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Merrill Ancestry in England

John and Prudence Merrell

John Merrill

John MERRELL - The will of John Merrell, yeoman of Wherstead, dated Dec. 2, 34th year of Elizabeth (1600), is recorded at Ipswich, Suffolk, England. In it he names wife Prudence, sons John Michael, Nathaniel and Thomas, and grandchildren: Marie, Martha, and John children of Nathaniel; Thomas and Anne children of Thomas. Registers of Wherstead and Belstead, south of Ipswich, confirm that the named children and grandchildren were the only descendants born and living at the date of the will. A copy of the will of 1600, the church records, a description of Wherstead, and other interesting details are found in A Merrill Memorial, by Samuel Merrill (1917-1928, reprinted 1983).

Prudence - bur. Dec. 22, 1609, Belstead, Suffolk, England.

  1. John - Married Dec. 29, 1601, Belstead, Suffolk, Susan PLUMLEY. Daughter: Mary.
  2. Michael - bur. Aug. 20, 1616, Belstead, Suffolk. Married Mar. 7, 1602/3, Belstead, Suffolk, Margaret SCRIVENER. Children of Michael and Margaret MERRILL: Elizabeth; Frances; Michael; John; William married Ann BOND; and Anna.
  3. Nathaniel - bur. Mar. 17, 1626/7, Wherstead, Suffolk. Married Feb. 28, 1592/3, Belstead, Suffolk.
  4. Thomas - Married Jul. 15, 1595, Wherstead, Suffolk, Rose PEARSON. Children of Thomas and Rose MERRILL: Thomas; Anne; Rose; Elizabeth.

Nathaniel and Mary (Blacksoll) Merrell

Nathaniel MERRELL - bur. Mar. 17, 1626/7, Wherstead, Suffolk. Married Feb. 28, 1592/3, Belstead, Suffolk.

Mary BLACKSOLL - bur. May 1, 1624, Wherstead, Suffolk.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Richard Bruce 'Dick' CHENEY

  1. A daughter - bur. Jan. 21, 1593/4, Wherstead, Suffolk.
  2. Mary - bap. Feb. 23, 1594/5, Wherstead, Suffolk.
  3. Martha
  4. Frances - bap. 1598 Wherstead, Suffolk; bur. Aug. 1, 1598, Wherstead, Suffolk.
  5. John - bap. Aug. 16, 1599, Wherstead, Suffolk; d. Sep. 12, 1673, Newbury, Essex Co., MA. Evidence supports his being the John MERRILL admitted as a freeman at Newbury, Essex Co., MA in 1638, the brother of Nathaniel. At the time of his marriage, John was called "of La[w]ford in the county of Essex Widower." Married first on Jan. 24, 1628/9 at Wherstead, Suffolk to Annis BISHOP. John married second at Little Wenham, Suffolk, England on Jul. 15, 1633 to Elizabeth VINCENT (d. Jul. 14, 1682, Newbury, Essex Co., MA). Daughter of John and Annis MERRILL: Hannah (b. England; d. Apr. 4, 1662, Newbury, Essex Co., MA) married May 24, 1647, Newbury, Essex Co., MA Stephen SWETT (b. Apr. 18, 1620, Wymondham, Norfolk; d. Jan. 9, 1692/3, Newbury, Essex Co., MA), son of John SWETT.
  6. Nathaniel - bap. May 4, 1601, Wherstead, Suffolk; d. Mar. 16, 1654/5, Newbury, Essex Co., MA. Evidence supports his being the Nathaniel MERRILL "proprietor" at Newbury, Essex Co., MA in 1638, the brother of John.
  7. Michael - b. 1603.

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Cutter's New York Families Article

John and Nathaniel MERRILL, probable sons of Nathaniel and Mary (BLACKSOLL) MERRELL of Wherstead, arrived in America in the mid 1630s, residing a year or so at Ipswich, MA prior to moving to Newbury before 1638. The following extract from Cutter's New York Families, pages 856-857, summarizes the descent from Nathaniel MERRILL of England and Newbury, MA to Elizabeth MERRILL, wife of Elijah Mason MOREY.

