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The Danner Family in Europe

Michael Danner and Maria Eva

Michael Tanner and Miss Hussong

Eve Tanner and George Painter

Barbara Painter and John Freeman

Wilkerson Bell Freeman and Lucilla Margaret Wallace

George Romulus Freeman and Susanna Carpenter

Aretus Erastus Freeman and Minnie Elsie Morey

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Danner Ancestry in Europe

The primary information source for Tanner family is from Miles S. Philbeck's article "The Search for Michael Tanner," in the Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County, Inc., Feb. 1995 (23:1, pp. 1-13).


Hans DANNER/DAHNER - b. Germany; d. Germany. Uproved as father of the brothers Dietrich and Michael.

  1. Dietrich - b. about 1699, Germany; d. 1759, York Co., PA. Arrived at Philadelphia, PA on Sep. 24, 1742 aboard the 'Robert and Alice,' Martley Cussack, Master, "from Rotterdam, last from Coews," with brother Michael. Children, baptized at the Lutheran church of Leimen, Germany: Judith; Maria Barbara; Johann Jacob; and a daughter.
  2. Michael - b. about 1701, Wiesloch, Germany; d. by Mar. 23, 1776, Frederick Co., MD.

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Michael and Maria Eva Tanner/Danner

Michael TANNER/DANNER - b. about 1701, Wiesloch, Germany; d. about Mar. 1777, Frederick Co., MD. Possibly the son of Hans DAHNER. Called citizen and baker at Walldorf, Germany in baptism of daughter Apollonia. Arrived at Philadelphia, PA on Sep. 24, 1742 aboard the 'Robert and Alice,' Martley Cussack, Master, "from Rotterdam, last from Coews." In a deed dated Jun. 11, 1772 in Frederick Co., MD, all Michael's children are named, except for Apollonia. Will dated Sep. 5, 1776 and filed Mar. 23, 1777 in Frederick Co., MD. Married Jan. 17, 1728, Walldorf, Germany.

Maria Eva - b. Germany. Apparently she was Roman Catholic. Two daughters were baptized at the Walldorf Catholic Church, and son Michael at the Leimen Lutheran Church.

Children of Michael and Maria Tanner

  1. Dietrich - b. Nov. 29, 1728, Walldorf, Germany; bap. at the Lutheran Church of Leiman, Germany; d. Oct. 1768, Frederick Co., MD. Married Barbara HAUSER, daughter of Martin HAUSER (b. Nov. 11, 1696, Riquwihr, Alsace) and Margueretta SHAEFFER, and granddaughter of Hans Georg HAUSER (b. Jan. 25, 1657, Colmar, Alsace)  and Susanna BURCKHARDT. The HAUSER ancestry is provided from The Alsation American Family Hauser, by Kenneth Hauser, Winston-Salem, NC. Children as named in will: Margaret, Mary, David, Catherine, Jacob, Shusannah, and Esther.
  2. Maria Elisabetha - b. Mar. 9, 1730, Walldorf, Germany; bap. at Walldorf Catholic Church. Sponsor of a baptism in 1749 at Hanover, York Co., PA. Her husband is named executor of her father's will. Married John STORM (b. Jan. 21, 1723/4, Germany; d. Jan. 1, 1805, Federick Co., MD, probably the son of Christian STURM and Anna Barbara GAH of Klein Schifferstadt. The final accounting of John's will on Aug. 21, 1815 in Frederick Co., MD names his shildren and their spouses. Children: John married Susan WYSONG; Peter married Eva GRETT; Maria married Jacob ADAMS; Christopher married Marie Anna HOFFMAN; Joseph married Margaret ECK; Elizabeth married John DAPPER/TOPPER; Joakim married Maria CASSIDY; and Magdalene married John NOEL.
  3. Michael - b. Dec. 25, 1732, Walldorf, Germany; bap. at the Lutheran Church of Leimen, Germany; d. about 1807, Rutherford Co., NC.
  4. Apollonia - bap. Aug. 7, 1734, Walldorf, Germany; bap at Walldorf Catholic Church. Apparently died young.
  5. Andrew - Named in his father's will.
  6. John - bap. Mar. 19, 1745, Adams (formerly York) Co., PA.

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Michael and Miss (Hussong) Tanner

Michael TANNER - b. Dec. 25, 1732, Walldorf, Germany; bap. at the Lutheran Church of Leimen, Germany as George Michael; d. about 1807, Rutherford Co., NC. Son of Michael DANNER and Maria Eva. Michael, Jr.'s will dated Feb. 16, 1806, and filed between Oct. 1807 and Apr. 1808, names his ten children, but not his wife. Michael DANNER of Frederick Co., MD took the Oath of Abjuration on Sep. 14,1763 as a member of Mittel Creek Lutheran Church in Anthonis THAWN. Michael DANNER, Jr. of Frederick Co., MD gave his occupation as carpenter on a deed dated Mar. 22, 1775, selling 46 acres of York Co., PA land. Tax records of Rockingham Co., VA list Michael TANNER from 1783 through 1787. The 1787 Rockingham Co., VA personal Property Tax List, List B, page 658 lists Michael TANNER with "4 horses, 8 cattle." The TANNERs moved to Rutherford Co., NC about 1787, Michael and Esther selling land in Rockingham Co., VA on June 25, 1787 to Phillip KESTOR, and purchasing 200 acres of land in Rutherford Co., NC from James COOK by Jan. 1788. Michael married first on Jan. 2, 1756 at St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., PA to Miss HUSSONG. He was married second to Eva Elizabeth (d. about 1774), probably about 1760 in Frederick Co., MD. Michael's third marriage was to Esther (d. before Nov. 1800), probably shortly before Mar. 22, 1775 in Frederick Co., MD when she was examined for release of her dower rights as husband of Michael. He was married fourth on Nov. 3, 1800 in Rutherford Co., NC to Mary Magdelena WITMEIER (will dated Mar. 15, 1810, Haywood Co., NC), widow of Peter WICKLE. There exist conflicting information as to the names, dates and children of the wives of Michael TANNER, and clarifying documentation is welcome.

