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A Possible Morey Ancestor

George Morey and Hannah Lewis

John Morey and Margaret Linsford

Ephraim Morey and Abigail Daniels

Benoni Morey and Huldah Brown

Eli Morey and Sophronia Mason

Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Merrill

William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews

Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

Stephen Martin Lawson

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A Possible Morey Ancestor

George MOREY - b. 1613, England; d. abt Mar. 1677, Scituate, MA. A George MOREY, age 23, was a passenger on the Truelove in 1635 from London. Research has failed to identify the ancestors of George MOREY, weaver, of Bristol, RI. Some writers have maintained, without proof, that the immigrant ancestor was a single person described in these two events, and that he was either the father or grandfather of George MOREY of Bristol, RI. Other writers claim that he was the father of a second George MOREY, who was at Taunton, MA in 1650, a Lt. there in 1659, and still living there in 1690. The claim is that the second George MOREY was the father of George MOREY of Bristol, RI. Any evidence identifying or helping to identify the father and/or grandfather of George MOREY of Bristol, RI would be welcomed.

The very limited records available suggest that George MORREY of Duxbury and George MOORE of Scituate are the same person (see The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-35, Volume V (Boston, 2007), pages 149-51). Scituate records add the coroner's jury conclusions of Mar. 26, 1677 concerning the death of George MOORE, and "all of these records describe a man who was mentally ill and unable to care for himself, the problems being first sporadic and finally chronic." No record has been located indicating a marriage or children of George MORREY/MOORE.

Possible children or grandchildren of George

  1. Elizabeth - Caution. Possible sister or aunt of George MOREY of Bristol, RI. Elizabeth's name is placed here strictly as conjecture based on the dates and locations in the following from Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer, 3rd (1998 Santa Clarita, CA), page 637: "Nathaniel TOOGOOD, born perhaps in England about 1645, died in Swansea, Massachusetts, 11 March 1702/3.... It is said he married first Elizabeth Morey, who was perhaps born in Boston, Mass., and died in 1686 or soon after. He married second, Martha Bliss, who married second, 27 Nov. 1706, Benjamin Carpenter as his second wife, and died 22 March 1735." Any information concerning the proposed Elizabeth (MOREY) TOOGOOD would be greatly appreciated.
  2. George - d. after Jun. 1725.

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George and Hannah (Lewis) Morey

George MOREY - d. after Jun 1725. Listed as an inhabitant of Bristol, RI at the first town meeting, held Sep. 1, 1681, he took the oath of fidelity on May 17, 1685. Bristol Records list a horse belonging to George MORYE as part of the "horskind" of Bristol on Apr. 23, 1694, and on May 3, 1694 an entry records George MOREY's ear mark for "all his creature markable." Subsequently, he is listed as a juror in 1703, 1707 and 1713. He is recorded as 'of Bristol, County of Bristol, weaver', in a deed dated Feb. 15, 1716/17. A deed from 'George Moorey', weaver, of Norton was signed Jun. 24, 1718, and recorded in Taunton deeds. George 'Moreh' Senior, Norton, granted 'to my son George Morey Junior my dwelling house in Norton', Dec. 4, 1718, and signed by his mark. This deed was subsequently acknowledged by him on Jun. 29, 1725, the latest date found indicating he still lived. Detailed information on the LEWIS and MOREY families appears in Bristol, R. I.'s Early Setters, by Dorothy Chapman Saunders (on a Heritage Books CD). Married Jan. 22, 1683, Bristol Co., RI. The town of marriage has been reported both as Bristol and as Warren. George and Hannah were bap. at the Bristol church Jul. 6, 1696. Their children were bap. at the Church of Christ, Bristol, RI (formerly Bristol, MA).

Hannah LEWIS - b. 1662, Lynn, MA; d. Dec. 1717, Bristol, RI. Daughter of Thomas LEWIS and Hannah BAKER.

