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Possible Moore Roots in England

Richard Moore and Mary Green

Mary Moore and George Peacock

Benjamin Moore

Elizabeth Moore and Samuel Biggerstaff

Benjamin Biggerstaff and Mary Vanzant

Elizabeth Biggerstaff and Daniel McGaughey

James Withrow McGaughey and Elizabeth O. Megahey

Mary McGaughey and John H. Carpenter

Susanna Carpenter and George Romulus Freeman

Aretus Erastus Freeman and Minnie Elsie Morey

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

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Possible Moore Roots in England

Any connection between Richard MOORE of Chester Co., PA and a MOORE family in England remains conjectural, but circumstantial evidence and limited records do permit some speculation. Do not accept these comments as anything more than mere speculation about the parentage of Richard MOORE. Documented evidence either supporting or disproving this conjecture is welcome.

When the GREEN, MOORE and GUEST families arrived in Philadelphia in 1686, the GREEN and MOORE families (and possibly all three) settled first in that part of Burlington Co., West Jersey that became Gloucester County in Sep. 1686. Court and land records place members of the GREEN and MOORE families in Burlington County until as late as 1692, but the movement to Chester Co., PA began around 1689. By 1693 it appears that all members of the Thomas GREEN and Richard MOORE family had relocated from West Jersey to Pennsylvania. It is possible that the motivation for initial settlement of the Richard MOORE family in West Jersey was that close relatives were already settled there.

The family of Benjamin MOORE and others, including two other families from Northampton, England, arrived in America in 1682 aboard the 'Amity,' with the vessel landing at Burlington, West Jersey. The MOORE family included Benjamin MOORE, Sr. and his sons Thomas and Benjamin, Jr. The Benjamin Moore Family of Burlington County, New Jersey, by Edmund E. Moore (1982: Woodbury, NJ) traces the decendants of Benjamin MOORE, Jr. The Introduction cites the will of John VICKERS of Syresham, Northampton (dated Mar. 6, 1670, proved Mar. 29, 1673/4), which includes among the legatees "my well-beloved Kinsman Benjamin Moore" and his children John, Elizabeth, Jane, Thomas and Benjamin.

A Mar. 15, 1679/0 mortgage assignment for land at Syresham transfers the lease which was assigned on Oct. 2, 1630 to John MOORE, his wife Elizabeth, and their son Benjamin, to Benjamin's son John. The latter two are called Carpenters of Syresham.

The VICKERS family (exact relationship to the MOORE family is not stated) held land in both Syresham and Boddington, about 12 miles to the northwest. One John MOORE of Boddington wrote his will in 1671 (proved 1671/2), in which he names "my now wife Alice" and sons Richard, John, Thomas and Edward. If the John MOORE of Boddington with will date 1671 was the same person assigned land at Syresham in 1630, and if Richard MOORE, son of John, was the immigrant to America, one might construct the following simple family structure:

1. Benjamin possibly married Miss VICKERS?, to America 1682, settling at Burlington
2. John, assigned lease in Syresham and remained there
2. Elizabeth
2. Jane
2. Thomas, to America 1682, settling at Burlington
2. Benjamin, to America 1682, settling at Burlington
3. John, Benjamin, Thomas, Joseph, Samuel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Dorothy, and Mary
1. John MOORE married first Elizabeth and second Alice
2. Richard, to America 1686, settling at Burlington, removing to Chester Co., PA
3. Mary, John, Thomas, George, and Susannah
2. John, resident of Chester Co., PA
2. Thomas, resident of Chester Co., PA
2. Edward

John MOORE and Thomas MOORE were residing in Chester Co., PA at the same time as Richard MOORE. Richard named his second son Thomas, the name of his wife Mary GREEN's father. In the family outline proposed, it may be significant that both Benjamin and Richard had sons and grandsons named John and Thomas.

It is reiterated that there is no documentary evidence that Richard MOORE of Chester Co., PA is the same Richard MOORE who was son of John MOORE of Boddington, nor that John MOORE of Boddington was brother, cousin or other close kin of Benjamin MOORE, Sr. of Syresham and Burlington. The marriage of Richard MOORE and Mary GREEN is likely that of Dec. 16, 1660 at Elmdon, Warwick. Although Boddington, Northampton is near the eastern border of Warwickshire, it is some distance to Elmdon in western Warwickshire, with no evidence located stating that the husband of Mary GREEN was from Northamptonshire.

In her will of 1708, Margaret GREEN, widow of Thomas GREEN and mother of Mary (GREEN) MOORE, names "my Cousin Henry Guest." The latter was likely either Henry GUEST, Jr., passenger on the 1686 ship with the GREEN and MOORE families. A marriage and christening in the GUEST (or GEST) family has been located at Northfield, Worcester. See also the discussion of the possible roots of the GREEN family in Warwickshire.

