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Albertus VanZandt and Rebecca Vandergrift

Garrett Vanzant and Mary

Mary Vanzant and Benjamin Biggerstaff

Elizabeth Biggerstaff and Daniel McGaughey

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Susanna Carpenter and George Romulus Freeman

Aretus Erastus Freeman and Minnie Elsie Morey

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Ancestry of Garrett Vanzant

While there has been a suggested ancestry for Garrett VANZANT of Rutherford Co., NC, as a descendant of Christoffel HARMENSZEN (VanZANDT) for a number of years, documentation of the lineage has been elusive. It appears that the only descendant of Christoffle with the given name of Garrett and of the required age, who is not otherwise identified, is the son of Albertus VanZANDT, son of Gerret Stoffelszen. There is now Y-DNA evidence that shows that Garrentt VANZANT was a descendant of Gerret Stoffelszen, son of Christoffle HARMENSZEN. The DNA project results have been published by The VanZandt Society as:

Van Zandt, Gary L. "Van Zandt Surname DNA Project Test Results." The Van Zandt Record. Spring 2004, v. XXIX, no. 1, p. 3-8.

The following section is from pages 5 and 6 of the article and is presented here with permission of the author.

Y-DNA Results for the Garrett Vansant Line of Rutherford Co., NC

     Another question investigated by the Van Zandt Surname DNA Project was the origin Garrett and Mary Vansant line of Rutherford County, NC. Most records indicated that Garrett and Mary were living in Rutherford County ten to twenty years prior to the Revolutionary War. Garrett died there in 1787 and Mary in 1796. The Garrett name was common in the Gerret Stoeffelszen Vansant line of Bucks County, PA. However, the name Garrett also appeared in the descendants of Bernardus Van Zandt of New Jersey and in the descendents of Joseph Janse Van Zant of Albany, NY.
     A proven descendent of Garrett Vansant was found, and his Y-DNA results were compared to others in the Surname Project.  The Y-DNA test results ruled out all but one of the above lines as the possible origin of Garrett Vansant of North Carolina.
     It turned out that there was a perfect 25-marker match between the tested Garrett of NC descendent and me. That means that both of us are descendents of Gerret Stoffelszen and proves the following about the Garrett Vansant of NC line:
     1.  The Garrett Vansant line of NC was definitely descended from Gerret Stoffelszen Vansant (1644-1706) and his father Stoffelszen Harmenszen of Kleverins or Cleverins, Germany.
     2.  Gerret Stoffelszen himself must have had Y-DNA identical to the Garrett of NC descendent and me because, if either of us had picked up mutations through the years, there would be at least some genetic difference between us.
      Naturally, this doesn't tell us how Garrett got to NC, but it still helps in genealogical research that none of the other Van Zandt lines need to be even considered in researching his line's origin.

Extensive details, documentation and descendants of the VanZANDT family has been shared by Michael A. Smoke in his Descendants of Christoffel VanSant register report. Some of the information here is from this report, including name spellings. However, the surname here will be consistently spelled VanZANDT, except for Garrett VANZANT and his descendants. Much information is also found in the VanZandt Family article in History of Bucks County Pennsylvania, by William W. H. Davis (1905), Vol. III, pages 24-30.

Christofflel and Moeder (Gerrits) VanZandt

Christoffel VanZANDT -  b. about 1618, Kleverins, Germany; d. Sep. 1655, New Amsterdam, NY. A cloth maker, he arrived in NewAmsterdam in 1651 and was killed in an Indian attack known as The Peach War. Marriage intention was recorded on Jun. 13, 1643, in Amsterdam, Holland as "Christoffel Harmenss, from Jever, journeyman clothdresser living on the Hoochstraet, having no parents (living) age 25, and Moederke Gerrits, from Amsterdam, living on the Breestraet, attended by her mother, Vroutie Pieters." Both signed by their mark, and they were married on Jun. 28, 1643 in Amsterdam's Old Church. Christoffel was married second on Sep. 24, 1645 (intentions Sep. 9, 1645) in Amsterdam, Holland to Trijntje CLAES (bap. Jan. 1619, Amsterdam, Holland), daughter of Claes PIETERSZ and Giertje HEEREN (marriage intentions recorded Oct. 11, 1614). Trijntje married second Rut Joosten VanBRUNT, and her son Gerret was living with them at Yellow Hook, New Utrecht in 1685.