Children of George and Hannah Morey

  1. John - b. Oct. 13, 1684, Bristol, RI; bap. there Jun. 13, 1697.
  2. Mary - b. Mar. 24, 1687/8, Bristol RI; bap. there Jun. 13, 1697.
  3. Sarah - b. Mar. 4, 1690/1, Bristol, RI; bap. there Jun. 13, 1697. Married Sept. 24, 1713 at Bristol, Bristol Co., RI to Ephraim ANDROS. After the birth of the first three children, the family moved to Swansea, Bristol Co., RI. Children: Abigail; Ephraim; Hannah; Elizabeth; John; Nathaniel; and Patience.
  4. Hannah - b. Mar. 18, 1693/4, Bristol, RI; bap. there Jun. 13, 1697. One source gives a birth date of Feb. 1, 1686/7. It may be that a first Hannah was born then and died young.
  5. George - b. Aug. 31, 1696, Bristol, RI; bap. there Jun. 13, 1697; d. Feb. 3, 1780, Norton, MA. Married first Elizabeth HODGES (b. Nov. 17, 1700, Taunton, MA; d. Nov. 30, 1745, Norton, MA); intentions published Jan. 4, 1723, Norton, MA. Elizabeth was the daughter of John HODGES (b. 1673; d. Jan. 1743/4, Bristol, MA) and Mary TISDALE. John names "Elizabeth, wife of George Morey" in his will dated Jan. 7, 1743/4 (inventory Feb. 2, 1743/4). George married second Miss or Mrs. LOVE, who d. Sep. 1, 1778. Children: George married Mary HODGES (daughter of Joseph HODGES and Bethiah WILLIAMS); Samuel married first Mary HODGES (daughter of Ebenezer HODGES and Esther), and second Ruhammah MULLEN; Elizabeth married Dr. George WHEATON; Benjamin married Pricilla; Hannah married Nathan HODGES; Abigail married first Peter MAKEPEACE, and second David LINCOLN; and Sarah died in infancy.
  6. Martha - b. Mar. 12, 1698/9, Bristol, RI; bap. there Apr. 4, 1699. Intentions to marry Thomas TABER published Jun. 24, 1723, and they were married Aug. 9, 1723. Thomas, son of Joseph TABER and Hannah GRAY, and grandson of Philip TABER, died in 1728. Martha married second Feb. 19, 1734/5 Ebenezer GARNSEY (b. Mar. 4, 1687, Milton, MA). Children of Martha and Thomas: Timothy probably died young; Benjamin died unmarried; and Thomas married Anttris PEARCE.
  7. Abigail - b. Feb. 27, 1701/2, Bristol, RI; bap. there Jun. 21, 1702. Married May 30, 1730, Smithfield, RI Noah SMITH.
  8. Benjamin - b. Apr. 18, 1705, Bristol, RI; bap. there Jun. 17, 1705.
  9. Thomas - b. Jan. 1, 1708/9, Bristol, RI; bap. there Mar. 20, 1709; d. Jul. 28, 1775, Norton, MA. Commissioned as Lt. Feb. 7, 1744/5, as Capt. in 1758, and as Maj. in 1761, serving in the 3rd Bristol County Regiment. Between 1752 and 1763 he served Norton as assessor, selectman, and representative, and he was named treasurer in 1773 and 1774. His children by his second and third wives are based on the order named in his will and are subject to revision, except as noted. Thomas, Sr., married first Dec. 21, 1732 Mehitable HODGES (b. Norton, MA; d. Sep. 24, 1733), daughter of Nathaniel HODGES and Hannah DEANE. Son of Thomas and Mehitable MOREY: Thomas married Bathsheba GODFREY. Thomas, Sr., married second Jan. 29, 1735/6 Lydia (HALL) WHITE (d. Dec. 13, 1747). Children of Thomas and Lydia MOREY: Mehitable married first Nathaniel WHITE, Jr., and second Solomon LATHROP; John married Abigail FORBES; Mary married Lefi/Levi SAMSON; and Nathan married Mary PRICE. Thomas, Sr., married third Ursula WHITE. Children of Thomas and Ursula MOREY: Sarah and Elinor, twins; Abigail married Oliver LINCOLN; Lewis never married; Nathaniel married Susanna; William married Suchey FORBES; David married Lattas; Jonathan never married; and Hezekiah.

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John and Margaret (Linsford) Morey

John MOREY - b. Oct. 13, 1684, Bristol, RI; bap. there Jun. 13, 1697. Son of George MOREY and Hannah LEWIS. His will, naming wife and three sons, was admitted to probate Sep. 13, 1726, Lebanon, Windham Co., CT. John was a Private in the 1st Mass. Reg. of the 7th Co. sent to Louisburg in 1745 during King George's War. Married about 1707.