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The Moore Family in America

Detailed information on the MOORE and GREEN families has been shared by Linda Moore Bollinger. See also an article by Hazel J. Hayes, beginning on page 123 of Wayne County, Tennessee, Histories and Families, prepared by the Wayne County Historical Society (Paducah, KY, 1995).

Passenger list of the Delaware

A number of passenger lists for the 'Delaware' have been located, all essentially the same, but with more or less detail. This list seems more detailed, and possibly more true to the original, than others. It is from Emigrants to Pennsylvania 1641-1819, by Michael Tepper (1975).

The ship Delaware From Bristol in old England, John Moore Commander, arrived here the 11th of the 5 month 1686.
Thomas Greene (Husbandman) & Margaret his wife, Thomas and John Greene his sons, Mary Guest his servant for 7 years to come from the third day of May 1686.
Richard Moore (Brickmaker) & Mary his wife & Mary his Daughter & John Moore his sone, Sarah Searle his servant for 4 years to come from the 3d of May 1686.
Henry Guest (sawyer) & Mary his wife & Henry his sone.

Richard and Mary (Green) Moore

Richard MOORE - b. England; d. 1695, Concord Twp., Chester Co., PA. Parents unknown. Richard MOORE, possibly from Northamptonshire, first settled in that portion of Burlington Co., West Jersey, which became Gloucester County in Sep. 1686. He appears in the court records of West Jersey between 1690 and 1692. In Feb. 1689/0 (12th mo.), "Rich'd Moore an Inhabitant and husbandman of West Jersey" purchased 200 acres in Concord Twp., Chester Co., PA. The Aug. 8, 1692 Burlington Co., West Jersey court record names Richard MOORE and John GREENE as defendants. Richard appears on the 1693 tax list for Concord Twp, Chester Co., PA, along with brother-in-law John GREEN, and Thomas MOORE, who was perhaps his brother. George STROUDE was in court in Chester Co., PA on Sep. 12, 1694 "In behalfe of himselfe and Thomas Greene and John Green and Richard Moore" seeking to allow Thomas GREEN to purchase land, Thomas and John GREEN being brothers-in-law of Richard MOORE. On May 16, 1695. administration of the estate of "Richard Moore of Concord" was granted to his widow. When Mary declared her intent to re-marry, Richard's orphaned children were represented at court on Mar. 7, 1698 by George STRODE, who "appeared in behalfe of the Orphants of Richard Moore whose names are as followeth - John Moore & Thomas Moore, George Moore and Mary Moore and Shusannah Moore." (Records of the Courts of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Volume 2, transcribed by Dorothy Lapp, Danboro, PA, 1972, p. 33.) Married Apr. 9, 1683, Northfield, Worcester, England.

Mary GREEN - bap. Sep. 6, 1661, Elmdon, Worcester, England; d. prob. Chester Co., PA. Mary arrived in Philadelphia aboard the 'Delaware' in July 1686, together with her husbnad, children Mary and John, brothers Thomas and John, and Parents Thomas and Margaret GREEN. Mary is named in her mother's will and called "my dear and well-beloved Mother" in her son John's will, being given an annual allowance of £8 for life. Mary married second Joseph CLOUD (b. Aug. 16, 1651, Calne, Wiltshire, England; d. 1739, Concord Twp., Chester Co., PA), son of William CLOUD (b. 1620 ,Wiltshire, England; d. 1702, PA) and Susan JAMES. Jeremiah CLOUD, brother of Joseph, became the ancestor of James Henry 'Doc' HOLLIDAY (1851-1887). Joseph CLOUD had a son Joseph (d. Aug. 1770, Chester Co., PA) and daughter Mary (married Peter KERLIN) by his prior marriage. The will of Joseph CLOUD, Jr. was written Aug. 11, 1770, and the inventory of his estate was taken Aug. 24, 1770 at £1065, excluding his house and land - a rather large estate with extensive personal possessions listed. His will includes detailed information about the families of Mary and Ann, called "my two Sisters." Daughter of Mary and Joseph CLOUD: Ann married first Frederick ENGLE and second Jonathan VERNON. Mary (GREEN) MOORE CLOUD was the daughter of Thomas GREEN and Margaret SISE.

Family links: Although analysis is incomplete, there appear to be multiple kinships between the GREEN, PYLE, VERNON and MOORE families. For example, it appears that Mary (PYLE) MOORE, wife of Thomas, was sister of Sarah (PYLE) VERNON, husband of John VERNON, and that John VERNON and Isaac VERNON were brothers, and sons of Robert VERNON and Elinor MINSHALL. Also, Ann CLOUD, daughter of Mary (GREEN) MOORE CLOUD, married Jonathan VERNON, son of Thomas VERNON and Lydia (WILLIAMS) ROLFE, with Jonathan VERNON being nephew of Robert VERNON and Elinor MINSHALL.

