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Ancestral Notes

Richard Parker

Richard Parker and Miss Pender

Richard Parker and Elizabeth King

Jonathan Parker and Ann Copeland

Elijah Parker and Mary Harris

Sally Parker and Richard Neely

Mary Ann Neely and John C. Turman

Elizabeth Caroline Turman and Mordecai S. Lawson

James Martin Lawson and Lucy Jane Freeman

Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Notes on the Parker Ancestry

Numerous descendants of the PARKER family of Nansemond Co., VA state that "it seems certain" that Richard PARKER, patentee of the 1654 and later land grants, was the son of James PARKER and Kateran BULLAR of Cornwall. The research of Waunita Powell conclusively shows that Dr. Richard Parker of Chrles City and Henrico Cos., VA is not the same person as Richard Parker of Nansemond Co., VA. For example, Dr. Richard PARKER was in Charles City County and another Richard PARKER was in Nansemond County in 1654. And Dr. Richard PARKER was born in 1630 and received his education in England, while Richard PARKER of Nansemond County arrived in America prior to 1644.

Sally Moore Koestler shares the PARKER line through the three Richard PARKER generations and continuing through Elizabeth (PARKER) HUNTER at Sally's Family Place, including numerous source citations and document extracts.

An extensive collection and review of colonial Virginia records concerning Richard PARKER, Chirurgeon, is found in Some Ancestors and Descendants of Richard Parker, Chirurgeon, by Eleanor Davis McSwain (LC 81-112279; CS71.P24 1980a), hereinafter referred to as McSWAIN. Pages 1-13 of McSWAIN concerns the PARKER family in England; pages 14-48 concerns Richard PARKER, Chirurgeon, and his family; pages 169-80 concerns Richard PARKER II, III and IV of Nansemond Co., VA and Chowan Co., NC; and page 291 makes the connection from Richard PARKER III to Jonathan PARKER of Granville Co., NC. Although McSWAIN errs in her conclusion regarding the ancestry of the PARKERs of Nansemond Co., VA, her book provides a wealth of information on the family in America.

Other publications provide varying quanity and quality of information on this PARKER family lineage, most notable are the following:

Neeley Notes, by Hazel Gibson Jones (Lubbock, TX: about 1993)
The Roper Family Bible, by Mary W. S. Soper (Winchester, TN: 1982)
Thrice Three Times Told Tales, by Mary W. S. Soper (Winchester, TN: 1979)
Virginia Historical Magazine, 1:4 (Apr. 1898), pp. 444-47
Virginia Historical Magazine, 19:2 (Apr. 1919), pp. 190-92.
and many caring and sharing PARKER cousins.

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The Parkers in America

Richard Parker I

Richard PARKER - b. about 1624, England; d. about 1680, Nansemond Co., VA. Arrived in America prior to Dec. 22, 1643, when John CARTER received 300 acres in Nansemond County for 6 headrights for the transportation of Morgan Williams, Richard Parker, Robert Pierce, Thomas Norice, Israel Harris and Hen. Bartholomew. On Oct. 5, 1654, Richard PARKER recieved a grant of 400 acres for transportation of eight people, one of a series of land grants (totaling 1,420 acres on the Southern Branch of the Nansemond River at Hoods Neck) to him that were recorded in Nansemond Co., VA. It's to be noted that the land in the 1654 grant is described as "Joyning to his own land," indicating that Richard PARKER obtained land prior to that year, and records show that he owned 760 acres prior to 1654, obtained from two prior owners. The latest land grant was for 100 acres on Feb. 24, 1675, adjoining his other land and that of Thomas PARKER. The will of Richard PARKER cannot be located, but is referred to in a land grant dated Apr. 23, 1681, transferring his lands to his three sons. The name of his wife has not been located. His wife may have been of the MAULDIN family, but this should only be used as a suggesstion for further research, since there appears to be some connection between Richard PARKER and Dumplin Island residents Francis MAULDIN and Thomas PARKER.

Virginia State Land Office, Patent Book 7 1679-1689, pages 93-94

[By a series of boundary changes, portions of the described land was successively in Nansemond Co., VA, Chowan Co., NC in 1728, Hertford Co., NC in 1759 and Gates Co., NC in 1779. In terms of a modern map, the land was located on the western edge of the Great Dismal Swamp, naer the present town of Corapeake, Gates Co., NC.]

