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Vandergrift family in Europe

Jacob Leendertsz Vandergrift and Rebecca Lubbertsen Leendert 'Leonard' Vandergrift and Styntjie 'Christina' Elsworth Rebecca Vandergrift and Albertus VanZandt Garrett Vanzant and Mary Mary Vanzant and Benjamin Biggerstaff Elizabeth Biggerstaff and Daniel McGaughey James Withrow McGaughey and Elizabeth O. Megahey Mary McGaughey and John H. Carpenter Susanna Carpenter and George Romulus Freeman Aretus Erastus Freeman and Minnie Elsie Morey Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson Stephen Martin Lawson

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The Vandergrift family in Europe

The primary source of information for the VANDERGRIFT family in Europe is Descendants of Antonius VAN DER GRIFT, supplemented with other internet sources. While the surname is spelled in a variety of ways, and generally used only in America, the VANDERGIRFT surname is used throughout for consistency.

Evert Anthoniusz and Elstje Wijllems (Tijssen) Vandergrift

Evert Antoniusz VANDERGRIFT -  b. about 1558, Charlois, Holland. A tailor, Evert and his sons Leendert, Jan and Abraham gave their citisens oath on Oct. 26, 1612 at Charlois. Son of Anthonius VANDERGRIFT (b. about 1530, Holland).

Elstje Wijllems TIJSSEN -

Children of evert and Elstje Vandergrift

  1. Leendert Evertsz - b. about 1587, Charlois, Holland.
  2. Jan Evertsz - b. about 1590, Charlois, Holland.
  3. Abraham Evertsz -
  4. Gietje Evertsd - bap. Oct. 12, 1599, Amsterdam, Holland.

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Leendert Evertz and Maritje (Pouwelsd) Vandergrift

Leendert Evertsz VANDERGRIFT - b. about 1587, Charlois, Holland. Son of Evert Antonius VANDERGRIFT and Elste Wijllems TIJSSEN. Married on Jun. 27, 1609 at Aechen, Nordheim-Westfen, Prussia.

Maritje POUWELSD - b. about 1585, Aechen, Nordheim-Westfen, Prussia.

Children of Leendert and Maritje Vandergrift

  1. Grietjen Leendertsz - bap. Jun. 13, 1610, Amsterdam, Holland.
  2. Johannes Leendertsz 'Jan' - bap. Apr. 8, 1612, Amsterdam, Holland.
  3. Paulus Leendertsz - bap. Oct. 20, 1613, Amsterdam, Holland. Paulus immigrated to America in 1644, settling at New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY. An an employee of the West Inda Company, he was Captain of the ship 'Neptune' until 1645 and then the 'Grest Garritt' until 1646. Paulus accompanied Peter STUYVESANT on a journey to the West Indies in 1654. He served in a number of New Amsterdam offices (including Burgermaster 1657-1658 and 1661-1664), and was a signer of the Ratification of the Articles of Capitualtion in 1664 which transferred New Netherland to the English. Married on Feb. 13, 1641 in Amsterdam, Holland to Jannetje GERRETSD. In 1671, Paulus sold his property and returned to Holland with his family. Children of Paulus and Gerretsd VANDERGIFT: Grietje; Leendert; Margariet married Jacob MAURITZ; Gerrit; Marritie married Gerrit VanTRICHT; Johannes died as infant; and Johannes.
  4. Evert Leendertsz - bap. Apr. 10, 1615, Amsterdam, Holland.
  5. Pieter Leendertsz - bap. Aug. 25 1619, Amsterdam, Holland.
  6. Jacob Leendertsz - bap. Oct. 23, 1622, Amsterdam, Holland; d. before 1696, Newton, Long Island, NY.
  7. Maten Leendertsz - bap. Aug. 17, 1627, Amsterdam, Holland.

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The Vandergrift family in America

In addition to the previously noted Descendants of Antonius VAN DER GRIFT, a principal source of information for the family in America is Our Dutch Ancestors, by Ralph H. Dean (privately published in 1978), pages 8-11, as shared on the internet by Susan Martin-Rott. Much information is also found in the Vandergrift Family article in History of Bucks County Pennsylvania, by William W. H. Davis (1905), Vol. III, pages 31-33.

Jacob Leendertsz and Rebecca (Lubbertsen) Vandergrift

Jacob Leendertsz VANDERGRIFT - bap. Oct. 23, 1622, Amsterdam, Holland; d. before 1696, Newton, Long Island, NY; bur. Old Dutch Reformed Church Cem., Newton (Elmhurst), Long Island, NY. Son of Leendert VANDERGRIFT and Maritje POUWELSD. A member of the West India Company, Jacob was Captain of the ship 'Swol' (22guns and 76 men) when it arrived in New Amsterdam in 1644 and was sold. As a bottler, he remained in New Amsterdam, serving in various office, including Small Burger of New Amsterdam in 1656. Between 1662 and 1668, Jacob is found in various localities: Bergen, NJ, Breakelyn (Brooklyn), Strand of North River (the Hudson), and on north side of Great Creek (Harlem River). He then moved to Noordwyck on the North River, remaining there until moving to Newton, Long Island in 1686. Married on Jul. 19, 1648 at New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY.

