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Sherman Ancestry in England         Wood Ancestry in England

Edmund Sherman and Joan      Matthew Mitchell and Susan Wood

          Samuel Sherman and Sarah Mitchell

          Sarah Sherman and Josiah Rossiter

          Patience Rossiter and John Belden

          John Belden and Sarah Kellogg

          Hannah Belden and Nathaniel Merrill

          Allen Merrill and Tamma Smith

          Elizabeth Merrill and Elijah Mason Morey

          William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews

          Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

          Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

          Stephen Martin Lawson

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Sherman Ancestry in England

In Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer 3rd (Santa Clarita, CA 1998), pages 520-21, the author argues that the ancestry of Henry SHERMAN (b. about 1511) could not have been the son of Thomas SHERMAN (b. about 1490) of Yaxley, Suffolk. He states that Henry is "probably descended from the Shermans of Yaxley, Suffolk, England, but not as found in the works of T. T. Sherman and R. V. Sherman."

Henry and Agnes (Butter) Sherman

The family of Henry and Agnes (BUTTER) SHERMAN, together with that of his son Henry, is primarily from Some of the Descendants of Philip Sherman, The First Secretary of Rhode Island, by Roy V. Sherman (Akron, OH 1968), pages 9-22, and Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer 3rd (Santa Clarita, CA 1998), pages 520-23. These genealogies are in essential agreement on all particulars except for the sibling order of Susan/Anne, daughter of Henry and Susan.

Henry SHERMAN - b. about 1511 or 1512, Yaxley, Suffolk, England; d. 1590, Dedham, Essex. In a deposition dated Oct. 11, 1574 at Dedham, he stated he was age 62 "or there abouts," and had lived at Dedham 40 years. Will dated Jan. 20, 1589/90 with codicil Feb. 16, 1589/90, and proved July 25, 1590. Henry was a shearman and clothier in Dedham from 1534, and a landholder of considerable means. Married second June 5, 1581, Dedham, Essex, Marion (SMYTH) WILSON, widow of Edmund WILSON; and third Margery.

Agnes - bur. Oct. 14, 1580, Dedham, Essex, England. Probably niece of Thomas BUTTER of Dedham, clothier with will dated Aug. 20, 1555. Some publications give her name as Agnes BUTLER, daughter of Sir Piers BUTLER and Lady Margaret FITZGERALD, with a royal line extending through James BUTLER and Eleanor DeBOHUN, granddaughter of Edward I.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Susan Brownell ANTHONY, George Herbert Walker BUSH, George Walker BUSH, Sir Winston Leonard SPENCER-CHURCHILL, Dorothea Lynde DIX, Herbert Clark HOOVER, Elias HOWE, Jr., James Schoolcraft SHERMAN, and Roger SHERMAN

  1. Alice - b. about 1542; bur. Oct. 20, 1580. Married by 1562 Nicholas FYNCE. Son: John.
  2. Henry - b. about 1546, Dedham, Essex; bur. Aug. 28, 1610, Dedham Essex. Will dated Aug. 21, 1610, and proved Sep. 8, 1610. Clothier. Married Jun. 14, 1568, Moze, Essex, Susan LAWRENCE (will dated Aug. 31, 1610; will proved Sep. 12, 1610; bur. Sep. 13, 1610, Dedham, Essex). Children of Henry and Susan SHERMAN: Phebe married Simon FENN; Henry married Mary; Samuel married Phillipa WARD; Susan (or Anne) married first Anthony WHITING, and second Thomas WILSON; Daniel married first Christian CHAPMAN, and second Sarah; Nathaniel died in infancy; Nathaniel married first Phebe, and second Priscilla ANGIER; John married Grace RAVENS (father of Capt. John SHERMAN of Watertown, MA; and Joseph SHERMAN, who became grandfather of 'signer' Roger SHERMAN); Ezekiel married first Rachel ALEFOUNDER, and second Anne; Edmund married Judith ANGIER; Mary; and possibly Elizabeth.
  3. Edmund - b. Jun. 8, 1548, Dedham, Essex; d. Dec. 22, 1600, Dedham, Essex.
  4. Judith - b. about 1550, Dedham, Essex; bur. Apr. 9, 1601. Married Oct. 27, 1566, Dedham, Essex, William PETFIELD. Children: Richard; Susan; Elizabeth; and Anna.
  5. John - b. Aug. 17, 1555, Dedham, Essex; bur. Oct. 16, 1576. Will names brother Robert, and two brothers-in-law. Unmarried.
  6. Thomas - b. about 1557, Dedham, Essex; living in 1587. Not named in father's will.
  7. Robert - bap. Feb. 6, 1560/1, Dedham, Essex; d. Jan. 10, 1602, Dedham, Essex. Will proved Jan. 20, 1602. A doctor residing in Colchester and London; A.B. 1580, A.M. 1583, M.D. 1595. Married first Dec. 9, 1583 Barbara BROWNE; and second 1597 Bridget JENNEY. Children of Robert SHERMAN: Jane; Anne; Mary; Robert; and Richard.

