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The earliest known ancestor and first location in America is given for each surname.

George ADAMS of MA, John ANDREW of RI, Henry ANDREWS of MA, Penelope ASHLEY-COOPER-MASSIE of VA, Peter ASPINWALL of MA, Humphrey ATHERTON of MA.

Edward BAKER Edward of MA, John BANCROFT of MA, Nathaniel BEARDING of CT, Jeremiah BECK of VA, Richard BELDEN of CT, Johann Jacob BENDER of PA, John BIGELOW of MA, Samuel BIGGERSTAFF of PA, Roger BILLINGS of MA, Nathaniel BISCOE of MA, William BOND of MA, James BOOSEY of CT, Griffith BOWEN of MA, William BRIDGES of VA, Henry BRIGHT of MA, Abraham BROWN(E) of MA, John of BUNCH of VA.

Peter CARPENTER of PA, Samuel CHAPIN of MA, William CHENEY of MA, Benjamin CHILD of MA, George COLTON of MA, John COOLIDGE of MA, John CROW of CT, John CUMMINS of MA.

Robert DANIELS of MA, Michael DANNER of PA, Christian DEPPEN of PA, Oliver DUNCKLEY of PA.

Anthony EAMES of MA, William EMLEY of NJ, James ENSIGN of CT.

Jonathan FAIRBANK of MA, Walter FILER/FYLER of CT, John FISKE of MA, John FOLGER of MA, Nathaniel FOOTE of CT, Thomas FORD of CT, David FOX of NC, John FREEMAN of VA, Thomas FRENCH of MA, William FRENCH of MA, John FULLER John of MA.

John GALLUP of MA, Samuel GARDNER of CT, William GOODWIN of MA, Thomas GREEN of NJ, Edward GRISWOLD of CT.

Anthony HARKER of MA, William HARRIS of VA, Thomas HASTINGS of MA, Nicholas HATHAWAY of MA, Thomas HAZELRIGG of VA, Bartholomew HIGHSMITH of VA, John HIGLEY of CT, Luke HITCHCOCK of CT, Thomas HOLBROOK of MA, Thomas HOLCOMB of MA, John of HOLLOWAY NJ, Thomas HOSMER of MA, Richard HUDSON of VA, Balthasar HUSSONG of MD, Matthew HUTCHESON of VA; Thomas HUXLEY of CT, Samuel HYDE of MA.

Timothy IVES of VA.

John JOHNSON of MA, Michael JOHNSON of VA, Jonathan JONES of SC.

Joseph KELLOGG of MA, Samuel KELSEY of SC, Richard KERBY of VA, Henry KING of VA.

Margaret (Reade) LAKE of MA, Thomas LAWSON of SC, John LEAVENS of MA, Edmond LEWIS of MA, William LEWIS of CT, Thomas LINSFORD of MA, Joseph LOOMIS of CT.

James McCLANAHAN of VA, William McGAUGHEY of DE, Thomas MARSHFIELD of MA, Hugh MASON of MA, Peter MASSIE of VA, Henry MATTESON of RI, Nathaniel MERRILL of MA, Matthew MITCHELL of CT, Thomas MIX of CT, John MOBERLY of MD, Elias MONK of MA, Richard MOORE of NJ, George MOREY of RI, Edward MORRIS of CT, David MORROW of VA, Samuel MORSE of MA.

Victor NEELY of PA.

Thomas OLCOTT of CT, James OLMSTED of CT, John OWEN of CT, Bartholomew OWEN of VA.

Johann Jacob PAINTER of PA, Peter PALFREY of MA, Richard PARKER of VA, John PARMENTER of MA, Hugh PARSONS of RI, Christopher PEAKE of MA, Margaret (KING) PEASE of MA, James PHARO of NJ, William PHELPS of MA, Michael PIERCE of MA, Peter PITTS of MA, William PITTS of MA, Alexcander PLUMLEY of MA; Samuel PORTER of SC, John POWELL of VA, John PRATT of CT, William PRESTON of MA.

Edward ROSSITER of MA, Christian RUCHTY of PA.

Thomas SEARS of VA, William SHATTUCK of MA, Edmond SHERMAN of CT, Thomas SHERWOOD of CT, William SIMONDS of MA, Pariss SIMS of VA, Henry SMITH of CT, Samuel SMITH of MA, Thomas SPENCER of CT, Thomas STANDISH of CT, Henry STEVENS of MA, George STOCKING of CT, John STONE of CT, John STRONG of CT, William SUGG(E) of VA.

Michael TANNER of PA, Leonard TARRANT of VA, Stephen TERRY of MA, John THOMPSON of VA and BC, John TIDD of MA, George TURMAN of VA, Nathaniel TURNER of MA.

Jacob Leendertsz VANDERGRIFT of NY, Christoffle HARMENSZEN (VanZANDT-VANZANT) of NY.

William WADSWORTH of CT, Nathaniel WALES of MA, Thomas WALKER of VA, Oliver WALLACE of SC, John WARHAM of CT, John WARREN of MA, Bevil WATERS of CT, John WATSON of CT, John WATSON of VA, Simon WILLARD of MA, Robert WINCHELL of CT, Richard WOOD of NJ, John WOODS of MA, Nicholas WYETH of MA.


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