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                   Eames Ancestry in England
                   Anthony Eames and Margery

Michael Pierce and Persis Eames

Mary Pierce and Samuel Holbrook

Mary Holbrook and Eleazer Daniels

Abigail Daniels and Ephraim Morey

Benoni Morey and Huldah Brown

Eli Morey and Sophronia Mason

Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Merrill

William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews

Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Eames Ancestry in England

EAMES family details, with sources references, can be found in Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer, 3rd (1998, Santa Clarita, CA), pages 239-241, and the web site of Ralph Dean Clark (2000).

Thomas and Millicent (Brewster) Eames

Thomas EAMES - b. about 1548; bur. Jun. 25, 1618, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England. Possibly the son of John and Joan EAMES. Lived at Fordington from 1577 until his death. Married about 1576.

Millicent BREWSTER - b. about 1552; bur. May 23, 1614, Fordington, St. Geroge, Dorset, England. Her surname is not certain. One source names her as the daughter of Thomas BLANCHARD.

See Notable Cousins for line to: John Ernest STEINBECK, Jr.

  1. Alice - bap. 1577, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England.
  2. John - bap. Jan. 12, 1586/7, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England.
  3. Anna - b. about 1587, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England. Married Jan. 14, 1618/9 Thomas ROSE.
  4. Richard - b. about 1590; d. 1634. Married on Jun. 5, 1615 to Alice SPRAGUE, daughter of Edward and Christina SPRAGUE of Upway, Dorset.
  5. Anthony - b. about 1592, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. 1686, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA.
  6. Mark - b. about 1593, Fordington, St. George, Dorset prob. Probably died young.

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The Eames family in America

Refer to The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Volume II, by Robert Charles Anderson, George F. Sanborn Jr., and Melinde Lutz Sanborn (2001, Boston), pages 387-92, for information concerning the immigrant family.

Capt. Anthony and Margery (Prisse) Eames

Anthony EAMES - b. about 1592, Fordington St. George, Dorset, England; d. June 1686, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA. Son of Thomas EAMES and Millicent. On Apr. 12, 1632, Anthony deposed in a tithe case that he was "of Fordington, Dorset, yeoman, where he had lived from infancy, born there, aged 40 or thereabouts." Departed Weymouth, England aboard the 'Recovery of London' on March 31, 1633/4, Gabriel CORNISH, master. Lived at Fordington, St. George to 1631; settled first at Charlestown in 1634/5; freeman at Hingham, Mass. Bay Colony, Mar. 9, 1636/7; and freeman at Marshfield, Plymouth Colony, Jun. 7, 1653. Church warden at Fordington 1622, 1627 and 1631; deputy to General Court 1637, 1638, 1643 from Hingham, and 1653 through 1658, 1661 from Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA; Lt. of the Hingham train band about 1638; chosen Capt. of the train band 1644/5. Although Anthony was chosen as Captain by the town of Hingham, an allowance was not granted by the magistrates when the townsmen proposed another choice. Anthony was granted land at Charlestown in 1634/5, and was granted a number of parcels of land at Hingham between 1636 and 1647. In Dec. 1651, he and son Mark purchsed 100 acres at Marshfield, settling there the following summer. Anthony acknowledged a deed of land to his son Justus EAMES on Jun. 28, 1670, the latest record found of him. Married about 1615.

Margery - b. about 1599, near Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England. Surname varies in different secondary sources; any comments are welcome. Admitted to church at Charlestown, MA Sep. 13, 1635.