Edmund and Ann (Pallette) Sherman

In Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer 3rd (Santa Clarita, CA 1998), page 523, the author identifies Edmund SHERMAN, son of Henry and Susan (LAWRENCE) SHERMAN, and husband of Judith ANGIER, as the settler at Watertown, MA and Wethersfield, CT. However, "Ancestry of Rev. John Sherman and Capt. John Sherman," NEHGR (July 1897), pages 309-14 plus chart, identifies Edmund SHERMAN of New England as follows:

"Samuel Sherman, a son of Edmund Sherman, by his second wife Anne Clere, and a grandson of Henry Sherman the elder of Colchester, made his will in 1643....

"He gives legacies to Rev. John Sherman and Samuel, his brother, and to their sisters and to their mother. He mentions their father, and places their legacies in the hands of Edmund, their brother, to be sent over by him to New England. We read in the will of legacies:

"'To my loving sister Sherman, Edmund's widow.'

"This Edmund, whose widow is Samuel's 'loving sister Sherman,' was a half brother of the testator and was the father of Rev. John....

"The Sherman ancestors of Rev. John Sherman were: Edmund, who came to New England and died in New Haven (Edmund, Henry).

"As to Edmund Sherman (Henry, Henry) there is no evidence that he came to this country. He married Judith Anger and is called by his sister Anne Wilson in her will in 1638, 'my brother Edmund Sherman of Colchester.' She speaks in her will of her daughter Pheobe Barnard of New England, and had her brother Edmund been in New England in 1638 it is not likely he would be described as of Colchester."

Edmund SHERMAN - b. Jun. 8, 1548, Dedham, Essex; bur. Dec. 22, 1600, Dedham, Essex. Son of Henry SHERMAN and Agnes BUTTER. Will dated Aug. 1, 1599 and proved Apr. 30, 1601. A prosperous clothier at Dedham, he was founder of the English school there. Married first Jun. (Fourth Month) 25, 1569 Ann PELLATTE; and second Sep. 11, 1584, Anne CLEARE/CLERE (will dated 1609), daughter of Nicholas CLERE of Colchester, Essex.

Ann PALLETTE - bur. Jan. 8, 1584. The order and birth dates of the children include uncertainties which require more research.

Children of Edmund and Ann Sherman

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lynne Anne (VINCENT) CHENEY, Albert Arnold GORE, Jr., and James Russell LOWELL