Margaret LINSFORD - b. Feb. 6, 1682/3, Braintree, MA. Daughter of Edward LINSFORD and Hannah PLUMLEY of Braintree, MA. Admitted to First Church at Braintree May 3, 1702. Married second Samuel HUCHISSON, as revealed by their deed dated Apr. 29, 1735 granting land at Lebanon, CT to her son Linsford.

Children of John and Margaret Morey

  1. Linsford - b. Jun. 21, 1708, Bristol, Bristol Co., RI; bap. there at the Church of Christ Aug. 29, 1708; d. in 1794, Orford, Grafton Co., NH. Married first on Aug. 2, 1728 at Lebanon, New London Co., CT, Sarah Jane DEWEY (b. Aug. 2, 1709, Lebanon, New London Co., CT; d. 1743-8), daughter of Nathaniel DEWEY and Margaret BURROUGHS. He married second Mary CURTIS (1712-1803), daughter of Solomon CURTIS and Prudence GATLIVE. Children of Linsford and Sarah MOREY: Sarah married John WOODS; Hannah married Amasa WOODWORTH; Israel married Martha PALMER (parents of Samuel MOREY, Inventor Extraordinary); Linsford married; Samuel; Lydia married Samuel PHELPS; and Mary (or Molly) married Joel PHELPS. Children of Linsford and Mary MOREY: Solomon, Sr. married Hannah HAMMOND; John married Demarius GILLET; Hannah married Mr. HAMMOND; Damis married Mr. GILLET; and Darius married Mary FOWLER.
  2. Ephraim - b. Jul. 31, 1710, Long Island, NY, recorded Bristol, RI; d. Jul. 1, 1794, Charlton, MA.
  3. John - b. May 13, 1712, Bristol, RI; d. Jan. 5, 1798. Undocumented sources state that John married Jerusha LAD, and they had children: Ralph; Richard; Reuben; John; and Susan. Undocumented sources report that John married second Abigail LOMAS on Jan. 8, 1738 at Lebanon, New London Co., CT. Mayflower Families, Vol. 4, by Bruce Campbell MacGunnigle, pp. 137-138 (1990) provides the following information. John MOREY had two children by his first [or next] wife: Mary (bap. May 25, 1755, E. Haddam, CT; receipt for coffin Jan. 7, 1757) and Ruth (bap. Jan. 16, 1757, E. Haddam, CT; d. Mar. 25, 1759). John married last Nov. 8, 1759, Colchester, CT, Desire FULLER SAWYER (b. Feb. 2 or 22, 1723, Colchester, CT; d. aft. Sep. 1, 1760), the daughter of Samuel and Naomi (ROWLEY) FULLER, and 2-great granddaughter of Mayflower passenger Edward FULLER. Desire was the widow of Nathan SAWYER. No children are recorded for John and Desire.
  4. Samuel - Possible fourth son, although only three sons are recorded in Bristol records, and mentioned in John MOREY's will.

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Ephraim and Abigail (Daniels) Morey

Ephraim MOREY - b. Jul. 31, 1710, Long Island, NY, recorded Bristol, RI; d. Jul. 1, 1794, at Charlton, MA. Son of John MOREY and Margaret LINSFORD. Married first Aug. 3, 1737, Smithfield, RI. Married second Jan. 30, 1776, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA, Catherine MUNGE (or MUNGER).

Abigail DANIELS - b. Mar. 26, 1718, Mendon, MA; d. Sep. 1775. Daughter of Eleazer DANIELS and Mary HOLBROOK.

