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John and Margaret Thompson

John Thompson - d. 1760. The names of John and Margaret and their five children are found in an undocumented compilation. Supporting evidence and additional family details are desired.


Children of John and Margaret Thompson

  1. John - b. 1699/1700; d. Apr. 3, 1774, Rowan Co., NC.
  2. Joseph -
  3. Moses - d. 1802
  4. James -
  5. Jane -

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John and Martha Thompson

John Thompson - b. 1699/1700; d. Apr. 3, 1774, Rowan Co., NC; bur. Thyatira Presbyterian Cemetery, Millbridge, Rowan Co., NC. Son of John THOMPSON and Margaret. His will was dated in Rowan Co., NC on 18 Mar 1774 (Rowan County Wills, Book A-B, pp. 177-178), naming wife, sons Alexander, William, John and Joseph, daughters Margaret Thompson and Rachel McGaughey, and step-daughter Agnes Allen. Grave marker reportedly gives death date as 3-4-1774, age 74; based on will date this likely means 3 Apr 1774.

Martha - Martha may have been previously married since John's 1774 will names his "step-daughter Agnes Allision," although the term step-daughter may have another meaning.

Children of John and Martha Thompson

  1. William - Named in his father's 1774 will.
  2. John - d. after 29 Jan 1798. Will dated 29 Jan 1798, Iredell Co., NC (Will Book 1, pp. 221-223) names wife Margaret, sons George and Joseph, daughters Elizabeth and Jane. Named in the 1774 will of his father and the 1804 will of his sister Margaret, the latter also naming son Alexander. Married Margaret. Children of John and Margaret THOMPSON: George; Joseph; Elizabeth; Jane; and Alexander.
  3. Joseph - Named in his father's 1774 will.
  4. Alexander - bur. Thyatira Presbyterian Cemetery, Millbridge, Rowan Co., NC. A description of his father's grave includes: "Also on his right hand lys his son Alexander who deceased" [remainder of this stone is set beneath bed of concrete, obscuring last line and dates]. Named in the 1774 will of father and 1804 will of sister.
  5. Thomas - d. about 1794, Rowan Co., NC. Thomas' will dated 12 Nov 1793 and proved in 1794 (Rowan Co. Will Book E, pp. 34-36) names four sons and five daughters (order uncertain). Named in his father's 1774 will. Thomas, two sons and three daughters (order uncertain) named in the 1804 will of Thomas' sister Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN. Married Elizabeth. Children of Thomas and Elizabeth THOMPSON: James; Alexander; John; Thomas; Elizabeth married John McGAUGHEY (unplaced); Mary; Nancy married William McKNIGHT; Pamela; and Eleanor 'Nelly'.
  6. Rachel - b. Rowan Co., NC. Married Alexander McGAUGHEY.
  7. Margaret - d. after Jul. 1804. Will dated 1 Aug 1804 in Iredell Co., NC. Among other, her will names her sister Rachel's sons Alexander, John, William and James, and "their four sisters." She is called "daughter Margaret Thompson" in her father's 1774 will, but his co-executor is "my trusty friend and son-in-law John Brown." Married John BROWN. She apparently had no living cvhildren when she wrote her will.
  8. Agnes ALLISON - Named as step-daughter Agnes ALLISON in her father's 1774 will (transcription); believed to be related (as wife, sister, daughter or niece?) to will witness Hugh ALLISON. An abstract of her step-father's will gives the surnames of both step-daughter Agnes and witness Hugh as ALLEN.