  1. Henry - b. Sep. 15, 1570, Dedham, Essex; d. 1586.
  2. Edmund - b. about 1572, Dedham, Essex, England; d. about 1641, New Haven, CT.
  3. Richard - b. Oct. 9, 1575, Dedham, Essex; d. Boston, MA. Freeman 1635. Will dated Apr. 7, 1660; proved Jul. 31, 1660. Named in wills of sister Ann, and of half brother Samuel. Married first Alice DAY, and second Elizabeth. Children of Richard and Alice SHERMAN: Anne; and Priscilla married Martin GARRETT. Children of Richard and Elizabeth SHERMAN: Martha married Mr. BROWN; Abigail married Mr. DAME; Samuel; and Alice married Thomas SPAWLE.
  4. Bezaleel - b. (date uncertain) Dedham, Essex; d. 1618 Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Will dated Oct. 16, 1618 and proved Dec. 3, 1618. Married Priscilla, daughter of Dr. BURGESS. Children of Bezaleel and Priscilla SHERMAN: Rev. John of Radwell, Essex; Ursula died before marriage (betrothed to youngest son of Gov. John WINTHROP of MA).
  5. Ann - b. Mar. 3, 1577, Dedham, Essex; d. 1625, Dedham, Essex. Married May 15, 1601 at Dedham, Essex to John ANGIER (b. about 1575; d. Jan.-Feb. 1623/4, Dedham, Essex), son of William ANGIER and Josan of Dedham. John, a clothier like his father and father-in-law, wrote his will Jan. 19, 1623/4, and it was proved Feb. 18, 1623/4 at Dedham, Essex. Ann's will was dated Sep. 2, 1625 and proved Dec. 16, 1625 at Dedham, Essex. Both wills contain extensive family information. Children of Ann and John ANGIER: Mary married Nathaniel SPARHAWK; Rev. John married Margaret; possibly Samuel died young; Bezaleel married Anne; Edmund married Ruth AMES, daughter of Rev. Dr. William AMES; Samuel married Barbara COLEMORE; Anne; and Thomas died as a child.

Children of Edmund and Anne Sherman

  1. Samuel - b. Dedham, Essex; d. about 1644. His will dated Jun. 14, 1643, and proved Dec. 12, 1644, names "cousin" (nephew) Edmund SHERMAN, brother of Rev. John SHERMAN and Samuel SHERMAN, immigrants to Watertown, MA. Married Hester BURGESS (d. 1646), whose will was dated Aug. 14, 1646 and proved Sep. 3, 1646. Children of Samuel and Hester SHERMAN: Samuel, Edmund; Bezaleel married Anne NORTON; Ester married Mr. FENN; Anne; John; Deborah married John WALL; and Nathaniel.
  2. John - b. Dedham, Essex. Named in will of sister Ann. Married first Ms. SPARHAWK, and second Anne. Children of John SHERMAN and his first wife: Capt. John married Martha PALMER; Samuel; and Mary married Samuel PEACHLEY. Children of of John and Anne SHERMAN, his second wife: Anne; Nathaniel; and Elizabeth.
  3. Benjamin - b. (date uncertain) Dedham, Essex. Named in will of sister Ann. Married with children.
  4. Sarah - b. (date uncertain) Dedham, Essex. Named in will of sister Ann. Married Thomas WARNER. Children of Sarah and Thomas WARNER: Samuel; Mary married Mr. ABBOT; and Henry.
  5. Hannah - b. Dedham, Essex. Named in will of sister Ann. Married Richard BACKLER, whose will was dated Jun. 25, 1639 and proved Jul. 25, 1639. Children of Hannah and Richard BACKLER: Nathaniel; Richard; Anne married Mr. SMITH; Joane married Mr. CROSS; Mary; Sarah; and Elizabeth.
  6. Mary - b. Dedham, Essex. Named in wills of sister Ann, and of brother Samuel. Married Andrew BACON. Immigrated to New England.
  7. Susan - b. (date uncertain) Dedham, Essex. Did not marry.

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Wood Ancestry in England

The information presented here is condensed from various interenet resources, the most detailed of which refer to Matthew WOOD's "English Origins of the Mitchell, Wood, Lum and Halstead Families" (NYG&B Record, Jan-Oct 1989 and Apr 1990) and his "Jonas Wood 'Halifax' of Huntington, Long Island" (NYG&B Record, Apr 1992-Jul 1993).

Richard and Christable Wood

Richard WOOD - b. 1480, Halifax, Yorkshire; d. 1553, Halifax, Yorkshire. Married about 1508.

Christable - b. about 1485, Halifax, Yorkshire.

