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The Moberly/Mobleys in America

Note that the family name is variously recorded as MOBBERLY, MOBERLY, MOBERLEY, MOBLEY, MOBLY. The Mobley Surname Home Page is a clearinghouse for all family information, including the books listed here. Special thanks to Betty Turman Sandell of Savannah, TN, who first provided the "kinnection" between the LAWSON, TURMAN, NEELY and MOBERLY families. The principal sources of information on the MOBERLY family have been three books and many generous cousins, including:

Research on the Mobberly familiy origins is continuing. With the majority of the information concerning the early MOBERLEY ancestry primarily based on conjecture, all suppositions prior to the generation of John and Ann MOBERLY will be omitted from Refer to the above publications and the Mobley Surname Home Page if you desire to review various opinions concerning possible MOBERLY origins.

John and Ann Moberly

John MOBERLY - b. about 1657/8, England; d. 1727, Prince George's Co., MD. John may have been from the Parish of Mobberley in Cheshire, England, perhaps by way of Barbados. The births of his five sons are in the records of All Hallows, South River Parish, Ann Arundel Co., MD as early as 1688, and moved to Prince George's Co., MD by the early 1700s, where John and Elizabeth were members of St. Barnabas Church. A Deed of Gifts of branded or otherwise marked livestock is reported to have been made in March 1708 to his five sons, listed in age order. John married Ann by 1686. He was married second by June 1708 to Elizabeth ROBERTSON/ROBINSON, and third on Feb. 28, 1716 in Prince George Co., MD to Mrs. Susannah (HYATT) SCAGGS, widow of Aaron SCAGGS. Susannah was married third on Nov. 6, 1728 in Prince George Co., MD to Henry BOULTON. The second and third marriages of John, and the third marriage of Susannah are recorded in the Prince Georges Co., MD, Queen Anne Parish Original Register 1686-1777.

Ann - b. about 1666; d. 1699-1707, MD. It has been suggested that Ann, the first wife of John MOBERLY and named as the mother of his sons, bore the given names Elizabeth Ann and was the Elizabeth WOODS who married John MOBBERLY in Frodsham Parish, Cheshire, England on Oct. 21, 1686. Positive evidence that Elizabeth (WOODS) MOBBERLY was the same person as Mrs. Ann MOBERLY of Ann Arundel Co., MD is desired.

Children of John and Ann Moberly

  1. John - b. Mar. 2, 1687/8, All Hallows, South River Parish, Ann Arundel Co., MD; d. Aug. 5, 1752 to May 1753, Lunenburg Co., VA. Married in St. Barnabas Church, Prince George's Co., MD on Feb. 12, 1711/2 (license) to Rachel PINDELL. The family moved to Lunenburg Co., VA sometime between 1733 and 1748, being listed on the church tithe lists from 1748 to 1752. By the mid 1750s, their sons moved to NC. Sons of John and Rachel MOBERLY: Mordecai married Dorcas READ; Edward married Mary; Hammond married Avarella VINSON; and John possibly married Chloe.
  2. James - b. Jan. 3, 1690/1, All Hallows, South River Parish, Ann Arundel Co., MD; d. before Jan. 6, 1759. Married Elizabeth. Sons or James and Elizabeth MOBERLY: John (twin); Samuel (twin) married; and James married Ann.
  3. William - b. Mar. 18, 1693, All Hallows, South River Parish, Ann Arundel Co., MD; d. after Mar. 21, 1743, Tyrrell Co., NC. Married Sethy ANDERSON. Sons of William and Sethy MOBERLY: Thomas married Mary RACKLEY?; James; and William married Mary.
  4. Edward - b. May 13, 1696, All Hallows, South River Parish, Ann Arundel Co., MD.
  5. Thomas - b. Jan. 18, 1697/8, All Hallows, South River Parish, Ann Arundel Co., MD; d. Jul. 31, 1769. One source reports he married Mary about 1720 (after the birth of his first two children). Children of Thomas MOBERLY: Rezin married Mary FOWLER; Thomas married; Ezekiel married Susanna; John married Chloe CROUCH; Drusilla married Mr. PAIN; a daughter married Mr. RICKETTS; Susannah; Dorcas; Mary possibly married Philip HOPKINS; Levin married; and William married Catherine.