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William and Margaret McGaughey

Information on the family of William and Margaret McGAUGHEY is primarily from Descendants of William and Margaret McGaughey, Volumes 1 and 2, by Polly Rachel McGaughey Sutton (Oklahoma City: 1984, 1991). The family of Alexander McGAUGHEY is constructed from various sources, including letters written by C. W. Keasler and Kenyon Withrow, and census records. Note that the connection between Alexander and Daniel is not proved by the sources records, but is based on circumstantial evidence and undocumented correspondence. However, Daniel may be a descendant of another McGAUGHEY line, and documentation provided by Polly Sutton provides the names of only four sons and one daughter of Alexander. The primary source of information for the families of Daniel and of James Withrow McGAUGHEY is Biggerstaff: Second Edition, by Ralph L. Biggerstaff (Mebane, NC: 1981).

Alexander McGAUGHEY of Rutherford Co., NC was the son of William and Margaret, proven by Maryland land records and wills of the THOMPSON family. That he was the father of Daniel is unproved. Some McGAUGHEYs migrated from Lancaster Co., PA to Rutherford Co., NC by way of Rowan Co., NC, as did a number of other first and second generation immigrant families. Alexander was perhaps a cousin of William McGAUGHEY and wife Mary, who sold land at Catheys Creek in 1774.

William McGAUGHEY - b. Northern Ireland; d. 1750, York Co., PA. Will dated Jan. 5, 1749, and proved Apr. 24, 1750 (Will Book 1750, Book A-12, York Co., PA Courthouse). William, said to be from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, came to America with his family about 1738 from Glasgow, Scotland, apparently arriving in DE where he appears in the Wilmington Court records. William subsequently purchased land from Abigail CANNON of New Castle, DE in 1741, and he appears in Lancaster Co., PA by 1745. He owned land in York Co. (formerly part of Lancaster Co.), PA, and adjacent land in MD, a total of more than 400 acres in addition to "the plantation." William also mentioned a cousin by the same name in his will.

Margaret - b. Scotland. She was named in William's will, as were the children listed here.

Children of William and Margaret McGaughey

  1. John - b. 1711-1715, probably in Northern Ireland; d. 1777, York Co., PA. Married Mary Jane NEELY, daughter of Thomas NEELY. Mary Jane appears to have been the widow of a Mr. MARSHALL. A security document dated Jun. 22, 1765 in York Co., PA names Thomas NEELY, Sr. and his children Thomas, Samuel, John, Jackson and Mary Marshall, wife of John McGAUGHEY. Refer to the Neely brothers for further comments. Children: Thomas married Margaret MARSHALL; Alexander; Jann (daughter); Jean; Mary; and Martha.
  2. James - b. 1724-1728, probably in Northern Ireland; d. Jun. 10, 1798, York Co., PA. Married about 1756 Agnes McKEAN (b. 1734; d. Oct. 15, 1804, Adams Co., PA), daughter of Hugh and Agnes McKEAN. James was left the family plantation in his father's will, and added 369 additional acres through grants in 1768 and 1778, with 230 acres sold in 1787. In his will dated Feb. 4, 1797, James names his wife Agnes, children Agnes CARNAHAN, William McGAUGHEY, Ann SCOTT, Hugh McGAUGHEY, and Alexander McGAUGHEY, and granddaughters Jane LEEPER and Agnes McKean LEEPER. The latter grandchild is called Agnes McKean SCOTT in the Nov. 27, 1804 will of James' widow. Children: Agnes married David CARNAHAN; William mried Anne; Jane married Mr. LEEPER; James married first Maret 'Peggy' McCLURE, and second Nancy Agnes GRIER; Hugh married first Jane (McCLURE) MOORE, and second Mary 'Polly' DOUGLAS; Mary Ann married David SCOTT; and Alexander married Rebecca TORRENCE.
  3. Isabella -
  4. William - b. about 1738, possibly in Scotland; d. 1812, Maury Co., TN. Married in Jan. 1760 to Elizabeth LACKEY (b. 1742; d. 1804, Sevier Co., TN; bur. Boyd's Creek Cemetery). William and Elizabeth were in Lee Co., VA by 1771, and moved to Greene Co., TN by 1786. After his wife's death, William moved with two sons to Maury Co., TN. Children: Samuel married Jane McLAUGHLIN; Elizabeth married first James EDMONDSON, and second William H. JOHNSTON; Agnes; Margaret 'Peggy' married David ROBINSON; Ann married William GAMMILL; William married Serene Margaret BOYD; James Harvey married Margaret 'Peggy' McCAIN; George Washington married Mary; and Mary 'Polly' married Eli McCAIN.
  5. Alexander - b. say 1740-1745, Lancaster Co., PA; d. after 1800, Rutherford Co., NC.