Children of Richard and Christable Wood

  1. Margaret - b. about 1509, Halifax, Yorkshire. Married Edmund FYRTH?.
  2. Agnes - b. about 1511, Halifax, Yorkshire. Married  on May 15, 1547 to John HEBBILGWETT.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1513 Halifax, Yorkshire.
  4. Richard - b. 1515, Halifax, Yorkshire.

Richard and Margaret (Ambler) Wood

Richard WOOD - b. 1515, Halifax, Yorkshire. Son of Richard WOOD and Christable. Married about 1542.

Margaret AMBLER - b. about 1520, Halifax, Yorkshire.

Children of Richard and Margaret Wood

  1. Edmund - b. 1545/6, Halifax, Yorkshire.
  2. James - b. 1548, Halifax, Yorkshire. Married on Dec. 11, 1575 to Janet SHUTTLEWORTH.

Edmund and Margaret (Heird) Wood

Edmund WOOD - b. 1545/6, Halifax, Yorkshire. Son of Richard WOOD and Margaret AMBLER. Edmund was married first on Sep. 15, 1572 at Halifax, Yorkshire to Alyce EDWARDS, second on May 4 1573 at Halifax, Yorkshire to Jenet HURST, third on Oct. 13, 1583 at Halifax, Yorkshire to Margaret HEIRD, and fourth on May 3, 1591 at Halifax, Yorkshire to Margaret HELLIWELL.

Margaret HEIRD
- d. before May 1591, Halifax, Yorkshire.

Children of Edmund and Jenet Wood

  1. Humphrey - b. 1574, Halifax, Yorkshire.
  2. Edward - b. about 1575, Halifax, Yorkshire.
  3. Richard - b. about 1576, Halifax, Yorkshire, d. Aug. 1607, Halifax, Yorkshire. Married on Sep. 30, 1600 at Halifax, Yorkshire to Elizabeth LONGBOTHAM.
  4. Edmund - b. 1578, Halifax, Yorkshire; d. 1660, Huntington, Long Island, NY. Married on May 21, 1611 at Halifax, Yorkshire to Martha LUM (b. 1587, Halifax, Yorkshire), daughter of John LUM (or LOME) of Soweby, Halifax, Yorkshire. Resided at Springfield, MA in May 1636. Children of Edmund and Martha WOOD: Martha married Thurston RAYNOR; Jonas 'Oram' married first Elizabeth STRICKLAND, and second Elizabeth CONKLING; Susan married Samuel CLARKE; Jeremiah married Elizabeth GILDERSLEEVE; and Timothy married Hannah STRICKLAND.
  5. Grace - b. about 1581, Halifax, Yorkshire.

Children of Edmund and Margaret (Heird) Wood

  1. John - b. about 1584, Halifax, Yorkshire; d. Apr. 1619, Halifax, Yorkshire. Married on Dec. 30, 1609 at Halifax, Yorkshire to Dorothy MOAKSON. Son of John and Dorothy WOOD: John.
  2. Mary - b. about 1585, Halifax, Yorkshire.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1586, Halifax, Yorkshire.
  4. Susan - b. about 1589, Halifax, Yorkshire; d. 1635, Ovenden, Yorkshire. Married Matthew MITCHELL.

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The Mitchell Family in America

For the immigrant family, refer to The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-35, Volume V (Boston, 2007), pages 125-31.

Matthew and Susan (Wood) Mitchell

Matthew MITCHELL - b. Apr. 16, 1590, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; d. 1646, Stamford, CT. Son of Thomas MITCHELL and Elizabeth CLAY. Matthew's undated will was proved Jun. 16, 1646, and his inventory was taken May 19, 1646. A dissenter of the Church of England, his ancestors three generations earlier moved from Scotland to Yorkshire. The family departed Bristol, England on May 23, 1635 aboard the 'James', arriving at Boston, MA on Aug. 17, 1635. Most of their belongings were lost in a shipwreck upon arrival in America, and they lived at Charleston, Concord, and Springfield, MA, and at Saybrook and Wethersfield, CT before finally settling at Stamford, CT. Married Apr. 16, 1616, Halifax, Yorkshire, England.