Child of John and Susannah Moberly

  1. Anne - b. Feb. 5, 1718/9, Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's Co., MD. An undocumented source suggests that Anne married Giles VERMILLION, perhaps the son of Giles VERMILLION, Sr. and Jane Hutchison. Giles VERMILLION, Jr. was the father of Hanson (b. 1738), Howard (b. 1740), Giles III (b. 1749), Jacob (b. 1751), Joseph (b. 1753) and Sarah (b. 1755). Based on the birth years of his children, Giles may have been married twice.

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Edward Moberly

Edward MOBERLY - b. May 13, 1696, All Hallows, South River Parish, Ann Arundel Co., MD; d. Fairfield Co., SC. Birth date is based on his being the son of John MOBBERLY and Ann. His death date has been reported as late as 1787, with uncertainty remaining that Edward MOBERLY, son of John and Ann MOBBERLY, the same person as Edward MOBERLY, father of Clement MOBERLY. Edward may, instead have been the son of Edward MOBERLY, the schoolmaster, and his wife Rachel. This Edward, together with sons and sons-in-law, are found in tax lists of Lunenburg Co., VA 1748-52. The family moved to Craven Co., SC between 1755 and 1760. According to evidence reported in Mobleys in America, Edward was probably married three times, his first wife being the unknown mother of probably all of his children except the youngest two. Edward's first wife died before 1741, and he married second Anne (d. between 1747 and 1751, prob. in Lunenberg Co., VA), probably the mother of Elizabeth and Keziah. Edward was married third between 1747 and 1751 to Susannah DuVALL (b. 1702, MD; d. Jun. 14, 1769, Fairfield Co., Camden District, SC [CHAPMAN Family Bible]). It has been suggested that Susannah was the daughter of Lewis DuVALL, and granddaughter of Huguenot immigrant Mareen DuVALL. However, unverified sources indicated that Susannah, daughter of Lewis DuVALL, never married. Edward married first about 1718, in Prince George's Co., MD.