The first of this name <MERRILL> which was originally Merle and signifies "black bird" was a native, or at least a resident of France, and took his name from the figure of a blackbird displayed on a sign over his door. The earliest generation of the family in France used a seal on which is displayed three blackbirds. In the persecutions following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, a Merle, being a Protestant, fled to England to save his life and cast in his lot with the Puritans. Some of the family still remain in France, the most distinguished member in recent years being Merle D'Aubigne, the historian. As the Huguenots were of the best blood of France so their descendants in England and America have been regarded.

(I) Nathaniel Merrill, emigrant ancestor of the Merrills of Cattaraugus county, New York, was born in England, 1610 <sic>, died in Newbury, Massachusetts, March 16, 1655. With his brother John he emigrated from England and came to America, settling at Ipswich, Massachusetts, about 1633. In 1635 he removed to Newbury, at the first settlement of the town, and settled on land at the junction of the Parker and Plum rivers, which until recently was owned by a descendant, Tyler Merrill. In his will dated March 8, 1655, he gives his farm to his eldest son upon payment by him of five pounds each to his brothers, and furnishing a residence for his mother and sister. He married Susannah Wellerton, also spelled Wilterton. She survived him and married (second) Stephen Jordan or Jourdain. She died January 25, 1673. Children: John, Abraham, Nathaniel, Susannah, Daniel, Abel. These children all grew to years of maturity, married and reared familes. Among their descendants are many ministers and men of mark in every walk of life.

(II) John, son of Nathaniel Merrill, went when young to Hartford, Connecticut, where he was taken into the family and legally adopted by Gregory Wilterton. He married Sarah Watson. At the death of his benefactor it was found he had left his entire estate to his adopted son. Children: Nathaniel, John, Sarah, Abraham, David, Wilterton, of whom further; Susanna, Abel, Isaac, Jacob.

(III) Wilterton, son of John Merrill, married (first) Ruth Pratt; (second) Hannah Watts. Child, Gideon.

(IV) Gideon, son of Wilterton Merrill, married Mary Bigelow. Son, Nathaniel.

(V) Nathaniel, son of Gideon Merrill, married Hannah Belden. Children: Nathaniel, Hannah, Truman, Samuel, James, Allen, died young, Allen (2), Mary, Asher, Ebenezer, Ethan, Perry, Charles, Dorothy, Candace, died young, Candace (2).

(VI) Allen, son of Nathaniel Merrill, was born in Litchfield, Connecticut. Early in life he settled in Litchfield, New York. He married Tammy, daughter of Simeon Smith. Children: Maria, died aged nineteen; Amanda, married and left issue; Leonard Smith, married and left issue; Lyman B., died in Chautauqua county, New York; Alton; Minerva, married Dennis Dye; Smith, of whom further; William B., married Calista Loomis; Caroline, married Charles Sentill; Mason F., twice married; Elizabeth, married <Elijah> Mason Morey; Wallace.

(VII) Smith, son of Allen Merrill, was born at Johnstown, Montgomery county, New York, October 16, 1810. He settled in Yorkshire, Cattaraugus county, 1835. He was a tailor and engaged in merchant tailoring in the village of Franklinville. In 1859 he removed to a farm in Farmersville, which he cultivated until 1881, also farming in Great Valley. He married, 1838, Melinda, daughter of John Howe, who settled in Yorkshire, in 1832. Children:  1. Henry, born June 5, 1839, died July 10, 1902, buried at Little Valley, New York; married, February 12, 1866, Harriet F. Persons, born July 23, 1844, died August 10, 1895; children: Ernest Warren, Harriet Esther, Charles Persons, Mertie Melinda.  2. John Burdett, born June 22, 1841; enlisted in Company D, Sixty-fourth Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, and was killed at the battle of Fair Oaks, June 1, 1862.  3. Ernest W., born April 24, 1843; enlist4ed in Company B, Twenty-third Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, serving without injury until the close of the war; returned home and was accidentally killed December 12, 1866.  4. Perry E., born June 30, 1845; married, January 9, 1878, Mercy I. Loomis; children: Eugene L., Floyd S., Esther H., Shirley.  5. Adelaide E., born June 14, 1847, died February 28, 1873.  6. Helen Loraine, born June 17, 1849; married (first) Hiram Steele, who died November 25, 1899; married (second) Elvin E. Johnson.  7. William Wallace, born September 21, 1851; married, January 5, 1876, Julia E. Tarbell; children: Rena, Edna, Frances, Anna, Winfield.  8. Mary Emma, born September 2, 1856; married, 1887, Allan E. Hayes.  9. Theodore Grove, born June 16, 1858.  10. Frank Merton, of whom further.