To all people, etc. whereas, etc.... Now know ye that I, the said Sr. Henry Chisheley, Kt., his Majesties Deputy Governor, do give and grant unto Thomas, Richard and Frances Parker, the three sons of Richard Parker, dec'd. one thousand four hundred and twenty acres of land on the marsh adjoining, lying and being in the souther branch of nansemond, beginning at a red oak standing on a point to the northward of Cranny Creek mouth and opposite to a small island called Cranny Isle and at Crain's ehancing, thence running down by the main branch side according to the several curvings and windings of the said branch 'till it comes to a great decayed white oak standing a little above the creek's mouth which is called Parker's Creek; thence south east crossing over the said creek twice and extending three hundred and twenty poles to John Small his own white oak, thence south west one hundred and eighty four poles to a small white oak being the beginning head of the Crosse Swampe Pattent and runs the due courses of the said Pattent First east north east two hundred poles to a small Gum, thence south south east three hundred and twenty poles to a small Ash by a Gum in a great reedy pocoson or inland swamp thence west south west two hundred poles to a small Gum thence north north west one hundred and sixty four poles to a marked Gum standing by a branch being in the head line of Hood neck pattent thence south west by west one hundred and forty six poles to a white oak standing by and towards the head of Cranny Creek. Thence down by or nigh the said creek side to the mouth thereof and thence as the southern branch runs down to the first mentioned red oak including the said quantity three hundred acres as hereof being formerly granted to William Hatfield by the two pattents, the one for two hundred the other for one hundred acres dated the 24th August 1638 and four hundred and sixty acre of the said land formerly granted unto Randall Crews by pattent dated the 9th September 1648 all which by deeds and surrendered became the propper right of Richard Parker, Senr., dec'd. and four hundred acres more of the said land was formerly granted to the said Richard Parker, Senr. by pattent the 18th March 1662, and one hundred acres more being greatest            marsh also formerly granted to Richard Parker and of the now Pattentees, by pattent dated the 24th. February 1675/6, all which by the said pattents and their father's will being now the right and in possession of the said Thomas, Richard and Francis Parker the one hundred sixty acres residue, being over plus lands and march found to be contained within the said bounds and due by me for the transportation of four persons, etc.

To have and to hold, etc. To be held, etc., yeilding, etc. priviledge dated the 23rd day of April Anno Domini 1681.
Ann Crosdell
George Dobson
William Hendly
Thomas Northern

Children of Richard Parker

  1. Thomas -  b. about 1645, possibly in Nansemond Co., VA; d. after 1704, VA. See the T. Parker narrative.
  2. Richard - b. about 1653/4, probably in Nansemond Co., VA; d. after 1714, Nansemond Co., VA.
  3. Francis - d. Parker's Creek, Nansemond Co., VA. Resided in that portion of Nansemond Co., VA which later became part of NC. Granted land in the 1681 transfer of the land of Richard PARKER to his sons. On Apr. 16, 1683, twenty acres in Upper Parrish of Nansemond Co., VA near Hood's Neck was granted to Francis PARKER, being previously granted "to his father, Richard Parker." In the 1704 Quit Rent Roll of Nansemond Co., VA, he is listed as having paid tax on 170 acres. Son of Francis PARKER: Francis, Jr. (on 1704 Quit Rent Roll).

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Richard Parker II

Richard PARKER - b. about 1653/4, probably in Nansemond Co., VA; d. after 1714, Nansemond Co., VA. Son of Richard PARKER I. Resided in that portion of Nansemond Co., VA which later became part of NC. Richard received land by grant in 1681 after the death of his father. However, patents for this land were not issued until Apr. 26, 1698, in parcels of 100 and 400 acres. He received additional land patents between 1698 and 1714 for a total of nearly 700 acres located near his existing holdings and the head of Bennett's Creek in what is now Gates Co., NC.

Miss PENDER - No further information known. Surname is from family tradition, and as recorded by Foxhall PARKER. A PENDER appears on the 1704 Quit Rent roll of Nansemond Co., VA.