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Alexander and Rachel (Thompson) McGaughey

Alexander McGAUGHEY - b. say 1740-1745, Lancaster Co., PA; d. late 1802, Rutherford Co., NC. Alexander McGAUGHEY of Rutherford Co., NC was the son of William McGAUGHEY and Margaret, but that he was the father of Daniel is unproved. Alexander was in the Catheys Creek area of Tryon Co. (now Rutherford Co.), NC by 1772, when he and wife Rachel purchased and sold land. Alexander is found in Rutherford Co. on the 1782 tax (330 acres), in the 1790 census (3-2-5), and in the 1800 census (00201-001001). He was appointed public register by the April Court 1780, and served as such until his death in late 1802. A marker in the vicinity of the Brittain Presbyterian Church reads, "Near this site stood Fort McGaughey which was constructed during the American Revolutionary War period, and named for Alexander McGaughey." Married before 1764, probably in Rowan Co., NC.

Rachel THOMPSON -  b. Rowan Co., NC. Named as Rachel McGAUCHEY in her father's 1764 will. From The Heritage of Rutherford County we learn that James THOMPSON and Seth THOMPSON, both of about the same age as Rachel, were probably born in Brunswick Co., NC, lived in Rowan Co., and moved to Rutherford Co. around 1780. It is possible that James and Seth were close kin of Rachel. Daughter of John THOMPSON and Martha.

NOTE: The known, probable and possible children of Alexander and Rachel are listed here in alphabetical order, sons first. The names of known children are Alexander, James, John, William, Agnes, and Mary, but some data presented here may not be for their children. Both census and other records indicate they had at least four sons living at home in 1790, and four daughters. Note that Alexander had been married at least 26 years by 1790, so could have had at least five sons over age 16 (one shown in census).

Probable and Possible Children of Alexander and Rachel McGaughey

  1. Alexander - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN.
  2. Daniel - b. 1755-63; d. 1803, Rutherford Co., NC. Probable son.
  3. James - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN. A James McGAUGHEY appears in the 1800 Rutherford Co., NC census: 23301-11010.
  4. Jeremiah - Possible son. On Nov. 10, 1800 (Rutherford Co., NC Deed Book 15, page 12), a Deed from 1795 was recorded, witnessed by Jeremiah, for the sale of 200 acres on Duncan Creek, Rutherford Co., NC, to Daniel McGAUGHEY. Census of 1800: 20010-00010. Married Sep. 15, 1795 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC, Jane SMITH, with Daniel McGAUGHEY as bondsman.
  5. John - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN. Tax list of 1782: 100 acres. Census of 1810: 12001-11001. Possibly married Elizabeth WELCH, daughter of Thomas and Agnes (ALEXANDER) WELCH. Possible children include Joseph McGAUGHEY, who married Martha DUNLAP, and became the father of Elizabeth Welch McGAUGHEY, wife of Jesse R. GUFFEY.
  6. Marvin - Possible son. Witnessed a will in 1786 in Rutherford Co., NC.
  7. Robert - Named as son by a correspondent. Married Jan. 23, 1797 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC, Ruth BURNETT, with Lewis BURNETT (her brother) as bondsman. Ruth was the daughter of Jesse BURNETT and Judith PRINCE. Son: Samuel Francis married Florah BAREFIELD.
  8. William - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN. Census of 1800: 10010-00110. Married Aug. 3, 1792 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC, Mimy PATTERSON, with George Watson as bondsman.
  9. Agnes - Married Aug. 10, 1792 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC, Gavin ERVIN (or IRVINE), with Robert FINLEY as bondsman. She is the only known child of Alexander and Rachel.
  10. Mary - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN.
  11. Two other daughters - Based on 1790 census and mentioned, but unnamed in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN.

