 1815; d. Feb. 8, 1898, Saltillo, Lee Co., MS; bur. Old Birmingham Cemetery, Lee Co., MS. Her grave is beside that of her mother. Rebecca was married on Jan. 24, 1833 in Wayne Co., TN, William Carroll CYPERT (b. Feb. 10, 1815, Indian Creek, Wayne Co. TN; d. Mar. 5, 1865, Alton Prison, Madison Co., IL; bur Alton Prison Cemetery, Madison Co., IL), the son of Jesse CYPERT and Jemima WORTHEN. Rebecca and William were in Itawamba Co., MS after 1840 but before Jun. 7, 1847 when William signed a Deed of Trust between Mordecai & Frances LAWSON and Elijah B. HARBOUR. Signing the Deed were Mordica, Francis, C. M., and D. O. LAWSON, and Wm. C. CYPERT. William was a civilian when he was taken prisoner during the Civil War and held at Alton Prison, IL. The family is found in the 1860 census of Pontotoc Co., MS, including Rebecca's mother Frances LAWSON, age 61, and Rebecca's granddaughter Rebecca J. HODGES, age 3. After the death of William, Rebecca and her family moved to Lee Co., MS, where is found in the household of her son David in the 1870 census. Rebecca's children Elizabeth HODGES, David, Francis PRUITT (and husband), and William are also buried in Old  Birmingham Cemetery, Lee Co., MS. Children of Rebecca and William CYPERT: Sarah A. E. married Kerney YOUNG; Elizabeth Jane married Edmond HODGES; David Perry married Elizabeth F. McNEIL; Francis J. married James T. PRUITT; Martha Tennessee died about age 18; and William R. W. died as child.
  2. C. M. - b. 1816-17, probably in Franklin Co., TN; d. Jun. 1848 to Jun. 1850, probably in Itawamba Co., MS. In 1847 he signed Deed of Trust, as noted above, together with his parents, brother, and brother-in-law.
  3. Elizabeth - b. 1818-19, Franklin Co., TN. Married about 1836, probably in Wayne Co., TN Alfred David SHARP, son of William and Julia Ann SHARP. The identification of Elizabeth as daughter of Mordecai and Frances is from "Wayne County Natives in the Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans" in Wayne County Historian, Vol., 4, No. 1, March 1991, page 9: "SHARP, Matthew James of Haynesville, La., was born 7 June, 1837 in Wayne Co., TN the son of Alfred David SHARP born at Waynesboro, Wayne Co., TN who lived at Pinhook, Wayne Co., TN. He was the son of William & Julia Ann SHARP of SC. Maiden name of subject's mother was Elizabeth LAWSON, dau. of Mordicai and Fanny LAWSON of Wayne Co., TN. Served with Co., B, 19th Ark. Regt., enlisted 25 June 1862, discharged 19 May 1865. Married Sarah E. McDONALD, dau. of John and Neoma (COX) McDONALD of SC, on 20 Oct 1859 in Ark. (no children named) Certified by Auby ROWE, Tax Assessor of Columbia Co., AR. 2 Aug., 1912."
  4. A daughter - b. 1820-21. A female of this age appears in the Mordecai LAWSON household in 1830 and 1840, but not in 1850. Mordecai and family moved to Itawamba Co., MS by 1842.
  5. David O. A. - b. 1823, TN. David is found in the 1850 census of Itawamba Co., MS living next door to his parents. D.O.A. LAWSON married Jane C. REED (b. 1828, MS) on Jan. 20, 1847 in Itawamba Co., MS. In 1847 he signed Deed of Trust, as noted above, together with his parents, brother, and brother-in-law. Children, with ages in the 1850 census: John C., age 2; and William T. age 1.
  6. McKinney - b. May 1825, TN; d. after Jun. 1910, Buda, Hays Co., TX. Recorded in the 1850 census of Itawamba Co., MS as a farmer, living with his parents. Married Feb. 8, 1853 in Itawamba Co., MS Cyrency J. WILSON (b. 1835, AL; d. Sep. 4, 1917, Hays Co., TX), the daughter of Robert Larrimore WILSON and Ann HARTGROVE. Cyrency is also referred to as Serena (WILSON genealogy) and Susan (1900 census). The 1853 State census of Itawamba Co., MS, page 32, lists M. Lawson: 1 male, 2 females (McKinney and Cyency, and probably mother). McKinney was in MS in 1854, when Amos was born, moved to AR by 1859, where Eddie was born, and to TX by 1867, where Lizzie was born. McKinney is found in the 1880, 1900 and 1910 censuses of Hays Co., TX. He was one of 4 men of the Buda Community who founded what is now the Elm Grove school. Son Amos lived in McCulloch Co., TX in 1910 (6 children), and died there Jun. 11, 1925. The 1910 census states that McKinney and Cyrency had 6 children, with 5 then living. Children of McKinney and Cyrency LAWSON: Amos W. married Ada C.; possibly J. L. married Lorry (2 children known); Eddie E. married Susanna S. WINTERS (1 child known); possibly Victoria Alice married George William BADING; James W.; and Lizzie L. married A. L. ADAMS. 
  7. Amos B. - b. Feb. 10, 1827, probably Wayne Co., TN; d. Sep. 21, 1919, Itawamba Co., MS; bur. Tilden (aka Union Grove) Cemetery [Photo of Amos]. Served in Co. E Hams Reg't Miss Cav CSA. On Dec. 12 (or 9?), 1848 in Itawamba Co., MS, he was married by R. F. SHANNON, JP to Elmira M. HARTSELL (b. Feb. 3, 1823; d. ca. 1862, Itawamba Co., MS), daughter of Leonard and Elizabeth A. HARTSELL. Elmira was mother of all but the youngest child. Amos married second Feb. 7, 1864, Itawamba Co., MS, Martha Jane (FARRAR) McNEECE (b. May 23, 1837; d. June 16, 1929; bur. Tilden Cemetery) [Photo of Amos and Martha], the mother of Kate. Martha was widow of James McNEESE, and daughter of Nathaniel James FARRAR and Melinda Ann THOMPSON. Children of Amos and Elmira LAWSON: Frances E. married Hollet PIERCE; Amos M. 'Bud' married first Canzada Frances STONE, second Margaret C. ELLIOTT, and third Susan C. (LEE) KILLINGSWORTH; Lucilla M. married John R. MEDLEY; Mary Jane W. married B. F. (or E.) JONES; Rebecca married Winston McKindsy 'Mack' STONE, son of Tarply McK. STONE; Sarah B. E. married Henderson R. BOWEN; Tennessee Alice 'Tinnie' married Richard Boden Kendall McFADDEN. Stepson of Amos LAWSON: Thomas McNEESE. Daughter of Amos and Martha LAWSON: Kate.
  8. Possibly two sons - b. 1835-40. Listed in 1840 census, but not in 1850 census. Note that Elizabeth (LAWSON) SHARP and her unidentified younger sister both appear to be in the Mordecai LAWSON household in 1840, even though Elizabeth had already married and had at least one son. It could be speculated that she had two sons by 1840 and was living with her parents as a young widow or while her husband was temporarily away from home.

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