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Possible early Turman ancestors

George Turman and Elizabeth

John Barton Turman and Nancy Holland

John C. Turman and Mary Ann Neely

Elizabeth Caroline Turman and Mordecai S. Lawson

James Martin Lawson and Lucy Jane Freeman

Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Note that John C. TURMAN is believed to be the son of John Barton TURMAN and Nancy HOLLAND. The connection to George TURMAN is unproved, and is presented here as a possible line requiring further investigation. Extensive family history information on the TURMAN family in Wayne Co., TN is found on pages 407-409 and elsewhere in Wayne County, Tennessee History and Families, published by the Wayne Co., TN Historical Society (1995).

The brothers Turman

The parents of George TURMAN, and his brothers Martin and Thomas, are currently not known.

  1. George - b. 1726, VA; d. Dec. 1, 1805 (DAR), Elbert Co., GA.
  2. Thomas - b. 1730; d. about 1807. His wife is not mentioned in his will, but he does name three TURMAN surnamed grandchildren. On Dec. 12, 1795, his son George TURMAN sold 200 acres on Beaverdam Creek to his Uncle Martin TURMAN, and Martin TURMAN , with his second wife Nancy, sold 232 acres on Coodies Creek to his nephew George TURMAN. Children of Thomas TURMAN as named in will: Catherine; George; James; John; and possibly three daughters (two being Elizabeth and Susannah) who married Joseph RANDOLPH, James REED, and Joseph CHANDLER.
  3. Martin - b. about 1737; d. about 1826, Walton Co., GA. His will of Jul. 28, 1824 was proved Nov. 6, 1826, naming his children. Married first Ann 'Nancy' HERNDON, and second Rebecca. Children of Martin and Ann TURMAN: Mary Ann married William HAILEY or HALEY; John; Clement; Letty; Nancy; Patsy; Elizabeth; George married Violetty HIGGINBOTHAM (daughter of Samuel HIGGINBOTHAM and Jan SATTERWHITE); Christopher; and Leonard. Children of Martin and Rebecca TURMAN: James M.; Jepheth J. married Rebecca; and possibly Milton Anderson married Sarah (see TURMAN 1820-1973, by Gladys Turman).

Deeds showing Martin Turman Family Relationships

Elbert Co., Ga., Deed Book E, 1798-1799, p. 115: Martin Turman & Nancy, his wife, to George Turman. Martin Turman gives to his son, George Turman, (no consideration), 143 1/2 acres, being part of 287 1/2 acres, adj. S. by Watkins & Burton, E. by Goode, N. by Baron, W. by Tate & Morgan, Ridge Path from Baron across tract to Samuel Watkins' plantation, with all improvements, in fee simple. (signed) Martin Turman, Nancy (x) Turman. Wit: Saml. Higginbotham, J.P. Regd. 28 Dec. 1798.

Elbert Co., Ga., Deed Book G, 1801-1802, p. 59: 16 Feb. 1801, George Turman & Viletta, his wife, to William H. Moon, all of Elbert Co., for $410, in sd. co. on Coodeys Creek waters, adj. William Goode, Robert Burton, old Ridge Path, up path to Thomas Tait & Memorable Walker, Tait, 143 1/2 acres, in fee simple. (signed) George Turman, Viletty Turman. Wit: Jno. Coleman, J.P. Robert Burton. Regd. 14 Mar. 1801.

Elbert Co., Ga., Deed Book J, 1803-1806, p. 195: 16 Apr. 1805, Andrew Hamilton & Jenny, his wife, to Jane Higginbotham, John S. Higginbotham, Samuel Higginbotham, Aron Higginbotham, Blackley Higginbotham, George Green Higginbotham, Clary Higginbotham, George Turman in right of his wife Violette, William Fortson in right of his wife Ann, Clabourne Sandridge in right of his wife Jane, all heirs of Samuel Higginbotham, decd., for $857, on Beverdam Creek in sd co., 300 acres adj. when surveyed, S.W. by Thomas Carter, all other sides vacant, it being tract on which Samuel Higginbotham, decd. lived in his lifetime, was granted to sd. Andrew Hamilton, 21 Sept. 1784, as tenants in common & not joint tenants, in fee simple. (signed) Andrew Hamilton, Jenny Hamilton. Wit: Ro. Thompson, J.P., George Matthews, Junr. Jenny Hamilton signed in presence of Kitty Hamilton. Jennny, wife of Andrew Hamilton, rel. dower rights, 2 Dec. 1805, Jas. Wardlaw, J.C.C.C.A.D. Regd. 13 Dec. 1805.

