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Bevil and Elizabeth Waters

The principal information sources for the WATERS family are "Descendants of Andrew Benton," by John H. Benson, Jr. (NEHGR, Jul. 1906, pp 300ff.) and History of the Seymour Family, by Donald Lines Jacobus (1939), supplemented by the usual published resources for early New England settlers, including Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut, by Lucius Barnes Barbour (Baltimore, 1977).

Bevil WATERS - b. 1632; d. Feb. 14, 1729/30, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; bur. Central Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT (marker). Parents unknown. Moved to Hartford by 1661 where he was apprenticed to Thomas Watts as carpenter 1661-1667; freeman 1669; townsman 1682. In 1706 he was indicted for "cursing the court," having said after a judgment had been rendered against him, "God bless you over the left shoulder." Will dated Feb. 1, 1721 mentions three daughters, his deceased son Thomas, and Thomas' two sons and three daughters. His burial record states that he died in his 97th year, and his estate was inventoried on Mar. 13, 1729 at £1483.16.0. Bevil was first married to Elizabeth, mother of his four children; and second, when he was 92 years old, on Dec. 13, 1722, at Hartford, Hartford Co., CT to Sarah WEBSTER (b. Jun. 30, 1655; d. Feb. 1744, at age 88), daughter of Robert WEBSTER and Susanna TREAT, and widow of Joseph MYGATT.

Elizabeth - d. before Feb. 1721, Hartford, CT. Not mentioned in will of Bevil WATERS.

Children of Bevil and Elizabeth Waters

  1. Sarah - b. Jan. 20, 1667/8, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; d. 1714-1718. Called "my eldest daughter, Sarah Benton, wife of Joseph Benton, in her father's will and left £100. She was married on Feb. 10, 1697/8, at Hartford, Hartford Co., CT to Joseph BENTON (b. about 1660, Milford, CT; d. Aug. 12, 1753, Kent, CT; bur. Good Hill Cemetery), son of Andrew BENTON and Hannah STOCKING (daughter of George STOCKING and Anna). Joseph was the widower of a daughter (d. about 1696/7) of Dea. Paul PECK (1622-1695) of Hartford, who called Joseph BENTON his son-in-law in his 1695 will. Joseph's first wife was not Martha PECK (b. 1646), who married John CORNWELL on Jun. 8, 1665 at Middletown, CT. Joseph BENTON and his first wife had one child, Joseph, who married Dec. 11, 1718 Sarah PYNCHON. Joseph BENTON, Sr. moved his family from Hartford to Tolland, CT about 1714, where he was town clerk, seclectman, and deacon. The family removed to Newington, CT by Nov. 1739 and in 1742 to Kent, Litchfield, Co., CT. Children of Sarah and Joseph BENTON, Sr.: Ruth died young; Sarah died young; Isaac married Ruth NORTON; Aaron married Lydia BIDWELL; Jemima married Benjamin STRONG; Jehiel married Sarah BERRY; and Kezia married John PAULK.
  2. Thomas - d. 1718-9, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. Owned covenant at First Church of Hartford Feb. 28, 1696/7. Married May 19, 1696, Sarah FENN, daughter of Benjamin FENN of Milford, CT. Children of Thomas and Sarah WATERS: Mehitabel died young; Joseph married Elizabeth WEBSTER; Sarah; Mehitabel married William BUSHNELL; Dorothy married Zebulon MYGATT; Samuel married Mary CLAPP; Benjamin; and Abraham died infant.
  3. Mary - b. 1677; d. Apr. 14, 1746, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; bur. Center Church Cemetery. Married on Jun. 21, 1711, at Hartford, CT to Capt. Thomas SEYMOUR (b. Mar. 12, 1668/9, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; d. Aug. 30, 1740, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; bur. Center Church Cemetery), son of John SEYMOUR and Mary WATSON, and grandson of Richard SEYMOUR and Mercy STEELE, and of John Watson and Margaret SMITH. Thomas married first Feb. 20 or 29, 1700 Ruth NORTON (d. Jul. 19, 1710), mother of Mary who married her cousin Nathaniel SEYMOUR; Capt. Thomas who married Hepzibah MERRILL (daughter of Daniel MERRILL and Susanna PRATT); and Ruth who married Elisha SMITH. Children of Mary and Thomas SEYMOUR: Lt. Bevil married first Lydia DODD, and second Thankful MERRILL (daughter of Abel MERRILL and Mabel EASTON); Sarah married first Isaac NORTON, Jr., and second Jonathan HUNTINGTON; Jared died young; Alice married Augustus STANLEY; Josiah died young; Jerusha did not marry; and Zebulon.
  4. Hannah - b. 1681, Hartford, CT; d. May 8, 1730. Married Wilterton MERRILL.