(VIII) Frank Merton, youngest child of Smith Merrill, was born in Farmersville, Cattaraugus county, New York, June 6, 1860. He was educated in the public school and Ten Broeck Academy. He began his business life in Freedom, New York, in association with his brother conducting dental offices and a drug store. In 1889 he settled in Little Valley, taking a position as recording clerk in the office of the county clerk. He remained in this position one and one-half years, when he was appointed deputy county clerk, which office he now holds. He moved to Sandusky, New York, in 1880, where he has been town clerk for ten years. He is a Republican in politics, and a member of the First Congregational church. He is a member of the Masonic Order, belonging to Lodge, Chapter and Commandery. He married (first) July 3, 1884, Martha Williams, born 1861, died April 30, 1899, daughter of Peter and Adelia (Howlett) Williams. Childrre:  1. Marie E., born April 22, 1887; now a teacher in Olean, New York.  2. Emmons M., born March 20, 1892.  3. Bernard W., born January 19, 1899. He married (second) August 10, 1903, Minnie M. (Cobb) Wade.

Note: A number of names and some details for the family of Smith MERRILL (generation VII) are in error; see the family of Allen MERRILL for the corrected information. Details of the family of Frank Merton MERRILL have not been verified.

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Nathaniel and Susanna Merrill

Nathaniel MERRILL - bap. May 4, 1601, Wherstead, Suffolk; d. Mar. 16, 1654/5, Newbury, Essex Co., MA. Son of Nathaniel MERRELL and Mary BLACKSOLL and grandson of John MERRELL and Prudence. Nathaniel has been said to have arrived at Ipswich, MA about 1633 and remained there with brother John a year or more before moving to Newbury, MA. However, no evidence of any kind has been seen that placed Nathaniel in MA prior to the birth of his son Daniel at Newbury in 1642. A Merrill Memorial states that there is no evidence that Nathaniel arrived in MA in 1633 and only conjectures that he was a proprietor at Newbury, MA in 1638. It is probable that Nathaniel did not arrive in America until between 1639 and 1641 and settled at Newbury, Essex Co., MA, joining his brother John, who had lived there for some time. Nathaniel's will dated Mar. 8, 1654/5 and proved Mar. 27, 1655 names wife Susanna, daughter Susanna, and five sons, all children except Nathaniel being under age 21. The estate inventory of Mar. 23, 1654/5 indicated he was a man of modest means, with 13 acres of land, 14 head of cattle and common farming and household implements. A debt of £5 for rent to John Cutting indicates Nathaniel leased his dwelling. Married probably in England.

Susanna - d. Jan. 25, 1672/3, Newbury, Essex Co., MA. Although son John was executor and major legate of Gregory WOLTERTON, Susanna was not the sister of Gregory, a tanner of Hartford, CT. Susanna's surname is not known. The birth of her first four children are reported in Lawrence I. Shepard's "In Search of English Origins: Edward Shepard Part II," Heritage Quest, No. 24, page 38. Susanna married second Stephen JORDAN (d. Feb. 8, 1669/70, Newbury, MA) who had two daughters by a prior marriage.

Entries from the Parish Register of Lawford, Essex

1634 Nathaneel, the sonne of Nathaneele Merrelle and Susan his wife was baptized May 25.
1635 John the son of Nathaneel Merrle and Susan his wife was baptized Mar 13.
1637 Abraham the sonne of Nathaneel Merriles and Susan his wife was baptized Apr 9.
1638 Susan the daughter of Nathaneel Merreles and Susan his wife was baptized Dec 12.

