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George Morey and Hannah Lewis

John Morey and Margaret Linsford

Ephraim Morey and Abigail Daniels

Benoni Morey and Huldah Brown

Eli Morey and Sophronia Mason

Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Merrill

William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews

Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Benoni and Huldah (Brown) Morey

Benoni MOREY - b. Apr. 10, 1758, Charlton, MA; d. Apr. 1821, Bradford, Orange Co., VT. Son of Ephraim MOREY and Abigail DANIELS. Benoni enlisted in May, 1777, for three years, and served as a matross and as a gunner during the Revolutionary War (file S41018) in the artillery regiment of Col. John Crane or the Massachusetts line, and in the company commanded by Capt. Jotham Drury, and later by Lt. Capt. David Cook. Before discharge in May, 1780, at Morristown, NJ, Benoni participated in the battles of Brandywine, Monmouth, and at the seige of Rhode Island under Gen. John Sullivan. Benoni and Huldah moved to Orford, Grafton Co., NH, in early 1781, where their children were born. Census records: Orford, Grafton Co., NH, 1790 - 4-1-2, and 1800 - 40110/11010; Peacham, Caledonia Co., VT, 1810 - 00001/10001. On Apr. 3, 1818, in Orange Co., VT, Benoni Morey, a resident of the town of Bradford, appeared in court to make affidavit for his application for a Revolutionary War Pension. He said he was sixty years old, described his War service, and Judge COTTON declared Benoni was "poor and indigent and needs support from his country." He received Pension Certificate No. 6331. On Jun. 19, 1820, he appeared in the Caledonia Co., VT, court at Danville to declare that he still needed a pension. He was then a resident of Barnet. "I am by occupation a Loubouer and in midling health for my age. I have no wife and my children have all become of age and I live with my son." His property listed included 2 oxen, 2 calves, "one old cracked five pail kettle," "one old pot and a few old books," one hoe, and one jack knife, for a total value of $77.10. His debts were $74.58. Married Jan. 25, 1781, Charlton, MA.

Huldah BROWN - b. Feb. 4, 1759, Charlton, MA; d. Nov. 25, 1815. Daughter of David BROWN and Mindwell CUMMINS.

Children of Benoni and Huldah Morey

  1. Eli - b. Jun. 24, 1781, Orford, Grafton Co., NH; d. Apr. 28, 1853, Lee Center, Lee Co., IL.
  2. Ira - b. Feb. 5, 1783, Orford, Grafton Co., NH; d. 1869, West Bridgewater, MA. Married first Jun. 16, 1808, Experience SHAW (b. Aug. 18, 1782; d. Jan. 29, 1831), and second Oct. 27, 1831, Betsey TAINTER (b. May 20, 1791; d. Apr. 16, 1869). Children of Ira and Experience MOREY: William Washburn married first Celinda OSBORN, and second Lydia CONVERSE; Benjamin Shaw married Sarah A.; David Brown married Almira BAILEY (their son Herbert E. MOREY married Abbie Ellen BEALE); Ira married Hannah Marilla HERRICK; Huldah Galpin married Allen LEACH as his second wife; Emily Wheeler; Isaiah Shaw; Mary Jane married Allen LEACH as his first wife; and Christian Southworth married Lucius KEITH.
  3. Huldah - b. Nov. 11, 1784, Orford, Grafton Co., NH.
  4. Phila - b. Feb. 25, 1786, Orford, Grafton Co., NH. Married 1807 (Sep. 14 or Oct. 4?), Groton, VT, Harvey WOODWARD. Children of Phila and Harvey WOODWARD: Benoni Morey; George; Harvey married Mary Abigail TUCKER; Sylvester; Almira; Elizabeth; and Simeon.
  5. Benoni - b. Apr. 27, 1788, Orford, Grafton Co., NH; d. Apr. 24, 1874. Moved with his family to Preble, Cortland Co., NY by 1833, when he appears in the account book of Gilbert & Howard. Married Jun. 2, 1811, Peacham, VT, Sally MARTIN (b. 1795, Barnett, Caldonia Co., VT; d. May 8, 1844), daughter of Eliphalet MARTIN and Lois WARNER. Children: Elvira; Charlotte married William F. BYRNE; Elias married Ann PLOMTAUX; Ira; Elisa married Henry VAN VALKENBURGH; Abijah married Harriet Jane WEBSTER; and Andrew M. married Regina PALMER.
  6. David - b. Aug. 15, 1790, Orford, Grafton Co., NH. Married Eunice MOODY TANDY. Children: Mary Ann; Luella Leonora; Darius; Hubbard; Eliza; and Phylecet 'File'.
  7. Mindwell - b. Apr. 16, 1793, Orford, Grafton Co., NH. Married May 20, 1813 at Peacham, Caldonia Co., VT to Willard LAMB. Children of Mindwell and Willard LAMB: Reuben; Benoni S.; Leonard L. died as infant; Persis L. married Mr. CHAFFIN; and twin children.
  8. Twin - b. Apr. 13, 1795, Orford, Grafton Co., NH; d. as infant.
  9. Twin - b. Apr. 13, 1795, Orford, Grafton Co., NH; d. as infant.
  10. Elijah Brown - b. Mar. 23, 1796, Orford, Grafton Co., NH; d. May 27, 1860, Bedford, MI; bur. May 28, 1860, Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, MI. The Cortland County censuses record 1 male and 3 females in 1825, and 2 males and 4 females in 1835. Married Jan. 9, 1820, Preble, Cortland Co., NY, Mary T. DAVIS (b. Apr. 7, 1800, Coxsackie, NY; d. Jul. 7, 1870, Decatur, VanBuren Co., MI; bur. Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, MI). Children: Harriet Emeline died at age 9 years 4 months; twins died as infants; Elizabeth died at age 15 months; Elizabeth Rosalia married her third cousin Jerome RAWSON (son of Amariah RAWSON and Betsey CARPENTER); Malintha Emerette married Levi W. SMITH; Mary Emeline married first Alexander HERRING, and second Warren M. KING; Almeron Warren married Helen CHURCH; Louisa C. married Henry MASON; and Eliza.
  11. A child - b. 1798; d. Oct. 20, 1801, Orford, Grafton Co., NH.
  12. Elizabeth - b. May 31, 1802, Orford, Grafton Co., NH.