Son of Richard Parker

  1. Richard III - b. about 1677, Nansemond Co., VA; d. about 1752, Chowan Co., NC.
  2. Samuel - Possible son. Granted land on Hoods Mare Branch of Bennett Creek in 1714 that was subsequently granted to Richard PARKER. Possible sons: Richard and William.
  3. Jonathan - Possible son. Granted land with Daniel PARKER on Hoods Mare Branch of Bennett Creek in 1718 that was originally granted to Richard PARKER.
  4. Daniel - Possible son. Granted land with Jonathan PARKER on Hoods Mare Branch of Bennett Creek in 1718 that was originally granted to Richard PARKER.
  5. Sally - Possible daughter, if the passages concerning the PARKER family in William BYRD's 1728 Diary and History of the Dividing Line Betwixt Virginia and North Carolina refer to Richard PARKER II, as a footnote claims. BYRD writes in Apr. 1728 that they stayed "at the House of Richard Parker, an honest Planter, whose labours were rewarded with Plenty," and "Our Eyes were entertain'd as well as our Stomachs by the charms of pretty Sally the Eldest Daughter of the Family." In Sep. 1728, the survey party returned to the PARKER home and BYRD wrote that they "found things in much disorder, the good Woman being lately dead & those that surviv'd sick. Pretty Sally had lost some of her Bloom by an Ague, but none of her good humor."

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Richard and Elizabeth (King) Parker

Richard PARKER - b. about 1677, Nansemond Co., VA; d. about 1752, Chowan Co., NC. Son of Richard PARKER and Miss PENDER. Lived in that portion of Nasemond Co., VA that became part of Chowan Co., NC in 1728, and appointed a justice for Chowan Precenct 1731. He received patents between 1718 and 1749 to just over 1000 acres in Upper Parish of Nansemond and near the head of Bennett's Creek in what is now Gates Co., NC. Will dated Sep. 22, 1749, and admitted to probate in Chowan Co., NC in Apr. 1752. One of his wives died in the summer of 1728, but his will indicates he was survived by another. Richard's lengthy will mentions 14 surviving children, and reveals that he, like his father and grandfather, acquired much land during his lifetime. Since his youngest two sons received no real estate, it is possible that they had received land transfers previously. His children are listed below in the order they appear in his will. Probably married second a Miss SWAN, and possibly married a third time.

Elizabeth KING - Daughter of Henry KING and Catherine.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth Parker

