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Edmond Lewis and Mary

Thomas Lewis and Hannah Baker

Hannah Lewis and George Morey

John Morey and Margaret Linsford

Ephraim Morey and Abigail Daniels

Benoni Morey and Huldah Brown

Eli Morey and Sophronia Mason

Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Merrill

William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews

Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

Stephen Martin Lawson

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An ancestry of Edmund Lewis from Burke's American Families is considered fanciful, with no supporting evidence provided. George Harlan Lewis in his Edmund Lewis of Lynn Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants, 1908, states "There is no authoritative connection of any of the Lewis immigrants to New England, during the 17th century, with any Welsh or English family." A principal reference for the Lewis family is Samuel Orcutt's A History of the Old Town of Stratford and the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut (1886).

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The Lewis family in America

Edmond and Mary Lewis

Edmond LEWIS - b. 1600, possibly in England; d. Jan. 1650/1, Lynn, MA. Embarked at Ipswich, England, Apr. 10, 1634 in the ship 'Elizabeth' with wife and sons John and Thomas, and located at Watertown, MA until 1643. Freeman May 24, 1636; selectman 1638; granted lands 1636-1638. His will, made Jan. 13, 1650/1 and proved Feb. 25, 1650/1, names sons John and Thomas and 'five youngest' children. Estate inventoried at £122.7.6. Three of his children were born at Watertown. Married by 1631, possibly in England.

Mary - b. 1602, possibly in England; d. Sep. 7, 1658, Lynn, MA. One undocumented source gives CAREY as her surname.

Children of Edmond and Mary Lewis

  1. John - b. 1631, England; d. 1710, Lynn MA. Settled in Lynn, MA. Will dated Feb. 25, 1706/7. Married first Jun. 17, 1659 Hannah MARSHALL (d. May 15, 1699, Salem, MA), daughter of Capt. Thomas; second Sep. 2, 1699, Elizabeth WALKER, daughter of Capt. Richard WALKER and Jane TALMAGE, and widow of Ralph KING; and third Feb. 10, 1706/7 Sarah MERRIAM (b. Sep. 14, 1665, d. Jan. 4, 1740), daughter of William MERRIAM and Elizabeth BREED, and widow of John JENKS. Children of first marriage: John married Elizabeth BREWER; Hannah married Capt. Edward FULLER; Thomas married Mary BREED; Mary married Thomas BAKER, son of Edward and Joan BAKER; Benjamin died young; Nathaniel did not marry; Samuel died in infancy; Abigail; Ebenezer; and Rebecca died young. Son of third marriage: Benjamin.
  2. Thomas - b. Jul. 1633, England; d. Apr. 26, 1709, Bristol, RI.
  3. James - b. Jan. 15, 1635/6, Watertown, MA.
  4. Nathaniel - b. Aug. 25, 1639, Watertown, MA; d. Oct. 13, 1683. Lived at Swansea, MA. Married by 1673 Mary. Children: Nathaniel; and Mary.
  5. A child - b. Oct. 17, 1642, Watertown, MA; bur. there Nov. 6, 1642 at age 20 days.
  6. Joseph - b. Lynn, MA; bur. Jun. 24, 1675, Swansea, MA. Killed in King Philip's War, with tradition stating he was first white man killed in that war. Was at New London, CT in 1667 as a transient, and settled at Swansea, MA by 1670. Married Jun. 13, 1671, Swansea, MA Mary JONES, daughter of Robert JONES and Anne BIBBLE. Mary married second Jun. 11, 1677 Obadiah JENKINS, and they had seven children. Children of Joseph and Mary: Joseph married Hannah JONES; and Sybil married Samuel HOWARD.
  7. Benjamin - b. 1648, Lynn, MA; d. about 1715, Stratford, CT. Married in 1671 at Stratford, CT to Hannah CURTIS (b. Feb. 2, 1654, Stratford, CT; d. 1728, Stratford, CT), daughter of Sgt. John CURTIS and Elizabeth WELLS. Resided at Wallingford, CT in 1672 and 1674, moving to Stratford by 1679. Children: John; Mary; Dea. Edmund married first Hannah BEACH, and second Sarah; James; Joseph; Hannah; Mary; Martha; Benjamin; and Eunice.

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Thomas and Hannah (Baker) Lewis

Thomas LEWIS - b. Jul. 1633, England; d. Apr. 26, 1709, Bristol, RI (then in MA), and buried there. Son of Edmond LEWIS and Mary. To America with father at age 9 months in the 'Elizabeth.' Moved to Northampton, MA 1661-2, thence to Swansea 1669. Selectman 1672. At Bristol, RI by 1681, and taxed at Mendon, MA 1691-3. Probably returned about 1695 to Bristol, RI, where a horse he owned is described in Bristol records of May 16, 1702, the horse being "branded wth an R." His will, dated Aug 11, 1708, was proved Jul. 6, 1709, with the inventory of his estate being taken on May 31, 1709, and mentions only his wife Hannah and daughter Hepsibah by name. Detailed information on the LEWIS and MOREY families appears in Bristol, R. I.'s Early Setters, by Dorothy Chapman Saunders (on a Heritage Books CD). Married Nov. 11, 1659, while residing at Lynn, MA.