Elbert Co., Ga, Deed Book L, 1808-1810, p. 78: Martin Turmond of sd. co., for love, goodwill & affection, to my loving daughter, Mary Haley, of same co., give a negro boy named Manniuel now in her possession, without any manner of condition, 7 Jan. 1809. (signed) Martin (x) Turman. Test: John Turman, Wylie Ferrell, B. Jeter, J.P. Rec. 21 Feb. 1809.

Abstract of Will of Thomas Turman

To dau. Catharine 3 slaves, Bob, Lett and Jane. To son George a slave Lewis. To son James a slave Peter. To son John 202 1/2 acres in last purchase. To three grandchildren Prudence, Robert and Abner Turman, $50.00 each. The rent of the plantation, stock, furniture etc., to be equally divided between my son John Turman, Catharine Turman, Joseph Randolph, James Reed and Joseph Chandler. William Goode and Richard Easter, Excrs. No dates. William Hudson, Robert Goode, Test.

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George and Elizabeth Turman

George TURMAN - b. 1726, VA; d. Dec. 1, 1805 (DAR), Elbert Co., GA. His will was dated Jul. 1, 1805, proved Jun. 7, 1806, and his estate was inventoried Oct. 3, 1806. George, brother of Martin and Thomas TURMAN, lived early in Lunenburg Co., VA, where he was last recorded in 1764. He owned land in GA counties: Franklin, received 287 1/2 acres in 1776 for Bounty Survey; Wilkes, 250 acres on Apr. 6 and 200 acres on May 26, 1784 for Rev. service; Elbert. He is recorded as an appraiser in Wilkes Co. in 1779, an associate of John GILES, Henry WIDEMAN, and Evan RAGLAND. George was a Rev. soldier, being so identified in the will of Jacob COLSON (but proof of his correct service is required by the DAR in 1989 for new applicants).

Abstract of Will of George Turman

"Afflicted in body", all estate to wife Elizabeth for life, at her death the plantation where I live to son Jacob. To my daughter Sarah Lancaster and my son Thomas, a horse each. To Garrett, John, Robert and Isaac $1.00 each. To Rebecca Claton and Nancy Turman, $1.00 each. Slave David to be set free. Residue to be divided between Elizabeth Lancaster, Milly Rogers, Zilly Roberts and Elizabeth Higginbotham, relationship not given. Wife Elizabeth, William Hatcher and Thomas Burton, Excrs. Signed July 1, 1805. Reg. June 7, 1806. Richerson Booker, John Turman, Thomas Pace, Test.

Elizabeth - d. after 1805, possibly in Elbert Co., GA. Bequeathed plantation for life in will of George TURMAN. The property was sold by son Jacob on Aug. 1, 1809, indicating Elizabeth had died before that date.

Children of George and Elizabeth Turman

  1. Jacob - Bequeathed plantation (after mother's death) in will of George TURMAN. Married Oct. 15, 1807, Elbert Co., GA, Polly BREWER.
  2. Sarah - Bequeathed a horse in will of George TURMAN. Married before Jul. 1805 Mr. LANCASTER.
  3. Thomas - Bequeathed a horse in will of George TURMAN.
  4. Garrett - b. 1750; d. before 1830, Hickman Co., TN; bur. Martin Cemetery. Bequeathed $1 in will of George TURMAN. Recorded in GA land grants in 1784-1797, 1794 and 1802, and migrated to Hickman Co., TN about 1811. Served in Revolutionary War and was prisoner of the indians for six months. In 1788, Garrett TURMAN and wife Mary of Wilkea (now Elbert) Co., GA, sold 200 acres on Falling Creek to William HIGHTOWER, also of Wilkes Co., GA. Married Mary GILES, believed to be the daughter of John GILES, whose will was probated in 1794 in Elbert Co., GA, naming son-in-law Jeremiah WELLS and grandson Jonathan GRAY. From the sale in 1797 of property of the estate of John GILES, it appears his children included John M. GILES, Becky WELLS, the wife of Garrett TURMAN, Martha DANDLEY, and the wife of Thomas WILLIAMS. Children of Garrett and Mary TURMAN: Rebecca married Elisha PARKER; Garrett married Nancy BRADFORD; John [perhaps John C. TURMAN]; Matilda married Jonathan ANGLIN; and Giles.
  5. John - Bequeathed $1 in will of George TURMAN. Though uproved, he is perhaps John Barton TURMAN, who married Nancy HOLLAND.
  6. Robert - Bequeathed $1 in will of George TURMAN.
  7. Isaac - Bequeathed $1 in will of George TURMAN.
  8. Rebecca - Bequeathed $1 in will of George TURMAN. Married Mr. CLATON
  9. Nancy - Bequeathed $1 in will of George TURMAN.

