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Henry and Mary (Pool) Andrews

Most of the information on the family of Henry ANDREWS of Taunton, MA is found in articles appearing in the NEHGR in Oct. 1897 by Josiah H. DRUMMOND and in Jan. 1898 by Almon D. HODGES. Neither article provides the surname of Mary, wife of the immigrant, and no substantive evidence has been found elsewhere.

Henry ANDREWS - b. 1608, Somerset Co., England; d. Feb. 10, 1652/3, Taunton, MA. Will dated Mar. 13, 1652, and estate inventoried Feb. 20, 1652/3. He was an original purchaser at Taunton, MA in 1637, built the first meeting house in 1647 for which he received a tract of land known as the "calves pasture," and was deputy to the Plymouth general court in 1639, 1642, 1643, 1647, and 1649. Probably married about 1628 in England.

Mary POOL - b. 1610-11, England; d. early 1655, Taunton, MA. Will dated Feb. 14, 1654/5, and proved Mar. 15, 1654/5. Simply because it is most frequently encountered, the POOL surname has been used here. Carl Boyer, 3rd., in Ancestral Lines, Third Edition (Santa Clarita, CA 1998), suggests that she may have been Mary STREET, daughter of Francis STREET, who purchased land at Taunton, MA in 1637. The estate of Francis was inventoried Jun. 3, 1665, and his widow (possibly his second wife) was married second on Dec. 10, 1665 to Thomas LINCOLN.

Children of Henry and Mary Andrews

See Notable Cousins for line to: William Allen WHITE

  1. Henry - b. about 1629, perhaps in England; d. May 23, 1676, Taunton, MA. Killed by Indians. Married first about 1652 in Taunton, MA Hannah STREET, daughter of Rev. Nicholas STREET of Taunton, MA and New Haven, CT. Henry married second about 1659 Mary WADSWORTH, daughter of Christopher and Grace (COLE) WADSWORTH of Duxbury, MA. Daughter of Henry and Hannah: Hannah married first Isaac NEGUS, and second William CORBETT. Children of Henry and Mary: Henry married first Mary DEAN, and second Mary WILLIAMS; Mary married Lt. Joseph RICHMOND; Grace married Abel BURT; Abigail married Joshua TISDALE; and Mehitable married Samuel RICHMOND.
  2. Mary - b. about 1631, probably in England; d. after 1700, MA. Married Peter PITTS.
  3. Sarah - b. about 1644, Taunton, MA. Married Apr. 1, 1664, Taunton, MA Jared (or Israel?) TALBOT. Children: Jared married Rebecca HATHAWAY (refer to HATHAWAY narrative for family); Mary; Elizabeth married Ephraim HATHAWAY (refer to HATHAWAY narrative for family); Samuel; Josiah; and Nathaniel.
  4. Abigail - b. 1646-1647, Taunton, MA; d. midnight Nov. 24-25, 1723, Duxbury, MA. Married Aug. 4, 1667 Deacon John WADSWORTH (b. 1638; d. 1700) of Duxbury, son of Christopher and Grace (COLE) WADSWORTH. Note that Abigail has also been identified as the daughter of Joseph ANDREWS of Hingham, MA, and granddaughter of Thomas ANDREWS.

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Peter and Mary (Andrews) Pitts

Peter PITTS - b. about 1630; d. 1692 or 1693, Bristol Co., MA. Will dated Jun. 9, 1692 and proved Jan. 12, 1692/3. Peter was a member of Taunton's first train band in 1643; shareholder of Taunton Iron Works 1653; taxed as Taunton inhabitant Dec. 28, 1659; allowed by General Court to purchase land on west side of Taunton River Jul. 2, 1667; purchased additional lands Nov. 26, 1672; member of 2nd Squadron of Military Company of Taunton Apr. 1682; supported call of Rev. Samuel DANFORTH as minister by a grant of land in 1687/8. Additional details and supporting sources appear in Some Descendants of Peter Pitts of Taunton, Mass., by Frances Davis McTeer and Julia Bumpus Berndt (1979). Married in 1654 in MA.

