Concrete Evidence

Grave markers, monuments and memorials for ancestors of Stephen M. Lawson

       Donald VanHoosier              Donald V.H.       Iva M.
             LAWSON                   1908   1974    1913   1991
          1908    1974                          LAWSON

         Original Marker                  Replacement Marker

       Hillcrest Memorial Park, Grants Pass, Josephine Co., OR
                     Section 20 Block 8 Grave 5.

                  LUCY  JANE               LAWSON
                    LAWSON         1868   James M.   1958
                 1871 - 1951
             Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, King Co., WA
             S9 N12 E1/2 of Lot 943 - Adjacent graves.

   1879 - 1946          1877 - 1959       1879 - 1946       1877 - 1959

           Original markers                    Replacement - 1988
              Evergreen Cemetery, Seattle, King Co., WA.

                           Sep. 11, 1841
                             June 23

            Greenhill Cemetery, Muskogee, Muskogee Co., OK.

                            E. Carrie, wife of
                            M. S. Lawson
                   Jan.  8, 1846 --  Oct. 26, 1914

             Another link is broken in our household band,
             but its chain is forming in a better land.


             Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Pottawatomie Co., OK
                           Sixteenth row.

                     SCOTT C.       MALINDA MARGARET
                   FEB. 23, 1848         FREEMAN
                   MAR. 21, 1920     1854 --- 1947

             Greenhill Cemetery, Muskogee, Muskogee Co., OK
                          Block 30 Lot 28
                          Adjacent graves.

                    GEORGE R.        SUSANNA CARPENTER
                     FREEMAN              WIFE OF
                      BORN           GEORGE R. FREEMAN
                  Nov. 1, 1850         JAN. 14, 1856
                      DIED             FEB. 10, 1942
                 Feb. 12, 1901

              Red Lick Cemetery, Texarkana, Bowie Co., TX
           Inscriptions on adjacent sides of oblisk monument.

                 W. C. MOREY         Mrs. MELVINA MOREY
                JAN. 12, 1840           SEPT. 7, 1843
                DEC.  2, 1912           JAN.  2, 1926

            Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX
                    Block 100 Lot 26 Spaces 1 & 2
                          Adjacent graves.

                            C. M. Lawson

                     Probably in Itawamba Co., MS

                               wife of
                            C. M. LAWSON
                            April 27, 1885
                         71 yrs. 3 mo. 18 dys.

            Greenhill Cemetery, Muskogee, Muskogee Co., OK
                  Relocated from Old City Cemetery.

                          John C. Turman
                          Oct. 15, 1802
                      Married Mary A. Neely
                          Feb. 29, 1829
                           May 4, 1881

                 McGlamery Cemetery, Wayne Co., TN
                   Data from photocopy of marker
                  (Marriage was on Feb. 19, 1829)

                             Mary A.
                             Wife of
                         JOHN C. TURMAN
                         Born      1811
                         June 11, 1858

                 McGlamery Cemetery, Wayne Co., TN
                   Data from photocopy of marker

                           James Freeman
                         died Aug. 25, 1892
                    age 72 years 4 months 15 days

            Hornback Cemetery, Derry Township, Pike Co., IL
                      Data from published list

                              LUCY  J.
                              wife of
                           J. H. FREEMAN
                           Jan. 20, 1865
                            Aged 40 yrs
                            4 mo . 9 ds

          Hazelrigg Burial Plot, Hadley Township, Pike Co., IL.

                            Chesly Sears
                         Elizabeth C. Sears

               Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada, Vernon Co., MO

                                               wife  of
                    BORN                    W. B. FREEMAN
               Sept. 26, 1822                    BORN  
               August 9, 1830
                    DIED                         DIED
               Sept. 17, 1888                March 6, 1887
         aged 65 yrs. 11 mos. 21 d.        AE 56 yrs. 6 mos. 
                                                27 days.
        How desolate our home bereft                          
        of the loved ones gone before     [Faint 4 line verse]

        Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC
                           Adjacent graves.