Rebecca LUBBERTSEN - bap. Aug. 15, 1628, Amsterdam, Holland. Her children were all baptized at the Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY. In 1696, Rebecca, together with her eight surviving children and their spoouses, joined a migration of Dutch settlers from New York and Long Island south to Burlington, NJ. In 1697 the VANDERGRIFTs crossed the Delaware River and purchased four farms totaling 757 acres in Bensalem Township, Bucks Co., PA from Joseph GOWDEN. Daughter of Frederick LUBBERTSEN and Stynje HENDRICKS. Frederick LUBBERTSEN (b. 1609, Holland; d. about Nov. 1679, New Amsterdam, NY) was granted a large tract of land at Breakelyn (Brooklyn) on May 27, 1640. Frederick married second Trentjie HENDRICKS, widow of Cornelius VROOM.

Children of Jacob and Rebecca Vandergrift

  1. Martjie - bap. Aug. 29, 1649, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY. Married on Mar. 11, 1664/5 in NY to Cornelius CORSON (bap. Apr. 23, 1645, New Amsterdam, NY; d. before Aug. 1693, NY), son of Cornelius Piterse VROOM and Trentjie HENDRICKS. Cornelius was on the 1675 and 1676 tax rolls at Brooklyn, NY, and purchased 582 acres of land on Staten Island, Richmond Co., NY in Dec. 1680. Martjie's mother-in-law Trentjie married second Frederick LUBBERSTEN, Martjie's grandfather. Children of Maritje and Cornelius CORSON: Catharina married John Petersen STATES; Jacob married Elizabeth VIELE; Christian married Antje KROESEN; Cornelia married Henrick KROESEN; Benjamin married Blandina VIELE; and Daniel.
  2. Christina - bap. Feb. 26, 1651, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY. Married first in Sep. 1678 to Cornelis SHEPPEN, and second on Mar. 20, 1681 to Daniel VanVOS. Children of Christina and Cornelis SHEPPEN: Abraham; and Jacobus. Children of Christina and Daniel VanVOS: Wilhelmina; Rebecca died as infant; Rebecca died as infant; Rebecca; and Constantia.
  3. Anna Jacobse - bap. Mar. 16, 1652/3, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY; d. Bucks Co., PA. Married on Sep. 29, 1674 in NY to Jacob Claessen GROESBECK (b. about 1650, d. about 1705), son of Nicholas Jacobse GROESBECK and Elizabeth STEVENS. Children of Anna and Jacob GROESBECK: Rebecca married John HENDRICKSON; Elisabeth; Leah married Johannes VanZANDT (son of Garret Stoffel VanZANDT and Lysbeth GERRETZE); Rachel married James BIDDLE; Johannes; and Dinah (may be same person as Leah).
  4. Leendert 'Leonard' - bap. Dec. 19, 1655, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY; d. about 1724, Bucks Co., PA.
  5. Nicholas - bap. May 5, 1658, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY; d. about 1722, Bolemis Manor, New Castle Co., DE. Married on Aug. 24, 1684 at New Utrecht (Brooklyn), NY to Barentjie VERKIRK, daughter of Jan Janse VERKIRK and Mayke GISBERT. Nicholas took the Oath of Allegiance to King James II in 1687 at New Utrecht, NY, and removed to Bucks Co., PA in 1697, where he was a church Elder, and then to Sussex Co., DE about 1713. Children of Nicholas and Barentjie VANDERGRIFT: Rebecca married Jacobus VanZANDT (son of Garret Stoffel VanZANDT and Lysbeth GERRETZE); Jacob married Choyes 'Joyce' TOULEY; Jan 'John' married Hannah BACKER; Deborah married Laurent JANSEN; and Maike married Joris VanZANDT (son of Garret Stoffel VanZANDT and Lysbeth GERRETZE).
  6. Frederick - bap Aug. 20, 1661, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY. He purchased land in Bucks Co., PA on Jul. 1, 1697 adjoining his brothers property, but no further information is available.
  7. Rebecca - bap. 1661, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY.
  8. Rachel - bap. Aug. 20, 1664, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY. Married in 1689 to Barendt VERKIRK (b. about 1666, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. 1739, Bensalem Township, Bucks Co., PA), son of Jan Janse VERKIRK (b. about 1633, Beusichem, Gelderland, Holland; d. Nov. 10, 1683, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY) and Mayke GISBERT (b. about 1629, Buren, Gelderland, Holland; d. 1688, New Utrect, Kings Co., NY). Barendt purchased land in Bucks Co., PA on Jul. 1, 1697 adjoining his brothers-in-law properties. Children of Rachel and Barent VERKIRK: Jacob; Johannes; Mary married Niels BOON; Constantina married James FITCHET; Dinah married James CARRELL; and a daughter reportedly married Mr. UNDERWOOD.
  9. Johannes - bap. Jun. 26, 1667, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY; d. 1745, Bucks Co., PA. His will, dated Mar. 16, 1732, was proved in Bucks Co., PA on Mar. 28, 1745, naming his wife and eldest son as executors. Married first on Sep. 23, 1694 to Neeltje VOLKERS and second on Jul. 1, 1741 at Churchville, PA to Elizabeth SNOWDEN, a widow. Children of Johannes and Neeltje VANDERGRIFT: Fulkert married first Elizabeth VanZANDT (daughter of Harman VanZANDT and Elizabeth BRAUWERS), and second Maritje HUFTE; Jacob married Charity TOULEY; Abraham; Rebecca married John VanHORN; Christina married Joseph FOSTER; Helenah married Mr. FULTON; and Esther married John HOUTON.