Children of Anthony and Margery Eames

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lucille BALL, Luther BURBANK, John HANCOCK and George PLIMPTON
  1. Millicent - bap. 1617, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. Feb. 8, 1695/6, Hingham, now Plymouth Co., MA. Married on Sep. 2, 1635 at Charlestown, MA to William SPRAGUE (b. 1609, Upway, Dorset, England; d. Oct. 26, 1675, Hingham, now Plymouth Co., MA), son of Edward and Christiana SPRAGUE. William arrived at Salem, MA aboard the 'Abigail' in 1628, removing to Hingham in 1636. He was a selectman in 1645, and constable and collector of town rates in 1662. Children of Millicent and William: Anthony married Elizabeth BARTLETT; John married Elizabeth HOLBROOK; Samuel married Sarah CHILLINGWORTH; Jonathan died in infancy; Persis married John DOGGETT; Joanna married Caleb CHURCH; Jonathan married first Mehitable HOLBROOK, and second Hannah (HARRIS) COOK; William married first Deborah LANE, and second Mary TOWER; Mary married Thomas KING; and Hannah died young.
  2. John - bap. Jan. 24, 1618/9, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. Nov. 3, 1641, Hingham, now Plymouth Co., MA.
  3. Mark - bap. May 1620, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. Jul.-Oct. 1693, Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA. His will was dated Jul.12, 1693 and proved Oct. 19, 1693. Lt. Mark married Elizabeth ANDREWS on May 26, 1648. Lived at Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA. Children: Sarah; Elizabeth; Damaris married Kenelm WINSLOW; Mary; Ruth; Jonathan married Hannah TROUANT; Anthony married Mercy SAWYER; and David.
  4. Persis - bap. Oct. 28, 1621, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. Dec. 31, 1662, Hingham, MA. Married Capt. Michael PIERCE.
  5. Anna/Hannah - b. about 1622, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. Jun. 10, 1692, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA. Her death is also given as Sep. 1, 1684, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA. Possible daughter. A source for the WILDER family identifies the wife of Thomas WILDER as the daughter of Anthony EAMES and Margery PRISSE. Most information for Anna/Hannah is from WILDER family data. Married Apr. 1640 at Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA to Thomas WILDER (b. about 1618, Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England; d. Oct. 23, 1667, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA), son of Thomas WILDERand Martha HIGGS. Children: Mary married David ALLEN/ELLEN; Thomas married Mary WHEELER; John married Hannah ATHERTON; Elizabeth; Nathaniel married Marie/Mary SAWYER; and Ebenezer.
  6. Elizabeth - bap. Jun. 13, 1624, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. Jun. 9, 1692. Married about 1650 Edward WILDER (d. Oct. 28, 1690), son of Thomas WILDER and Martha KEENE. Edward came to New England by 1638, settled at Hingham, and made freeman 1644. Children: Isaac; Mehitabel married Joseph WARREN; Abia married William CLARK; Abigail; Elizabeth married Israel FEARING; John married Rebecca DOGGETT; Ephraim; Jabez married Mary FORD; Anna; Hannah; and Mary married first Francis LeBARON, and second Return WAIT.
  7. Justus - b. 1626; bap. Apr. 29, 1627, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. 1706, MA. Will dated Mar. 7, 1697, and estate inventoried May 20, 1706 in now Plymouth Co., MA. Married May 2, 1661 in MA to Mehitabel CHILLINGSWORTH, daughter of Thomas CHILLINGSWORTH (d. 1653, MA) and Joanne. Children: Anthony married Elizabeth TILDEN; Millicent did not marry; Margery married Cornelius HOLBROOK (son of William HOLBROOK and Elizabeth PITTS); John; Nathaniel; Joseph; Ephraim; and Josiah.
  8. Margery - bap. Dec. 5, 1630, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. Apr. 7, 1659, Hingham, now Plymouth Co., MA. Married Oct. 20, 1653 John JACOB (b. 1629, England; d. 1693, MA), son of Nicholas and Mary (GILMAN) JACOB. John married second Mary RUSSELL, and they had eleven children. Margery and John had four children, including: Mary married first Samuel BACON, and second Elisha BISBEE; and Sarah married James HAWKE (their granddaughter Mary HAWKE married Rev. John HANCOCK, parents of John HANCOCK, signer of the Declaration of Independence).

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The Pierce family in America

Capt. Michael and Persis (Eames) Pierce

Michael PIERCE - d. Mar. 26, 1676, Pawtucket, RI. No evidence has been found to indicate that Michael PIERCE was related to Ship Master William PIERCE or to John PIERCE of Dorchester and Boston. Michael settled first at Hingham, MA, then moved to Scituate, MA. Commissioned a captain by the Colony Court in 1669. Ambushed and killed with company by Canonchet at Attleboro Gore during King Philip's war. Will dated Jan. 15, 1675, proved Jul. 22, 1676, names wife Anna, children Benjamin, John, Ephraim, Abigail HOLBROOK, Mary HOLBROOK, Elizabeth, Sarah, Annah, Abiah, Ruth and Persis, grandchildren Elizabeth and Abigail HOLBROOK, and "my brother Mark JENNES [EAMES]". Married second in 1663 Anna (_____) ALLEN.

