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Richard Parker I

Thomas Parker

Peter Parker and Elizabeth

Thomas Parker and Martha Maples

Lucretia Parker and Daniel Highsmith

Thomas Highsmith and Sarah Wood

Martha Elizabeth Highsmith and Asa Kerby

Elizabeth Kerby and John Joseph Sears

Chesley Sears and Elizabeth C. McClanahan

Malinda Margaret Sears and Scott Cyrus Freeman

Lucy Jane Freeman and James Martin Lawson

Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman Stephen Martin Lawson

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Ancestry of Thomas Parker

CAUTION: The ancestry of Thomas PARKER (d. 1782) is very tentative. Early PARKER records in Nansemond Co., VA and Chowan Co., NC appear to support the lineage as presented here. However, it is difficult to clearly identify various PARKERs with the same given names, and various compilers reach differing conclusions based on the same records.

Thomas Parker

Thomas PARKER - b. about 1645, possibly in Nansemond Co., VA; d. after 1704, VA. Son of Richard PARKER I. Resided in that portion of Nansemond Co., VA which later became part of NC. Between 1679 and 1683, he patented several tracts of land near the head waters of the Southern Branch of the Nansemond River in the Upper Parish. No record has been located providing his wife's name.

Children of Thomas Parker

  1. Thomas -  b. about 1667, VA; d. 1717, Chowan Co., NC. Will dated Jan. 23, 1717 and proved in Oct. Court 1717, Chowan Co., NC. Thomas PARKER, Jr. received a paptent to 240 acres in "Upper Par. of Nansimund County" on Oct. 3, 1690, adjoining the land of Thomas Parker, Sr. An entry in the Journal of John COMER of Boston in 1729 says that he received a letter two years previous from a Baptist Church in NC signed by three sons of Thomas PARKER, Jr.: Thomas, Joseph and John. Thomas married Jean (EARLY) EVANS, daughter of William and Ellener EARLY and widow of Peter EVANS. Children of Thomas and Jean PARKER: Peter; Thomas married Sarah NORFLEET; Joseph married Ruth; John married Mary STONE; William married Ann (possibly Ann KING, daughter of Henry KING, Sr. and Catherine); Sarah; and Francis married Elizabeth THOMAS.
  2. Peter - b. VA; d. before 1720, Chowan Co., NC.
  3. John - Possible son of Thomas PARKER, Sr. John received a grant of 87 acres adjoining the land of Peter PARKER on Oct. 9, 1696.

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Peter and Elizabeth Parker

Peter PARKER -  b. VA; d. before Apr. 1720, Chowan Co., NC. Son of Thomas PARKER. The will of Peter PARKER was dated Sep. 15, 1716 and proved in April Court 1720, Chowan Co., NC. Peter owned 140 acres in Nansemond Co., VA in 1704, purchased additional land in Nansemond County in 1706, and sold some of the land in 1717. In 1714, Peter PARKER's land joined 387 acres in Chowan Precinct that was purchased by Thomas PARKER.

Elizabeth -

Children of Peter and Elizabeth Parker

  1. John - Eldest son and executor of his father's will. Possibly the John PARKER who married Rachel, daughter of Nicholas SESSUMS and Elizabeth. The will of Nicholas SESSUMS, dated May 26, 1764 and proved Oct. 1764 in Edgecombe Co., NC, in which he names daughter Rachel PARKER. Rachel was the wife of John PARKER of Coharie Run, Sampson Co., NC, whose Apr. 24, 1800 will names wife Rachel. Based on the dates and locations, it is possible that John PARKER, husband of Rachel SESSUMS, was the brother of Thomas PARKER (d. 1782). Children of John and Rachel PARKER: Luke; Josiah; Rev. Francis; Lourany; John; Sarah; Nicholas; William married Nancy Ann OWEN; Louis; Sussums; and Thomas.
  2. Thomas - b. after 1697; d. by Oct. 1782, New Hanover Co., NC.
  3. Joseph - Married. Son of Joseph PARKER: Job.
  4. Mary -
  5. Ann -

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Thomas and Martha (Maples) Parker

Thomas PARKER - b. afteer 1697; d. by Oct. 1782, New Hanover Co., NC. Son of Peter PARKER and Elizabeth. The will of Thomas PARKER, written in 1775 and proved Oct. 1782, New Hanover Co., NC, names daughter Lucreziah HIGHSMITH and wife Rachel. A photocopy of the recorded will is desired to verify the persons named and analyze the wording. Thomas Parker lived in Occoneechy, Northampton Co., N.C. in  Jan. 1745 when he purchased 500 acres in Edgecombe Co., N. C. By Aug. 1752, he moved to New Hanover Co., N.C. It is probable that Thomas was married first between 1729 and 1742 to Martha MAPLES, of James City Co., VA. Thomas married second by Aug. 1752 Rachel.

Martha MAPLES - d. by Aug. 1752, NC. She of "of James City Co., VA, and may have been a widow when married to Thomas PARKER. Probably the first wife of Thomas and mother of Lucretia.

Daughter of Thomas and Martha Parker

  1. Lucretia - b. NC. Married Daniel HIGHSMITH.

Children of Thomas and Rachel Parker

  1. Rachel -
  2. Mary -
  3. Elizabeth -
  4. Louise - Possible daughter, but the name may be a mis-read of Lucretia.
  5. Thomas - d. 1774, New Hanover Co., NC. Married. Son of Thomas PARKER: Jacob.
  6. John - d. 1788, Duplin Co., NC. Married. Children of John PARKER: Asa; Peter; Elizabeth; Sarah married Thomas McCANNE; Rachael; and Mary.
  7. Hardy -

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