  1. Daniel - b. about 1700; d. 1780, Gates Co., NC. Daniel purchased land in Chowan Co., NC in Dec. 1751 from his nephew Richard PARKER V, the deed [Deeds, Book H-1, p. 249] stating in part, "which sd. tract was granted to Richd Parker grandfather to the partie to these presents who never had disposed of the same in his life time and dying without will that is known of the sd. land descend to sd. Richad Parker [Richard PARKER V] as heir at law to his Grandfather." Either his first wife, or perhaps a second wife, may have been named Mary. The mother of his children has not been identified. Children of Daniel PARKERe: Luke married; Mary married Mr. CHITREL; Judith (or Judah) married Mr. GRIFFIN; Abigail married Mr. CHITREL; Sarah married Mr. HORTON; Demsey married Mary; Isaac married; Robert; and Ruth married Micajah RIDDICK.
  2. Richard IV - b. about 1706/7. Reportedly married Mary BENTON, daughter of John BENTON. Land transactions occurred between 1740 and 1755 from Richard IV to his son Richard V, and from Richard IV to his brother Peter. His father's will names grandsons Richard and William, probably sons of Richard IV. Children: Richard V married Miss HODGES; and William married Elizabeth WALLIS.
  3. Robert - b. 1713; d. 1797, Gates Co., NC. Married first Ms. RIDDICK, perhaps daughter of Willis RIDDICK and Mary FAULK, or of Robert RIDDICK and Christian. Robert married second Abigail. Children of Robert PARKER and his first wife: Christian married James BROWN; Robert did not marry; Jane married Mr. BROWN; Elizabeth married Mr. BULLOCK; Abraham married Sarah; Jesse married Ann; Sally; Willis married; William; and Priscilla married Benjamin HAYS. Son of Robert and Abigail PARKER: Richard.
  4. Peter - b. before about 1718. He recorded land transactions in 1739, 1749 and 1757 in Chowan Co., NC. Married Mary WALLIS. Sons of Peter PARKER: Jonathan; Elisha; and Peter.
    1. Jonathan -
    2. Elisha - Will dated Aug. 26, 1793, and proved Feb. 1794. Married first, on Nov. 13, 1752, in Chowan Co., NC, Rebecca WARREN, and second Esther. Children of Elisha PARKER: Peter married Sarah BARNES; John; Jesse; Elisha; Elizabeth married Mr. EASON; Mary married Mr. GRIFFIN; Christian; and Nancy. Descendants lived in Chowan (now Gates) Co., NC and Hopkins (now Webster) Co., KY.
    3. Peter -
  5. Jonathan - b. about 1713, Nansemond Co., VA; d. June 1788, Granville Co., NC.
  6. Jonas - b. about 1733; d. 1775, Orange Co., NC. Will dated Oct. 21, 1771 and proved at May Court 1775, Orange Co., NC, witnessed by Robert BUMPASS, William FOWLER, Grace FOWLER and Joanna PERSON. In his will, Jonas names his wife, Rebecca, and children, who are listed here in the order named in the will. Married Rebecca PERSON, daughter of John PERSON and Priscilla COCKERHAM. Children of Jonas and Rebecca PARKER: Richard; Stephen married Polly BREWER; David possibly married first Clary MANGRUM, and married last Chloe ADCOCK?; Powell married Nancy LUMKIN; Francis; Abner married Ann HOLLAWAY; Winny; Sally; and Betty.
  7. Elizabeth - b. about 1698; d. before 1752. Married Isaac HUNTER (b. about 1690; d. 1753, Chowan Co., NC), son of William HUNTER. Isaac's will, dated Apr. 17, 1752 and proved Apr. 1753, names all his children (including deceased daughter Jean PERRY). Children of Elizabeth and Isaac HUNTER: Elisha married Ann WALTON; Jesse married Ann ALSTON; Jean (or Joan) married Phillip PERRY; Isaac married Martha ALSTON; Daniel did not marry; Alice married Joseph PERRY; Hannah married Joseph RIDDICK; Elizabeth married Mr. PERRY; Rachel married first William WALTON, and second Mr. SMALL; Sarah married William RIDDICK; and Jacob married Sarah Pugh HILL.
  8. Ann - Married Mr. SPIVEY.
  9. Alice - Married Mr. DAUGHTERY.
  10. Jacob -
  11. Stephen -
  12. Francis - b. 1726, Chowan Co., NC; d. bef 1799, Northampton Co., NC. Married Sarah GARRETT (b. aft 1730, Chowan Co., NC). Children of Francis and Sarah PARKER: Peggy; Priscilla; Martha; Susanna; William; Lewis married Margaret MASON; Robert; Mary; Zachariah; and Sarah.
  13. Patience - Unmarried in 1749.

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Jonathan and Ann (Copeland) Parker

Jonathan PARKER - b. about 1713, Nansemond Co., VA; d. June 1788, Granville Co., NC. Son of Richard PARKER and Elizabeth KING. Lived in Chowan and Granville Cos., NC. Served in the Revolution as a patriot of NC (DAR National Number 577733). An abstract of his will dated June 3, 1788, and proved Aug. Court 1788, reads as follows: "Jonathan PARKER wills to son Jesse my daughter Rachel DIXON and my daughter Elizabeth PARKER 5 shillings each; to my lawful wife Ann PARKER, after debts are paid, 1/3rd of land, goods and chattels during her widowhood or natural life and the rest of my stock and household furniture to be divided between my children living at time of my decease; all my land to be sold and equally divided between my three youngest sons; Samuel, Elijah, George PARKER when they are of age. Exrs: my son Samuel and John BADGET. Wts: Jonothan BADGETT, Elizabeth HOWEL." Married first, in 1738, a Miss HOWELL, the mother of his first two children. Jonathan married second in 1744.