Persis EAMES - bap. Oct. 28, 1621, Fordington, St. George, Dorset, England; d. Dec. 31, 1662, Hingham, MA. Daughter of Capt. Anthony EAMES and Margery. The NEHGR  of Oct. 1902, page 409, provides the following:

In Mass. Bay Colony Records, Vol. IV., part 1, page 380, under date of May 28, 1659, is an answer of the Court to the petition of Anthony Eames, in which is named "his sonne in lawe Michaell Pearse." It would seem that the first wife of Michael Pierce was a daughter of Anthony Eames, of Hingham and Marshfield. Her death is recorded in the Journal of Rev. Peter Hobart, "Dec. 31, 1662, Michaell Perces wife dyed."

Children of Michael and Persis Pierce

  1. Persis - bap. Jan. 7, 1645/6, Scituate, MA; d. 1646.
  2. Benjamin - b. 1646, Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA; d. May 3, 1730, Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA. Executor of father's estate. Benjamin was married first on Feb. 5, 1678 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA to Martha ADAMS (b. about 1665; d. Dec. 29, 1717, Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA, daughter of James ADAMS. Benjamin was married second on Jul. 23, 1718 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA to Elizabeth (ADAMS) PERRY. Children of Benjamin PIERCE: Martha; Jerusha; Benjamin married first Mary COWEN, and second Elizabeth PERRY; Ebenezer; Persis; Caleb; Thomas; Adams; Jeremiah; and Elisha.
  3. Ephraim - b. 1647, Scituate, MA; d. Sep. 29, 1719, Warwick, RI. Lived at Weymouth, MA, and moved to Warwick, RI about 1673. Freeman of Providence Plantation May 3, 1681. Married in 1670 Hannah HOLBROOK (d. 1719, Warwick, RI), daughter of Capt. John and Sarah HOLBROOK. The following paragraph is contained in the will of Capt. John HOLBROOK, Jul. 12, 1699, Weymouth, MA: "I give to my daughter, Hannah Pierce, £50 in money, to be at her disposal as she shall see cause. Also, I give unto my grandson, Azarikum Pierce, £15 in money. Also, I give to Ephraim Pierce, jun., £15 in money. I give to my granddaughter, Rachel Peck, £5 in money. All which legacies are to be paid by my executors within one year after my decease, which shall be in part payment of a bond under the hands and seals of Ephraim Pierce and Azarikum Pierce, bearing date June 14, 1697." Children: Azrikim married first Sarah HEYWOOD (or HOWARD), and second Elizabeth ESTEN; Ephraim married Mary LOW; Michael; Rachel married Mr. PEET; Hannah married William MARTIN; Experience married Samuel WHEATON; John married Hannah MILES; Benjamin; and Mial married Judith (or Joanna).
  4. Elizabeth - b. about 1649, Scituate, MA. Married Mr. HOLBROOK.
  5. Deborah - b. about 1650, Scituate, MA.
  6. Sarah - b. about 1652, Scituate, MA.
  7. Mary - b. 1654, Scituate, MA; d. Apr. 26, 1735. Married Samuel HOLBROOK.
  8. Abigail - b. about 1656; d. Sep. 29, 1723, Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA. Married about 1670 John HOLBROOK, son of Capt. John and Sarah HOLBROOK. Capt. John HOLBROOK mentions grandchildren John, Abigail and Elizabeth in his will dated Jul. 12, 1699. Children of Abigail and John HOLBROOK: Thomas; Abigail married Thomas PORTER; Elizabeth married James SMITH; Experience; Hannah married Josiah TURNER; Sarah; Deborah married Joseph BRIGGS; and John married Sarah CRITTENDON.
  9. Anna - b. about 1657, Scituate, MA.
  10. Abiah - b. about 1659, Scituate, MA. Married Andrew FORD.
  11. John - b. about 1660, Scituate; d. Jun. 28, 1738. Married on Dec. 12, 1683 in Plymouth Co., MA, Patience DODSON, daughter of Anthony DODSON. Children of John and Patience PIERCE: Mial married Mary WOOD; John married Abigail VINTON; Jonathan; Ruth married Stephen CORNELL; Jael married Hezekiah CHACE; David; Clothier married Hannah SHERMAN; Mary married Mr. NORTON; and Samuel married Polly BARBER.
  12. Ruth - b. about 1661, Scituate, MA.
  13. Persis - b. about 1662, Scituate, MA. Date of death and date of marriage both reported as Dec. 3, 1695 in different sources. Married Richard GARRETT (b. 1659).

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