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Owen Ancestry in England

Bartholomew Owen and Joanna

William Owen and Lydia

Joannah Owen and John Kerby

David Kerby and Elizabeth Tarrant

Asa Kerby and Martha Elizabeth Highsmith

Elizabeth Kerby and John Joseph Sears

Chesley Sears and Elizabeth C. McClanahan

Malinda Margaret Sears and Scott Cyrus Freeman

Lucy Jane Freeman and James Martin Lawson

Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

Stephen Martin Lawson

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The Owen Ancestry in England

Richard and Joane (Daniell) Owen

Richard OWEN - b. about 1550. Married first 1576 Agnes WELLS, the mother of one daughter. Richard married second Jan. 14, 1580, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.

Joane DANIELL - b. about 1555-1560; d. after 1604. Daughter of Robert DANIEL. There is a separate narrative of a DANIELL family in England. Please read comments and use with CAUTION. The ancestry of Joane DANIELL remains undocumented.

  1. Marie - bap. Oct. 11, 1577, Steventon Parish, Berkshire. Daughter of Richard and Agnes. Her name is also given as Anne. Married John SMALLBONE.
  2. Robert - bap. Nov. 7, 1583, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  3. John - bap. Feb. 19, 1586, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  4. Richard - bap. May 30, 1591, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  5. Elizabeth - bap. Aug 17, 1592, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  6. Willia (son) - bap. Oct. 9, 1597, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  7. John - bap. Sep. 9, 1604, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.

Robert and Joane (White) Owen

Robert OWEN - bap. Nov. 7, 1683, Steventon Parish, Berkshire. Son of Richard OWEN and Joane DANIELL. Married Nove. 21, 1613, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.

Joane WHITE - b. about 1595.

  1. Grace - bap Mar. 19, 1613/4, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  2. Ann - bap. Oct. 18, 1616, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  3. Bartholomew - bap. Aug. 24, 1619, Steventon Parish, Berkshire; d. 1677/8, Surry Co., VA. Probable but unproved as Bartholomew OWEN of Surry Co., VA
  4. Francis - bap. Dec. 18, 1621, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  5. Richard - bap. Aug. 1, 1624, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  6. Alice - bap. Jan. 31, 1626, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  7. Elizabeth - bap. 1631, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.
  8. Agnes - bap. Nov. 1634, Steventon Parish, Berkshire.

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The Owen Family in America

The principal information sources for the OWEN family in America are "An Early Owen Connection," by Sue Mathys in The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 25, pages 243-48, and "Owen-Kearby-Turley Connection," by Alberta Dennstedt in The Virginia Genealogist, published in three parts beginning on page 163 of Volume 23. Assistance in locating and interpreting these articles was given by Jann Babb. As noted in the narrative, undocumented sources provide some information. Additional information, particulary for the descendants of William and Lydia OWEN, is from the WorldConnect OWENS database prepared by Charles S. Owens.

Bartholomew and Joanna Owen

Bartholomew OWEN - bap. Aug. 24, 1619, Steventon Parish, Berkshire, England; d. 1677/8, Surry Co., VA. Probable son of Robert OWEN and Joane WHITE. The earliest record of Bartholomew in America is 1658, but the related Court records in Surry Co., VA from 1658 to late 1660 indicate he was probably well established had some sort of dispute with Thomas GRAY, an early Planter. The Court found that Bartholomew was guilty of scandalous and defamatory language in the case.On Oct. 17, 1659, Bartholomew served on an Inquest Jury in an accidental death. He was a Church Warden of Southwark Parish in 1661. In a land sale of Mar. 1, 1661 and cattle sale of Apr. 1, 1662, Bartholomew was called Gentleman. On Nov. 3, 1663, Bartholomew lost a suit and forfeited 2129 pounds of tobacco, and in 1664 he was co-surety on a King's bond of 10,000 pounds of tobacco. These and other land and Court records between 1658 and 1670 indicate that Bartholomew OWEN held considerable wealth in land and commodities and was called upon to serve the community in positions of trust and responsibility. Bartholomew may have been married first on May 9, 1641 in England to Ann CHARLES, by whom he had no known children. Bartholomew's wife is named as Joanna in a conveyance dated Jan. 3, 1670, and in the Sep. 9, 1674 sale of 150 acres in Surry Co., VA to William FOREMAN. A 648 acre land patent by Bartholomew on May 14, 1673, and a 1689 patent by Edmund JENNINGS including headrights for Robert OWEN, Jone OWEN and William OWEN, together the the absence of Bartholomew from Court records from early 1670 to mid 1673, suggests that the family may have made a trip to England during this time. Bartholomew granted a power of attorney to Nicholas Meriweather on Oct. 8, 1677, and on Jan. 31, 1677/8, Jone OWEN was granted administration of the estate of Bartholomew OWEN, deceased. The estate was inventoried and appraised at 30 pounds by Will FOREMAN and John MORING on Feb. 14, 1677 in Surrey Co., VA. Married Joanna about 1666.