Mary ANDREWS - b. about 1631, probably in England; d. after 1700, MA. Married first 1648 or 1649 William HODGES (d. Apr. 2, 1653/4, Taunton, MA), and had sons John (b. 1650) and Henry. John HODGES (b. 1650) married Elizabeth MACY were parents of John HODGES and Mercy TISDALE, and the latter couple's daughter Elizabeth (b. Nov. 13, 1700, Taunton, Bristol Co., MA; d. Nov. 30, 1745, Norton, MA) married George MOREY (b. Aug. 31, 1696, Bristol, RI; d. Feb. 3, 1780, Norton, MA), the son of George MOREY and Hannah LEWIS. Mary (ANDREWS) PITTS was daughter of Henry ANDREWS and Mary POOL.

Children of Peter and Mary Pitts

  1. Samuel - b. about 1655, probably in Taunton, MA; estate inventoried Feb. 6, 1695/6. Purchased land Nov. 20, 1672 as associate with father; contributed to support Rev. Samuel DANFORTH Apr. 9, 1688; member of 2nd Squadron of Taunton Militia Company Apr. 8, 1682. Married Mar. 25, 1680, Taunton, MA, Sarah BOBBIT (b. Mar. 20, 1658, Taunton, MA; d. by Sep. 18, 1719), daughter of Edward BOBBIT and Sarah TARNE. Sarah, widow of Samuel, married second May 19, 1701, Taunton, MA, Samuel BLAKE (d. by Jan. 9, 1719), who had married first Sarah MARCY. Children of Samuel and Sarah: Sarah married Ebenezer PAUL; Mary married Benjamin WILLIS; Col. Samuel married Rebeccah WILLIAMS; Henry married first Anne CARY, and second Hannah DILLINGHAM; Abigail married John SANFORD; Peter married Sarah; and Ebenezer married Sarah HANOVER.
  2. Mary - b. about 1657-1658, probably at Taunton, MA; d. Nov. 14, 1727 (or 1721). Married Isaac HATHAWAY.
  3. Sarah - living Jun. 2, 1697, Taunton, MA. Then unmarried.
  4. Peter - d. between Sep. 6, 1743 and Jul. 8, 1745. Served in King William's War in 1697; involved in numerous land transfers in Taunton area. Will written Dec. 22, 1737 and probated Feb. 3, 1756. Married Mar. 11, 1702, Taunton, MA, Bethiah ROBINSON (will dated Sep. 16, 1747; proved May 12, 1748), daughter of Increase ROBINSON and Sarah PENNIMAN. Children of Peter and Bethiah: Peter married Zerviah WOODWARD; Josiah married Hannah VAUGHN; Sarah married Jonathan LAWRENCE; and Bethiah married John JONES.
  5. Alice - b. about 1665. Married Apr. 20, 1703 John WILBORE (b. Mar. 2, 1674/5; d. 1718). The will of John WILBORE was dated Apr. 8, 1718 and proved Jul. 11, 1718. In it he appointed his brother Benjamin and cousin Israel DEANE executors. John was the son of Shadrach WILBORE (b. 1632; d. Feb. 1697/8, Taunton, Bristol Co., MA), son of Samuel and Ann WILBORE, and Mary DEANE, daughter of Walter DEANE and Eleanor COGAN.
  6. Ebenezer - b. about 1669/70, probably in Taunton, MA; d. Feb. 28, 1733/4, probably in Dighton, MA. Will dated Jan. 9, 1733 and proved Apr. 17, 1734. Buried Old Burying Ground, Dighton, MA. Involved in many land and commercial transactions, and was by 1713 a resident, large land owner and shipyard operator in Taunton South Purchase. Beginning on Jul. 9, 1713 with the sale of the shipyard to John KING, Ebenezer began conveying his holdings to other. Served as Dighton, MA selectman between 1716 and 1726. Married about 1698 Elizabeth HASKINS (b. about 1680, Taunton, MA), daughter of John and Elizabeth. Children: Elizabeth married Elder and Capt. John PAUL; Sarah died at age 14; Mary married Samuel ANDREWS; Hannah died at age about 13; Hopestill married Nathaniel TALBUT; Mercy did not marry; George married Elizabeth BRIGHTMAN; and Silence died shortly before age of 4 years.

