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The Walker Ancestry in England

Thomas Walker and Elizabeth Serrill

Alexander Walker and Frances

William Walker and Elizabeth Warren

Mary Walker and Thomas Massie

Peter Massie and Ann

Sylvanus Massie and Hannah Ragland

Thomas Massie and Frances Hudson

Mary Massie and William R. Freeman

James Howell Freeman and Lucy Jane Hazelrigg

Scott Cyrus Freeman and Malinda Margaret Sears

Lucy Jane Freeman and James Martin Lawson

Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Walker Ancestry in England

Special thanks to Andrew J. Walker for his assistance with the WALKER ancestry, to Deborah Walker, a descendant of Rev. Gervase WALKER, and to Janice Aileen LaFountain, who has shared her WALKER ancestry on her web site and has provided information from My Southern Families, by Hiram Kennedy Douglass (1967 Gillingham, Dorset, England).

Thomas and Isabel (Abell) Walker

Thomas WALKER - b. 1538, Ruddington, Nottinghamshire. Possibly the brother of Alexander WALKER of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, citizen of London,  whose will of 1628 names his nephew Thomas WALKER. Thomas, George and William all lived in Nottingham, were of an age appropriate to be sons, and are not found in Nottingham records after 1616 - presumably the three brothers settled in Virginia. Married about 1565.

Isabel ABELL - The identification of the wife of Thomas WALKER and the names and order of birth of their children need verification.

Children of Thomas and Isabel Walker

  1. Thomas - b. England.
  2. Gervase - b. 1566, Ruddington, Nottinghamshire; bur. Jul. 1, 1642, St. Columb Cathedral churchyard, Londonderry, Ireland. Matriculated at Caius College, Cambridge Jan. 3, 1584/5 (MA). Rector of Great Staughtin, Huntingdon 1593-1616. Rector of Badoney and Cappaugh, County Tyrone, Ireland and in the Diocese of Londonderry 1617-1636. Married about 1594 Ealifia Mary. Children of Gervase and Ealifia WALKER, baptized at Great Staughton: Richard; Frances died young; Elizabeth; Alice married Thomas VESEY; George married Ursula STANHOPE; William; and perhaps Mary.
  3. John -
  4. Edward -
  5. George - Listed as an adventurer by the Virginia Company of London on Jun. 22, 1620. Married on Nov. 6, 1608 in Nottinghamshire to Peregrine GRESWELL.
  6. Mairann -
  7. Robert -
  8. Henry -
  9. Alice -
  10. William - d. Mar. 22, 1621/2. Married on Feb. 13, 1615/6 in Nottinghamshire to Mary BRIGGS.
  11. Anne -


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The Walker Family in America

Thomas and Elizabeth (Serrill) Walker

Thomas WALKER - b. England. Believed to be the son of Thomas WALKER. Listed as an adventurer by the Virginia Company of London on Jun. 22, 1620. Married on Jan. 19, 1605/6 in Southwell, Nottingham, England.

Elizabeth SERRILL -

Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Walker

  1. Alexander - b. about 1621, James City Co., VA.

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Alexander and Frances Walker

No substantive evidence that Alexander WALKER was the father of William WALKER of New Kent Co., VA has been seen, though it seems probable that he was the father of the other three children listed here. One descendant of William WALKER is convinced that there is no close relationship between William and Alexander.

Alexander WALKER - b. about 1621, James City Co., VA. Son of Thomas WALKER and Elizabeth SERRILL. Married about 1643 in VA.

Frances - d. 1662, Williamsburg, James City Co., VA.

Children of Alexander and Frances Walker

  1. William - b. about 1644, New Kent Co., VA; d. by Aug. 1723, New Kent Co., VA.
  2. Alexander -  b. about 1645. Reported to have been ordained Sep. 1699 and settled at Southwark Parish, Surry Co., VA in 1702. However, ordination at age 54 would be somewhat unusual, and Frederick Weis in The Colonial Clergy of Virginia... indicates the Rev. Alexander WALKER of Southwark was "possibly b. 1667, son of Rev. William WALKER of Barbadoes; matric. Trinity Coll., Oxford, 12 Nov. 1684, a. 17; student in Middle Temple, 1685." Son: Alexander.
  3. David - b. about 1650, New Kent Co., VA. Married Anne FREEMAN, daughter of Bridges FREEMAN, Jr. and granddaughter of Lt. Col. Bridges FREEMAN. Son: David married Mary MUNFORD.
  4. ? Elizabeth - b. Jan. 13, 1658; d. 1725, New Kent Co., VA. Virtually every detail of the family of Elizabeth WALKER and Edward JOHNSON/JONSTON is based on conjecture, including the names of their parents and children. The information presented here is for the purpose of stimulating further research. Refer also to the narratives concerning the families of Peter MASSIE and Michael JOHNSON. Married in 1677 in New Kent Co., VA to Edward JOHNSON, possibly the son of Dr. Arthur JOHNSTON and Barbara GORDON. Reported children of Elizabeth and Edward JOHNSON, all unproven: Benjamin married Margaret MASSIE (daughter of George MASSIE); Arthur; and Michael (possible father of Daniel JOHNSON).
  5. ? George - Possible son, said to have married Anne KEITH, daughter of Rev. George KEITH and Elizabeth JOHNSTON, daughter of Dr. William JOHNSTON and Ms. FORBES.