Susan WOOD - b. about 1589, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; d. 1635, Ovenden, Yorkshire, England. Susan was first married in 1611 to Thomas BUTTERFIELD (bur. Sep. 16, 1614 Halifax, Yorkshire). Children of Thamas and Susan BUTTERFIELD: Samuel (b. 1612; killed 1636 by Pequot Indians at Saybrook, CT); and a child (b. about 1614). Daughter of Edmund WOOD and Margaret HEIRD.

Children of Matthew and Susan Mitchell

See Notable Cousins for line to: Sir Winston Leonard SPENCER-CHURCHILL, and Jane WYMAN
  1. Abigail - bap. Apr. 26, 1618, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; d. after Aug. 1678. Married about 1640 Rev. Abraham PIERSON (b. about 1610, Yorkshire; d. Aug. 9, 1678, Newark, Essex Co., NJ; bur. Old Burying Ground, Newark, NJ), son of Abraham PIERSON and Christina JOHNSTON. Rev. PIERSON graduated Trinity College, Cambridge in 1632. Minister at Newark, Nottinghamshire, England; Lynn, Essex Co., MA (Nov.-Dec. 1640); Southampton, Long Island, NY (1640-44); Branford, CT (1645-55); and Newark, NJ (1667-78). He was a Chaplain in 1654, and was a founder of New Ark in 1667. His will, dated Aug. 10, 1671, was proved Mar. 12, 1678/9. Abigail survived her husband. Children of Abigail and Abraham PIERSON: Rev. Abraham (1640-1707, First President of Yale 1701-1707) married Abigail CLARKE; Abigail married John DAVENPORT; Thomas married first Marie HARRISON, and second Mary BROWNE; Mary married Stephen BISHOP; Grace married Samuel KITCHELL; Susannah married Jonathan BELL; Rebecca married Joseph JOHNSON; Theophilus married Mary; and Isaac married Elizabeth HALL. [Note: Detailed information on the Descendants of Abigail (MITCHELL) PIERSON family was found on the internet in August 2002.]
  2. David - bap. Nov. 14, 1619, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; d. 1686, Stamford, CT. Married Elizabeth. Son of David and Elizabeth: Abraham married Sarah WHEELER.
  3. Sarah - bap. Oct. 14, 1621, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Married Samuel SHERMAN.
  4. Martha - bap. Oct. 26, 1623, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; d. Nov. 22, 1623, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England.
  5. Jonathan - b. Nov. 15, 1624; bap. Dec. 19, 1624, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; d. Jul. 9, 1668, Cambridge, MA. Graduated Harvard College 1647, which he served as Tutor and Fellow 1650-1668. Jonathan was ordained at Cambridge, MA on Aug. 21, 1650. He preached Election Sermons in 1658 and 1667. On Nov. 19, 1650 at Cambridge, MA, Jonathan married Margaret (BORADELL) SHEPARD, the widow of Rev. Thomas SHEPARD (1605-1649), minister at Cambridge, MA. Rev. Thomas SHEPARD married first Margaret TOUTVILLE (mother of Rev. Thomas SHEPARD of Charlestown, MA), second Joanna HOOKER (daughter of Rev. Thomas HOOKER of Hartford, CT, and mother of Rev. Samuel SHEPARD of ROWLEY, MA), and third Margaret BORADELL (mother of Rev. Jeremiah SHEPARD of Lynn, MA).
  6. Susanna - bap. Oct. 14, 1627, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; d. Mar. 24, 1711; bur. Old South End Cem., Southampton, Long Island, NY. Married Maj. John HOWELL (bap. Nov. 22, 1624, prob. Marsh Gibbon, Buckinghamshire; d. Nov. 3, 1696, Southampton, Long Island, NY; bur. Old South End Cem., Southampton, Long Island, NY), son of Edward HOWELL. Settled at Southampton in 1640, where he was allotted land Feb. 17, 1647/8 and was made freeman Mar. 8, 1648/9. He held a number of public offices and served in the militia. Children of Susanna and John HOWELL: John married Martha WHITE; Edward died as infant; Matthew married Mary HALSEY; Abraham married Abigail WHITE; Ephraim married Hannah COE; Susanna married Henry PIERSON; Hannah married Isaac HALSEY; Theophilus married Abigail HALSEY; Nathaniel married Hannah HALSEY; Prudence; and Abigail married Isaac HALSEY.
  7. Matthew - bap. Jul. 5, 1629, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; d. Oct. 4, 1629, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England.
  8. Hannah - bap. Jun. 26, 1635; d. Apr. 2, 1702, New Haven, CT. Married first Robert COE (bap. Sep. 19, 1626, Boxfod, Suffolk, England; d. 1659), son of Robert COE and Mary. Hannah married second Nicholas ELSEY. Children of Hannah and Robert COE: Hannah; Susanna; Sarah married Jeremiah OSBORNE; and John married Mary HAWLEY.