Children of Nathaniel and Susanna Merrill

See Notable Cousins for line to: Nathaniel CURRIER, Jr., Robert Lee FROST, William Pierson MERRILL, DD, and Franklin PIERCE
  1. Nathaniel - bap. May 25, 1634, Lawford, Essex, England; d. Jan. 1, 1682/3, Newbury, MA. Married in 1661 Joanna NINIAN (d. Feb. 8, 1717/8, Newbury, MA). Children of Nathaniel and Joanna MERRILL: John married Lucy WEBSTER (ancestors of Pres. PIERCE); Nathaniel married first Rebecca BROWN, and second Sarah WOODMAN; Peter married Mary BROWN; Joanna died as infant; Joanna died as infant; Hannah married William MOULTON; and Mary married James FREESE.
  2. John - bap. Mar. 13, 1635/6, Lawford, Essex, England; d. Jul. 18, 1712, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT.
  3. Abraham - bap. Apr. 9, 1637, Lawford, Essex, England; d. Nov. 28, 1722, Newbury, MA. Deacon of the Congregational Church of Newbury. Married first Jan. 18, 1660/1 Abigail WEBSTER (b. about 1642; d. Aug. 12, 1712), daughter of John WEBSTER and Mary SHATSWELL, and second Sep. 1713 Mrs. Sarah BOND. Children of Abraham and Abigail MERRILL: Abigail married Hanahiah ORDWAY; Elizabeth married Joseph EMERY; Hannah married Shubael LONG; Mary married Jonathan THURLOW; Abraham married Abigail BARTLETT; John married first Deborah HAZELTINE, and second Margaret LOWELL; Jonathan married Mary BROWN; David married Mary MORSE; Sarah married Joseph MORSE; Susanna died as infant; and Prudence married John BARTLETT.
  4. Susanna - bap. Dec. 12, 1638, Lawford, Essex, England; d. Oct. 10, 1690, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT. Moved to Suffield about 1674. Married Oct. 15, 1663, Newbury MA John BURBANK (d. Jun. 1, 1709; son of John and Ann), who married second Sarah, and third Mehitable. Children of Susanna and John BURBANK: Mary married first Lazarus MILLER, and second William McCRANEY; Timothy married Rebecca DARLING; John married Mary GRANGER; and Ebenezer married Rebecca PRITCHARD.
  5. Daniel - b. Aug. 20, 1642, Newbury, MA; d. Jun. 27, 1717, Salisbury, MA. A carpenter and Sgt. in the militia. Married first May 14, 1667, Newbury, MA, Sarah CLOUGH (b. Jun. 28, 1646, Salisbury, MA; d. Mar. 18, 1705/6, Salisbury, MA), daughter of John and Jane, and second May 23, 1708 Sarah (MORRILL) ROWELL PAGE (b. Oct. 14, 1650, Salisbury, MA; d. Sep. 11, 1731, Amesbury, MA), daughter of Abraham and Sarah (CLEMENT) MORRILL, and widow of Philip OWELL and Onesiphorus PAGE. Children of Daniel and Sarah (CLOUGH) MERRILL: Daniel married Esther CHASE; John married Mary ALLEN; Sarah married William MORSE; Ruth married Onesiphorus PAGE; Moses married Mary CLOUGH; Martha married John TRUE; and Stephen married first Dorothy STRAW, second Mary CARR, and third Mary HARDY.
  6. Abel - b. Feb. 20, 1643/4, Newbury, MA; d. Oct. 28, 1689, Newbury, MA. Married Feb. 10, 1670/1 Priscilla CHASE (b. Mar. 14, 1648/9, Newbury, MA), daughter of Aquila CHASE and Ann WHEELER. Children of Abel and Priscilla MERRILL: Abel married Abigail STEVENS; Susanna married Benjamin MORSE; Nathan married first Hannah KENT, and second Elizabet JACKSON (widow of Joseph WILLETT); Thomas married Judith KENT; Joseph married first Ann WIGGINS, and second Sarah; Nathaniel married Hannah STEVENS; Priscilla married Capt. Nathaniel NOYES; and James married Mary ADAMS.

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John and Margaret (Smith) Watson

John WATSON - b. England; d. 1650, West Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. His will was dated Mar. 26, 1650; inventory of estate at £126.01.06 taken Jun. 4, 1650. Contrary to family tradition, no documentary evidence has been found connecting John WATSON to other WATSON families in New England. At Hartford, CT by 1644; juror 1644; highway surveyor 1646. Married in America.