Joanna - b. about 1652; d. after 1704, New Kent Co., VA. It has been suggested that she was the daughter of either Edmond JENNINGS or Christopher LEWIS. On Apr. 17, 1693, Joanna deposed that she was "about 40 years." She had four minor children when she was name administrator of her husband's estate. Married second in James City to Thomas BROOKES (d. 1695, Henrico Co., VA; will dated Feb. 23, 1694/5 and proved Oct. 1695).

Children of Bartholomew and Joanna Owen

See Notable Cousins for line to: Laura Lane (WELCH) BUSH

  1. Robert - b. about 1667, Surry Co., VA. Married first Catherine (d. Sep. 20, 1697, VA), and second about 1699 Hannah, widow of Bartholomew FIGURES. Lived in Surry Co., VA. Reported children of Robert and Catherine OWEN: Robert married Jane COLLIER; William married Hannah GRIZZARD; Elizabeth; Catherine; Bartholomew; and John married Sarah SOWERBY.
  2. Katherine - Named in the will of her God-father Christopher LEWIS in 1674. On Aug. 10 1676, the title to two cows with calves was recorded in her name at the request of her father. Married by Jan. 3, 1681/2, Surry Co., VA to Joshua PROCTOR (b. about 1669, Surry Co., VA; d. 1741, Henrico Co., VA), and apparently they continued to live in Surry Co., VA for some time. Children of Katherine and Joshua PROCTOR: Robert; Richard; Nicholas; Elizabeth reportedly married William ROWLAND; Rowland; Sarah; Katherine; Mary; and Hannah.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1671, VA; d. abt 1744, Henrico Co., VA. Lived in Varina Parish of Henrico Co., VA. Land records show his mark as both T O and O T. Will dated Oct. 13, 1741, and recorded May 1744. Thomas purchased land in Henrico and Goochland Cos., VA between 1704 and 1734. Married Elizabeth (surname seen as BROOKES). Children of Thomas and Elizabeth OWEN, including names from undocuemnted sources: Thomas married first Ann FONTAIN, second Ann WINSTON, and third Ms. HOBSON; John married first Sarah BRACKETT, second Phoebe BRACKETT, and third Mildred GRANT; Elizabeth married William BRITTON; Martha married Mr. ROBARDS; William married; Priscilla married Ralph FUQUA (or FOUQUET); and Mary married William ALLEN.
  4. William - b. about 1673, VA; d. 1753, Halifax Co., VA.

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William and Lydia Owen

William OWEN - b. about 1673, VA; d. 1753, Halifax Co., VA. Son of Bartholomew OWEN and Joanna. Lived in Henrico, Goochland (about 1729-1731), Lunenburg, and Halifax (by 1750) Counties, VA. Will dated Oct. 23, 1752, and proved Sep 18, 1753. The birth years and order of his children is not known.

Lydia - d. before 1753. It has been suggested that her surname may be LANSFORD.

Children of William and Lydia Owen

  1. John? - Unreadable short name in father's will. One source gives the name as Myron.
  2. William - William paid poll tax in 1784, but was exempted in 1785. His will was dated 28 Sep 1785 in Wilkes Co., NC and proved there 28 Jan 1788. Married, but his wife and mother of his children has not been identified, with research showing that she was neither Mary DARNABY nor Elizabeth MEACHAM. Children of William OWEN: John married Rebecca LINCH; William married Rachael PADGET; Thomas; Barnet married Hannah and/or Susannah; Mary married Elijah DENNY; Anne married William DUDLEY; David married Winefred MULLINS; and Elizabeth married Nathaniel JUDD.
  3. Lansford - Married Elizabeth HARRISON. Son: William, b. Dec. 23, 1734.
  4. A--- - Unreadable short name of an unmarried daughter in father's will. One source gives the name as Agnes.
  5. Mary - Married John GENNES.
  6. Ann - b. about 1703. Married in Halifax Co., VA to Nicholas MEDLIN (b. Apr. 1699, New Kent Co., VA; d. Bertie Co., NC), son of Richard MEDLIN and Susanna. Children: Nicholas; William Owen married Rebecca WILSON; Joseph married; and John married Rebecca
  7. Lydia - Married William V. ADKINS (d. Feb. 15, 1784). Children Lydia and William ADKINS: Agnes married David PAULEY; Elizabeth married Richard SHOCKLEY; Lydia married Maj. William WITCHER; Nancy Anne married John WITCHER, Jr.; Sarah married John PARSONS; Owen married Agnes GOAD; Jesse married first Ruth, and second Mary; William married Mary HARTMAN; and Henry.
  8. Joanna - b. about 1705; d. 1795. Married John KERBY.

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