Ann COPELAND - d. after Jun. 1788. <TENTATIVE: If the information to follow is for the second wife of Jonathan PARKER and the mother of Elijah PARKER, and her approximate birthdate is correct, she would have been about age 53 at the birth of her youngest child. Though not inconceivable, this seems unlikely. Further Copeland information on the following line available if line is established.> b. about 1715, VA. Daughter of William COPELAND (b. about 1687, Middlesex Co., VA; d. about 1753, Chowan Co., NC) and Sarah CHAMPION, daughter of John and Sarah. William COPELAND was son of William and Christian, and grandson of William and Grace.

Children of Jonathan Parker and his first wife

  1. Jesse - b. 1739, NC; d. 1810, Knox Co., TN. Named in father's will. Death year and names of wife and children from a family record in the form of a scroll. Moved to Knox Co., TN about 1806. Married Christeen COPELAND. Children of Jesse and Christeen PARKER: Howell; Milly Amelia; Jonathan; Molly; Sarah; Elizabeth; Anne; Zilla 'Lilly'; and Jesse.
  2. Rachel - b. 1743, NC. Named in father's will. Married Mr. DIXON.

Children of Jonathan and Ann Parker

  1. Cader - b. 1745; d. Aug. 12, 1780, Granville Co., NC. Cader served in the Revolution, never recovering from wounds received in the service. He received a land grant in Sumner Co., TN. Will dated Aug. 12, 1777, and recorded Nov. Court 1780. Being never married, he wills to his brothers Elijah and George PARKER all land in Granville Co., NC; to 3 sisters Jemima, Elizabeth, and Pharada, all else - with Jonathan PARKER and John BADGET, exrs.
  2. Jonathan - d. 1777. Not named in either brother's or father's will. Probably maried Sarah. A researcher cites a petition for land division filed in Orange County in 1794 by Thomas SNEED on behalf of his wife Ann PARKER and Sarah PARKER, as a widow's dower. Sarah PARKER's estate was inventoried in Person COUNTY in 1795 by Thomas SNEED. This researcher believes that Jonathan PARKER, Jr. and Sarah were the parents of John PARKER (d. 1790) and Nelson.
  3. Jemima - b. NC; d. NC. Named in brother's will. Married George FORSYTHE [NSDAR].
  4. Elizabeth - b. NC; d. NC. Named in brother's and father's wills. Married Joseph HESTER on Jul. 4, 1781 [NSDAR].
  5. Pharada - b. NC; d. NC. Named in brother's will.
  6. Samuel - b. about 1763; d. Jan. 1, 1809, Raleigh, Wake Co., NC. Executor of father's will. Married on Dec. 14, 1784 in Granville Co., NC to Lucy HARRIS (b. about 1768, Granville Co., NC; d. after Sep. 14, 1831, Granville Co., NC), with Samuel HARRIS, bondsman, and Bennet SEARCY, witness. Lucy was the daughter of Richard HARRIS and Priscilla HOLMES, and her sister Mary HARRIS married Samuel's brother Elijah PARKER. At the time of his death, Samuel was "Member of the Assembly from Granville county" [Raleigh Record, Jan. 5, 1809, page 3, col. 5]. Children of Samuel and Lucy PARKER: Ann married John Peace LEMAY; Priscilla married William WESTHERS; possibly Nancy; possibly a daughter married Mr. SNEED; and possibly Cader married Nancy ADCOCK.
  7. Elijah - b. 1768, Granville Co., NC; d. Mar. 1853, Bedford Co., TN.
  8. George - b. NC. Named in brother's and father's wills. George married first Lucy WILKERSON on Dec. 10, 1789 in Granville Co., NC, with Bowling ADCOCK as bondsman, and A. HENDERSON as witness. He married second Piety HARRIS on Aug. 7, 1792 in Granville Co., NC, with Thomson HARRIS, bondsman, and W. NORWOOD, witness.
  9. Ann - Perhaps died young, or perhaps the same daughter as Jemima or Pharada. Ann is not named in either brother's or father's will. She may have been the Ann 'Nancy' PARKER (1774-1811) who married Col. Thomas SNEED (1772-1825) of Person County. Children of Col. Thomas and Ann SNEED include: Johnathan Parker; and Dudley married Jacobina PARKER.
  10. Nelson - Possible son. A Nelson PARKER appears on a Jonathan PARKER deed of 1760, and John PARKER (d. 1790) named his second son Nelson.