Margaret SMITH - d. 1683, West Hartford, CT. Will dated Mar. 1683, and proved Sep. 6, 1683. <Tradition is that Peggy SMITH fell overboard enroute to America, and the John WATSON saved her. They subsequently married.>

Oral will of Margaret Watson - Mar. 1683

The last Will & Testament of Margaret Watson, who deceased March last past, did declare her Mind & Will as followeth concerning her Estate, & how she would have it disposed of, as she did declare it to Sarah Watson & John Merrells sen: She bequeathd to her daughter Sarah Merrells her red cloth Petticoat. She gave her searge petticoat and her Penny stone Peticoat to her daughter Mary Seamore. She gave to her gr. child Sarah Merrells 1 Pillow beere & one sheet & a white apron. She gave to her gr. Child She gave to her gr. child Susannah Merrells 1 Sheet & 1 Pillow beere. She gave her gr. child Mary Seamor 1 Sheet & 1 blankett & her green apron. She gave to her gr. child Margaret Seamor 1 Sheet & 1 blankett & a Neck Handkercheire. She gave to her gr. Child John Watson 1 great pewter Platter & a Porringer. She did desire that her daughters, Sarah Merrells & Mary Seamor, should have 5 pounds paid to each of them, that was bequeathed to them by their Father's Will. Also she did desire that the now wife of her son John Watson may have the use of the House & Homsted if it should please God that my son John should die before her, for her lifetime.

Sarah X Watson

Taken May 1683 by John Coale, Stephen Hosmer.

Children of John and Margaret Watson

  1. Sarah - b. 1641, Hartford, CT. Married John MERRILL.
  2. John - b. 1646; d. 1725, West Hartford, CT. Administration on the estate granted Jul. 6, 1725 to the widow and sons Cyprian and Caleb. Estate inventoried at £1017, and distributed Jul. 2, 1730. Married first Anna; and second by Mar. 1683 Sarah. Children of John WATSON: John married Sarah STEELE; Thomas; Zachariah; Anna married Lamarock FLOWERS; Cyprian married first Elizabeth STEELE, and second Abigail; Sarah married Thomas SHEPARD; and Caleb married Hannah PORTER.
  3. Mary - Married John SEYMOUR (d. 1713), son of Richard and Mercy. Settled at Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. Children of Mary and John SEYMOUR: John married Elizabeth WEBSTER; Thomas married first Ruth NORTON, and second Mary WATERS (daughter of Bevil WATERS and Elizabeth); Mary married John NORTH; Zachariah died young; Margaret married first Timothy ROOT, and second John REW; Richard married Mary WILSON; John (or Jonathan); Nathaniel; and Zachariah married Hannah OLMSTED.

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John and Sarah (Watson) Merrill

John MERRILL - bap. Mar. 13, 1635/6, Lawford, Essex, England; d. Jul. 18, 1712, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. An undocumented source gives his birth date as Feb. 16, 1635/6. Son of Nathaniel MERRILL and Susanna. Was in Hartford, CT by 1657, and may have been there earlier under the care of Gregory WILTERTON, who willed in Jul. 1674 a large portion of his estate to John. Admitted as freeman May 20, 1658, and worked as a tanner. Removed to West Hartford about 1683 and active in town affairs and a deacon of Second Church. Married Sep. 23, 1663, Hartford, CT.

Sarah (Watson) Merrill

Sarah WATSON - b. 1641, Hartford, CT. Daughter of John WATSON and Margaret SMITH.