From the Notarial Archives of Amsterdam

1652 April 16. Abraham De Wijs, merchant in Amsterdam, in the name of Cornelis De Potter, his brother -in-law, who lives in the Manhattans in New Netherland. He takes into service for him: Christoffel Harmens and Trijinje Claes to work there for De Potter. Also their son Gerrit Christoffels, 8 years old, shall work with them. This is for a time period of three years, at 200 Carolus guilders per year. Free board and room.

Moeder GERRITS - bap. Nov. 2, 1623, Amsterdam, Holland; bur. Jul. 17, 1644, St. Anthonis Cemetery, Amsterdam, Holland. Daughter of Gerrit JANSZEN and Vroutgen PIETERS. Gerrit JANSZEN (b. 1592, Zwol Overjssel, Holland) married Vroutgen PIETERS on Nov. 13, 1616 in the New Church, Amsterdam, Holland.

Child of Christoffel and Moeder VanZandt

  1. Gerret Stoffel - b. 1644, Amsterdam or Zandberg, Holland; d. by June 20, 1706, Bensalem Township, Bucks Co., PA.

Child of Christoffel and Trijntje VanZandt

  1. Claestien Stoffelszen - bap. Sep. 16, 1646, Amsterdam, Holland; d. before 1651, Holland.

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Gerret Stoeffel and Lysebeth (Gerritze) VanZandt

Gerret Stoeffel VanZANDT - b. 1644, Amsterdam or Zandberg, Holland; d. before Jun. 1706, Bensalem Township, Bucks Co., PA. Son of Christoffel VanZANDT and Moeder GERRITS. Arrived in NY in 1651, was indentured with his parents for 3 years at age eight. When his father died, he was 12 years old and guardians were appointed to protect his share of his father's estate. Garret was a tenant on the farm of his mother and step-father at Yellow Hook, New Utrecht, NY in 1685, and took the oath of allegiance in 1687 at New Utrecht (Brooklyn), NY, stating that he had been in the country for 36 years. Using the VanZANDT surname, he purchased 150 acres of land from Joseph GROWDEN at Bensalem, Bucks Co., PA in 1698. The land at Bensalem was sold by his children on Jun. 5, 1706:

Grantor Book, p. 3-256, #23671. Deed of Jun. 20, 1706. Stophell Vansand, Cornelius Vansand, Harman Vansand, Albert Vansand, Johanes Vansand, all of Bucks Co., sons of Garret Vansand, late of Bucks Co., dec'd., and Jezina Vansand and Garret Vansand, younger children of said Garret Vansand, dec'd., for £150 paid by Jacobus Vansand and George Vansand, a tract beginning at a birch tree by Nesahminy River and against the house formerly belonging to Edward Carter - 150 acres which is part of a tract of 5000 acres granted to Joseph Growdon on 24/25 Oct 1681 and the 150 acres was granted by Joseph Growdon to Garrat Vansand by deed dated 10 Feb 1698 and Garrat Vansant dying intestate the land descended to all his children. Rec: 26 Jul 1706."

Generally the VanZANDTs were members of the Dutch Reformed or Presbyterian churches. Married about 1668 in New Utrecht, (Brooklyn) Kings Co., NY.

Lysbeth GERRITZE - b. 1647, Middleburg, Zeeland, Holland. Daughter of Cornelis VanWESTEN (b. about 1630, Zeeland, Holland) and Josyntje VerHAGEN.