Children of Edward Moberly and his first wife

See Notable Cousins for line to: The Blackwood Brothers
  1. Dorcas - b. about 1720. Married in 1766 to Richard HILL (b. 1748, VA), son of Charles HILL and Sara BELL. Richard had first married Marjorie GILLIAM. Son of Dorcas and Richard HILL: William F. married his first cousin Dorcas MOBLEY.
  2. Clement - b. about 1722, Bedford Co., VA; d. about 1790, Madison Co., KY.
  3. William - b. about 1724-30, VA; d. Dec. 20, 1766, Fairfield Co., SC. He received three land grants totaling 450 acres in northwest Fairfield Co., SC in 1758 and 1759, and served in the SC militia. In 1762, William sold 200 acres of land to his brother Edward. Married by 1750 Ann OSBORNE. Children of William and Ann MOBERLY: Eleazer married Ann LYLES, a widow; William married Frances 'Fanny' ROGERS; Samuel did not marry; Isham married Susanna MOBLEY, daughter of Clement MOBERLY and Mary FOX; Jemima married Edward LOVEJOY; Capt. Thomas married Mary FUNDERBURGH, daughter of Henry and Mary; Dorcas married her first cousin William F. HILL; Mary married Richard HILL; Keziah married Colin MOBLEY; and Elizabeth married Micajah 'Cage' MOBLEY, brother of Colin.
  4. Benjamin - b. 1728-32 (say 1729), VA; d. 1803-5, KY "at age 75." Found on Lunenburg Co., VA tax lists of 1749, 1750, and 1752. He moved to what is now Fairfield Co., SC about 1759, receiving a land grant there is 1773. Benjamin served in the Revolution from SC, removing to KY about 1787. Married by 1760 Mary (PRICE) HILL, a widow. Benjamin may have married a Mrs. RICE as his second wife and mother of the six younger children. Children of Benjamin MOBERLY: John married Nancy JENKINS; Benjamin married Lavinia MEADOWS, daughter of John; Edward married first Nancy ROEBUCK, and second Martha JAMISON; Margaret married Francis Roe COLEMAN (ancestors of members of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet); Elizabeth 'Betsy' married William BOHNAR; Mary 'Polly' married James ROGERS; Samuel married first Miss SHELTON, and second Ann TURNER (or TUDOR, or TAYLOR); Isaac married first Miss SHELTON, and second Peggy PATTERSON; Tabitha married John TURNER; Nancy married Wilson ADDISON and/or Daniel TUDOR; Lucretia married Edward TURNER; and possibly Keziah married James LEE.
  5. Sarah 'Sallie' - b. about 1732. Married before 1752 in Lunenberg Co., VA to Jason MEADOR, Jr. (b. about 1734, VA; d. 1822, Fairfield Co., SC), son of Jason MEADOR, Sr. and Elizabeth STONE [see note below]. Both Jason MEADOR, Sr. and Jr. were signers of the Regulator Petition of Oct. 9, 1790 while residents of Anson Co., NC. Children of Sallie and Jason MEADOR: Jason III married Sophia LOWREY; Edward; William Hill married; Lewis; Thomas married; Hugh; Sophia Elizabeth married Elisha HORNE; and Obadiah married Mary Sarah 'Polly' VINES.
  6. Mary 'Polly' - b. about 1734. Married Thomas HALSELL, Jr. (b. 1752, Lunenberg Co., VA; d. 1826, Montgomery Co., TN). Thomas was married second on 27 Oct 1802 to Elizabeth HAYDEN, and they had eleven children. Thomas' will of Apr. 8, 1825 was proved Oct. 1826. Children of Polly and Thomas HALSELL: Reason married Elizabeth OLDHAM; Anne married Abner WATSON; Elizabeth married Jesse GENTRY; Sarah married Mr. CLOYD; Mary married John MORROW; Martha married William ALLEN; and Vardiman married Temperance FAULK.
  7. Edward - b. Dec. 25, 1735, VA; d. Oct. 17, 1781, Fairfield Co., SC. His estate was appraised Nov. 10, 1782. Served during the Cherokee War in SC. Either he or his father obtained 4 land grants in northwest Fairfield District, SC from 1769 to 1773, totaling 350 acres. Served in the Revolution for 171 days. Edward, his wife, and two daughters died of the same illness in a 4 day period. Married by 1756 Druscilla MEADOR (b. Nov. 20, 1738; d. Oct. 7, 1781, Fairfield Co., SC), daughter of Jason MEADOR, Sr. and Elizabeth STONE [see note below]. Children of Edward and Druscilla MOBERLY: Elizabeth married Henry ROGERS; William married Elizabeth JENKINS; Edward married Amy HILL; Susannah reportedly married first Alexander ROBINSON, and second Richard TOLLIFERRO; Levi married first Rachel RABB, and second Sarah RABB; Ruthea died young; Reuben married Sarah COLEMAN; Lavinia married Henry CHAPMAN, and Sarah died young.
  8. John - b. about 1737; d. after 1822. Married Mary BEAM, daughter of Albert BEAM and Sarah HALSELL of Fairfield Co., SC. Children of John and Mary MOBERLY: William B. married Drusilla MEADOR; Isaac married Miss BROWN; Susan married; and Jethro married Esther Lovejoy MOBLEY.
  9. Samuel - b. 1739; d. Winter 1802/3, Fairfield Co., SC. Served in the Revolution. Married May 1, 1761 to Mary 'Polly' WAGNER (b. about 1743; d. about 1812), daughter of Hans WAGNER and Marie DeLASHMETTE. Samuel's will was dated Dec. 21, 1802 and proved Jan. 24, 1803. His will and estate papers name all his children and/or sons-in-law except for Drucilla and Simeon. Children of Samuel and Polly MOBERLY: Edward married Mary MABRY; Samuel married Elizabeth (PICKETT) WHITEHEAD; Biggers married Joanna (LEWIS) CORBELL; John married Catherine 'Katie' (MILLER) McLEAN; Elizabeth married Richard MANSELL; Drusilla married John FEASTER; Susannah married John TAYLOR; Mary married David SHANNON; Lucretia married John ROBINSON; Nancy married Moses McKEOWN; Savilla married Thomas COLVIN; Dorcas married William PRICE; and Simeon died in infancy.
  10. Susannah - b. 1737/43; d. Jun. 14, 1769. Married Lewis MEADOR (b.  1730/33, VA; d. 1803/05, NC), son of Jason MEADOR, Sr. and Elizabeth STONE [see note below]. Lewis was named in the will of his father as "my eldest son." The family resided in Anson Co., NC. Children of Susannah and Lewis MEADOR: Isham; Levi married Sarah RORIE; Lewis J.; Mordecai married Rebecca; Susan married John GRIMES; and Job married Lucy RORIE.