Children of John and Sarah Merrill

See Notable Cousins for line to: Solomon ANDREWS and Charles CURTIS
  1. Sarah - b. Sep. 19, 1664, Hartford, CT; d. 1719, Hartford, CT. Married Sep. 22, 1687, Hartford, CT Samuel KELLOGG.
  2. Nathaniel - b. Jan. 15, 1666/7, Hartford, CT; d. Apr. 1725, Hartford, CT. Insane and unmarried.
  3. John - b. Apr. 7, 1669, Hartford, CT; d. May 9 - Jun. 6, 1748, West Hartford, CT. Married Sep. 29, 1694 Sarah MARSH (bap. Feb. 16, 1673/4, Hartford, CT), daughter of John MARSH and Sarah LYMAN. Children of John and Sarah MERRILL: John married Lydia RICHARDS; Sarah married Stephen OLMSTEAD; Ebenezer married second Mary (BURNHAM) WEBSTER; Elizabeth; Nathaniel married Esther WARNER; Anne married Matthew GILLET; Caleb married Mercy SEDGWICK; Lydia; Aaron married Esther RICHARDS; Cyprian married Elizabeth WATSON; and Benjamin married Mary WEBSTER.
  4. Abraham - b. Dec. 21, 1670, Hartford, Ct; d. Nov. 6, 1747, West Hartford, CT. Married Apr. 16, 1699, Hartford, CT Prudence KELLOGG (b. Oct. 14, 1675; d. Sep. 21, 1747, West Hartofrd, CT), daughter of Lt. Joseph KELLOGG and Abigail TERRY. Children of Abraham and Prudence MERRILL: Prudence married first Ebenezer SEDGWICK, and second Col. David WHITNEY; Abraham married Abigail NASH; Abigail married John SMITH; Joseph married first Mary MERRILL (his first cousin), second Abigail STONE, and third Martha (ALLEN) CHAPINS; Margaret married Capt. Samuel NASH; Elizabeth died young; Jerusha (or Joshua); and Joanna.
  5. Daniel - b. Jun. 15, 1673, Hartford, CT; d. 1750. Lived in West Hartford and a deacon of Second Church. Left estate of $50,000. Married first Jan. 18, 1697/8 Susanna PRATT (b. Oct. 2, 1680), daughter of John PRATT and Hepzibah WYATT, and second Feb. 17, 1736/7 Mindwell KING. Children of Daniel and Susanna MERRILL: Daniel died as an infant; Susanna married Ebenezer STEELE; Moses married first Sarah COOK, second Rachel WELLES, and third Bathsheba GRIMES; Jonathan married Mary PERRY; Ruth died young; Hepzibah married Thomas SEYMOUR; Daniel; Israel married first Bethiah, and second Abigail CADWELL; Mary; Hezekiah married Sarah BUTLER; and Rachel married Joseph SHEPHERD.
  6. Wilterton - b. Jun. 28, 1675, Hartford, CT; d. May 14, 1755, Hartford, CT.
  7. Susanna - b. May. 20, 1677, Hartford, CT; d. Sep. 28, 1773. Married Jan. 20, 1709 John TURNER (d. Dec. 1755), son of Edward TURNER and Mary SANFORD. Susanna and John were buried in the Center Church Cemetery. Children of Susanna and John TURNER: Abigail died in infancy; Abigail married Thomas RICHARDS; Susanna married first Samuel REYNOLDS, and second Thomas RICHARDS; John married Abigail RICHARDS; Sarah died in infancy; Caleb died in infancy; Caleb married first Rachel MERRY, and second Millicent (SEYMOUR) WADSWORTH; Sarah; Stephen died in infancy; Ann married Thomas DICKERMAN; Stephen married Rachel OAKLEY; Sybil; and Elizabeth.
  8. Abel - b. Jan. 25, 1679/80, Hartford, CT; d. Aug. 18, 1757, West Hartford, CT. Married Mar. 5, 1710/1, Hartford, CT Mabel EASTON (b. Jan. 17, 1683/4), daughter of John. Children of Abel and Mabel MERRILL: Thankful married Bevil SEYMOUR; Mary married Joseph MERRILL (her first cousin); Thomas married Martha WOOD; Abel; Elijah married Rachel WELLES; Susanna married Zebulon MERRILL (her first cousin); and Nehemiah married first Lydia KELLOGG, and second Sarah WELLS.
  9. Isaac - b. Mar. 11, 1681/2, Hartford, CT; bap. there Mar. 12, 1681/2; d. 1742, West Hartford, CT. Married May 2, 1706, Hartford, CT Sarah COOK (b. Mar 18, 1683), daughter of Noah COOK and Sarah NASH. Children of Isaac and Sarah MERRILL: Noah married Esther GILLETT; Timothy married first Mary KELLOGG, and second Mary GRISWOLD; Isaac died young; Eliakim married Sarah WATSON and/or Keziah LOOMIS; Joseph died without children; Sarah married Matthew CLARK, Jr.; Esther; Isaac died young.
  10. Jacob - b. Mar. 27, 1686, Hartford, CT; bap. there Apr. 4, 1686; d. 1725, West Hartford, CT. Married May 10, 1710, Hartford, CT, Abigail WEBSTER, daughter of John WEBSTER and Sarah MYGATT, and great aunt of Noah WEBSTER. Children of Jacob and Abigail MERRILL: Lucy died young; Jacob married Mary MANLEY; Zebulon married Susanna MERRILL; Elisha; Asa married; Abigail married Asa HOPKINS; and Joshua married Ruth KING.

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