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Thomas Linsford and Elizabeth      Alexander Plumley and Hester

               Edward Linsford and Hannah Plumley

               Margaret Linsford and John Morey

               Ephraim Morey and Abigail Daniels

               Benoni Morey and Huldah Brown

               Eli Morey and Sophronia Mason

               Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Merrill

               William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews

               Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

               Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

               Stephen Martin Lawson

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Alexander and Hester Plumley

Alexander PLUMLEY - b. about 1615, Somersetshire, England; d. Mar. 1681/2, Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA. Married about 1649.

Hester - b. about 1622, England.

Children of Alexander and Hester

  1. Elizabeth - b. about 1649, Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA. Married Jan. 4, 1686/7 to Clement COX. Daughter: Mary married Ezekiel CRANE.
  2. Hannah - b. estimated at 1650, MA. Married Edward LINSFORD.
  3. Joseph - b. Feb. 8, 1652/3, Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA; d. Jul. 11, 1740, Upton, Worchester Co., MA. Married about 1670 at Braintree, MA to Jane ADAMS? (b. about 1652). Children: Elizabeth; Mary; John married Hannah ABBOT; Joseph married Dorcas DEE; Abigail; Alexander married Elizabeth DREW; Daniel; Mercey; Hannah; and Lydia.
  4. Submit - b. Jan. 8, 1653/4, Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA; d. Nov. 27, 1700, Braintree, MA.
  5. Hester - b. after 1653. Married Dec. 16, 1670 to Timothy WINTER. They resided at Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA.

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Thomas and Elizabeth Linsford

Thomas LINSFORD - d. between Oct. 1652 and Oct. 1655, Boston, MA. Owned property and built home on High Street in Boston. Deposition in Suffolk Court files indicates he lived there with his wife and daughter Elizabeth. The deposition and supporting documents appear in the Jan. 1917 issue of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.

Elizabeth - Lived in Boston in Oct. 1652, and in London in Oct. 1655. Register of St. Olave, Hart Street, London contains the following entry: 1655 John son of Elizabeth Linsford "was borne in New England the last of March 1651 & baptized October the 1st". It would appear that she returned to London after the death of her husband, taking with her son John. Further, her daughter Elizabeth remained in New England, or returned at a later date.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Linsford

  1. Edward - b. estimated at 1647, MA; d. 1697, Braintree, MA. Probable son of Thomas and Elizabeth. Placed here on the basis that Thomas LINSFORD headed the only family of that name known to be in New England, and that the estimated birth date 'fits' well with supposed sister and brother. His death date is also reported in notes on file to be Mar. 1698, which would conflict with the deposition of supposed sister Elizabeth. However, this date is based on the granting of a letter of administration of his estate on March 31, 1698 to his son Samuel. Such grant may have occurred some time after his death. Further evidence is being sought.
  2. Elizabeth - b. about 1649, MA; d. after 1697, MA. Depositions of Oct. and Dec. 1697 identify her as "the daughter and only surviving child of Thomas Linsford late of Boston." Married Nicholas BOONE of Boston, MA. Son Nicholas (b. Aug. 10, 1679, Boston, MA) was a bookseller at Boston.
  3. John - b. Mar. 1651, Boston, MA; bap. Oct. 1, 1655, London, England.

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Edward and Hannah (Plumley) Linsford

Edward LINSFORD - b. estimated at 1647, MA; d. 1697, Braintree, MA. Probable son of Thomas LINSFORD and Elizabeth. A letter of administration of the estate of Edward LINSFORD was granted on March 31, 1698 to his son Samuel. Marriage recorded at Braintree, MA May 16, 1667.

Hannah PLUMLEY - b. estimated at 1650, MA. Daughter of Alexander and Hester PLUMLEY.

Children of Edward and Hannah Linsford

  1. Edward - b. Jan. 25, 1668/9, Braintree, MA; d. about 1673.
  2. John - b. Dec. 12, 1671; Braintree, MA. Died young.
  3. Edward - b. Mar. 21, 1674, Braintree, MA.
  4. Samuel - b. Jul. 13, 1676, Braintree, MA; d. Oct. 8, 1699, at sea between Boston and Barbados. Administrator of father's estate. Left own oral will in favor of brother Ephraim and Susanna Mills, who was to receive his wages.
  5. Ephraim - b. Sep. 9, 1678, Braintree, MA; d. Nov. 5, 1701, Braintree, MA. Did not marry. Administrator of father's will after death of brother, and of brother Samuel's will.
  6. Hannah - b. Jan. 9, 1680/1, Braintree, MA.
  7. Margaret - b. Feb. 6, 1682/3, Braintree, MA. Married first John MOREY, and second Samuel HUCHISSON.

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