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Family of Edmond and Ann Pitts

     Some compilations show Peter PITTS of Taunton, MA as the son of Edmond PITTS of Hingham, MA. Family structure makes it uncertain whether Edmond was the father of Peter PITTS of Bristol Co., MA. Note that the 32 year difference in the age of Peter PITTS and youngest child of Edmond PITTS and Ann seems to indicate that the supposed oldest child, if it was Peter, was more likely the son of a former marriage. The twelve year difference in age between the two oldest children also suggests that Edmond PITTS had children by two wives, or that Peter PITTS was not his son.
     Extensive research by Henry LaRue Pitts leads to his conclusion in "Peter Pitts of Taunton - - His Roots" that "There is nothing in the records to show a relationship, if any, between Peter Pitts and the Pittses who settled in Hingham." Information on the family of Edmond and Ann PITT is presented here since some relationship to Peter PITTS of Taunton, and to William PITTS of Hingham may eventually be discovered. Note the connection to the GALLOP/GALLUP family through Ann (PITTS) JOY EASTMAN.

Edmond and Ann Pitts

Edmond PITTS - b. 1606, Hingham, Norfolk, England; d. May 13, 1685, Scituate Plymouth, MA. One source indicates that Edmond, a weaver, arrived at Hingham, Plymouth Colony from Hingham, Norfolk, England in 1639 with his wife Ann and child, and was released from indenture May 16, 1640. Leonard PITTS, brother of Edmond, also arrived in 1639, and died while still a bondservant.

Ann - d. Nov. 30, 1686, Scituate, Plymouth, MA.

Children of Edmond and Ann Pitts

  1. Mary - b. 1637, Hingham, Norfolk, England prob.; d. Jun. 15, 1641, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.
  2. Sarah - b. Dec. 29, 1641, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; d. 1714, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Married Feb. 27, 1662/3, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA Abraham HOLMAN (bap. Feb. 12, 1634/5, All Saints, Northampton, Northamptonshire), son of William HOLMAN and Winifred.
  3. Mary - b. Sep. 8, 1642, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; d. Sep. 18, 1696, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Married Nov. 21, 1672, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA John BULL.
  4. Ann - b. Dec. 22, 1644, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; d. Dec. 13, 1668, Salisbury, MA. Married first Nov. 13, 1668, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA Samuel JOY (b. Feb. 26, 1639, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; d. 1671, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA), son of Thomas JOY and Joan GALLOP (daughter of John GALLOP and Christobel BRUSHETT). Ann married second Apr. 5, 1678, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA Benjamin EASTMAN (b. Feb. 12, 1653, Salisbury, Essex Co., MA; d. Jan. 23, 1727, Salisbury, Essex Co., MA), son of Roger EASTMAN and Sarah. Son of Ann and Samuel: Samuel married Marah EASTMAN (daughter of Nathaniel EASTMAN and Elizabeth HUDSON). Children of Ann and Thomas: Benjamin married first Naomi FLANDERS, second Sarah CARTER, and third Martha CARTER; Edmond married Susanna SINGLETARY, Jerimiah married Lydia BROWN; and Joseph married Abigail MORRILL.
  5. Isaac -  b. Apr. 12, 1646, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; d. Apr. 17, 1669.
  6. Elizabeth - b. Apr. 25, 1648, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; d. 1701, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Married Dec. 29, 1673, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA Thomas JONES (b. about 1654, Hull, Plymouth Co., MA; d. Oct. 5, 1735, Hull, Plymouth Co., MA), son of Abraham JONES and Sarah WHITMAN, and brother of Sarah JONES, who married Mordecai LINCOLN and became ancestor of Pres. Abraham LINCOLN.
  7. Deborah - b. Nov. 6, 1651, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; d. Sep. 29, 1727, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Married first May 13, 1672, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA Daniel HOWARD, and second Dec. 27, 1677, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA Matthew WHITON (b. 1653, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA), son of James WHITON and Mary BEAL. Children of Deborah and Matthew WHITON: John married Mary TOWER; David married Elizabeth RIPLEY; Elizabeth married Hezikiah TOWER; Suzannah; a child; Lydia married Samuel TOWER; and Isaac married Lydia GARDINER.
  8. John - b. Nov. 27, 1653, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; d. Nov. 11, 1677, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA. Married Christian GARD (b. May 31, 1670, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA), daughter of William GARD. Daughter of John and Christian PITTS: Elizabeth married Hugh HALL.
  9. b. Jan. 25, 1657, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; d. Mar. 16, 1676/7.

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