Children of Ephraim and Abigail Morey

  1. Reuben - b. Jun. 23, 1738, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA; d. Jun. 28, 1778, Monmouth, Monmouth Co., NJ, being killed in battle. Intentions to marry Sarah EUSTIS published Jan. 31, 1761, and they married Apr. 14, 1761, Spencer, MA. Reuben married second on Oct. 17, 1776 Elsie NICHOLS. Children of Reuben and Sarah: Sarah married John GREEN; Israel married Sarah FOLLETT; Silas married Mrs. Mary EUSTIS; Nathaniel married Prudy PUTNEY; Abigail married her first cousin Zenas MOREY, Jr.; Nehusta married Cyprian WELLS (or WELD); and Patty married Mr. ADAMS.
  2. Simeon - b. Feb. 8, 1739, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA; d. Sep. 12, 1831, Vershire, Orange Co., VT. His death year has also been seen given as 1813. Soldier in the Revolution from Vermont. Intentions to marry Rachel (NUSE) TAFT (b. 1741, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; d. Apr. 3, 1839, Vershire, Orange Co., VT) published Mar. 16, 1772, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA. Rachel's birth and death years have also been seen given as 1754 and 1836. Children: Daniel S. married first Eunice FULLAM, and second Mary; Ephraim; Bertha; and John married Polly PARTRIDGE.
  3. Zenas - b. Mar. 28, 1740, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA; d. Oct. 11, 1821, Fairlee, Orange Co., VT. Private in the Revolution from New Hamphire. Intentions to marry Abigail ELLIS (b. Apr. 19, 1738, Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA; d. Aug. 7, 1822, Strafford, Orange Co., VT) published Jun. 20, 1764, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA, and they married Nov. 5, 1764, Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA. Children: Ellis married; Hamutal married Philemon PENNOCK; Zenas married his first cousin Abigail MOREY, daughter of Reuben and Sarah; Samuel married; Joshua married Lucinda PENNOCK; Abigail married Perlay HOLMES; Militiah married William DERBY; and Reuben married Martha FRIZZLE.
  4. Rosanna - b. Feb. 7, 1742, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA. Married Nov. 25, 1766, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA, Lenex TITUS (b. Dec. 9, 1740, Douglass, Worcester Co., MA; d. Jun. 1803, Vershire, Orange Co., VT). Children: Abigail died as infant; Ephraim married Eleanor W.; Martha married Nathan West; Joseph married Susanna BACON; Daniel died as infant; Caleb died as infant; Benoni; Rosannah; Jonah married Polly GILMAN; and Michael married Sally.
  5. Elinor (or Eleanor) - b. Dec. 8, 1744, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA; d. 1801-6, possibly at Brookfield, Worcester Co., MA. Intentions to marry Phineas SLAYTON (b. Sep. 4, 1737, Weston, MA; d. Sep. 13, 1825, Calais, VT), of Brookfield, published Mar. 10, 1761, and they married May 14, 1761, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA. Phineas was the son of Thomas SLAYTON and Abiel HARRINGTON. Children: Phineas married Experience GLEESON; Jesse married Betsy BUCKLIN; Eleanor married Seth DOANE; Abiel married Elisha DOANE; Abigail married Bemos HAMILTON; Simeon married first Abigail Elizabeth HAMILTON, second Susannah BARNS, and third Mrs. Betsy DAVIS; Elisha married Achsah HERSEY; Elijah married Hannah HOWE; and Hannah married Reuben DOANE.
  6. Ephraim - b. Dec. 12, 1746, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA; d. Sep. 23, 1833, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA. He was a Private in the Revolution, and was later a Major. Married first Dec. 23, 1772 Anna GOODALL (b. Sep. 27, 1755, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA; d. Sep. 22 (or 27), 1776, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA); second about 1777, Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., NY Hannah FOLLET (b. Mar. 1, 1754, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA; d. Jan. 24, 1795, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA); third Feb. 26, 1795, Brookfield, Worcester Co., MA (intentions published Jan. 24, 1795, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA) Mrs. Hannah (HOBBS?) WADKINS (b. Aug. 1, 1754; d. May 4, 1796, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA; and fourth Jan. 21, 1797, Sturbridge, MA (intentions Nov. 26, 1796, Charlton, MA) Mrs. Abigail BOYDEN (b. Mar. 5, 1749). Children of Ephraim and Anna: Leonard married Phebe WHEELOCK; Nathan married Sally RICH; and Anna married Joseph PRATT, Jr. Children of Ephraim and Hannah: Amaziah 'Amzi' married Deborah RICH; Asa did not marry; Polly possibly married Chester RICE; Simeon married Abigail HASTINGS; Francis died young; Levi; Tirzah married Silas ADAMS; and Ephraim died as infant.