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Wilterton and Hannah (Waters) Merrill

Wilterton MERRILL - b. Jun. 28, 1675, Hartford, CT; bap. there Jul. 4, 1675; d. May 14, 1755, Hartford, CT; bur. Center Church Cemetery. Son of John MERRILL and Sarah WATSON. Named for Gregory WILTERTON who died in Jul. 1674 and had cared for Wilterton's father. Received at 2nd Church Dec. 21, 1712. Will dated Jul. 19, 1750 names wife Elizabeth, son Gideon, and daughter Hannah BUTLER. Married first Jan. 1, 1702/3 Ruth PRATT (b. Dec. 21, 1677, Hartford, CT), daughter of John PRATT and Hepzibah WYATT. Married second Jan. 20, 1708/9, Hartford, CT. Married third after 1730 Elizabeth COLLIER.

Hannah WATERS- b. 1681, Hartford, CT; d. May 8, 1730, Hartford, CT; bur. Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT (marker). Owned covenant 1st Church Feb. 23, 1695/6, and received at 2nd Church Sep. 22, 1723. Daughter of Bevil WATERS and Elizabeth of Hartford.

Child of Wilterton and Ruth Merrill

  1. Ruth - bap. Jul. 10, 1704, Hartford, CT; d. before 1731.

Children of Wilterton and Hannah Merrill

  1. Samuel - b. about 1711, Hartford, CT; d. Jan. 1742/3, Hartford, CT. Unmarried. Son of Wilterton and Hannah.
  2. Hannah - bap. Feb. 7, 1713/4, Hartford, CT; d. week prior to Apr. 26, 1790, Hartford, CT. She and her husband bur. Center Church Cemetery, Hartford, CT. Daughter of Wilterton and Hannah. Married Daniel BUTLER (b. Oct. 11, 1704, Hartford, CT; bap. there Oct. 15, 1704; d. Dec. 13, 1780, Hartford, CT), son of Thomas BUTLER and Abigail SHEPARD. Children of Hannah and Daniel BUTLER: Daniel; Ruth married Caleb CHURCH; Hannah married first Uriah SHEPARD, and second John BURKETT; Anne died young; Thankful died young; Abigail married Samuel GOODWIN; James; and Christian married Joel BYINGTON.
  3. Gideon - b. about 1716, Hartford, CT; d. Sep. 8, 1757, Hartford, CT; bur. Center Church Cemetery, Hartford, CT.

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Gideon and Mary (Bigelow) Merrill

Gideon MERRILL - b. about 1716, Hartford, CT; d. Sep. 8, 1757, Hartford, CT; bur. Center Church Cemetery, Hartford, CT. Son of Wilterton MERRILL and Hannah WATERS. Married Jun. 5, 1740, Hartford, CT.

Mary BIGELOW - bap. Jul. 2, 1721, Hartford, CT; d. Mar. 9, 1750, Hartford, CT; bur. Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT (marker). Daughter of Joseph BIGELOW and Sarah SPENCER.

Children of Gideon and Mary Merrill

  1. Samuel - b. 1741, Hartford, CT; d. 1761, Hartford, CT. Unmarried.
  2. Nathaniel - b. Feb. 7, 1742, Hartford, CT; d. Mar. 1, 1820, Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY.
  3. Mary - b. 1745, Hartford, CT. Married Apr. 12, 1760, Hartford, CT her first cousin Elisha STEELE, son of Ebenezer STEELE and Susannah MERRILL. Elisha married second the widow Eunice PRITCHARD.
  4. Hannah - b. 1747, Hartford, CT. Married Apr. 8, 1770 Samuel MERRY. They lived at Litchfield, Herkimer Co., NY. Son of Hannah and Samuel MERRY: Samuel.
  5. Gideon - b. 1749, Hartford, CT; d. Jun. 17, 1803, Hartford, CT. Pvt. in Revolution from CT (DAR gives death date as Jun. 27, 1803). Married Aug. 1, 1776, West Hartford, CT his second cousin Abigail MERRILL (bap. Jun. 10, 1753, West Hartford, CT; d. 1804, West Hartford, CT), daughter of Asa MERRILL. Children: Abigail married Capt. Seth GATES; Asa married Clarissa WILCOX; Pierpont married second Electa MORSE; Arden married Miss BRACE; James married first Sarah CROSBY and second Sarah CATLIN; and Celia-Ann married Horatio BUELL.