Possible children of Matthew and Susan Mitchell

Some compilations add the following children, but without birth or baptism record references. However, the estimated birth years appear to conflict with those of known events.

  1. Abraham - b. about 1616, Halifax, Yorkshire, England.
  2. Dorothy - b. about 1617, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; d. Nov. 17, 1712.
  3. Jonathan - b. about 1620, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Died as infant.
  4. Nathan - b. about 1622, Halifax, Yorkshire, England.

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The Shermans in America

Edmund and Joan Sherman

Edmund SHERMAN - b. about 1572, Dedham, Essex, England; d. about 1641, New Haven, CT. Son of Edmund SHERMAN and Ann PALLETTE. Named in the 1589 will of his grandfather Henry SHERMAN, and the 1625 will of his sister Ann ANGIER, where she also names two daughters of her brother Edmund as Ann and Jone. Lived at Dedham, England, and emigrated to America 1634. Married about 1605, England.

Joan - Called "loving sister Sherman" in 1643 will of her husband's half-brother Samuel SHERMAN. According to "Was Tobias Makin an Ancestor of the New England Shermans?", by Myrtle Stevens Hyde and Douglas Richardson, The American Genealogist 61:79-82 (July/Oct 1985), Joan was not the daughter of Tobias MAKIN, whose daughter Joan MAKIN married Richard STONE as her only husband. The 1610 will of Tobias MAKIN names Edmund SHERMAN and his son Richard SHERMAN. It is possible that Grace MAKIN, daughter of Tobias MAKIN, married an Edmund SHERMAN, but he has not been specifically identified.

Children of Edmund and Joan Sherman

See Notable Cousins for line to: Henry FONDA, Robert Hutchings GODDARD, Robert Treat PAINE, Norman Perceval ROCKWELL, Harriet Elizabeth BEECHER STOWE, William Howard TAFT, Elizabeth Rosemond TAYLOR, Clarence Almon TORREY, and Orson WELLES

