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William Sugge

From a Sow or a Sparrow, by Dorris D. Hendrickson and Paul L. Hisaw (1988), provides much information on the early records about the SUGG family. Descendants from all three SUGG brothers are discussed, but principally those of William SUGG,through his son Moses and grandson William.

This information about William SUGGE, together with much supplementary data on these early SUGG generations is based upon the research of Bill SIMMONS and Scott TRIMBLE, both SUGG descendants through Priscilla (SUGG) ALLEN, daughter of George SUGG. Though it is probable that further research will require additional revisions in the material presented here, it is believed to be basically correct - except when uncertainty is stated. For an exceptional amount of research material and documentation, and additional descendants of the SUGG lines, please visit Scott Thomas Suggs TRIMBLE's Genealogy Articles and Files web page .

William SUGGE - b. about 1635, Bristol, England; d. about 1691, VA. It is believed that the three brothers named SUGG who appear in Norfolk Co., VA in the late 17th century were sons of William SUGGE. A bond of Mar. 20, 1663 between William SUGGE and John BROWN of Isle of Wight Co., VA may have been for indentured servitude, sponsorship for the trip to America, or as a marriage bond. In the first two cases, John BROWN may have been a close relative, and in the latter case, he may have been his father-in-law. Note that the estimated birth years of his sons begin about 1663.

Children of William Sugge

  1. William - b. about 1663; d. between Oct. 1706 and Aug. 1708, probably in Norfolk Co., VA. His will, dated Feb. 10, 1704 with a codicil dated Oct. 27, 1706 in Norfolk Co., names his brothers George and Joseph, his wife, four sons and two daughters. William purchased land in Jan. 1693 in Norfold Co., VA. Married first about 1683 Ruth FENFORD, youngest of three daughter of Thomas and Sarah FENFORD of Norfolk Co., VA. Ruth was apparently the mother of all of William's children. After her death, William married second Mary, who was probably a widow with two children when she married him. Children: William married Margaret; Thomas married; Joseph married Margaret; Moses married; Sarah; and Margaret.
  2. George - b. about 1665; d. winter of 1734/5, Norfolk Co., VA.
  3. Joseph - b. about 1668. In Norfolk Co., VA by Apr. 1694, and living in 1704. Joseph witnessed the will of William KNOTT of the Town of Norfolk, VA on Apr. 6, 1694, and served as a juryman in Sep. 1708. Tradition holds that Joseph settled at Williamsburg, VA, and may have been grandfather of the John SUGG who married Elizabeth MURPHRY (see children of Thomas and Aquilla SUGG, sons of George).

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George and wife (Ives) Sugg

George SUGG - b. about 1665; d. winter of 1734/5, Norfolk Co., VA. His will, naming wife Sarah, was written Sep. 2, 1734, and proved Feb. 21, 1734/5, Norfolk Co., VA (Will Book 12, page 77). George, son of William SUGGE, was named in his brother William's will of 1704. Juryman 1708. A Family Called Fort, by Homer T. Fort, Jr. and Drucilla Stovall Jones (Midland, TX; 1970) is subtitled "The Descendants of Elias Fort of Virginia", and provides much SUGG family information in tracing the genealogy of George's granddaughter Sarah (SUGG) FORT, wife of Elias FORT. Married first by 1696, a daughter of Timothy IVES as revealed in a Deed of 1696 in which he names his granddaughter Margaret, daughter of George SUGG. Married second, possibly shortly after 1696 to Sarah (possibly the daughter of Lemuel WILSON), who may have been the mother of the younger children. It is also possible that George had another wife (mother of one or more of his youunger children) between his marriage to Miss IVES and his marrige to Sarah.

Miss IVES - b. about 1660-70, VA; d. before Jul. 1696, VA. Daughter of Timothy IVES and Elizabeth HURLE.