Children of Gerret and Lysbeth VanZandt

  1. Stoffel Gerretszen - b. about 1668, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. 1747, Middleton, Bucks Co., PA. Married first about 1692 to Annetje JANSZ, daughter of Jan DUYTS and Jannetje JEURIAENS, and second about 1705 in Staten Island, NY to Rachel CRESSON, daughter of Joshua CRESSON and Aeltje GERRITSEN. The family settled in Bucks Co., PA by May 1706, and was Senior Deacon in 1710 and Elder in 1730 of the Bensalem Dutch Reformed Church. He also served as a Justice of the Peace and a member of the Pennsylvania Colonial Assembly (1710, 1712, 1714 and 1719). Children of Stoeffel and Annetje: Jannitje married Willem RENBERGH; Gerrit died young; Elizabeth married first Jacob SUPPLEE, and second John ENOCH; Stoffel married Hannah RISLEY; and John died young. Children of Stoffel and Rachel VanZANDT: Joshua married first Catherine JOHNSON, and second Isabella BOWERS; Cornelius; John married Rebecca COX; Jesainah; Gerret married Leah NIXON; Jacob James married; Rachel married Lewis LaRUE; Jesimah never married; and Aaltje Olshe married Samuel LaRUE.
  2. Cornelius - bap. May 9, 1672, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. Cecil Co., MD; bur. May 1, 1734, Welsh Tract Baptist Cem., New Castle Co., DE. Married first before 1714 to Dericka JURIAANS, daughter of Jeuriaen VanAUWERYCK and Harmentje JANSZ. He married second Mary, his wife as name in his will. Cornelius was baptized at the Pennypack Baptist Church on Sep. 14, 1712, and in 1714 was dismissed to the Welsh Tract Baptist Church, Milford Haven, New Castle Co., DE. Children of Cornelius and Mary VanZANDT: Cornelius; Garrett; and Rebecca.
  3. Harman Gerretszen - bap. Jun. 10 1674, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. May 9, 1759, Bensalem Township, Bucks Co., PA. Married first in 1699 at New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY to Elizabeth BRAUWERS, daughter of William BRAUWERS and Elizabeth SIMPSON. Married second on Dec. 8, 1733 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA to Jane JOUDEN. Married third on Nov. 9, 1738 in Abingdon Presbyterian Church, Bucks Co. PA to Judith EVANS, widow of Cornelius McCARTY and John EVANS. Children of Harman and Elizabeth VanZANDT: Elizabeth married Fulkert VANDERGRIFT (son of Johannis VANDERGRIFT and Neeltje VOLKERS); Cathrina married Daniel SEVERNS; Gazina married Jacob TITUS; Gerret married Mary; Harman married Alice CRAVEN; William; Susanna died as infant; Geertruida; and Cornelia.
  4. Josias - b. Oct. 29, 1676, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY.
  5. Albertus - bap. May 13, 1681, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. Dec. 16, 1751, New Castle Co., DE.
  6. Johannes - b. 1683, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. 1714, Bensalem Township, Bucks Co., PA. Will dated Oct. 30, 1714 and proved Jan. 6, 1715. Married on Feb. 17, 1702/3 in Philadelphia, PA to Leah GROESBEECK, daughter of Jacob Claessen GROESBEECK and Anna Jacobse VANDERGRIFT. Children of Johannes and Leah VanZANDT: Ann married William HATCHER; John; Garret; Rachel; Jacobus; and Cornelia.
  7. Jacobus - bap. Feb. 15, 1684/5, Dutch Reformed Church, Flatbush, Long Island, NY; d. Dec. 1744, Southampton, Bucks Co., PA. Will dated Dec. 12, 1744 and proved Jan. 9, 1745 at Philadelphia, PA. Jacobus and Rebecca joined the Neshaminy Branch of the Bensalem Church in 1710. He purchased land in Southampton Township in 1712 and in 1721. Married on Jan. 7, 1707/8 in the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, PA to Rebecca VANDERGRIFT (d. 1746, Bucks Co., PA), daughter of Nicholas VANDERGRIFT and Barentje VERKIRK. Rebecca's will was written Nov. 18, 1746 and proved Jan. 13, 1747. Children of Jacobus and Rebecca VanZANDT: Jacobus James married Margaret Hannah BREECE; Elisabeth married Charles INYARD; Garret married Anne GROOME; Nicholas S. married Mary BRITTAIN; Isaiah married Gertrude Charity VanHORN; Rebecca married Isaac LaRUE; Jacob married; and Christophel.
  8. Joris Gerretse - bap. Apr. 24, 1687, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. by Mar. 22, 1755, Kent Co., MD. Married on Feb. 5, 1706/7 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA to Maike VANDERGRIFT (b. 1689, Brenkelise, Kings Co., NY), daughter of Nicholas VANDERGRIFT and Barentje VERKIRK. In 1714 the family moved to Cecil Co., MD. Children of Joris and Maike VanZANDT: John married Isabella BOWERS; Hester married Thomas NEWCOMBE; Elizabeth married Dr. Peter COLE; Nicholas; Gerrit; George married first Eleanor CLARK?, and second Rebecca WILSON; Rosetta married first William SALSBURY, second Edward HOLEMAN, Sr., and third Cuthbert HALL; Cornelius married Elizabeth DORING; Benjamin married Nancy HAMMOND; Ephraim married Elizabeth HALL; Ann married first Joseph MANN, and second Nicholas SMITH; and Jacob.
  9. Tryntije - bap. Oct. 20, 1689, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. young. Possibly twin of Jezina, born in 1689 or 1690.
  10. Jezina - bap. Oct. 20, 1690, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. young.
  11. Garrett - b. 1691, New Utrecht, Kings Co., NY; d. 1746, Wrightstown, Bucks Co., PA. Married Claetie. Children of Garret and Claetie VanZANDT: Cornelius married Mary LEE; Garret married Rebecca EVANS; Sarah married Mr. SACKETT; Rachel married Mr. DUNGAN; and Rebecca married Mr. BRITTAIN.