Probable Children of Edward and Anne Moberly

  1. Keziah - b. about 1743; d. after Dec. 1826, KY. Married about 1760 to Thomas MEADOR (b. about 1737, Raleigh Parish, Essex Co., VA; d. before Dec. 14, 1826, Whitley, KY), son of Jason MEADOR, Sr. and Elizabeth STONE [see note below]. Thomas and Keziah moved to Anson Co., NC by Nov. 1772 and to Whitley Co., KY by 1810. Thomas signed a petitions concerning the location of the Anson County courthouse in 1777 and 1783, and served in the Revolution.  Thomas died before Dec. 14, 1826 when his widow deeded 100 acres to son Pleasant. The deed was recorded Dec. 21, 1826, Whitley Co., KY. Children of Keziah and Thomas MEADOR: William; Jason married first Biddy BRADSHAW, and second Martha SULLIVAN; John married first Jemima MELTON, and second Delilah JONES; Thomas, Jr. married Elizabeth 'Betsy'; Isham married Sarah; Isaiah married Obedience 'Biddie'; Dorcas married Wiley M. WORLEY; Edward Mobley married Abigail THOMAS; Middleton; and Pleasant married Sarah.
  2. Elizabeth - b. about 1746. Married Job MEADOR (b. about 1736, VA; d. Oct. 1822, Fairfield Co., SC), son of Jason MEADOR, Sr. and Elizabeth STONE [see note below]. Job bought land on Thompsons Creek in Anson Co., NC in 1762 and sold it to William RUSHING in 1767. He is listed in the 1790, 1800 and 1810 censuses of Anson Co., NC. Children of Elizabeth and Job MEADOR: John married Rebecca MOBERLY; Thomas married Naomi CHANDLER; Edward married Rebecca; and Jason.

MEADOR Family information is abstracted from the web site of Ralph E. MEADOWS, a descendant of Thomas MEADOR and Keziah MOBERLY. The MEADOR name is also found as MEADORS, and descendants of Thomas adopted the surname MEADOW or MEADOWS. The parents of the five MEADOR children who married MOBERBLY siblings were Jason MEADOR, Sr.  (b. 1700/07, Essex or Caroline Co., VA; d. after Mar. 3, 1774, Anson Co., NC) and Elizabeth STONE (b. about 1711; d. before Feb. 1778, Anson Co., NC). Two younger MEADOR children: Sarah Mariah married Abraham RUSHING; and Zilphia S. married Thomas HUNTLEY.