Children of George and his first wife

  1. Margaret - b. before Jul. 1696, VA; d. VA. Married first Benjamin BECK.

Children of George and Sarah

  1. Thomas - b. about 1700. Since the birth year for son Thomas has been estimated as early as 1690, he may have been the son of Sarah, as shown here, the son of Miss IVES, or the son of an unknown earlier wife of George SUGG. Found on the tithable list of 1730 in Norfolk Co., VA, Thomas was bequeathed 70 acres by father. Resided in Anson Co., NC. Thomas may have married several times, one wife being Sarah ELDRIDGE, daughter of William ELDRIDGE. There is much uncertainty about their family, but possible children are: Thomas married Mary HARBARD; William married Sarah MATHIAS; Kesiah married William McGEE; Sarah married Thomas ATTMORE; Elizabeth married Joseph REHEM; Priscilla married Ben ATKINSON; Aquilla married first Lucy READING, and second Elizabeth STAFFORD; John married Elizabeth MURPHRY; and Absalom married Vinil BUNN.
  2. George - b. about 1704; d. about Nov. 1758, Beaufort (now Pitt) Co., NC. Will dated Oct. 29, 1758 and proved in Nov. Court 1758. Lived in Edgecomb Co., NC in the 1740s. Married Judith TYSON. Children: Nimrod; Joel married Sarah Patience JONES (DAR line); George Augustus married first Frances ATKINSON, and second brother Joel's widow, Sarah Patience (JONES) SUGG; Allen; Aquilla; Lucy married Abraham TYSON; Fanny; and Sarah.
  3. Aquilla - b. 1706, VA; d. 1789, Davidson Co., TN. Will dated Feb. 13, 1785 and proved in July Court 1789 (on oath of George Augustus SUGG, son-in-law of Aquilla's second wife), with estate inventory filed Oct. Court, Davidson Co., TN. Settled at Tarboro, Edgecomb Co., NC by May 1745. Married first after Apr. 6 in 1734, probably in Norfolk Co., VA, Elizabeth MAUND (b. about 1715, Norfolk Co., VA; d. between Nov. 14, 1768 and May 8, 1780, Edgecomb Co., NC), daughter of William and Esther (TUCKER) MAUND and sister of William MAUND, Jr., who married Aquilla's sister Priscilla. Aquilla reportedly married second Elizabeth BATTLES. He then married by Feb. 1785, Abigail BONNER, then the widow of Simon JONES. Her daughter Sarah Patience JONES married first Joel, and second George Augustus, sons of Aquilla's brother George SUGG. Children of Aquilla and Elizabeth: William married Elizabeth LOVETT; Keziah married William MACE (DAR line); Sarah married Elias FORT; Josiah died young; Noah married Murphree HOWELL (DAR line); Esther married Joseph HOWELL II; and Lemuel, Sr. married Mary S. DAVIS (DAR line). [Note: Some sources also report sons Aquilla and John, but available evidence suggests this is improbable.]
  4. Priscilla - b. say 1706/12, Norfolk Co., VA; d. after Feb. 1777, probably Pitt Co., NC. Her will was dated Dec. 22, 1771, naming daughter Mary WILLIAMS and sons Merryman, Charles and Gabriel ALLEN [Pitt Co. Deed Book E 1771-1774, page 49]. Married first William MAUND, Jr. (b. 1704; d. 1734), brother of Elizabeth who married Priscilla's brother Aquilla SUGG, and brother of Noah MAUND, whose verbal will of Feb. 1, 1752/3 (proved in that month's Court) left his entire estate to brother-in-law Aquilla SUGG. Priscilla reportedly married second by Mar. 1735 Thomas CATON, who was a witness to the will of her father. About 1743 or earlier, Priscilla married Jacob ALLEN (d. 1762, Pitt Co., NC), whose will was dated and proved May 1762. It appears that Priscilla married again by Jan. 1775 [Witness Priscilla JOHNSON, Pitt Co. Deed Book F, page 145], to Mr. JOHNSON (one source giving his name as James JOHNSTON, Sr.). Priscilla JOHNSON and Gabriel ALLEN witnessed land sale by Charles ALLEN of Pitt Co., NC, on Feb. 7, 1777 [Edgecombe Co. Deed Book 3, page 239]. Children of Priscilla and William: William married Mary; and possibly Esther married Jonas JOHNSTON. Child of Priscilla and one of her husbands: Mary married Dr. Richard WILLIAMS. Children of Priscilla and Jacob: Merryman; Charles married; and Gabriel C. married Ann McKINNEY.
  5. Sarah - Married Calib WALLACE/WALLIS. It is possible that descendants of Sarah and Calib setted in Montgomery (formerly part of Anson) Co., NC.
  6. Mary - Named in father's will as youngest daughter. Underage at date of father's will in 1734.

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