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Albertus and Rebecca (Vandergrift) VanZandt

Albertus VanZANDT - bap. May 13, 1681, New Utrecht (Brooklyn), Kings Co., NY; d. Dec. 16, 1751, New Castle Co., DE. Son of Gerret Stoeffel VanZANDT and Lysbeth GERRITZE. Moved to Bucks Co., PA about 1698. Purchased land in St. George's Hundred, DE in 1708, and later moved to this land. His will of Dec. 10, 1751 and a Deed of Dec. 10, 1754 name some of his children, notably son Garret VANZANT and his wife Mary. Married first Nov. 8, 1704 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, and second Ssarah. Sarah was granted use of the land in her husband's will but forbidden to rent it to an Irishman, and the will provided that she forfeit her inheritance if she marries "an Irishman or any of that Extraction."

Indenture  for Transfer of Land of Albertus Vanzant - Dec. 10, 1754
(New Castle CO., DE Deed Book S, Vol 1 1755-1760, pp. 21-23 [partial])

     Indenture 10th day of December 1754 Between Harman Vanzant (son of Albert Vanzant late of St Georges Hundred and Co of Newcastle on Delaware deceased and Jane his wife Garret vanzant another Son of the Said Albertus Vanzant deced and MARY his wife Anthony Dushane and Christian his wife Daughter of the sd Albertus Vanzant Jafry Martin and Rebecka his wife another Daughter of the Said Alburtus Vanzant deced of the one part and John van dike of the Said Hundred of St Georges and County of Newcastle of the other part Whereas the aforesaid Albertus Vanzant in his life time was and Stood Seized of a Certain Tract of Land and Plantation in St Georges Hundred adjoyning the Kings Road leading from St Georges Town to Drawyers Bridg Containing two Hundred and Sixteen Acres....
     ...conveyed to sd Albertus Vanzant by Richard Davis of Newcastle County by his Deed in writing bearing date 20th February 1715/6 and Recorded in the Rolls Office at Newcastle in Liber 2 folio 556 Reference thereunto being had may more fully at large appear and the Pattent is Recorded in the office for Recording Deeds at Philadelphia in pattent book A volum the 15th page 138 &c May the 4th 1714.

Sealed and Delivered in presence of Anthony Dushane
James McDonough  John Lee  Christian Dushane
Jeffry Marten
Rebecka Marten
Harman vansant
Jane (X) Vansant
Garret Vansant
Mary (X) Vansant

Rebecca VANDERGRIFT - bap. Dec. 15, 1683, New Utrecht (Brooklyn), Kings Co., NY; d. 1743, New Castle Co., DE. Daughter of Leendert 'Leonard' VANDERGRIFT and Styntje 'Christina' ELSWORTH.