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Leendert 'Leonard' and Styntje 'Christina' (Elsworth) Vandergrift

Leonard VANDERGRIFT - bap. Dec. 19, 1655, New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY; d. about 1724, Bucks Co., PA. Son of Jacob VANDERGRIFT and Rebecca LUBBERTSEN. Leonard was an Elder of the Bensalem Church from Mar. 1710. Leonard and all of his children, except for Abraham, moved to New Castle Co., DE. Administration of his estate was granted Feb. 18, 1725. Leonard first married on Nov. 3, 1678. He was married second on Oct. 6, 1721 at the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA to Christina GARRETSEN.

Christina ELSWORTH - d. before Oct. 1721, Bucks Co., PA.

Children of Leonard and Christina Vandergrift

  1. Jacob - bap. Sep. 20, 1678, New Utrecht (Brooklyn), Kings Co., NY; d. 1753, New Castle Co., DE. His will was written Apr. 12, 1750 and proved in New Castle Co., DE on Jan. 16, 1754. Married Sarah. Children of Jacob and Sarah VANDERGRIFT: Leonard married; Jacob married nis niece Ann ATIKINSON (daughter of James ATKINSON and Christina VANDERGRIFT); Christina married James ATKINSON; Ann; and Elizaabeth.
  2. Christoffel - bap. Aug. 6, 1681, New Utrecht (Brooklyn), Kings Co., NY; d. before 1744, New Castle Co., DE. Married on Apr. 7, 1704 to Sarah DRUITH. Children of Christoffel and Sarah VANDERGRIFT: Leonard married Mary JETTSON; Jacob; Abraham; and John.
  3. Rebecca - bap. Dec. 15, 1683, New Utrecht (Brooklyn), Kings Co., NY; d. 1743, New Castle Co., DE. Married Albertus VanZANDT.
  4. Abraham - bap. Jul. 4, 1686, New Utrecht (Brooklyn), Kings Co., NY; d. abt 1748, Bucks Co., PA. Administrator of his father's will. Married Oct. 17, 1716 at the First Presbyterian Church, Abington, Montgomery Co., PA to Maritje VanZANDT. Abraham's will was proved Mar. 13, 1748. Children of Abraham and Maritje VANDERGRIFT: Leonard married Charity HAINES; Garret married Sarah DELAPLAN; Abraham married; Christiana married Yost MILLER; Marcia (or Mary) married Matthew CORBET; Jemima married George TAYLOR; Elizabeth; and H_____.
  5. Anneken - bap. Apr. 7, 1689, New Utrecht (Brooklyn), Kings Co., NY. Married Andrew DUOW.
  6. Elizabeth - bap. Oct. 8, 1691, New Utrecht (Brooklyn), Kings Co., NY. Married on Mar. 23, 1710 to Francis KROESEN (b. 1689), son of Derrick KROSEN and Elizabeth KREGIER. Children of Elizabeth and Francis KROESEN: Johannes married Jannitje NEVIUS; Elizabeth married Johannes SLEGHT; Leonard married; and Derrick.
  7. Annetje - bap. Jun. 12, 1695, New Utrecht (Brooklyn), Kings Co., NY. Married on Oct. 22, 1715 to Cornelis KING. Children of Annetje and Cornelis KING: Cornelius; Catherine; and Christina married William WILLIAMS.
  8. Christina - b. 1697; d. Dec. 24, 1778, NC. Married Francis KING (bap. Nov. 18, 1676, Zeeland, Holland; d. before May 1753, NC). Child of Christina and Franckis KING: Rebecca married her first cousin once removed Christopher VANDERGRIFT (son of Leonard VANDERGRIFT and Mary JETTSON).

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