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Capt. Elijah and Mary (Harris) Parker

Elijah PARKER - b. 1768, Granville Co., NC; d. Mar. 1853, Bedford Co., TN; bur. Parker Cemetery, Raus, Bedford Co., TN. Son of Jonathan PARKER and Ann COPELAND. His will was written May 12, 1832, one year after the death of his wife and mother of his children, and was probated in Apr. 1853, with son Daniel as administrator. It is surmised that the will was written in anticipation of Elijah's re-marriage since it includes the statement that it was his "desire to do Justice to all my several sons and daughters." Elijah was named in both his brother Cader's and father's wills, and was administrator of the estate of his son-in-law Richard NEELY. Elijah moved to Bedford Co., TN in 1807, and was a Justice, a Trustee of Dixon Academy, and a Commissioner of School Land. A letter dated Nov. 15, 1808 from brother-in-law Charles HARRIS was addressed to "Mr. Elijah Parker, Bedford County, Tompsons Creek, Tennessee." Elijah belonged to the Flat Creek Baptist Church, and built a log home on a hill overlooking Thompson's Creek on the Parker Farm, eight miles from Tullahema on the road to Shelbyville, in Bedford Co., TN. Elijah is listed on the 1812 tax returns, being number 85 on the return of Capt. Richard NEELY. He became the assignee of military land grants totaling 140 acres on Thompsons Creek, with his interest being recorded Jan. 1, 1816 [Book F, pages 215 to 219]. Elijah's grave, located on the Parker Farm, has a memorial marker [photo] inscribed with words taken from his commission in the North Carolina Militia. Richard Dobbs SPAIGHT (1758-1802), signer of Elijah's commission, was also a signer of the U. S. Constitution on Sep. 17, 1787. Elijah was administrator of his son Charles' estate, which was settled in Oct. 1850. Elijah married first Feb 3, 1789, Granville Co., NC, with Jonathan BADGETT, bondsman, and Henry POTTER, witness (Bond No. 2588). Married second, probably in or shortly after May 1832, Rosannah (BARRINGER) COVEY (b. Mar. 28, 1785, Montgomery Co., VA; d. Dec. 7, 1875, New Herman, Bedford Co., TN; bur. there on Parker Farm), daughter of Adam BARRINGER and Catherine STROEVER, and widow of General Joseph COVEY. Rosannah and Elijah PARKER had no children.

Mary HARRIS - b. 1770, Granville Co., NC; d. May 4, 1831, Bedford Co., TN; bur. Parker Cemetery, Raus, Bedford Co., TN. Her death date and the birthdates of her children were obtained from the Parker Family Bible in 1936, at Doddieland, the home of her grandson Henry Thompson PARKER. She was buried beside her husband on the Parker Farm, with her grave marked with an uninscribed sandstone tablet, now crumbled. Daughter of Richard HARRIS and Priscilla HOLMES.

