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Possible Massie ancestry in England

Peter Massie and Penelope Cooper-Massie

Thomas Massie and Mary Walker

Peter Massie and Ann

Sylvanus Massie and Hannah Ragland

Thomas Massie and Frances Hudson

Mary Massie and William R. Freeman

James Howell Freeman and Lucy Jane Hazelrigg

Scott Cyrus Freeman and Malinda Margaret Sears

Lucy Jane Freeman and James Martin Lawson

Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Possible Massie Ancestry in England

From Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists, by Frederick Weis, et al. (1950-1982): Line 57, 34. ISABEL DE LATHOM, d. 26 Oct. 1414 (inq. p. m.); m. ca. 1385, Sir John Stanley, K.G., b. 1350, d. Ardee, Ireland, 6 Jan. 1413/4, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1385, Constable of Rokesbergh, Scotland; Constable of Windsor Castle, Steward of the King's Household; K.G., 1413, son of Sir William Stanley, Lord of Stanley and Hooton, and Alice, dau. of Hugh Massey. (CP IV 205; Collins III 61; DNB 54:75-76; Weever 651).

Said Hugh Massey may be ancestor of -

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The Massies in America

As with many southern colonial families, various published sources differ significantly concerning the family structure and details of the earliest MASSIE generations in America. Information has been gleaned from many publications, including A Massie Family History, by Evelyn Hepworth Massie (1972), The Family of John Massie 1743-c.1830, by Mavis Parrott Kelsey, M.D. (1979), and Massey Genealogy Addendum, by Judge Frank A. Massey (1979).

Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA
[available on CD-ROM]

The register records five generation of the Massie line over a 60 year period:

There have been many attempts to identify the relationships between the MASSIE family and the JOHNSON/JOHNSTON family. Much of the published material appears to be conjecture based only on circumstantial evidence. Recent studies on the JOHNSON family have have been shared on the internet, including the recent "Johnson DNA" and "New Findings In Johnson Family Research" summaries by Suzanne Johnston. A significant finding is that the DNA testings showing a close relationship between Benjamin JOHNSON and John JOHNSON, but not between them and Edward JOHNSTON.  All information here about the children of Peter MASSIE should be read critically.

Peter and Penelope (Cooper x Massie) Massie

Peter MASSIE - b. about 1639, Coddington, Cheshire, England; d. Dec. 25, 1719, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA. Possibly a descendant of Hugh MASSIE. He arrived in VA about 1687 "from the banks of the Mersey" dividing Cheshire from Lancashire, and appears in the records of New Kent Co. beginning in 1690. While some uncertainty exists due to the early presence of more than one Peter MASSIE in VA, it appears that this Peter was a man of means and arrived with a family including grown children. Married in England about 1665.

Penelope COOPER X MASSIE - b. in England; d. in VA. She was probably an illegitimate daughter of Anthony ASHLEY-COOPER, First Earl of Shaftsbury.

Children of Peter and Penelope Massie

See Notable Cousins for line to: Laura Lane (Welch) BUSH

  1. John - b. England; d. VA. Married about 1689. Filed in 1732 a petition for patent on land formerly granted to brother Thomas. Children: Mark and Elizabeth.
  2. Sarah - b. 1672, England; d. Oct. 28, 1711, New Kent Co., VA. Married about 1698 William JOHNSTON (d. Nov. 6, 1714, New Kent Co., VA). Children of Sarah and William JOHNSTON: Ann; William married Mary; Benjamin married Agnes CLARK; Collins; Cicely married perhaps Micajah WOODEY, then James ADAMS; and possibly Henrietta married Charles HOPE.
  3. George - His daughters were baptised 1705, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA, apparently some years after their birth. Children of George MASSIE: Ann; and Margaret married Benjamin JOHNSTON (close kin of John JOHNSON, who married Elizabeth MASSIE).
  4. Peter - "Surveyor of Highways" in 1708, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA. Thomas William and Charles were reported to have brother Peter.
  5. Thomas - b. about 1677, probably England; d. between Jan. 12 and Mar. 2, 1731/2, New Kent Co., VA.
  6. Elizabeth - b. about 1682, England; d. after 1728, New Kent Co., VA. While her given name is recorded as Lucretia by Dr. Lorand Johnson and Hinshaw, her name is Elizabeth in the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting original records. Married John JOHNSTON, Sr. (brother of William who married Sarah MASSIE), who emigrated to VA before 1657, probably from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Children of Elizabeth and John JOHNSTON: Agnes married William ELLYSON; John married Elizabeth ELLYSON; Massie married Joseph CREW; Robert married Sarah ELLYSON; Ashley married Martha WOODY; Thomas married Constantia JOHNSON; Charles married Sarah CREW; Margery married William WRIGHT; Benjamin married Mary MOORMAN (reportedly ancestors, through son John, of President Lyndon JOHNSON); and Capt. James married Lucy MOORMAN.
  7. Charles - b. about 1686, England (or New Kent Co., VA?); d. after Jun. 14, 1749, New Kent Co. VA. Vestryman in St. Peter's Parish from 1730-1746, Justice of the Peace in 1729, 1734, and again on Jun. 14, 1749. Married in 1705, New Kent Co., VA, Ann MACON, daughter of Gideon MACON and Martha WOODWARD. <Martha MACON, sister of Ann, married Orlando JONES, and their daughter Frances JONES married John DANDRIDGE and became mother of Martha (DANDRIDGE) CUSTIS WASHINGTON. Refer to Leaders In-Law chart.> Children of Charles and Ann: Ann; Elizabeth married John MOSS; Charles; Thomas married Susannah HOLLAND, who married second William PERKINS; Gideon; Peter married Ann; David married Ann; Mary; James; Nathaniel married first Elizabeth WATKINS, and second Ann CLARKE; and Cecelia.