Children of Richard and Mary Green

  1. Mary - b. about 1684, England.
  2. John - b. about 1685, England; d. 1727, Calne Twp., Chester Co., PA. Named in his grandmother's will, and co-executor of her estate with his Uncle Thomas GREEN. His will, written Jan. 12, 1726/7 and proved Apr. 10, 1727, names numerous kin, including "my dear and well-beloved Mother," "my Sister Mary Fleming," and "my brother Benjamin Moore," who is very likely the son of his sister Mary (MOORE) FLEMING. But he is not always precise in identifying relationships. In the middle of the will he names in order "my Sister Mary Kerlin" (step-sister), "my Sister Ann Engle" (half-sister), "my brother Benjamin Moore" (nephew), and "my Cousin Stacye Moore" (nephew). No children.
  3. Thomas - d. by 1736. Named in his grandmother's will. Thomas purchased 375 acres from Joseph and Mary HICKMAN in Clan Township on May 5, 1713, and added 285 acres purchased from Isaac VERNON, and 315 acres purchased from his brother John MOORE. He operated a corn grist mill and a tavern, and raised wheat, cattle and swine. Married Mary PYLE, daughter of Robert PYLE, a malster of Horton, Bishops Canning Wiltshire. Thomas was named as sole executor in his brother John's will. About 1736, Thomas moved to Naamans Creek in New Castle Co., PA, with a tanant operating the Chestyer County estate. Orphans Court records name five of the children of Thomas, and daughter Ann is named in a deed as owner of 1/8 of the property inherited from her father. One of the administrators of Thomas MOORE's estate was his step-father Joseph CLOUD. The mill and 975 acres were sold by Joseph CLOUD and Mary MOORE to John TAYLOR on Jun. 25, 1738 for £1075. Children of Thomas and Mary MOORE: Thomas; John; William; George; Mary; Ann married Robert GREEN; and likely two others.
  4. George - d. by 1727. George is named in his grandmother's will. Married Ann STACY. Son Stacy is named in his Uncle John's will.
  5. Susannah - Married Mathias KERLIN. Susanna is named in her grandmother's will. Both Susanna and Mathias are named in her brother John's will.

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Mary Moore and George Peacock

George PEACOCK - Although conclusive evidence is not available, it is highly likely that George PEACOCK was the father of Mary MOORE's son Benjamin. Only a few records concerning George are available, but some of them seem to indicate a questionable character. In Jun. 1694 He gave a deposition in the Chester Co., PA court, along with Joseph CLOUD and others, in a suit by John BRISTOW against William COLLETT. In Nov. 1694, the will of Richard PEARLE was proved in Philadelphia Co., PA, naming legatees "Widow Guest of Philadelphia," "George Peacock now of Burlington," and others, with George PEACOCK as executor. In Oct. 1695 he was summoned to court in Chester Co., PA to explain what happend to a girl whom he had taken to Maryland, and he was discharged paying the charges when witnesses attested the the girl, Martha ROWELL was "well in Mary land." In late 1696, shortly after Mary MOORE was indicted for having an illegitimate child, George PEACOCK disappeared from the area, leaving a debt and having his possessions sold at auction by the sheriff, with proceeds to John BALDWIN for satisfaction of debts. There is reason to believe that the union of George and Mary was not by her choice, she being no more than 15 years old at the time. Information about George PEACOCK's later life is desired to possibly clarifiy this matter and provide Benjamin MOORE with a paternal ancestry.

Mary MOORE - b. about 1680, England. Mary arrived in 1686 in Philadelphia, PA on the Delaware from Bristol, England with her parents and grandparents. Mary was indicted in Chester Co., PA on Sep. 8, 1696, after the birth of her son Benjamin: "Mary Moore being Called to Answer the sd Presentment: Appeared and Exhibeted a Peticion to the sd Court which being Red and she being very sorry for the same the Court Considering thereof And shee submitting her selfe to the mercy of the bentch: the Court orders that shee shall be omitted Corporall Punishment and that she shall pay forty shillings for A fine and the Charges of the Court and Give security for the bringing up of the Childe: and be Discharged for this time George Stroud became her security for the bringing up of the Childe:" (Records of the Courts of Chester County, Pennsylvania, published by the Colonial Society of Pennsylvannia, Philadelphia: Patterson White and Co., 1910, p. 390.) George STROUDE, who represented Mary in this case, also represented her, her brothers and her sister at Orphans Court in Mar. 1698, following their mother's declared intent to marry Joseph CLOUD. Mary FLEMING is named in her grandmother Margaret GREEN's 1708 will, and her brother John MOORE's 1727 will. Mary was married about 1700 to William FLEMING, said to have been an immigrant originally from Greenock, Scotland. Information on the FLEMING family is sparse. Children of Mary and William FLEMING: William; George did not marry; James married; Peter married; John; Henry; Mary married Daniel COWAN; and Susanna married William COWAN. Daughter of Richard MOORE and Mary GREEN.