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Nathaniel and Hannah (Belden) Merrill

Nathaniel MERRILL - b. Feb. 7, 1742, Hartford, CT; d. Mar. 1, 1820, Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY. Son of Gideon MERRILL and Mary BIGELOW. Nathaniel served about 5 years in the Revolution between Jul. 1775 and Oct. 1781, being in the battles at White Plains, Boundbrook, Stony Point, and Yorktown. The birth and death data given below for his children varies slightly in some cases from that given on NSDAR application for National Number 511658. Lived at West Hartford, New Hartford, and Litchfield, CT, and Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY. There is some indication he was married twice. If so, the recorded birthdates of his children and name of first daughter suggest that his first child may have been a son of the first marriage.

Hannah BELDEN - b. Apr. 5, 1744, West Hartford, CT; bap. there Jun. 30, 1745; d. Mar. 25, 1809. Daughter of John BELDEN and Sarah KELLOGG.

Children of Nathaniel and Hannah Merrill

  1. Nathaniel - b. Oct. 3, 1762, West Hartford, CT; d. Aug. 29, 1834. Served in the Revolution as Pvt. of CT. Married Huldah HURLBERT.
  2. Hannah - b. Jan. 9, 1765, West Hartford, CT; d. Aug. 19, 1845, Mt. Morris, NY. Married Jan. 1, 1788, West Simsbury, CT, Elisha MOSES. Children of Hannah and Elisha MOSES: Drayton; Edward; Amarila; and Betsy.
  3. Truman - b. Sep. 26, 1766, West Hartford, CT; d. Aug. 24, 1856. A farmer, living at Pittstown, NY. Married first Jun. 9, 1789 Patty WRIGHT (b. 1769; d. Dec. 20, 1803), second Jun. 9, 1805 Anna CLARK (b. 1777; d. Aug. 23, 1816), and third Polly (SMITH) WOLCOTT (b. Nov. 18, 1784; d. Sep. 29, 1845). Children of Patty: Minerva; James; Patty; Jabez Wright married Lucretia W. PRATT; Voltaire; Nelson; Truman; and Samuel Baldwin. Children of Anna: Charles Baldwin; Sidney; Sylvester; Betsey; Hezekiah; Tillinghast; and Oliver Myers. Children of Polly: Maria; Mary Ann; and Morris F.
  4. Samuel - b. Feb. 23, 1768, West Hartford, CT; d. May 7, 1834, probably at Kingston, Ontario. A tailor, living in Kingston from 1788. Married first Jul. 16, 1792, Kingston, ON Mary PHILLIPS (b. 1771; d. Jul. 10, 1803), the mother of 6 children, and second Ruth BROWN, mother of 13 children. Children: William; Charles married Elizabeth ANSLEY; Mary married George P. KIRBY; Sarah married Paul PETERSON; Samuel married Mary Edwards HALE; Hannah married John SHANNON; George; Nancy married Maj. Thomas PAXTON; Jeremiah; John married Martha BLAKE; James Wells died in infancy; Stephen Brown married first Harriet Augusta DANIELS, and second Lois FLINT; Hugh Moshier married Eliza MILLER; Ruth; Bayard Belden did not marry; George O'Rell Stewart died young; and Thomas Paxton.
  5. James - b. Sep. 23, 1769, West Hartford, CT; d. Apr. 9, 1791, Lansingburg, NY.
  6. Allen - b. Jul. 3, 1771, West Hartford, CT; d. there Oct. 21, 1771.
  7. Allen - b. Aug. 12 or 13, 1772, West Hartford, CT; d. Mar. 25, 1847, Aurelius, Cayuga Co., NY.
  8. Mary - b. May 15, 1774, West Hartford, CT; d. Litchfield, NY.
  9. Asher - b. Mar. 19, 1776, West Hartford, CT. Lived at Duanesburg and Cherry Valley, NY. Married first Nov. 29, 1795 Wealthy Austin LUSCOMB (b. Aug. 29, 1776, Taunton, MA; d. Aug. 13, 1814, Albany, NY), daughter of Robert LUSCOMB and Sarah AUSTIN. Asher married second Mar. 19, 1817 Elizabeth BUCKMAN (b. May 25, 1789, Guilford, VT), mother of 6 youngest children. Children: Almira did not marry; Mary 'Polly' married Tilly MAY; Robert John Belden; Hannah died in infancy; Frederick Veeder married Loenza SOUTHWORTH; Welthy died young; Asher Belden married first Asenath CHAPEL, and second Grace CHAPEL; Hannah married Churchill HENDEE; Sarah married Jared GAGE; George Washington did not marry; Joseph married Caroline REYNOLDS; Thaddeus; Elizabeth; Harriet married Albert G. SMITH; Charles H.; and Pamelia.
  10. Ebenezer - b. Apr. 6, 1778, West Hartford, CT; d. Jan. 1821.
  11. Ethan (or Nathan) - b. Feb. 20, 1780, West Hartford, CT; d. 1808-9, Greenbush, NY.
  12. Percy (or Persis) - b. Dec. 24, 1781, West Hartford, CT; d. May 19, 1847. Married Nov. 15, 1797, West Simsbury, CT Thomas BARBER. Lived at Garrettsville, OH.
  13. Charles - b. Nov. 15, 1783, West Hartford, CT; d. Mar. 3, 1858, NY. Lived at Hudson, where children were born, and Waterloo, NY. Married Anna CRAMPTON (or COMPTON) (b. May 19, 1785; d. Jul. 19, 1866). Children: Hannah Belden; Avis Ann; Benjamin; Charles; Elizabeth; Ellen; and William who died young.
  14. Dorothy - b. Nov. 7, 1785, West Hartford, CT. Married Mr. MEYERS and lived in OH.
  15. Candace - b. Mar. 1, 1788, West Hartford, CT; d. there Mar. 15, 1788.
  16. Candace - b. Nov. 12, 1790, West Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; d. Nov. 24, 1875, Middlefield, NY. Married on Mar. 22, 1812 At Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY to John F. MARKS (b. Aug. 31, 1790, Montgomery Co., NY; d. Jun. 8, 1872, Middlefield, NY), son of John MARKS and Amy. Lived principally at Roseboom, Otsego Co., NY. Children of Candace and John MARKS: Lewis married Elizabeth; Elvira married Alfred WATTS; Eliza married Henry POTTS; Hannah married Henry WATTS; Elmina married Francis CORNWALL; Mary married John PATTERSON; Sarah married Jerome A. LEWIS; John Nelson married Caroline L. TAYLOR; Candace married Elisha Hubble SMITH; William T. married Emeline WITHEY; Betsey Ann married Morrell GAMSEY; Melissa; Leventia married Aaron VanDYKE; and Renetta married Delos MANZUR.