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Capt. Thomas and Mary (Walker) Massie

Thomas MASSIE - b. about 1677, probably England; d. between Jan. 12 and Mar. 2, 1731/2, New Kent Co., VA. Son of Peter Massie and Penelope Cooper-Massie. In records of St. Paul's Parish, New Kent Co., VA, 1720, he appears as "Capt. Thomas Massey." An officer in the New Kent Co. Militia, vestryman for St. Peter's Parish from 1704, member of the Virginia House of Burgesses (1722-1726), and Justice of the Peace for New Kent Co. in 1726 and 1729. At his death he held 4000 acres on Lyttle Byrd Creek in what is now Goochland Co., VA, that had previously been granted to his father Peter, and was subsequently claimed by brother John. Perhaps married first in 1698, Martha MACON, who must have died soon since he married Mar. 23, 1698/9, New Kent Co., VA.

Mary WALKER - b. about 1681. Daughter of William WALKER and Elizabeth WARREN.

Children of Thomas and Mary Massie

  1. Peter - bap. Apr. 14, 1700, New Kent Co., VA; d. after 1762, apparently in Goochland Co., VA.
  2. Elizabeth - Married about 1721, New Kent Co., VA, Thomas PINCHBACK. Children: William; Mary; Thomas; Sarah; Elizabeth; John married Frances Ann; and Ann.
  3. Mary - bap. Apr. 6 1705, New Kent Co., VA; d. young.
  4. Sarah - Married John P. SMITH (b. about 1686, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1746, Hanover Co., VA). Daughter of Sarah and John SMITH: Sarah married Benjamin HOWARD.
  5. James - bap. May 16, 1708, New Kent Co., VA. Married Elizabeth FERRILL. Children: Thomas mentioned in uncle William's 1751 will.
  6. Cecelia - d. 1737, Hanover Co., VA; bur. Massie Plantation. Death notice from the Dec. 9, 1737 Virginia Gazette: "Mrs. Cecelia Darracott, wife of Captain John Darrcott, died at his house in Hanover, and was interred in New Kent at her father, Mr. Thomas Massie's plantation."
  7. Agnes - b. New Kent Co., VA; d. young Nov. 5, 1718.
  8. Thomas - b. Aug. 2, 1716, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1789, probably in Goochland Co., VA. Reported to have been a physician.
  9. William - b. May 28, 1718, New Kent Co., VA; d. Jun. 15, 1751, New Kent Co., VA. Lived in New Kent and Hanover Counties. Member Virginia House of Burgesses, 1748-9. Captain in the New Kent County Militia. His will was written in 1749 and probated in 1751. Married Nov. 20, 1740, Martha MACON (b. Aug. 12, 1722; d. Aug. 8, 1759), daughter of William MACON and Mary HARTWELL. Martha married second Col. Richard BLAND of Prince George Co., VA, on Jan. 1, 1759. Col. Richard was brother of Mary (BLAND) LEE, great grandmother of Gen. Robert E. LEE. Refer to Leaders In-Law chart. Children: William married first Elizabeth PINCHBACK, and second Ann CHAMBERLAIN (COBBETT according to bible record); and Maj. Thomas married Sarah 'Sally' COCKE.
  10. Mary - b. Jan. 1719/20, New Kent Co., VA. Living in 1733.
  11. John - b. Oct. 3, 1721, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1746. Unmarried.
  12. Charles - b. 1727; d. 1817, Albemarle Co., VA. Not reported as a son of Thomas and Mary by one source. Settled in Albemarle Co in 1761, Captain in 6th VA Reg't in Rev. War, and founder of "Old Spring Valley" Plantation near Heards, Albemarle Co., VA. A DAR lineage gives Charles' service as Sgt. in Capt. Thomas GASKIN's Company, Charles SCOTT's 5th Battalion, Albermarle Co., VA. Married Mary DAVIS. Sons: Charles married Nancy DAVIS; John married Susannah WRIGHT; and Thomas married Lucy DAVIS, sister of Nancy.