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Clement and Mary (Fox) Moberly

Clement MOBERLY - b. about 1722, Bedford Co., VA; d. about 1790, Madison Co., KY. Son of Edward MOBERLY. He owned land on the Otter River in Bedford Co., VA, which he sold in 1759, having moved to Craven District (now Fairfield Co.), SC. In SC Clement received four land grants totaling 550 acres between 1765 and 1773. In 1787, he sold his SC land and moved to KY, settled in Madison County (on tax list of Apr. 27, 1789). Married about 1740.

Mary FOX - b. Apr. 1, 1722, Fairfield Co., SC. Daughter of David FOX and Elizabeth.

Children of Clement and Mary Moberly

  1. Benjamin - b. about 1744, VA. Served in the Revolution. Moved to KY about 1797. Married Mary SUTTON. Children of Benjamin and Mary MOBERLY: Robert; Sally married E. COVINGTON; and probably others.
  2. Clement - b. Oct. 4, 1746, Bedford Co., VA; living in 1835, Crawford Co., AR. Moved to Fairfield Co., SC with parents. He served in the Revolution and moved to Madison Co., KY after the War. He appears on the tax list of May 27, 1787 of Madison Co., KY, and and later to Warren Co., KY and Crawford Co., AR. On Feb. 7, 1834, Clement attested to his brother Isaiah's Revolutionary War service, and Clement and his wife Sibella made confirming statements. Married first on Jul. 7, 1770 in Fairfield Co., SC to Phoebe LASHLY. Clement's second wife was named Sibella. Children of Clement and Phoebe MOBERLY: Reason married Caroline O'NEILL; Isaiah married second Nancy COX; Charles died young; John died young; Vashti married Soloman TAYLOR; Nancy married Harvey O'NEAL; Charles married Elizabeth 'Betsy' SNODGRASS; John married Sarah K. FLETCHER; James married Betsy COX; Clement 'Clem' married China; and Edward married Sarah SIMPSON.
  3. Ann 'Nancy' - b. about 1745-49, Bedford Co., VA; d. Fairfield Co., SC. Married Richard NEELEY.
  4. Isaiah - b. Dec. 14, 1754, Fairfield Co., SC; d. Oct. 23, 1836, Lee Creek, Crawford Co., AR. Moved to Fairfield Co., SC with parents, and to KY after the Revolution. He appears on the tax list of Madison Co., KY on Apr. 27, 1789. Served in the Revolution 1775-1782. Married about 1780 in Fairfield Co., SC, Frances 'Fanny' COLEMAN, daughter of Robert COLEMAN and Frances MATHIS. Children of Isaiah and Fanny MOBERLY: Elijah married first Salome GUICE, and second Martha MAY; Isaiah married first Nancy GUICE, and third Mary 'Polly' KING; Sion Fountain married Barbara GUICE; possibly James; Frances married Anthony TURNEY; Vashti married Daniel TURNEY; Rebecca married Burwell COX; Sicily married first William JOHNSON, and second Guilford PLYANT; Nancy married George BRIGGS; Robert; David; and Pinkey H. married Isaac P. SPENCER.
  5. William - b. about 1756, Fairfield Co., SC; d. about 1807, Fairfield Co., SC. Married about 1786 to Nancy COLEMAN, daughter of Robert COLEMAN and Frances MATHIS. Children of William and Nancy MOBERLY: Larkin married his second cousin Lucy MOBLEY, daughter of Keziah and Colin MOBLEY (ancestors of Mary Ann (MOBLEY) COLLINS, Miss America 1959); Fanny married Charles P. COLEMAN; Joab married; Candace married William McGRAW; Zachariah married; William C.; Green Berry married first Savilla HILL, and second Mrs. Henrietta WILSON; and Wiley married.
  6. Mary 'Polly' - b. about 1764, Fairfield Co., SC. Married Charles COLEMAN (d. 1788, Fairfield Co., SC).
  7. Susannah - b. about 1766, Fairfield Co., SC. Married Isham MOBLEY, son of William MOBLEY and Anne OSBORNE. Children of Susannah and Isham MOBLEY: Isham, Jr. married Penelope; and Hester Hunt married Robert YOUNGUE.
  8. Edward - b. about 1770, SC. Married about 1800 to Nancy SUTTON. Additional evidence concerning this family is desired, since some undocumented sources give earlier birth and marriage dates for Edward. Daughter of Edward and nancy MOBERLY: Nancy J. married William DOLLINS.