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Eli and Sophronia (Mason) Morey

Eli MOREY - b. Jun. 24, 1781, Orford, Grafton Co., NH; d. Apr. 28, 1853, Lee Center, Lee Co., IL; bur. Inlet Grove Cemetery [photo], Lee Co., IL. Son of Benoni MOREY and Huldah BROWN. Eli's grave marker, photographed in 1987, gives age as 71 years 10 months. His birth is on record in the Orford Clerk's office (Book 1, 1781). Eli lived near his father at the time of the 1810 census of Caledonia Co., VT. He appears in the 1820 census of Preble, Cortland Co., NY: 100010/12020. The Cortland County state censuses record 3 males and 4 females in 1825, and 2 males and 2 females in 1835. The 'other woman' in the household was Mary ATWOOD, sister of Sophronia. Eli joined the Preble Presbyterian Church in Aug. 1813. The following minutes of the Session of the Preble Presbyterian Church give some background leading to the excommunication of Eli MOREY on May 19, 1828 [the "former records" referred to have not been located]:

Dec. 31, 1827. The case of Eli Morey was then called up -- But this: Eli Morey not having been duly notified of the present meeting of the Session, process in his case was deferred till Monday the 14th of Jany to wait on him the aforesaid Eli Morey as recorded at the last meeting of the Session.

Jan. 14, 1828. The case of Eli Morey was again called up, but the above named Eli Morey having been duly notified of the present meeting of the Session & requested to appear comes not -- Therefore resolves by the Session now here the Br. Eli Morey be admonished for his sin of intemperance & frequent violation of the Sabbath whereof he stands convicted on his own confession (see former records p. 172) & that he be cited to appear at the next meeting of the Session at the house of Oliver Cravatt on Monday the 28th at 5:00 pm.

Eli appears in the 1830 census of Cortland Co., NY. He moved to Calhoun Co., MI in 1837, and was elected a Justice of Peace of Pennfield Township in Apr. 1838. He appears in the 1840 census of Penfield, Calhoun Co., MI as a male age 50-60, with a male age 15-20 (probably son Edwin), and a female age 40-50 (probably wife Sophronia) in the household. In the 1850 census of Calhoun Co., MI, Eli and his sister-in-law Mary were living next door to Elijah Mason MOREY's family. Subsequently, Eli lived with son Edwin, in whose home he and Mary (MASON) ATWOOD died. Eli and Sophronia were married about 1804.

Sophronia MASON - b. Feb. 21, 1781, Pomfret, Windsor Co., VT; d. by 1850, probably in Calhoun Co., MI. Sophronia joined the Preble Presbyterian Church in Aug. 1813 by letter, and was dismissed in Oct. 1836. Daughter of Elijah MASON and Sarah CHILD.

Children of Eli and Sophronia Morey

  1. Sarah - b. Sep. 5, 1804, Peacham, Caledonia Co., VT. Married first before 1837 Mr. WRIGHT (d. before 1850), and second Mr. LAKE. Children: Bela and Ellen F. WRIGHT; Daphne LAKE; and perhaps Phebe S. LAKE.
  2. Lydia - b. Oct. 6, 1808, Peacham, Caledonia Co., VT; d. by Dec. 1832, Cortland Co., NY. Married Daniel CRANDALL, a farmer of Homer, NY.
  3. Isabelle - b. Mar. 9, 1812, Peacham, Caledonia Co., VT. Married Dec. 2, 1832, Preble Presbyterian Church, Cortland Co., NY Daniel CRANDALL, her sister's widower.
  4. Elijah Mason - b. May 2, 1815, Preble, Cortland Co., NY; d. Aug. 13, 1850, Penfield Township, Calhoun Co., MI.
  5. Edwin - b. Sep. 13, 1820, Preble, Cortland Co., NY; d. Jun. 29, 1888, Lee Co., IL; bur. Inlet Grove Cemetery. His grave marker gives death date of Jun. 29, 1888 (photographed 1987, with other family grave markers). Married Mar. 28, 1849, Amboy, Lee Co., IL, Harriet Harper MAYO (b. Oct. 17, 1829, Winsor, Broome Co., NY; d. Feb. 5, 1915, Wheaton, IL; bur. Inlet Grove Cemetery, Lee Co., IL), daughter of Nicholas MAYO and Philotia. Photos of Harriet and eight of her children were shared by descendant Norma Ore. Children of Edwin and Harriet MOREY: Mason L.; Mary Sophronia married Oliver Perry JOHNSON; Albert H. did not marry; George Edgar married Ella Rebecca DERR; Lettie Emily married Dr. Gustave SCHREIBER; Frank E. died at age 11 months; Sarah Isabelle married William Owen MORRIS; Charles Marion married Grace Augusta McLAUGHLIN; Elsie R. married Charles T. CAMPLAN; Edwin Lee.
  6. Lucy C. - b. 1823; d. Dec. 1898, Battle Creek, MI; bur. Dec. 30, 1898, Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, MI. Married at Battle Creek, MI, Elisha ANDRUS (b. 1812; d. Aug. 1873, Battle Creek, MI; bur. Aug. 22, 1873, Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, MI). Children: Charles F.; Marion F.; Eddie; and Jennie L. married David J. BARBER.

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