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Peter and Ann Massie

Peter MASSIE - bap. Apr. 14, 1700, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; d. after 1762, apparently in Goochland Co., VA. Son of Thomas MASSIE and Mary WALKER. Grantor of lands in Goochland County in 1756 and stated to be "of Gloucester County." Deeded 9 slaves to Gideon MOSS in Goochland County in 1762 and stated to be "of Henrico County." Possibly more than one Peter MASSIE is represented by these records.

Ann -

Children of Peter and Ann Massie

  1. William - d. about 1797, Goochland Co., VA. Estate inventoried in 1797 in Goochland Co., VA. Married first before 1760, Agnes NELSON ANDERSON, and second Frances ADAMS in Goochland Co., VA. Children: John married Judith MOSS; Molly; Nancy; Benjamin married Elizabeth LOVEJOY; Betty; Frankie; and Charles.
  2. Sylvanus - b. Apr. 8, 1738, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; bap. there May 26, 1738; d. after 1786, Campbell Co., VA.
  3. Thomas - Mentioned in uncle William's will of 1751.

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Sylvanus and Hannah (Ragland) Massie

Sylvanus MASSIE - b. Apr. 8, 1738, New Kent Co., VA; bap. May 26, 1738, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; d. after 1786, Campbell Co., VA. Son of Peter Massie and Ann. In Buckingham Co., VA in 1774, but in Campbell Co., VA in 1781 when he furnished supplies to the Continental Army. Married first Oct. 3, 1757, St. James Northam Parish, Goochland Co., VA, to Hannah RAGLAND by Rev. William Douglas. Married second after 1772, Mary ANDERSON HUDSON, daughter of Hugh ANDERSON, widow of Simon HUDSON, Sr., and mother of Frances 'Fannie' HUDSON MASSIE, wife of Thomas B. MASSIE.

Hannah RAGLAND - b. Mar. 26, 1738/9, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; bap. there Apr. 22, 1739. Daughter of John and Judith RAGLAND.

Children of Sylvanus and Hannah Massie

  1. Thomas - b. Dec. 26, 1758, St Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; bap. there Feb. 4, 1759; d. Aug. 19, 1835, Sangamon Co., IL.
  2. Sylvester (or Sylvanus) - b. about 1760, Buckingham Co., VA; d. 1808, Madison Co., KY. In KY by 1800. He or his son was commissioned an Ensign in 35th Regiment of Militia in 1802 and was a Capt. in the War of 1812. Sons: Sylvanus married Peggie COLLINS; and Thomas.
  3. John - Married Polly DIAL, daughter of Edward and Betsy DIAL. Militia Lt. in Harrison Co., KY in 1797. Moved to Warrick Co., IN before 1836. Sons: Thomas B. married Elizabeth A. CAMPBELL; James; Silvanus possibly married Jane FARMER; John B. married Belinda HUNSAKER; and James B.

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Thomas and Frances 'Fannie' (Hudson) Massie

Thomas MASSIE - b. Dec. 26, 1758, St Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; bap. there Feb. 4, 1758/9; d. Aug. 19, 1835, Sangamon Co., IL; bur. there in Morgan Cemetery. His grave marker [photo] gives death date as Aug. 19, 1835, but certified statements in his Estate Probate File give his death as "on or about Aug. 18, 1835." He was the son of Sylvanus MASSIE and Hannah RAGLAND. By 1800 Thomas moved to Montgomery Co., KY, and in 1828 to Sangamon and Pike Co., IL. He was "A Spy among the Shawnees" during the Revolution, and private under Capt. Robert Adams and Col. John Lynch in the Virginia militia from Sep. 1780, and served under Capt. George CRABTREE, Capt. CORRAN and Maj. LEWIS from May 21, 1781 to Sep. 1781 [NSDAR National No. 113678]. Thomas received a pension for his service late in life. Several biographical sketches state that Thomas also served in the War of 1812 [positive evidence is being sought]. The probate papers for the estate of Thomas MASSIE (Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Accession #4/0274/01, Probate Court, Estate Record #229) name all of his children. Married first about 1781, probably in Bedford Co., VA. Married second Rebekah COLLYER (d. Sep. 7, 1835, Sangamon Co., IL; bur. there in Morgan Cemetery), whose name is also found spelled Rebecca in family papers.