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Allen and Tamma (Smith) Merrill

Allen MERRILL- b. Aug. 12 or 13, 1772, West Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; d. Mar. 25, 1847, Aurelius, Cayuga Co., NY; bur. Stark Street Cemetery [photo], Waterloo, Seneca Co., NY. Son of Nathaniel MERRILL and Hannah BELDEN. Allen, a blacksmith, died following a kick received from a horse he was shoeing. He was buried at Waterloo, where two of his children lived. A notice in the Waterloo paper on Apr. 7, 1847 reads "Died at Aurelius on the 27th<sic> instant, Mr. Allen Merrill in his 74th<sic> year." Allen's death date is given as Mar. 28, 1847 in the Merrill Memorial. He lived at Litchfield, Johnstown, Elton, and Aurelius, NY, and probably elsewhere. Nine grandsons served in the Union Army during the Civil War, three dying in battle. Married about 1798.

Tamma SMITH - b. Nov. 11, 1780, VT or NY; d. Jun. 13, 1848, Town of Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., NY; bur. Elton Cemetery [photo]. Her grave marker reads: Tamma, wife of Allen Merrills, dyed June 22<sic>, 1848, aged 48 Ys & 6 Ms. Some sources give her name as Tammy. Her death certificate indicates she died of cancer on Jun. 13, 1848. The census for one of her children indicates she was born in VT, while other sources indicate NY. Reportedly the daughter of Simeon SMITH and Eliza WHEELER.