Hannah BAKER - b. about 1638, Lynn, MA; d. Jan. 1717, Bristol, RI. Buried at Bristol, RI. Daughter of Edward BAKER and Joan.

Children of Thomas and Hannah Lewis

  1. Edward - b. Jul. 28, 1660, Lynn, MA; d. Jul. 15, 1662, Northampton, MA.
  2. Hannah - b. 1662, Lynn, MA; d. Dec. 1717, Bristol, RI. Married George MOREY.
  3. Mary - b. 1663, Northampton, MA; d. Mar. 26, 1686, Bristol, Bristol Co., RI.
  4. Esther - b. 1665, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA; d. Apr. 11, 1743, Bristol, RI. Married Jan. 7, 1684, Bristol, RI Jeremiah FINNEY (b. Aug. 15, 1662, Barnstable, MA; d. Feb. 8, 1748, Bristol, RI), son of John FINNEY and Elizabeth BAILEY. Children of Esther and Jeremiah FINNEY: Jeremiah died young; Mary; Hannah married Thomas DIMAN; Mehitable died young; John died young; Rebecca probably married Samuel HARRIS; Esther married Joseph JOY; Deborah; John married Mary CAMPBELL; Abigail; and Capt. Jeremiah married Elizabeth BRISTON (or BRISTOW).
  5. Thomas - b. Sep. 28, 1666, Northampton, MA; d. there Jan. 11, 1666/7.
  6. Thomas - b. Apr. 29, 1668, recorded at Lynn, Essex Co., MA; d. 1717. Will dated Oct. 12, 1717, and proved Nov. 4, 1717. A weaver, Thomas married Apr. 10, 1689/90 Elizabeth BROOKS. A Thomas LEWIS purchased land in Swansea 1715, in Rehoboth 1717, and at Metapoisset 1718 - with the identity of the purchaser not researched. Children of Thomas and Elizabeth LEWIS: Nathaniel died young; Abigail died young; Mary married Isaac CARTE; James married Hannah; Timothy married Anna; Deborah married Samuel EDDY; Samuel married Hannah; Experience married first Samuel MASON, and second Ebenezer MARTIN; Tabitha married Daniel MARTIN; and Lydia.
  7. Elizabeth -  b. Dec. 7, 1669, Swansea, MA. The 1689 Bristol, RI census included Thomas LEWIS, wife and six children. It is likely that one of the sisters, Elizabeth or Deborah, was either married or died prior to 1689.
  8. Persithe (or Persis) - b. Jun. 15, 1671, Swansea, MA; d. Jan. 14, 1743/4, Kingston, Plymouth Co., MA. Married about 1697 to Robert CUSHMAN (b. Oct. 4, 1664, Plymouth, MA; d. Sep. 7, 1757, Kingston, Plymouth Co., MA), son of Thomas CUSHMAN and Ruth HOWLAND, and grandson of Thomas CUSHMAN and Mary ALLERTON and of John HOWLAND and Elizabeth TILLEY. Robert CUSHMAN married second Prudence SHERMAN, daughter of Samuel SHERMAN and Sarah DOGGETT. Children of Persis and Robert CUSHMAN: Robert married Mercy WASHBURN; Ruth married Luke PERKINS; Abigail married John LEONARD; Hannah married Moses WASHBURN; Thomas married first Alice HAYWARD, and second Mehitable FAUNCE; Joshua married first Mary SOULE, and second Deborah FORD; and Jonathan married Susanna BENSON.
  9. Samuel -  b. Apr. 23 or 27, 1673, Swansea, MA; d. 1739, Mendham, NJ. Married Sep. 20 or 29, 1698, Woodbridge, NJ Susanna JONES (b. 1675), reported in different sources as daughter of Hezekiah JONES and of Edward JONES. Settled at Woodbridge, NJ. Children of Samuel and Susanna LEWIS: Capt. Samuel married first Effie DAVENPORT, and second Patty WELLINGTON; Susannah; Levi married Mary; Eliphalet married first Elizabeth COSAD, and second Jane DOD; Thomas married Anna DANDRIDGE (sister of Major John DANDRIDGE, the father of Martha (DANDRIDGE) CUSTIS WASHINGTON); Edward married Sarah MORRIS; Mary married Benjamin SUTTON, Jr.; Benjamin; and Ann.
  10. Hepsibah - b. Nov. 15, 1674, Swansea, MA; d. Nov. 11, 1753, Bristol, RI. Married Dec. 25, 1706, Bristol, RI James THURBER (d. Jun. 10, 1747).
  11. Joseph - b. May. 13, 1677, Swansea, MA; d. May 27, 1742, Haddam, CT. Married about 1702 Elizabeth BIRGE, daughter of John and Sarah. Children of Joseph and Elizabeth LEWIS: Sarah married Thomas BECKWITH; Elizabeth married first Hezekiah SHAILER, and second Lt. Daniel SMITH; Rebecca married Joseph LEE; Hannah married Simon ARNOLD; Deborah married Daniel CLARK; and John married Deborah.
  12. Deborah - b. Mar. 19, 1679, Swansea, MA. The 1689 Bristol, RI census included Thomas LEWIS, wife and six children. It is likely that one of the sisters, Elizabeth or Deborah, was either married or died prior to 1689.

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