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William and Elizabeth Walker

William WALKER - b. about 1644, New Kent Co., VA; d. by Aug. 1723, New Kent Co., VA. Purported to be the son of Alexander WALKER and Frances. However, no substantive evidence has been seen of any relationship between William WALKER and Alexander WALKER. William was in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA by 1698, appearing as a thithable that year, and as a land holder in 1704. He owned 650 acres of land in New Kent Co., and 500 acres in Henrico Co. His will was proved at the August 1723 Court, Henrico Co., VA with William WOODSON and John WALKER, securities for Elizabeth WALKER, executrix. Married about 1680.

Elizabeth WARREN - b. about 1645, England; d. by Jun. 1728, probably Henrico Co., VA. Her will was dated Jan. 16, 1726, and proved Jun. 3, 1728 (Henrico Co., Wills, Volume 1, pages 181-187). In her will, witnessed by Henry STOKES, and John and Mary WATSON, Elizabeth names eight children. Though her surname has not been documented, Elizabeth is believed to be the daughter of Francis WARREN and Elizabeth.

Abstract of Will of Elizabeth Walker
(dated Jan. 16, 1726/7 and proved Jun. 3, 1728)

Witnesses, Henry Stokes, John Watson, Mary Watson.
Daughter, Elizabeth Allen, one feather bed and furniture, which is called my bed.
Daughter, Mary Mosie, 1 guinea.
Daughter, Sarah Allen, 1 feather bed and ct. which stands in the upper chamber next to the pertition.
Daughter, Honah Ragland, 1 negro boy George./
Daughter, Tabitha Morres, 1 negro woman called Best, 1 bed & c. which stands in the loome house and one trunk.
Daughter, Cuillia Stokes, one new feather bed and one new trunk which she hath already in her possession and 5 shillings currt. money.
Son, Henry Walker, 2 cows and calves, & 5 pounds currt. to be paid him at the end of 12 months after my decease.
Son, Joel Walker, all remainder and residue of my estate both real and personal. He is also named as executor.

Children of William and Elizabeth Walker

  1. Elizabeth - b. about 1675, New Kent Co., VA; d. about 1728. Married Robert ALLEN (b. 1675, St. Paul's Parish, VA; d. Oct. 4, 1756, Henrico Co., VA or Greene Co., GA). Robert was married second about 1734 to Sarah. Children of Elizabeth and Robert: Richard; Susan married Hutchings BURTON; Robert married Elizabeth YOUNG; Mary Ann; William Hunt married Mary Ann OWENS; Benjamin (twin); Joseph (twin) married Sarah HUNT; Drury married Elizabeth TINSLEY; Agnes married John PULLIAM, Sr.; Judith; Anne married Mark HIAS; Jacoby; and Margaret.
  2. Mary - b. about 1681. She received one guinea in her mother's will. Married Thomas MASSIE.
  3. Sarah - Married Mr. ALLEN.
  4. Hannah - b. about 1685. Married Mr. RAGLAND, possibly Evan RAGLAND, Jr., grandfather of Hannah (RAGLAND) MASSIE.
  5. Tabitha - Married Feb. 12, 1712/3, New Kent Co., VA, William MORRIS. The Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA (available on CD-ROM) suggests the following possible children: Tabitha died in infancy; Judith; and Susannah. It is also reported that they had a son Sylvanus MORRIS.
  6. Sylvanus - b. 1686, New Kent Co., VA. Not named in the will of Elizabeth WALKER. Married about 1710 probably in New Kent Co., VA, purportedly to Susanna 'Ann' TANDY. Ann's surname of TANDY is apparently based on a son being given that name. No documentation of either her given name or surname has been seen. Children: Henry; Tandy married Judith LANGFORD; William; Sylvanus married first Martha WADE and second Susannah HIGHTOWER; Lewis; and David.
  7. Cecily - d. before Oct. 1786, Sussex Co., VA. Her husband may have been the Henry STOKES who was a witness to her mother's will. Married Mr. STOKES.
  8. Henry - b. New Kent Co., VA; d. before Jun. 1768, Henrico Co., VA.
  9. Joel - Executor of his mother's estate. Married Sarah.
  10. William - d. Sep. 23, 1717, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA. Died before his mother's will was written. Married on Jan. 19, 1712/3 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA to Elizabeth CLOPTON. Children: Ann died as infant; Elizabeth; and William.

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