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Fox Family Origins

The names of the parents of Mary (FOX) MOBERLY were first read in Neeley Notes, by Hazel Gibson Jones (Lubbock,TX: about 1993). Land and tithe records reveal that Clement MOBERLY, who married Mary FOX about 1742, was living in Lundenburg Co., VA in 1748, and perhaps at the time of his marriage. Clement signed a petition in 1741 to establish a parish at Frederick, Prince Georges Co., MD, so it may be that he and Mary were married there. Clement and Mary lived in that part of Lundenburg County (formed from Brunswick County in 1746) which became Bedford County in 1753, as revealed by Bedford Co., VA deeds of Oct. 20, 1755 and Aug. 27, 1759, and removed to Craven Co., SC (part of Camden District which became Fairfield County) by Sep. 3, 1759, the date of a deed recorded in Bedford Co., VA from "Clement Moberly of Craven County, South Carolina." [Hill & Hill-Moberly Connections of Fairfield County, South Carolina, by George A. Hill (Ponca City, OK: 1961), page 235-38. Unfortunately, the compiler did not include information on the FOX family.] It is therefore believed (at this time) that the family of David and Elizabeth FOX were residents of Prince Georges Co., MD or Lundenburg Co., VA during the birth of most, if not all, of their children, and the family probably moved to Fairfield Co., SC (Camden District) about 1759 - along with the MOBERLY family.

David and Elizabeth Fox

David FOX - b. est. 1700. He may have been born in Prince Georges Co., MD, where the MOBERLY family resided from before the formation of the county from Charles County in 1695, until as late as 1741. It is not likely that he is connected to the Fox family residing in Lancaster Co., VA in the mid to late 1600s. The birth dates of his children, and their death dates except for Mary and Jonathan, appear in Bible Records of Fairfield County, South Carolina, by the Richard Winn Chapter NSDAR (Jenkinsville, SC: about 1954), pages 64 and 65. Lived in Fairfield Co., SC. Married est. 1719, VA.

Elizabeth - b. est. 1701. Lived in Fairfield Co., SC.

Children of David and Elizabeth Fox

  1. David - b. Sep. 2, 1720; d. Dec. 11, 1766. Married Catherine.
  2. Mary - b. Apr. 1, 1722. Married Clement MOBERLY.
  3. John - b. Feb. 28, 1723; d. Feb. 3, 1786.
  4. Joseph - b. Sep. 29, 1725; d. Dec. 4, 1754.
  5. Elizabeth - b. Oct. 15, 1727; d. Sep. 21, 1747.
  6. William - b. Dec. 26, 1729; d. Feb. 3, 1783.
  7. Jonathan - b. Dec. 29, 1731.
  8. Ann - b. Dec. 11, 1733; d. Nov. 16, 1783.
  9. Margaret - b. Jun. 29, 1736; Feb. 2, 1739.
  10. Benjamin - b. Mar. 23, 1738; d. Jan. 7, 1773. Married Ann. Children: Ann; Mary; Elizabeth; and Benjamin.
  11. Richard - b. Apr. 23, 1743; d. 12 Mar 1772.
  12. James - b. Apr. 23, 1743; d. Nov. 9, 1773.
  13. George - b. Apr. 7, 1746; d. Oct. 31, 1788. Married on May 29, 1766 to Jane GOTUE. Children: Elizabeth; and Jane died young.

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