                  J. H. CARPENTER   MARY  his wife
                   FEB. 29  1808     OCT. 12  1820
                   FEB. 24  1887     JULY  8  1906
                 How desolate our home bereft of thee.

          Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC
                     Inscriptions on same marker.

                            Elijah Morey
                         Died Aug 13th, 1850
                            Age 35 years,
                          2 months 11 days

                 Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, MI
                    Lot 39 (Old No. 153) Grave 9
          Last line from Sexton's Report - marker repaired.

                          ELIZABETH M. MOREY
                               wife of
                            PHILO TUPPER
                            DEC. 5, 1865
                       AE 45 Y'S. 4 M. 27 D'S.

                  Elton Cemetery, Cattaraugus Co., NY.

                Henry L. and Harriet (Holcomb) Andrews

                     Probably in Wyoming Co., NY

                           Mordecai Lawson

                     Probably in Itawamba Co., MS

                          Frances Lawson
                    Oct. 22, 1798 - Jan. 3, 1868

                   Birmingham Cemetery, Lee Co., MS
                       Data from published list

                            Robert Sims

          Brown Cemetery, near Hutton Hollow, Wayne Co., TN

                        Frances Howard Sims

                    Sims Graveyard, Wayne Co., TN

                          SALLIE McGILL
                      BORN  April 10, 1791
                      DIED   Oct. 27, 1884
                      AGED   93. YS. 5 MO.
                             17 DS.
               Parker Cemetery, Raus, Bedford Co., TN

                 Wm. R. FREEMAN            MARY
                                          wife of
                     DIED              Wm. R. FREEMAN
                 Mar. 16, 1871         Sept. 16, 1867

         Taylor-Martin Cemetery, Derry Township, Pike Co., IL.

         CHARLES HAZELRIGG                      LUCINDA,
                                                WIFE OF
                DIED                        CHARLES HAZELRIGG
            Dec. 5, 1876                          DIED
                AGED                          Feb. 12, 1865
        78 Yrs. 9 Mos. 9 Dys.                     AGED
                                       67 Ys. 3 Ms.

        Green Pond Cemetery               Hazelrigg Burial Plot
            Pike Co., IL              Hadley Township, Pike Co., IL
       With four line verse.         Concrete vault above ground.

                          JOHN FREEMAN Sen.
                          March 26th, 1855
                         Aged __[illegible]__

        Brittain Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC.

                 J. S. WALLACE            BATHSHABA 
                                           WIFE OF
                   BORN 1797,           J. S. WALLACE
                                          BORN 1791,
                     DIED                    DIED
                Apr. 1st, 1869,         Aug. 20, 1869,
                     AGED                    AGED
                   72 Years                78 Years

        Brittain Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC.

                IN                        IN memory of
            memory of                  ELIZABETH CARPENTER
         Joseph Carpenter           Consort of Joseph Carpenter
           Died Oct. 28                3rd Daughter of Daniel
        1853 aged 85 years            Johnson of Va., was born
         5 months 18 days         Oct. 10th, 1780. Maried Dec. 11th
       [Faint 4 line verse]          [Rest of marker is broken]

         Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC.

                             ELI MOREY,
                            71 ys: 10 ms.

                  Inlet Grove Cemetery, Lee Co., IL
               Marker broken, central portion illegible.

          ALLEN MERRILL                            TAMMA
              Died                                wife of
            March 25,                         ALLEN MERRILLS
              1847                                 DIED
           in his 75th                         JUNE 22, 1848
              year                                 AGED
                                                68 Ys & 6 Ms

      Stark Street Cemetery                    Elton Cemetery
    Waterloo, Seneca Co., NY.            Elton, Cattaraugus Co., NY.

                       IN MEMORY OF PARISS SIMS
                     OF IRELAND AND NORTH CAROLINA
                            1750 --- 1833
                        AND HIS BELOVED WIFE
                         KEZIAH ROYSTER SIMS
                            1762 --- 1833

           English Cemetery, Campbellsville, Giles Co., TN
                    Memorial erected in May 1974.