  1. Edmund - b. 1599; d. 1673. Will dated Apr. 11, 1673 and proved May 28, 1673. Clothier. Immigrated to Watertown, MA and admitted as freeman on May 25, 1636, but soon returned to England. Called "cousin Edmund Sherman" in the 1643 will of Uncle Samuel SHERMAN.
  2. Anne - b. about 1601. Named in 1625 will of Aunt Ann Angier. Either Anne or Joan may have been the immigrant to New England, mentioned in 1643 will of Uncle Samuel SHERMAN.
  3. Joan - b. about 1603. Named in 1625 will of Aunt Ann Angier. Either Anne or Joan may have been the immigrant to New England, mentioned in 1643 will of Uncle Samuel SHERMAN.
  4. Esther (or Hester) - b. Apr. 1, 1606, England; d. 1666, CT. Married about 1624/5 Andrew WARD (b. about 1603; d. 1659, CT). Admitted as freeman at Watertown on May 15, 1634, and moved to Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT about 1636. Andrew was a member of the General Court at Hartford in 1637 and moved to Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT about 1640/1. He may have moved to Hempstead Long Island in 1642. Children of Esther and Andrew WARD: Edmond; Ann married Caleb NICHOLS; William married Deborah LOCKWOOD; Hester married first Joseph BOOSEY, and second Jehu BURR (son of Jehu BURR); Mary perhaps married John BURR (son of Jehu BURR); John married Mary HARRIS (daughter of William HARRIS); Sarah married Nathaniel BURR (son of Jehu BURR); Abigail married Moses DIMON; Andrew married Tryal MEIGS; and Samuel married first Ms. OGDEN (daughter of Richard OGDEN), and second Hannah (HOWKINS) NICHOLS.
  5. Richard - bap. Oct. 16, 1608, Dedham, Essex, England; d. 1647, Dedham, Essex, England. The Parish Register records his parents as "Edmund and Jone Sherman." Married Mary.
  6. Bezaleel - b. about 1611.
  7. John - b. Dec. 26, 1613, Dedham, England; d. Aug. 8, 1685, Watertown, MA. Arrived in America Apr. 1634 in the 'Elizabeth,' Capt. William ANDREWS. Third minister at Watertown. To Watertown in 1635, but lived for some time at New Haven, CT where he was a magistrate. Returned to Watertown between 1644 and 1648. Married first Abigail; and second 1645 Mary LAUNCE (b. before 1625; d. Nov. 9, 1710, Watertown, MA), daughter of John LAUNCE and Isabella DARCY, and descendant of Cerdic, King of the West Saxons (519-534) in the 41st generation. Children of John and Abigail SHERMAN: Mary married David ALLEN; Bezaleel; and Daniel. Children of John and Mary SHERMAN: Samuel; Abigail married Rev. Samuel WILLARD; Elizabeth married Mr. GASKILL; Rev. James married Mary WALKER (ancestors of Norman ROCKWELL); Joanna died young; Mary married Elias BARRON, Jr.; Grace; John; Abiah; Hester; and Mercy married Samuel BARNARD.
  8. Grace - b. about 1616, England; d. 1691, Chelmsford, MA. Will dated Dec. 19, 1690; proved Jun. 16, 1691. To America Apr. 1634 in the 'Francis' with husband and one child. Married in England about 1632 John LIVERMORE (b. 1607, England; d. Apr. 14, 1684, Watertown, MA). Settled at Watertown, MA, but lived from about 1639 to 1653 at New Haven, CT where 4 children were baptized. Children of Grace and John LIVERMORE: Hannah married John COOLIDGE, Jr. (ancestors of Pres. TAFT, and of Robert H. GODDARD); Elizabeth; Sarah married James TOWNSEND; Lt. John married first Hannah, and second Elizabeth GROUT; Nathaniel; Samuel married Anna BRIDGE; Daniel; a child died in infancy; Mary possibly married John RUSSELL; Edmund died in infancy; and Martha married Abraham PARKER, Jr.
  9. Samuel - bap. Jul. 12, 1618, Dedham, Essex, England; d. 1684, Stratford, CT.

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Samuel and Sarah (Mitchell) Sherman

Samuel SHERMAN - bap. Jul. 12, 1618, Dedham, Essex, England; d. 1684, Stratford, CT. Son of Edmund SHERMAN and Joan. To America in 1634. He lived at Boston and Watertown, MA, and Wethersfield and Stratford, CT, before moving to Stamford. He served in the Pequot Wars, and in numerous public offices in Stratford, Woodbury, and Fairfield, CT. Samuel was active in the settlement of Woodbury, CT. Married about 1640.

Sarah MITCHELL- bap. Oct. 14, 1621, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Daughter of Matthew MITCHELL and Susan WOOD.