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John Barton and Nancy (Holland) Turman

John Barton TURMAN - Unproved as son of George TURMAN and Elizabeth. George's will of 1805, in Elbert Co., GA, includes a son John, and names Thomas BURTON as one of three executors.


Children of John and Nancy Turman

  1. John C. - b. Oct. 15, 1802, Elbert Co., GA; d. May 4, 1881, Waynesboro, Wayne Co., TN.

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John C. and Mary Ann (Neely) Turman

John C. TURMAN - b. Oct. 15, 1802, Elbert Co., GA; d. May 4, 1881, Waynesboro, Wayne Co., TN; bur. McGlamery Cemetery, Wayne Co., TN [photo]. Currently believed to be the son of John Barton TURMAN and Nancy HOLLAND. Earlier believed to be the son of Garrett and Mary (GILES) TURMAN. Moved with father to Bedford Co., TN in 1807, was elected a County Trustee (but did not serve), a Mason, and a Hardshell Baptist of the Turnbull Church. Resided in Bedford Co., TN in 1850, and in Wayne Co., TN in 1860 and 1870. In the 1880 census of Wayne Co., TN, John is found in the household of his son William TURMAN. He lived at Factory Creek in Wayne County before moving to a farm near Waynesboro. He was a member of Green Mount Masonic Lodge No. 316. John's grave marker names his wife Mary Ann NEELY, but errors in giving their marriage date as Feb. 29, 1829. Married Feb. 19, 1829, Bedford Co., TN.

Mary Ann NEELY - b. Jul. 10, 1811, Bedford Co., TN; d. Jun. 11, 1858, Waynesboro, Wayne Co., TN; bur. McGlamery Cemetery, Wayne Co., TN [photo]. A family history article on the TURMAN family in Wayne Co., TN is found on pages 408-409 in Wayne County, Tennessee History and Families, published by the Wayne Co., TN Historical Society (1995). This article explains that, after the death of her father when Mary Ann was 2 years old, she and her mother lived with her grandfather Capt. Elijah PARKER. After her mother remarried, Mary Ann continued to live in the PARKER home, and was referred to at times as Mary Ann PARKER. Daughter of Capt. Richard NEELY and Sallie PARKER.