Children of Elijah and Mary Parker

  1. Lucy - b. Sep. 23, 1789, Granville Co., NC; d. Little Rock, AR. Married Wiley BEASLEY (b. about 1782, NC), son of Ephraim BEASLEY and Ms. HARRIS. Lucy and Wiley lived at Pulaski, Giles Co., TN, in Wilson Co., TN in 1805, in Bedford Co., TN in 1810, in Greene Co., AL in 1819, and at Little Rock, AR by 1850. Their sons lived in Fayette Co., AL, Choctaw Co., MS and Chickasaw Co., MS before Jesse settled in Navarro Co., TX, and Elijah settled in Angeline Co., TX. Children of Lucy and Wiley BEASLEY: Jesse married Elisabeth W. ROBERTS; and Elijah Asberry, Sr. married.
  2. Sally - b. Apr. 10, 1791, Granville Co., NC; d. Oct. 17, 1884, Bedford Co., TN. Married Richard NEELY.
  3. Samuel - b. Feb. 19, 1793, Granville Co., NC; d. Oct. 5, 1856, near Alva, Choctaw Co., MS. Married Frances 'Fannie' MILLER (b. Aug. 22, 1793, GA; d. Dec. 9, 1822, Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co., AB). Lived in Webster Co., MS. Children of Samuel and Fannie PARKER: Elijah married Lucy; Lucy married Mr. BOX; Sally married Mr. LOVE; Priscilla; Lawrence; Elizabeth married Hezekiah Terrell ROSE; and Samuel married first Mina Louisa DUNN, and second Martha A. DUNLAP.
  4. Richard - b. Nov. 1, 1795, Granville Co., NC; d. 1839, Choctaw Co., MS; bur. Edgeworth Cem., Webster Co., MS. He is named as a son of Capt. Elijah in a deed of 161 acres from Jeremiah SPAN on Aug. 29, 1820. Married on Feb. 20, 1816 in Bedford Co., TN to Priscilla EPPS (d. 1899, MS; bur. Edgeworth Cem., Webster Co., MS), daughter of John EPPS and Martha ALLEN. Her grandparents were Joshua and Lucy (NEUMAN) EPPES, and Daniel and Frances (NEAL) ALLEN. Richard and Priscilla lived in Green Co., AB. Priscilla was living at Walthall, Summer Co., MS in June 1879, and died in MS in 1899 at age of 97. Eight children (3 sons and 5 daughters) of Richard and Priscilla PARKER: John never married; Martha married James HITT (ancestors of Mary Waller Shepherd Soper); Rebecca; Lucy married Jett Thomas WORTHAM; Frances married James G. YOUNG; Samuel Epps married Minerva Caroline SCOTT; James H. married Sarah A. 'Sally' HEMPHILL (ancestors of Homie Parker Holly); and Mary J. married Isaac Granger ADAIR.
  5. Priscilla - b. Apr. 10, 1797, NC; d. Aug. 27, 1889, Tuscaloosa Co., AL. Married Jul. 12, 1812, Bedford Co., TN, Miles CHAPPELL (b. Jun. 5, 1791, Amelia Co., VA; d. Mar. 24, 1887, Tuscaloosa Co., AL), son of Abner CHAPPELL and Susannah MOORE. They lived in Fayette Co., AL for over 60 years before moving to Sterling, Tuscaloosa Co., AB, where they are buried in Stanley Cemetery. Miles was a pensioner of the War of 1812, applying from Fayette Co., AB (1883 List of Pensioners, WC 34903 BLWT 15818-80-55). Children of Priscilla and Miles CHAPPELL: Lucy married George Washington JOHNSTON; Sarah married Robert BERRY; Permelia married Jehu Chaney KIRKLAND; James Harvey married Lucy FREEMAN; Susannah died young; Mary married Oliver P. DAVIS; Catherine married Samuel WHITSON; Palatine married John FREEMAN; Martha Jane married Jesse Mercer STANLEY; Lutitia married William Lucius STANLEY; Caroline married Nathaniel DAVIS; Elizabeth married D. C. M. F. WAYNE; John A. married Callister BAGWELL; and Alpha Ann married John THOMAS.
  6. Jonathan - b. Apr. 9, 1800; d. 1837, Bedford Co., TN. [One source gives birth month as March.] Married about 1820 Frances A. EPPS, daughter of John EPPS and Martha ALLEN. After his death, his land was inventoried at 223 acres, including 183 acres on Thompson Creek. Children of Jonathan and Frances PARKER: Pricilla married Thomas L. ROBERTS; Epps; Allen; Elijah; and Martha married A. J. PITMAN.
  7. Elijah - b. Jun. 13, 1802. Elijah PARKER and Elijah PARKER, Jr. are mentioned in Bedford Co., TN Chancery Court Records in 1839. Married Susan (or Martha Susan) ROBERTS. They lived in MS in 1849, and later moved to TX.
  8. Rebecca - b. Mar. 28, 1804; d. Feb. 1, 1806.