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Daniel and Elizabeth (Biggerstaff) McGaughey

Daniel McGAUGHEY - b. 1755-63; d. 1803, Rutherford Co., NC. Possibly the son of Alexander McGAUGHEY and Rachel THOMPSON. Census of 1790 of Rutherford Co., NC shows Daniel's household with one male over 16 years of age and three females. Rebecca BIGGERSTAFF (b. 1769), Daniel's sister-in-law, was placed under his care by the Court of 1787, accounting for the third female in the 1790 census. Purchased 200 acres on Duncan Creek, Rutherford Co., NC, in late 1799 from David COLE, with Jeremiah McGAUGHEY as a witness (recorded Nov. 10, 1800). Census of 1800: 20010-01010.

Elizabeth BIGGERSTAFF - b. about 1766; d. 1850-1859. Daughter of Benjamin BIGGERSTAFF and Mary VANZANT.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth McGaughey

  1. Mary <?> - b. about 1788.
  2. Benjamin - b. Mar. 1791. Bound to Samuel BIGGERSTAFF by the March 1805 Court of Rutherford Co., NC, and to Aaron BIGGERSTAFF by the July 1808 Court.
  3. James Withrow - b. about 1793, NC; d. before 1840.

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James Withrow and Elizabeth McGaughey

James Withrow McGAUGHEY - b. about 1793, NC; d. before 1840. Son of Daniel McGAUGHEY and Elizabeth BIGGERSTAFF.  Bound to Samuel BIGGERSTAFF by the March 1805 Court of Rutherford Co., NC. Marriage bond Dec. 11, 1816, Rutherford Co., NC. James has been located in the 1820 and the 1830 censuses of Rutherford Co., NC.

Elizabeth O. - b. about 1790, NC; d. prob. Rutherford Co., NC. Her surname is uncertain as it only appears on her marriage bond as MEGAHEY, and may have been a result of a clerical error - perhaps being a corruption of her husband's surname. Perhaps Elizabeth's middle initial is a clue to her name before this marriage. The birth of her first McGAUGHEY child about 1817, when Elizabeth was about 27, suggests a possible prior marriage, probably without children. Either her father's surname or a prior husband's surname could have begun with "O". For example, if Elizabeth's age is overstated, she could have be a daughter of Ambrose OWNBEY, whose Jan. 1, 1793, Rutherford Co., NC, marriage bond to Elizabeth HINSON included James OWNBEY as bondsman. The 1850 Census shows James OWENSBY and Joanah OWENSBY, both 89 in the Coon family, with Anester COON being age 63 - Elizabeth O. GAHA was listed as age 60 and as the head of household in the 1850 census of Rutherford Co., NC. James OWENBY is in the 1800 Census at age 26-45 with one "daughter" age 0-10, one "daughter" 10-16, 3 "sons" 0-10, and one "son" 10-16. So it is also possible that Elizabeth was a daughter of James OWENBY. Note however, that there are at least 13 families in Rutherford Co., NC Censuses whose surname began with the letter "O" and who had a female in the family born about 1790.