Children of John C. and Mary A. Turman

  1. Nancy 'Nan' D. - b. Dec. 19, 1831, TN; d. Wayne Co., TN; bur. there in McGlamery Cemetery. Married Oct. 29, 1857, Wayne Co., TN, Elihue 'Dee' Degrasa McGLAMERY (b. Jun. 14, 1838, Wayne Co., TN), a carpenter, sheriff in 1880 [Sketch from Goodspeed], and son of John McGLAMERY and Catharine BRINKER. He served during the Civil War in the Union Army as 1st Lt. of Tenn. Vol. Mounted Infantry.
  2. Martha 'Mattie' A. - b. Mar. 27, 1835, TN; d. Jan. 2, 1904, Wayne Co., TN. Unmarried, living with father in 1870, and with the McGLAMERYs in 1880 and 1890.
  3. Mary 'Molly' Barton - b. Mar. 27, 1835, Bedford Co., TN; d. 1905, Wayne Co., TN. Married Mr. ABBOTT. Children: John, Jim, Barton, Nannie, and Mamie.
  4. Elijah VanBuren 'Old Lige' - b. May 11, 1837, Bedford Co., TN; d. 1933. Served as Wayne Co. Court Clerk, as a 1st Lt. in the 2nd Mounted Infantry during the Civil War, and sheriff of Wayne County. Married by J. R. ALEXANDER on Oct. 24, 1865 in Wayne Co., TN to Sarah Elizabeth CYPERT (b. 1851, TN), daughter of Robert Jasper CYPERT and Mary BUNDY. Children: Elijah H. 'Big Lige' married Jimmie Ethel COLE; Mary Van Buren 'Van' married John W. GREESON; Elizabeth H.; John; Jim; Dr. Robert Coleman married Mary Elizabeth Bettie' BURNETTE; Joseph; and William W.
  5. William Bedford - b. Nov. 16, 1839, Bedford Co., TN; d. Nov. 15, 1908. [Sketch from Goodspeed] A resident of Waynesboro, he had interests in merchandizing, liquor, lumber and farming. He enlisted in the 2nd TN Mounted Cavalry, Union Army, in 1863, but never served due to physical disability. William and his brother-in-law Elihu D. McGLAMERY built the hotel on Waynesboro square commonly known as the Belew Hotel, after the purchaser Charlie BELEW. Married by J. R. CYPERT, JP on July 25, 1868 in Wayne Co., TN to Felicia Ione CYPERT, daughter of Robert Jasper CYPERT and Mary BUNDY. Children: William Bedford married Marjorie EDDY; Camilla married Charles L. NORMAN; Sarah 'Sally' married James Anderson LASHLEE; Benjamin D. married Geneva COUGHMAN; Elijah VanBuren 'Little Lige' married Martha Medora CASTEEL; Alfonso; Nancy I. married Jesse QUINN; and M. C.
  6. Malinda 'Sis' W. - b. Sep 16, 1841; d. before 1900. One source indicates she married Oct. 21, 1869, Wayne Co., TN, Jonathan A. SPRINGER, and had children Max G., Pearl, James B., Lelu, and possibly others. Another source indicates she married Jonas SPRINGER, and had children Mollie, John, and Jonas, who married second Mattie BURNS.
  7. James Knox Polk - b. Nov. 18, 1844, TN; d. Oct. 13, 1918, Wayne Co., TN. He was a farmer in the Double Branches section of Wayne County. Married Mary 'Mollie' DIXON, daughter of Columbus Franklin DIXON. Children: Camilla Anna married Mr. PRINCE; John Franklin married Lessie Mildred McGEE; Mary E. married Mr. CASTEEL; Maybelle E. 'May'; Lillie Violet; James D. Blaine; Willburn Boyd; Willie Albert; Eugene Clifford; Elijah Carl; and Mary Elsie married Mr. Matlock.
  8. Elizabeth Caroline 'Carrie' - b. Jan. 8, 1846, Bedford Co., TN; d. Oct. 26, 1914, Tecumseh, Pottawatomie Co., OK. Married Mordecai S. LAWSON.
  9. John Matthews - b. Oct. 18, 1848, Bedford Co., TN; d. Jun. 29, 1928. [Sketch from Goodspeed] A merchant and postmaster at Waynesboro, TN. Married Dec. 14, 1876 Dorothy Ann SIMS (b. Apr. 6, 1854; d. May 30, 1934), daughter of Matthew Joseph SIMS and Dorothy GREESON. A merchant at Martin's Mills, TN, in 1869, he moved to Waynesboro about 1871 and became a member of the firm of Turman, Helton & Co. Children: John married Anna JONES; Mary Elizabeth 'Lizzie' married William B. SHACKLETT; James; Benjamin F. married Katherine SPINKS; Carolyn married George McQUARRY; Frank married Mary JETER; Ruth Brown; Annie; Mahulda C.; and Thomas Rex.
  10. Sarah 'Sally' Lycurgua - b. Jun. 8, 1853; d. Nov. 23, 1875. Married Oct. 5, 1875, Wayne Co., TN, Giannette 'Guy' Nattus SPRINGER. Guy married second Miss or Mrs. PULLEN, and third Laura Smith GABLE. Children: John married Cora KILLEN; Mattie A. married Mr. Lumpkin; and Mamie B. married Daniel Lafayette Adkisson.

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