Frances 'Fannie' HUDSON - b. about 1760, VA; d. Jun. 25, 1802, Montgomery Co., KY. Fannie's death date has also been reported as "about 1793." Daughter of Simon HUDSON and Mary ANDERSON, and step sister to her husband when her widowed mother married Sylvanus MASSIE.

Note: The death date for Fannie, the order and birth years of some children, and the division of the children between the two wives of Thomas Massie is uncertain.

Children of Thomas and Frances Massie

  1. William B. - b. about 1782; d. after 1810 Montgomery Co., KY census. Son: William married Nancy A. LEWIS.
  2. Jonathan - b. 1785; d. after 1840 Bourbon Co., KY census. Married in 1817, Madison Co., KY, Mary McCORMICK(?). Sons: W. W. married Anna COBERTY; and Franklin D. married Elizabeth KENNEY.
  3. Mary - b. June 14, 1789, KY; d. Sep. 16, 1868, Pike Co., IL. Married William R. FREEMAN.
  4. Absalom - b. about 1793; d. 1843, Dickson Co., TN. Married in 1839, Dickson Co., TN, Milberry MATLOCK, daughter of William.
  5. John C. - b. Aug. 11, 1795, KY; d. 1853, MO. Served in the War of 1812. Married first Aug. 13, 1815, in TN, Elizabeth FREEMAN (b. about 1794; d. about 1836, Pike Co., IL), daughter of Howell FREEMAN and Elizabeth, and sister of William R. After Elizabeth's death, John married Mary SHAW. The MASSIE family lived in Sangamon Co., IL from 1828 to about 1833. Children of John and Elizabeth: Evaline; Perry died as infant; Hudson died as infant; George Washington died as infant; Thomas M. married Harriet MITCHELL, widow of his brother; Sylvanus F. married Harriet MITCHELL; John C. died as infant; Elizabeth O.; Amanda Melvina married James C. BOOTHE; and Rebecca A. died at age 17. Children of John and Mary: Mellville D. 'Capt. M. D.' married Mary E. MOREY; Menzo; Alexander; and Milton H.
  6. Hudson - b. about 1797; d. after 1840 Bourbon Co., KY census. Married in 1825, Montgomery Co., KY, Cynthia McCORMICK.
  7. Sylvanus - b. Sep. 12, 1799, Montgomery Co., KY; d. Jun. 28, 1856, Sangamon Co., IL. Married Aug. 11, 1829, Sangamon Co., IL Sarah MALTBY, daughter of Jesse. Sons: Absalom and William. Five other children.
  8. Frances J. - b. Jun. 25, 1802, Montgomery Co., KY; d. 1877, Sangamon Co., IL. She was a member of the Baptist Church and died in the home of her son James H. RALSTON. Married Sep. 13, 1825, Montgomery Co., KY William RALSTON (b. May 20, 1796, Montgomery Co., KY; d. Oct. 17, l851, Sangamon Co., IL), son of William RALSTON and Nancy McCLURE. Frances and William moved to Sangamon Co., IL in 1828, after the birth and death of their first child. They settled just south of Farmingdale. Children: Martha died at age 3; Mary E. married Thomas HESSEY; Emily M. married Jacob J. BROWN; William Thomas died unmarried; John Henry died unmarried; Nancy A. married Daniel TAYLOR; James H. married Maria INGELS; and Charles S. married Clara A. CONKLIN.

Children of Thomas and Rebekah Massie

  1. Thomas - b. 1810, Montgomery Co., KY; d. TN. Twin to Jesse. Thomas was educated as a physician, and was administrator for brother Absalom's Estate. Unmarried. Thomas is not named in the Probate records of his father, with reason being unknown.
  2. Jesse E. - b. 1810, Montgomery Co., KY. Twin to Thomas. A teacher in the Scott Co., KY 1850-1870 censuses. Married Mathena (b. about 1814). Mathena is listed in the 1850 cnesus of Scott Co., KY with Jesse, but she does not appear with him in the 1860 census. In the 1870 census of the county, Ann (b. about 1829) is listed with him, presumably his second wife. Children: James W.; George W. married Sarah A.; John T.; Eliza J.; Mandeville married Martha A.; Amanda E.; Mary S.; Malvina M.; Milus possibly died young; L. Lewelly (son); and Sarah E.
  3. Martha - b. Feb. 1, 181_, Montgomery Co., KY; d. Hancock Co., IL. Married Jul. 14, 1829, Sangamon Co., IL Thomas MORGAN (b. Hamilton Co., OH; d. Hancock Co., IL), son of Thomas MORGAN and Elizabeth (BELL) BUTLER. Thomas MORGAN, husband of Martha, was appointed Administrator of the estate of her father Thomas MASSIE on Sep. 14, 1835 by James Adams, Judge of Probate for Sangamon County, with final settlement made on mar. 11, 1839.

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