Children of Albertus and Rebecca VamZandt

  1. Elizabeth - bap. Oct. 3, 1705, Bucks Co., PA. Married Mr. JOUDON.
  2. Leonard - bap. Nov. 5, 1707, Bucks Co., PA; d. young. Given name undocumented.
  3. Harmanus - b. about 1709, New Castle Co., DE. Married Jane.
  4. John - b. about 1714, New Castle Co., DE.
  5. Christina - b. about 1718, New Castle Co., DE. Married Anthony DUSHANE.
  6. Rebecca - b. about 1720, New Castle Co., DE. Married Jeffry MARTEN.
  7. Ann - Married John BOOROM (b. about 1725), son of Hendrick VanBOERUM and Catherine VanDYKE. Son of Ann and John BOOROM: Aaron.
  8. Garret - b. about 1726, New Castle Co., DE; d. Mar. 23, 1787, Lincoln Co., NC.
  9. James - Under age 21 in 1751, and possibly some years younger as the will provides for a seven year apprenticeship.

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Garrett and Mary Vanzant

Garrett VANZANT - b. about 1726, New Castle Co., DE; d. Mar. 23, 1787, Lincoln Co., NC. Son of Albertus VanZANDT and Rebecca VANDERGRIFT. In Rutherford Co., NC, he or his son Garrett was summoned as a Grand Juror in April 1781. Garrett's will was dated Mar. 23, 1787. Garrett and Mary, reportedly from Mecklenburg Co., NC, arrived in Rutherford Co., NC about 1757. Married about 1743.

Mary - Will dated Jan. 29, 1796 and proved Jul. 6, 1796.

Children of Garrett and Mary Vanzant

  1. Garrett - b. Aug. 17, 1745; d. Aug. 28, 1830, Barren Co., KY. Garrett was a Captain in the Revolution from NC [DAR]. Married on July 14, 1782 in Rutherford Co., NC to Margaret (SMITH) CALDWELL (b. Nov. 11, 1760; d. Feb. 10, 1851). Their marriage bond is recorded as Garret VINSANT & Margaret SMITH on Jul. 11, 1782, with Jacob Vanzant as bondsman. Margaret's will, dated Mar. 9, 1843 in Barren Co., KY, names her brother James Smith , deceased, of Cleveland (formerly Rutherford) Co., NC. Of her surviving children, provision was made for all except son James (although James may have died before the will date), and for "my granddaughter" Ann VANZANT (not yet identified). Children: Abraham (d. 1840) married Jane WALLER; Mary 'Polly' married John CALLAHAN; James; Frances died as infant; John died as infant; Jacob Lenore married Elizabeth CALLAHAN; Rachel married David WALBERT(E); Hugh married Dicie WILSON; Garrett married first Sally Jane MORAN, and second Loranda LOVE; Elizabeth; and Margaret married James WOLBERT.
  2. Mary - b. Dec. 17, 1746, PA; d. about 1816, NC. Married Benjamin BIGGERSTAFF.
  3. James - b. about 1748.
  4. Jacob - b. Dec. 11, 1751, NC; d. Jan. 16, 1818, Winchester, Franklin Co., TN. He was a Captain in the NC Militia during the Revolution, and fought at the battle of Cowpens. He appears on the Rutherford Co., NC 1782 Taz List, being assessed £180 on 400 acres, 9 horses and 18 cattle. Jacob married Catherine MOON (b. Dec. 10, 1751; d. Oct. 28, 1829, Franklin Co., TN). Davy CROCKETT was a witness to Jacob's will. Jacob and Catherine were buried in adjacent graves in Bean's Creek Cemetery, Franklin Co., TN, with gravesite still well maintained in Jul. 2002. Children of Jacob and Catherine VANZANT: Elizabeth married Abraham KUYKENDALL, Jr.; Mary married Robert BLACKBURN; Abraham, Sr. married Hannah BLACKBURN (daughter Matilda became step-mother of the Jack DANIEL of whiskey fame); Isaac married Mary SMITH; and Jacob married Mary Margaret ISAACS (grandson Khleber Miller VanZANDT was a noted resident of Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX).
  5. Rachel - b. about 1752; d. 1828. Married second Joseph GRAYSON, bond dated Dec. 17, 1807, with James VANZANT as bondsman.
  6. Elizabeth - b. about 1754 .

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