                        Captain Elijah Parker
        State of North Carolina
        To Elijah Parker  Greeting
             We reposing special Trust and Confidence in your
        Patriotism, valour, conduct and abilities, do, by these
        presents, constitute and appoint you Captain in the Duch
        District. Witness Richard Dobbs Spaight, Esquire, our
        Captain-General and Commander in Chief, under his hand
        and seal which he has caused to be hereto affixed, at
        New Bern on the 10th day of Dec. A.D. 1793, and in the
        15th year of our Independence.
                                         Richard Dobbs Spaight

               Parker Cemetery, Raus, Bedford Co., TN

                            In Memory Of
                           Soldiers Of The
                         American Revolution
                      Buried In Dickson County
         Paul Abney, Va.                     John Nesbitt, S.C.
         Gideon Carr, Va.                  Robert Nesbitt, S.C.
         George Clark, N.C.                David Passmore, N.C.
         Benjamin Darrow, Conn.             Gustavus Rape, N.C.
         George Davidson, S.C.              John Reynolds, N.C.
         Joseph Dickson, N.C.            William Reynolds, N.C.
         Sgt. Richard Eppes, Va.       Christopher Strong, S.C.
         Howell Freeman, N.C.                  John Tatum, N.C.
         Abraham Hogins, N.C.               William Tatum, N.C.
         Morgan Hood, N.C.                Charles Thompson, Va.
         William Hudson, Va.               Edmond Tidwell, S.C.
         Aaron James, Pa.                     George Tubb, S.C.
         John Larkin, N.C.                    John Turner, N.C.
         John Mabin, N.C.                    Isaac Walker, N.C.
         John Maybourn, S.C.            Benjamin C. Waters, Va.
         William Morrison, S.C.         Lt. William Wiley, N.C.
         Capt. Richard Napier, Va.  Capt. Daniel Williams, N.C.
                            Erected By
                     Gideon Carr Chapter DAR
                 American Revolution Bicentenniel
              Monument in front of County Courthouse,
                    Charlotte, Dickson Co., TN

                            Thomas Massie
                       Aug. 19, 1835
             75 yrs. 7 mo.
             24 dys

             (age difficult to read)
Morgan Cemetery, Sangamon Co., IL.

               JOHN HOLLOWAY            MILLIE, wife of
                                         John Holloway
            Born Jan.  17, 1764        Born Oct. 19, 1771
            Died Sept. 11, 1844        Died Aug. 28, 1851

            Holloway Cemetery, Winchester, Scott Co., IL.

                              Asa Kerby

                          Randolph Co., MO

                         memory of
                      George Panther          E PA
                      who died May 15
                           1839               1824
                       aged 81 years
                    [Faint 4 line verse]

      Brittain Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC.

                     Peter and Barbara Zimmerman

                Big Gullies Cemetery, Lincoln Co., NC

                    In Memory of Mrs. Sarah Mason
                     Wife of Elijah Mason, Esqr.
            who departed this life November 19, A. D. 1800
                    in the 49th yr. of her life.

                 Friend nor physician couldn't save
                 My mortal body from the grave.
                 Neither the grave confine here
                 When Christ in Judgment doth appear.

               Old Cemetery, Preble, Cortland Co., NY

                     Thomas and Sarah Highsmith

      Abner Lindsay farm, Montgomery Township, Crawford Co., IL

                SAMUEL KELSO          SUSANNAH KELSO
                                    Mother of John Kelso
             Died Aug. 16, 1796     Died Sept. 12, 1804
                aged 76 years        in her 83rd year

     Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Chester Co., SC
         Adjacent graves - row 11. Data from published list

                            Here lies the
Body of Mrs.
the wife of Mr. Gideon Merrill
who died March
the 9th 1749/50
in the 29th year
of her age.

Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT
Inscription as it appears in By Their Markers Ye Shall Know Them, by Hosley and Holcombe (1994 Hartford)

                In Memory of          In Memory of
          Capt. Eleazer Daniels     Mary Daniels
            who Died March        wife of Capt.
         28th, 1772       Eleazer Daniels
          in ye 92nd         who Died March
             Year of his      11th, 1759 in ye 71st
           Age              Year of her

                 Pine Hill Cemetery, Mendon, MA.
Inscriptions adjacent on the same marker.
Photo by Dave Daniels.

      Here lyes interred ye Body of              Here lyes ye Body of
     Joseph Mason, Esq. late Deacon            Mrs. Mary Mason, Relict
   of Ye Church of Christ in Watertown         of Joseph Mason, Esqr.
     He was a prudent loving Husband          She departed this Life
a tender Father, & an excellent Christian   on ye 22nd Day of April 1763
   He was a Man very Usful in this town            Age 72 Years.
   & when he had served his Generation  They that sleep in Jesus
  by ye will of God he fell a Sleep July will God bring with Him
  ye 6, 1755, in ye 67th Year of His age.   The sweet Remembrance
1, Thess. 4-14, For if we believe that Jesus of the Just
died & Rose again, even so them also which Shall flourish when they
  sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him. Sleep in dust.

               Arlington Street Cemetery, Watertown, MA.
Published inscription corrected with photo.
[with text format slightly edited for space.]

          Here lyes Buried the        Spectator Remember Death
          Body of Mr. Jonathan            In Memory of Mrs.
           Brown Who Departed          Elizabeth Brown Wife to
         this Life July ye 25th       Mr. Jonathan Brown, Dec.
          1758 in ye 65th Year         she died August ye 6th
              of His Age               AD 1765 in ye 68th Year
           He was a lover of                of her Age.
           Steady good men he
          Remained Steady in ye
         Christian duties through
           his Life, & we trust
             Died their Death.

                 Watertown Burying Ground, Waltham, MA.

                       John and Abigail Child

                     Bungay Yard, Woodstock, CT

                           Here Lyeth the
Body of Mrs. Hannah Merells, the wife
of Mr. Wilturton Merells who dyed May
ye 8th 1730 In the 49th
year of her age.

Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT
Inscription as it appears in By Their Markers Ye Shall Know Them, by Hosley and Holcombe (1994 Hartford)

    Here lyes Buried ye Body of        Here Lyes Buried ye Body of
        Capt. Abraham Brown           Mrs. Mary Brown, Wife to Capt.
       Who Departed this Life              <balance illegible> 
    Novembr ye 27 Anna Domni 1729
     in ye 69th Year of His Age

                Watertown Burying Ground, Waltham, MA.

Lieth the
Body of Beave
l Waters who
died February 14
in the 97 year of
his age. 1729

Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT
Inscription as it appears in By Their Markers Ye Shall Know Them, by Hosley and Holcombe (1994 Hartford)

                   In Memory of JONATHAN BIGELOW
who died Jan. 10th, 1710
aged 62 years.

Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT
Inscription as it appears in By Their Markers Ye Shall Know Them, by Hosley and Holcombe (1994 Hartford)

                          Here lies Interrd
                           the Body of Mrs
                           Dorothy Belding
                           Relic to Mr John
                           Belding who died
                           February 28 1754
                          In the 91 year of
                               her Age

               Ancient Burying Ground, Wetherfield, CT

                             John Owen
                           aged 76 years
                     dyed February ye 18th: 1698

              Congregational Church Cemetery, Windsor, CT

                          Isaac Hathaway

                      Fox Cemetery, Berkley, MA

                    Thomas Lewis and Hannah Lewis

                      Bristol, Bristol Co., RI

                          Here Lyes Buried
ye Body of Mrs Mary
Brown Relict of Mr
Jonathan Brown.
Who Departed this
Life October ye 23
A. D. 1732 in ye
[balance in ground]

Grove Hill Cemetery, Waltham, CT
Inscription from photo in The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton, Part I, by Dean Crawford Smith (1996 Boston)