  9. Susanna - b. Feb. 29(?), 1806. Married Naphaniah SUGG and lived in Dickson Co., TN.
  10. Charles H. - b. Jul. 13, 1808; d. 1850, Bedford Co., TN. Married in 1830 to Nancy BOWDEN (b. about 1814, SC; d. between 1853 and 1857), daughter of William BOWDEN (about 1773-1842) and Nancy WIGGINS (about 1776-1860) of Coffee Co., TN. Nancy was married second about Jul. 1854 to Carter BLANTON. The estate of Charles was administered by his father Elijah, and settled in Oct. 1850. The children of Charles and Nancy were under the guardianship of Daniel PARKER in Oct. 1850; G. E. BOWDEN was guardian of the minor children in Oct. 1853; and Epps PARKER was guardian of the minor children in Aug. 1858. Children of Charles and Nancy PARKER: Samuel; James P.; Nancy married James T. BAXTER; Guili Elmus; Daniel W.; William T.; and Pricilla.
  11. James Harris - b. Sep. 22, 1810, Bedford Co., TN; d. Apr. 10, 1888, Pittsboro, Calhoun Co., MS. Family documents record his middle name as Harvey. However, a land grant dated Dec. 5, 1843 (certificate 15468) consistently gives his full name as James Harris PARKER (five places). Married in Oct. 1835, Bedford Co., TN, Mary Brockman BOBO (b. 1819, Bedford Co., TN; d. May 21, 1861, Calhoun Co., MS), daughter of Elisha BOBO (1788-1865) and Lucy DEAN (1789-1840). James and Mary lived in Bedford Co., TN, and from 1839 in that part of Chickasaw Co., MS that became Calhoun Co., MS. James was termed "of Chickasaw County, Missisippi" in a certificate dated Dec. 5, 1843 for land described as "South West quarter of Section Twenty five, in fractional Township Thirteen, of Range Two, West, in the District of Lands subject to sale at Pontotoc, Mississippi, containing, one hundred and sixty Acres and seventeen hundreths of an Acre." The death date for Mary may be in error, or James was remarried sometime after the 1870 census and before the 1880 census to another Mary of about the same age. According to DAR National Number 577733, James and Mary had a son Samuel Harvey PARKER, however Samuel Harvey PARKER was a grandson of James and Mary, and the son of Elijah PARKER and Mary. Children of James and Mary PARKER: Elijah married first Mary, and second Eliza; Elisha S.; Mary E. married Mason P. TURMAN; Lucy J. did not marry; James F. married Martha BEUSON; Joel Dean married Ida SULLIVAN; Harvey (or Henry) Ebenezer 'Eb' married Elizabeth May HOOD; Chaney Bobo married Macey Ella WHITWORTH; Samuel Buchannan 'Buck' married Susanna STEWART; and Evaland Grace married George HOOD (brother of Eveline's sister-in-law).
  12. Polly - b. Oct. 17, 1812; d. young.
  13. Nancy - b. May 24, 1814, TN. Married William BOWDEN (b. about 1811, SC), son of William BOWDEN (about 1773-1842) and Nancy WIGGINS (about 1776-1860) of Coffee Co., TN. The family lived in Monroe Co., MS at the time of the 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses. Children of Nancy and William BOWDEN: Samuel W.; Mary A.; James H.; and Rick P. D.
  14. Daniel - b. Sep. 17, 1816, TN; d. Feb. 7, 1886, Bedford Co., TN. Married first Polly Ann DEAN (b. Mar. 13, 1818; d. Sep. 18, 1845); second, Nancy DEAN (b. 1814; d. Aug. 27, 1852); and third, on Apr. 18, 1853, Susan E. WHITAKER (b. 1826; d. 1893), widow of Wiley A. GISARD. Daniel's first two wives were sisters and daughters of John DEAN (b. 1763, SC) and Sarah (b. 1763, SC). Daniel was named as brother of Charles, and guardian of the children of Charles and Pricilla by the Oct. 1850 Court of Bedford Co., TN. Daniel was the administrator of his father's estate. Children of Daniel and Polly PARKER: Lucy Francie married Henry Porter FERGUSON; Sarah Ann died as infant; James Harvey died at age 18; and Pinckeny Daniel married. Son of Daniel and Susan PARKER: Henry Thomas married E. May SHOFNER. Henry incorporated the dwelling of his grandfather into his home, known as Doddieland, and was living there in 1936.

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