Children of Samuel and Sarah Sherman

See Notable Cousins for line to: Sir Robert Laird BORDEN and Gen. William Tecumseh SHERMAN

  1. Samuel - b. Jan. 19, 1641, Stratford, CT; d. Feb. 20, 1718, Stratford, CT. Married first on Jun. 19, 1665 Mary TITTERTON, daughter of Daniel and Jane, and second 10-1-1695 Abigail (THOMPSON) HUSE (1646-1731). Children of Samuel and Mary: Mary; Daniel married Rebecca WHEELER; Susanna married Daniel MITCHELL; Sarah; Grace married Daniel StJOHN (or SENTION); Elizabeth married Isaac CLARK, Sarah married Samuel BEERS; and Abigail married James BEEBE.
  2. Theophilus - b. Oct. 28, 1643, Stratford, CT; d. 1712, Wethersfield, CT. Lived at New Haven and Wethersfield, CT. Married first about 1665 Comfort ROBBINS (b. 10-12-1646), and second 1689 Mrs. Mary COLTMAN, widow of John. Children of Theophilus SHERMAN:Theophilus never married; Mary married Mr. CRANE; and Comfort married Richard NICHOLS.
  3. Matthew - b. Oct. 24, 1645, Stratford, CT; d. 1698, Stratford, CT. Married Hannah BUCKLEY (d. 1713). Children of Matthew and Hannah SHERMAN: David married; Hannah married Daniel BEACH; and Jabez.
  4. Edmund - b. Dec. 4, 1647, Stamford, CT; d. 1683, Stratford, CT. Married 1670 Susanna HARDY. Children of Edmund and Susanna SHERMAN: Bezaleel married; Sarah; Samuel; Edmund married Jane CORNWALL; and Matthew married.
  5. John - b. Feb. 8, 1651, Stratford, CT; d. Nov. 13, 1730, CT. Deacon and town clerk at Woodbury, CT, and speaker of the Connecticut General Assembly. Married Elizabeth THORNE (d. 10-1-1744). Children: Ichabod did not marry; Hannah married Mr. CHITTENDEN, possibly William (1666-1738); Dea. Samuel married Mary KNOWLES; Elizabeth married Roger TERRILL; John married Emma PRESTON (ancestors of Gen. William Tecumseh SHERMAN); Sarah married Benjamin HINMAN; Mary married Rev. Anthony STODDARD, son of Rev. Solomon; and Susanna married Daniel NOBLE.
  6. Sarah - b. Apr. 8, 1654, Stratford, CT; d. Mar. 30, 1712/3, Guilford, CT. Married 1670, CT Josiah ROSSITER.
  7. Nathaniel - b. Mar. 21, 1656/7, Stratford, CT, d. 1712. Married first Jun. 13, 1680 Mary PHIPPEN, and second Nov. 26, 1707 Abigail (BURR) HANFORD (d. Mar. 1730/1), daughter of Daniel BURR. Child of Nathaniel and Mary SHERMAN: Comfort. Child of Nathaniel and Abigail SHERMAN: Naomi married first James LEWIS and second her first cousin Timothy SHERMAN.
  8. Benjamin - b. Mar. 29, 1662, Stratford, CT; d. Aug. 29, 1741. Married on Jun. 6, 1683, Stratford, CT Rebecca PHIPPEN (b. 1666; d. 1739). They lived at Stratford, CT where Benjamin was a Deputy in May 1711. Children of Benjamin and Rebecca SHERMAN: Abigail; John died young; Wilmet married Jeremiah TURNER; Job married Sally SEELEY; Nathaniel married first Ruth CURTIS, and second Eunice (NICHOLS) PATTERSON; Martha; Mindwell; Mary married Samuel FRENCH; Enos married Abigail WALKER; Rebecca married first Gideon HOLLISTER, and second Abraham JUDSON; Benjamin married Obedience (MALLORY) CURTIS; Samuel married Sarah HURD; James married Sarah COOKE; and Timothy married first Elizabeth, and second his cousin Naomi (SHERMAN) LEWIS.
  9. David - b. Apr. 15, 1665, Stratford, CT; d. Jan. 1, 1753. Captain. Married about 1690 Mercy WHEELER (b. about 1670; d. Aug. 19, 1745), daughter of Isaac. They lived at Stratford, CT. Daughter of David and Mercy SHERMAN: Tamar married Henry ROWLAND.

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