         Capt. Hugh Mason 1678             Mr. Hugh Mason
                                       Capt. of ye Train Band
         Here Lieth ye Body of            In this Town Aged
         Capt. Hugh Mason Who           73 Years Died October
        Deceased October ye Xth          The Xth 1678. He Or
         1678 Anno Aetatis 73            He Yt Looks Here On
    He that thus thought of Death        Live for to Learne
        In Lifes Uncertaintie            That Die Thou Must,
       Hath Doubtless Now a Life            And After Come
        That bringeth Eternity.           To Judgement Just.

               Arlington Street Cemetery, Watertown, MA
                   Marker, headstone and footstone.

                            Henry Bowen

               Woodstock Hill graveyard, Woodstock, CT

                     To perpetuate the memory of
                           WILLIAM SHATTUCK,
                        who died in Watertown,
                        Aug. 14, 1672, aged 50;
                           The progenitor of
                the families that have borne his name
                              in America.
                                 * * *
                          This simple memorial
                        was erected in 1853, by
                            Lemuel Shattuck,
                    who holds in greatful veneration
                           the character of
                        the Puritan Fathers of
                              New England.

               Arlington Street Cemetery, Watertown, MA.

        Here Lyes ye Body of         Here Lyes ye Body of
Wife to John COOLIDGE Sen'r
Aged 88 Years Aged 88 Years
Died The 7 of May 1691 Died the 22 of August 1691

Arlington Street Cemetery, Watertown, MA
Inscriptions from Epitaphs From The Old Burying Ground In Watertown,
by William Thaddeus Harris (1869 Boston)

                In memory of                   FRANCES 
THOMAS HOSMER the wife of
who come from THOMAS HOSMER
Hawkhurst in the aged 73 years
County of Kent, England dyed Febr. 15,
& was one of the original ANO 1675
settlers of Hartford.
He died in Northampton, Mass.
April 12, 1687 & was buried
there aged 83 years.

Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT
Inscriptions appear in By Their Markers Ye Shall Know Them, by Hosley and Holcombe (1994 Hartford)

                         OLMSTED MAPLE

Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT
Inscription as it appears in By Their Markers Ye Shall Know Them, by Hosley and Holcombe (1994 Hartford)

          THOMAS HOLCOMB, born in England, died Oct. 1657
          JOSHUA HOLCOMB           THOMAS, his son, died 1736           ELIZABETH PETTEBONE, his wife, died 1730
          DANIEL, their son, died 1760
          ESTHER BUEL, his wife, died 1765
          DANIEL, their only son, died Oct. 12, 1829, AE 85
          SARAH, his wife, died Sept. 5, 1835, AE 85
          DANIEL, their only son, died June 5, 1836, AE 54
          HEPSABETH GRISWOLD, his wife, died July 11, 1814, AE 33
          GAYLORD G., their 2nd son, drowned July 4, 1844, AE 50

                Granby Street Cemetery, Simsbury, CT
            Memorial erected about 1934, errors corrected.
              Thomas Holcomb was buried at Windsor, CT,
           but his remains MAY have been moved to Simsbury

                         ELDER JOHN STRONG
                        DIED 1699
                         HIS WIFE
                      ABIGAIL FORD STRONG
                     DIED 1668
                        HER FATHER
DIED 1676

                     Memorial plaque on boulder

              Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, MA.
                  Data from photograph of memorial

                      Erected to the memory of
                         Lt. Walter Fyler,
                        died Dec. 12, 1683,
                          and his wife,
                        Jane Irving Fyler,
                        died Sept. 11, 1690.

                      Erected July 1969 by the
                       Fyler Family Assn. Inc.

                    Old Burying Ground, Windsor, CT
                     Data from published source

                            In Memory of
and his wife
DIED 1670
Settled at Windsor
Founder at Killingworth
First Deputy to General Court
First Deacon of First Church

Indian River Cemetery, Killingworth, CT
Inscription from photo

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