Children of Allen and Tamma Merrill

  1. Amanda - b. Nov. 22, 1800, Bennington, Bennington Co., VT. Married Leonard SMITH (b. 1785; d. Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., NY), son of James SMITH (b. about 1760, NY; d. about 1855, Calhoun Co., MI). The 1850 Census of Pennfield, Calhoun Co., MI locates Leonard and Amanda SMITH, and his father James SMITH, in the household of Levi W. SMITH, nephew of Leonard SMITH. Dwelling and Family 40 included: Levi Smith 30 M [nephew of Leonard]; Annette Smith 23 F [should be Emerette]; Leonard Smith 65 M [uncle of Levi]; James Smith 94 M [father of Leonard]; Amanda Smith 50 F [wife of Leonard]; Mary E. Smith 9 F [kinship uncertain]; and William Smith 23 M [son of Leonard]. Family 38 was that of John Stewart SMITH [brother of Levi SMITH]. Family 41 was that of Elijah Mason MOREY [first cousin of Emerette (MOREY) SMITH] and Elizabeth (MERRILL) MOREY [sister of Amanda (MERRILL) SMITH], and their six children. Family 42 was that of Eli MOREY [uncle of Emerette (MOREY) SMITH] and Mary (MASON) ATWOOD [sister-in-law of Eli MOREY]. Children of Amanda and Leonard SMITH include: Susan A. 'Ann' married first Enoch M. VanNESS, and second Job MANTY (another source has MOWBY, perhaps misreading of handwriting); Mary E. married Mr. NORRIS; William; and Hiram A.
  2. Lyman Burton - b. Jan 31, 1803, Fairfax, VT; d. Shumla, Chautauqua Co., NY; bur. at Laona, Chautauqua Co., NY. A blacksmith, he married in 1824 at Bridgewater, NY, Content Langworthy MAINE (b. Aug. 17, 1801; d. Sep. 4, 1891; bur. Laona, NY). Children: Content A. died young; Jane married Reuben ANDREWS; Amy Ann married first Hiram FOSTER, and second Mr. WOOD; Celestia L. married Alfred BRAND; Joshua S. married; and William Oliver married.
  3. Allen - b. Oct. 5, 1805, Fairfax, VT; d. about 1885, OH. Allen was killed in a railroad accident. Nicknamed 'Push-a-me-Quick', due to his roving nature and quick movements. Married at Ellisburg, NY, Lorinda BROWN.
  4. Minerva - b. Sep. 27, 1808, Johnstown, Montgomery (now Fulton) Co., NY; d. 1887, Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., NY. Married by 1829 at Litchfield, Herkimer Co., NY Dennis DYE (b. Mar. 15, 1805, Litchfield, NY; d. Feb. 23, 1872, Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., NY), a farmer and son of Nathan DYE. Children of Minerva and Dennis DYE: Nathan Allen married Rosaline MOORE; William Preston (Civil War service) married; Elem Smith was killed in Civil War; Herman Wallace (Civil War service) married; Melinda Jane married Mr. Green; Lucina Amanda married Mr. McCALL; Calista Minerva married Mr. SMITH; and Emily Lorinda.
  5. Smith - b. Oct. 16, 1810, Johnstown, Montgomery (now Fulton) Co., NY; d. Jul. 21, 1894, Arcade, Wyoming Co., NY; bur. Sandusky, Cattaraugus Co., NY. Smith was a tailor at Franklinville, and farmed at Farmersville and Great Valley. Married May 15, 1838, Yorkshire, NY Melinda Grace HOWE (b. May 15, 1819, Groton, Tompkins Co., NY; d. Aug. 25, 1904, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY; bur. Aug. 28, 1904, Sandusky, Cattaraugus Co., NY), daughter of John HOWE and Eliza (FISH) CROSBY. Melinda maintained a diary for years, and mentioned the family of her sister Elizabeth (MERRILL) MOREY in entires of 1868-9 and in Aug. 1891. She died at the home of her daughter Mary HAYES. Children: Henry Smith (Civil War service) married Harriet Esther PERSONS (sister of Warren Banister Persons, writer of Civil War Letters); John Burdett was killed in Civil War; Emmett Wesley (Civil War service) was accidently killed; Perry Eugene married Mary Irene LOOMIS; Adelaide E. died unmarried; Helen Lorraine married first Hiram STEELE, and second Alvin E. JOHNSON; William Wallace married Julia E. TARBELL; Mary Emma married Allan E. HAYES; Theodora Grace did not marry; and Frank Merton married first Martha WILLIAMS, and second Minnie M. (COBB) WADE.
  6. William O. - b. 1812, Johnstown, Montgomery (now Fulton) Co., NY; d. Dec. 1867. Married first Calista Adelia LOOMIS, and second Marian STUTSON. Settled at Whitestown, NY as an attorney. Children of Calista and William: William; and Maria married. Daughter of Marian and William: Grace E. married.
  7. Caroline - b. Oct. 17, 1814, Johnstown, Montgomery (now Fulton) Co., NY; d. Oct. 11, 1850, Waterloo, Seneca Co., NY; bur. there. Caroline died of consumption. Married Charles SENTELL (bur. Waterloo, NY). Charles owned and published the Waterloo Observer. He remarried twice after the death of Caroline. Children of Caroline and Charles SENTELL: Mary Elizabeth died young; Edward William; John Clark died in infancy; Gertrude Matilda; Mary Elizabeth married Will S. COLVIN; Caroline Genevre; Sarah Ann married Mr. SEAMAN; and Florence.
  8. Mason Fitch - b. Apr. 2, 1817, Johnstown, Montgomery (now Fulton) Co., NY; d. Apr. 4, 1848, Waterloo, NY. Mason died of consumption. Married first Harriett (b. Mar. 21, 1815; d. about 1845), and second Jan. 6, 1848 Juliet PARDEE (b. 1815; d. Mar. 19, 1894). Unconfirmed family sources give the name of Mason's second wife as Julia PARDEE and their marriage date as Oct. 19, 1846. Daughter of Mason and Juliet: Carrie married Edward V. BURTON.
  9. Elizabeth - b. Jul. 12, 1819, Oneida Co., NY; d. Dec. 5, 1865, Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., NY. Married Elijah Mason MOREY. Three sons had Civil War service.
  10. Mariah MERRILL - b. Mar. 22, 1822; d. Mar. 7, 1843, Chautauqua Co., NY. Some sources list Maria(h) as the eldest child, but with no birth date or other supporting evidence.
  11. John Wallace - b. Nov. 1, 1824 (or 1825?), Bridgewater, Oneida Co., NY; d. Jan. 21, 1907, Mannsville, Montgomery Co., NY; bur. there. A tailor at Belleville and Mannsville, he is said to dress impeccably. Married Sep. 8, 1844, Livona Cordelia BROWN (b. Mar. 5, 1825; d. 1887; bur. Mannsville, NY) of Smithville, NY. Children: Lemoine Josephine married Dr. Volney R. BLANDON, dentist; and Libbie E. married William G. MARSH.