Son of Mary Moore and George Peacock

  1. Benjamin - b. 1696, Chester Co., PA, d. 1751, PA.

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Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore - b. 1696, Chester Co., PA, d. 1751, PA. Son of Mary MOORE and George PEACOCK. Benjamin was called "Benoni Moore alias Peacock" in will of Margaret GREEN, his probable maternal great grandmother, and was called "brother Benjamin Moore" in will of John MOORE, brother of Mary (MOORE) FLEMING. Other evidence supports the conclusion that Benoni/Benjamin was a nephew rather than brother of John MOORE. Benjamin traded with the Indians, and it is likely that he was murdered while trading in the region around Pittsburgh - see the Pennsylvania Gazette articles. His estate was settled at the place of his residence, Hopewell, Cumberland Co., PA.

Pennsylvania Gazette
September 26, 1751
Page 2, column 1

Tuesday last, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer held here, came up the Trial of Charles Rothwell, for the Murder of his Master Benjamin Moore, an Indian Trader; who was acquitted.

Pennsylvania Gazette
February 25, 1752
Number 1211, page 2, column 2

A few days ago Aaron Moore, an Indian trader, came to town, and gave a Deposition, the Purport of which is as follows: That on, or about the 25th of October last, he was met with and robb'd in the Back Parts of this Province, near Allegheny by Francis Fulton, Nehemiah Steen, Charles Poke and Andrew Steen; who pretended they had a Warrant from a proper Authority, to seize and take away all the Skins, Goods, Horses, and other Effects, of his late Father, Benjamin Moore, deceased; and that they had Orders to carry him to Philadelphia, for which they would receive a Reward of Fifteen Pounds: That on Refusing to deliver his Goods, two of them Francis Fulton, and Nehemiah Steen, threatened to split him down, and then took his Effects to the value of 200 pounds. And that they then suffer'd him to depart from them; upon which he traveled into the inhabited Parts of the Province, in order to make his Complaint.

Children of Benjamin Moore

  1. Aaron - b. 1720-1730, PA; d. after Feb 1782, Rutherford Co., NC. Will dated Mar 1, 1782 names wife and all children, only daughter Elizabeth being married [BGSOTC, May 2003, p. 79]. Married about 1763 to Rachel LAWRENCE, possibly the daughter of Elisha LAWRENCE of Abbeville District, SC. Children of Aaron and Rachel MOORE: Ann; Elizabeth married a Mr. HARMON; Moses married Nancy COX; Elisha married Elizabeth SKRIMSHIRE; Sarah married either Joel VAUGHN or Micajah MORRIS; Mary married William BATTLE; Margaret married William HORTON; Rachel married Reuben LOGAN; and John married first Martha COVINGTON, and second Susanna JONES.
  2. Elizabeth - b. about 1723, PA, d. about 1788, Rutherford Co., NC. Married in 1741 to Samuel BIGGERSTAFF. While conclusive evidence has not been discovered, analysis of available evidence by both MOORE and BIGGERSTAFF researchers makes it highly probable that Elizabeth was the daughter of Benjamin MOORE.
  3. Moses - b. 1720-1730, PA; d. 1791, West Florida. A Captain in the militia at the time of the French and Indian War, Moses did not serve during the Revolution, likely due to his age. Married first Jane GILLIGHIN, second Hester WINSTON, and third Mrs. Margaret RAIN. Col. John MOORE, son of Moses, was a Loyalist during the Revolution, and participated on the losing side a number of battles, including those of Kettle Creek, Ramsour's Mill, Kings Mountain and Hammond's Store.
  4. John - b. 1720-1730, PA; d. 1760, Echoee, NC. John, and Captain in the militia, was killed during the French and Indian War while on an expedition against the Cherokees. He and his wife Mary had no children. On Oct. 25, 1755, John MOORE obtained 600 acres from Evan LEWIS in Anson Co., NC. On Feb. 22, 1762, Mary MOORE, widow of John MOORE, sold 130 acres to her brother-in-law Moses MOORE, and on May 16, 1762 she sold 170 acres to Jeremiah POTTS and 300 acres to Joseph CLOUD. [Anson Co. Deed Abstracts, 1757-1766, p. 19.]
Family Links: Aaron MOORE and Rachel LAWRENCE's daughter, Mary (MOORE) ROBERTS WALKER BATTLE, is connected through her son John Osborn ROBERTS to multiple ancestral families of Don and Iva (FREEMAN) LAWSON, including the FREEMAN, HAZELRIGG, HOLLOWAY, KELSEY and MOBLEY families.

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