Children of James and Elizabeth McGaughey

  1. A daughter - b. about 1817.
  2. Daniel - b. about 1818; d. Dec. 12, 1885, Point deLuce, AR; bur. Dewitt, AR. Married Mary PARKER (b. about 1828). Member of the Methodist Episcopal Church since 1834. The marriage bond of Jan. 13, 1849, Rutherford Co., gives the bride's name as Martha, and bondsman as John MOORE. Daniel and Mary do not appear in the 1860 census of Rutherford Co., NC, their children then living with Drucilla JOHNSON (age 26). Children: George Washington married Sarah Angeline STEPHENS; Sarah married Charles CUMMINGS; Harriet married Joe STEPHENS; Annabelle married John STEPHENS; John Wesley married Carey ADAMS; Julie married James Phillips ALLEN; Nancie married Tom NELSON; Mary married Henry POWELL; and Joseph Armour married Etta BAGBY (or BAGLEY).
  3. A daughter - b. about 1819.
  4. Mary - b. Oct. 12, 1820, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Jul. 8, 1906, Rutherford Co., NC. Married John H. CARPENTER.
  5. Nancy - b. 1823; d. before 1889 (estate sale). Unmarried and living with sister Elizabeth in Rutherford Co., NC in 1870 and 1880.
  6. Martha - b. about 1826. Reportedly married Dec. 14, 1847 John TUGGLE. However, Martha (age 23) appears in the household of her mother in the 1850 census of Rutherford Co., NC.
  7. A daughter - b. 1828-1829.
  8. Rebecca - b. Mar. 1830; d. Mar. 14, 1910. Married Dec. 4, 1858 John DEVINEY (d. before 1870). The marriage bond of Dec. 4, 1858 gives bondsman as E. M. CARPENTER. Children: Benjamin G. married Nancy Cora CARPENTER; and Emmanuel Milam married Ollie HAMRICK.
  9. Jane - b. about 1831.
  10. Elizabeth - b. 1834; d. late 1880. Unmarried and living with sister Nancy in Rutherford Co., NC in 1870 and 1880.
  11. James - b. Apr. 7, 1834; d. Jun. 9, 1915, Niota, TN; bur. DeWitt Cemetery, DeWitt, Arkansas Co., AR. Known as James McGAHHEY, he married S. M. WEAST, identified as Sophia Malinda WEAST (b. May 7, 1837, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Aug. 27, 1910, DeWitt, Arkansas Co., AR; bur. there in DeWitt Cemetery), the daughter of Nancy WEAST and probably Judge George W. LOGAN, who was Judge of the superior court and took a significant role in the Ku Klu Klan suppression and prosecution of the early 1870s. Considerable information, from public records, contemporary news publications and family sources, is available concerning a charge against James McGAUGHEY for the murder of Decatur DePRIEST. The murder took place one or two days after a Ku Klux Klan raid on the McGaughey home in Rutherford Co., NC,in Feb. 1870, with at least one member of the DePRIEST family identified as a participant. James and his family left NC for TN and he was never tried for the murder. Public records (see BULLETIN of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County, Jan. 1998. page 10) confirm that James McGAHEY was "charged with murder of Decatur DePRIEST. Requisition for his return to Rutherford County sent to Governor of Tenn. on 30 Jan. 1875. On 19 July 1877, a $200 reward was offered for his apprehension." Refer to The History of Old Tryon and Rutherford Counties, by Clarence W. Griffin (1937), pages 323-37, for many details of the Klan raid and its aftermath. The marriage bond of Nov. 8, 1854, Rutherford Co., between James McGAHHEY and S. M. WEAST gives the bondsman as M. G. WEAST. Children of James and Sophia McGAHHEY: Juliius Benjamin married first Julia Ann JONES [Julian and Julia became the great grandparents of Wallace I. Crawford, Jr.], and second Irene DAILEY; Elizabeth married John Lewis McNAMARA [Elizabeth and John became great-great grandparents of Deal Newberry]; James married Janeaketta HULL; Dr. Joseph married first Margaret EVANS, and second Jessie Jane (SHUCK) DUVALL [Joseph and Jessie became grandparents of Margaret (Proffitt) Nye]; David married Emma EVANS; Nancy Malinda married first Sylvester WATKINS, and second Edd HILL; Mary Jane married William Henry LANDON; and John T. C.

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