A descendant of Smith MERRILL has a number of letters from the Civil War era which mention the sons of Smith MERRILL's sister Elizabeth (MERRILL) MOREY. Henry Smith MERRILL wrote on Feb. 26, 1863 from Bells Landing, VA that "Emm and I returned from the 64th last evening.... I did not see Charley Morey he was at commasary head quarters on guard some 4 miles distant." His brother Emmett Wesley MERRILL mentions William and Homer MOREY, brothers of Charles MOREY, in the following letter (undated, but without doubt written in 1864), presented as written.:

Brandy Station
April 24th [1864]

Dear Friends
      Your kind letter writen on the 17th was rec in good time and I was verry glad to hear that you were all in good health it found me in the best of health and enjoying my Self bully Harry and my Self went over to the 5th Cav. to day the veterans had not returned yet they were Washington expecting them in a few days I see Wm Morey he is O.K. Homer was out on Picket So I did not see him I was very Sorry that he was out for I would have liked to Seen him first rate Wm says he thinks that he Homer will get detailed to drive ambulance with him I hope So for it will be easyier for him I expect that the army will be on the move in a few days but let them move I do not care how Soon for I have got my pony to ride and if the Rebs get me they will have to have pretty Smart horse to ride I have not heard from Henry Sence he left the army I expect he is in Washington do not know when he will be in the army again but before long I think I wish I had Some news to write but news is plaide out in the army I was verry glad from Mary she can write verry well better than I can a darned Sight you will find enclosed $50 dollars whitch if you do not need it verry bad I wish you would put it in the bank or Some other Safe place for I Should like to have it go towards paying for the place but if you need it to use now why use it as it is getting late and I have no news to write I will bid you good night
      (give my love to all the good looking girls)

Yours Afect         write often
  From Emmett          
 To all Friends           

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