Miss HUSSONG - b. about 1735, prob. at Limbach, Germany; d. about 1760, prob. in Frederick Co., MD. Daughter of Balthasar HUSSONG and Susanna Margaretha.

Children of Michael Tanner's first marriage

  1. Eve - b. about 1757, York Co., PA; d. 1824, Rutherford Co., NC. Married George PAINTER.
  2. Michael - b. Dec. 4, 1759; d. Aug. 10, 1849, Union Co., GA; bur. Chostoe Baptist Church Cemetery, Union Co., GA. 1790 Census of Rutherford Co., NC has 1/1/3/0. Served as a Private in the VA militia during Revolution and was a pensioner in Buncombe Co., NC (File S32004) [DAR Patriots addition, Feb. 1984]. Resided in Rutherford and Buncombe Co., NC, and Union Co., GA. Married Jul. 14, 1782 Catherine BUTT (d. Apr. 12, 1842, Union Co., GA). Children: Michael; Molly married Mr. ROSS; Elizabeth married Mr. ELLISON; George married Elizabeth WOOD; Sally; Jacob; Adam; Abraham married Elanore HARKINS (daughter of Thomas and Abigail HARKINS); and Catherine married Burke 'Berkie' HARKINS (son of Thomas and Abigail HARKINS).

Children of Michael and Eva Elizabeth Tanner

  1. Magdalena - b. about 1762. Married Henry SHUNK, perhaps the son of Windle SHUNK who appears on the 1787 tax list in Rockingham Co., VA.
  2. Barbara - b. about 1764; d. before 1850. Resided in Rutherford, Co., NC. Married 1785, Rockingham Co., VA, Andrew HUDLOUGH/HUDLOW (b. 1764; d. before 1860). Child: Michael married Sally GOODE (11 children).
  3. George Michael - bap. Jul. 22, 1766, York Co., PA.
  4. Mary - b. about 1768, PA. Married by 1800 Philip HEAD. The 1800 Census of Rutherford Co., NC shows the HEAD family with one male age 16-26, one female 26-45, and one female under 10. Children: Esther Druscilla married Isham WOOD; John A. married Mira GRANT; Mary (or Mira) married Laban SMITH; Joseph married Elizabeth W. NIX (sister of Andrew Morrison NIX and daughter of John NIX); Sarah Lavina married James HALL; and Isham married Sarah McGUIRE.
  5. John Peter - b. about 1770. Witness a deed for brother-in-law Andrew HUDLOW in 1790.
  6. Daniel - b. Dec. 21, 1773; d. Oct. 7, 1842. His birth date is calculated from his age of 68 years 9 months and 16 days at death, as reported in the BULLETIN of the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County (23:171). Married Elizabeth ROSS (b. about 1778; d. Mar. 30, 1844; bur. near Spindale, Rutherford Co., NC), with bond dated Apr. 3, 1793, Rutherford Co., NC, and Michael TANNER as bondsman. Executor of father's will, and directed to pay £10 to each of the other children. Reportedly he had 10 brothers and sisters. One son was Col. William Avery TANNER (b. Dec. 10, 1811; d. Jun 10, 1890) married Jan. 28, 1836 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC Nancy BUTLER (1811-1904). Children: Michael married Catharine BRADDY; Easter married Jesse BRADY; Martha 'Mattie' married William WOOD; George married first Elizabeth WOOD, and second Martha CARPENTER; James married Elizabeth HUDLOW; Barbara married Jonathan LIVERETT; Mary married Leander GROSS; Margaret 'Peggy' married Andrew Morrison NIX (brother of Elizabeth NIX HEAD and son of John NIX); William Avery married Nancy BUTLER; Andrew married Susan DePRIEST; and Sarah married John ROSS.

Children of Michael and Esther Tanner

  1. Margaret - b. about 1776. Married Joseph HARMON in Nov. 1797, Rutherford Co., NC, with Bondsman Daniel DONNOR<sic>.
  2. Catharine - b. about 1783.
  3. Maria Esther - bap. Oct. 1, 1786, Frieden's Lutheran and Reformed Church, Rockingham Co., VA; d. Jul. 28, 1867, Nevada, Story Co., IA; bur. Walnut Grove Cemetery, Palestine Twp., Story Co., IA. Daughter of Michael and Esther. Esther's grave marker (Row 7, Marker 7) gives her age at death as 84 and identifies her as the wife of Deavid WOMACK. In the 1850 census of McDonough Co., IL, she is found at age 66 in the houshold of her son-in-law John TANNER. Marriage bonds are found in Rutherford Co., NC on Oct. 4, 1809 between Esther TANNER and David WOMACK (Phillip WOOD, bondsman). David WOMACK (b. about 1789, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Jul. 1828, Morganfield, Union Co., KY) was son of Thomas A. WOMACK and Louvisa RICE. Children: Ursula W. married John D. TANNER; Walton B. married Rebecca KERNT; a child died young; and Louisa E. married Squire R. DAVIS.

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