  7. Vilane - b. Sep. 9, 1749, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA. Intentions to marry Nathan CUTTING published Nov. 24, 1768.
  8. Abigail - b. Apr. 11, 1751, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA. Married first Nov. 28, 1769, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA Asa TOWN, and second Jun. 29, 1790, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA, Jacob MANNING (b. Aug. 26, 1767, Oxford, Worcester Co., MA; d. Coventry, Chenango Co., NY), son of Robert and Abigail (EUSTIS) MANNING. Children of Abigail and Jacob: Alpheus; Danford; and Clarissa married John HAMMOND.
  9. James - b. Jan. 10, 1752, Leicester, MA; d. Oct. 1834, Burlington, Grand Co., VT. Married Apr. 6, 1778, Orford, Grafton Co., NH Rachel THOMPSON (b. 1759, Merrimack, Hillsborough Co., NJ; d. Dec. 28, 1856, Chazy, NY), daughter of David THOMPSON and Mary Ann (or Marian). Children of James and Rachel MOREY: Milly; James; Rachel married Peter REED, Jr.; Hannah married Mr. CAMPBELL; Charlotte married Samuel SEELY; Jane possibly married Thomas HEONHEAD; Spellman; David Thompson; and Maria married Billy P. WITHERELL.
  10. Moses - b. Feb. 28, 1754, Leicester, Worcester Co., MA; d. Mar. 29, 1809, NY. Married Aug. 25, 1774, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA, Persis BALDWIN. Children of Moses and Persis MOREY: Zebulon married Mrs. Abigail WOODWARD; Moses married Philotta PECK; Hannah married Solomon CODY; Aaron married Sally GREENMAN; Polly; Solomon; Urania married Jonathan HENDRICK; Abigail married Rufus GRUNDY; Isaac married Sybil COATS; and Zadock died young.
  11. Elizabeth - b. Apr. 1, 1756, Leicester, MA. Married Apr. 29, 1778, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA John WOODWORTH (b. about 1752, Lebanon, New London Co., CT; d. Essex, Chittenden Co., VT), son of Amassa WOODWORTH and HANNAH MOREY. Children of Elizabeth and John WOODWORTH: John Morey married Charlotte THOMPSON; Elizabeth married Mr. WOODS; Lucinda; George Washington married Mary (HILL) STEVENS; Frederick married Abigail STONE; Sarah Lemira married John Fassett FOLLETT; William Stevens married first Patience STEARNS, and second Lorina CARR; and Thompson David married Elizabeth 'Betsy' FOLLETT.
  12. Benoni - b. Apr. 10, 1758, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA; d. Apr. 1821, Bradford, Orange Co., VT.
  13. Charles Frederick - b. Feb. 5, 1761, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA; d. Jun. 18, 1845, McKean Township, Erie Co., PA. Charles had Revolutionary War service at various times between December, 1776, and February, 1780, serving in the MA militia under Captains Tucker and Lamb, and Colonels Whitney and Cushing. He took the freeman's oath in 1805, and received a pension in 1833 (S-22911). Intentions to marry Phebe BLANCHARD (b. Jun. 19, 1760; d. Jul. 24 1826) published Jan. 10, 1778, Charlton, MA. Phebe was the daughter of James BLANCHARD and Hannah. Children: Hannah married Samuel H. TAYLOR; Jared married Elizabeth TITUS; Esther married George THOMAS; William Pitt did not marry; Theodora married Louis SWETLAND; Phebe married Russell RICHARDY; Moses Daniels married Sally AUBERRY; Charles Frederick married Polly BLAIR; Sylvena married David HIGGINS; Priscilla married Franklin RILEY; Eaton married Mary BAKER; and Benjamin Franklin married Charlotte BUCK.
  14. Diadema - b. Jul. 20, 1764, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA. Married Dec. 18, 1781 at Greene, Androscoggin Co., ME to Samuel MOWER (b. May 17, 1761, Charlton, Worcester Co., MA; d. Wayne, ME), son of Jonathan MOWER and Elizabeth BEMIS. Samuel, a stonecutter and blacksmith, was married second on Nov. 10, 1826 at Gardiner, Kennebec Co., ME to Mrs. Hannah LORD (d. 1830). Children of Diadema and Samuel MOWER: Sally; Lewis married Abigail DRAKE; Ruth married Samuel LARRABEE; Deidama married William LARRABEE; Samuel married Electa DUNHAM; Luther; William married Eliza WYMAN; Pamelia married Jeremiah LARRABEE; Mary; Temperance married David MERRILL; and Laura married Calvin DAGGETT.

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