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Willard Ancestry in England    Hosmer-Selden Ancestry

Simon Willard and Mary Sharpe  Thomas Hosmer and Frances

            Josiah Willard and Hannah Hosmer
            Dorothy Willard and John Belden
            John Belden and Patience Rossiter
            John Belden and Sarah Kellogg
            Hannah Belden and Nathaniel Merrill
            Allen Merrill and Tamma Smith
            Elizabeth Merrill and Elijah Mason Morey
            William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews
            Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman
            Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson
            Stephen Martin Lawson

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Notes on Willard Ancestry

The English origins of Maj. Simon WILLARD of MA continues to be difficult to document. While the following ancestry is based on considerable circumstantial evidence, it is often difficult to state positively that a particular event is for the person in the relationship shown, since several idividuals with the same name are sometimes found in the same place and time. Some relationships here are tentative and subject to change as additional documentation is revealed.

Richard Willard

Richard WILLARD - d. about Sep. 1558, Benchley, Kent. Yeoman of Benchley. Will dated Sep. 18, 1558 and proved in Oct. 1558. Benchley, Goudhurst and Horsmonden were adjacent towns in Kent. The birth order of his children is not known, and the order here is probably based on the oder in which they are named in their father's will.

  1. Robert -
  2. Alexander -
  3. George -
  4. Richard -
  5. Andrew -
  6. Symon - d. about 1584, Goudhurst, Kent.
  7. Thomas -
  8. William -
  9. Alice -
  10. Agnes -

Symon Willard

Symon WILLARD - d. about 1584, Goudhurst, Kent. Probably son of Richard WILLARD. Yeoman of Goudhurst. In his will, proved Feb. 26, 1584, his surname is spelled WILLARDE.

  1. A daughter - Married Mr. BOLDE. Children.
  2. Thomas -
  3. Thomasine -
  4. Richard - b. Mar. 10, 1581, Horsmonden, Kent; bur. Feb. 20, 1617, Horsmonden, Kent.

Richard and Margery (Humphrie) Willard

Richard WILLARD - b. Mar. 10, 1581, Horsmonden, Kent; bur. Feb. 20, 1617, Horsmonden, Kent. Probably son of Symon WILLARD. His will, dated Feb. 12, 1616/7, was proved Mar. 8, 1616/7 before Edward POPE, Vicar General. The will names, in order, his wife Joan, her son Francis MOREBREAD, his son George, his daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Margery and Catherine, his son Richard, and his son Symon. Simon was to receive his bequest when he becomes of age. Based on the wording and order his children were named, it appears that Goerge was the son of Joan, and that daughters Mary and Elizabeth were born before Margery. Due to the presence of more than one Richard WILLARD in Horsmonden, it cannot be stated with certainty that the father of Simon WILLARD was the subject of the following three marriages. Catherine, wife of Richard WILLARD, was buried Mar. 11, 1597/8 at Horsmonden. Richard was married on Sep. 23, 1601 at Westgate, Kent to Margery HUMPHRIE. Margery, wife of Richard WILLARD, was buried Dec. 12, 1608 at Horsmonden. Richard was married on Jan. 17, 1609 at Horsmonden, Kent to Joan MOREBREAD (bur. Feb. 25, 1617), a widow with son Francis MOREBREAD.

Margery HUMPHRIE - bur. Dec. 12, 1608, Horsmonden, Kent. Daughter of Raynold HUMPHRIE. Probably the mother of Major Simon WILLARD and his sisters Margery and Catherine.

  1. Mary - Named in her father's will as the first of four daughters.
  2. Elizabeth - Named in her father's will as the second of four daughters.
  3. Margery - bap. Nov. 6, 1602, Horsmonden, Kent; d. after Jul. 1658, MA. Margery signed a deed on Jul. 17, 1658 for the sale of land at Barnstable, MA. Married Mar. 29, 1624 in East Farleigh, Kent to Dolar DAVIS (b. 1593, England; d. Jun. 16, 1673, Barnstable Co., MA). Dolar, a master builder, arrived in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA in 1634, and lived subsequently at Duxbury in 1635, Barnstable in 1643 and 1666, and Concord in 1655. He was secretary to the first colonial governor of MA. Dolar was married second in 1671 to Mrs. Joanna BURSLEY. Children of Margery and Dolar: John married Hannah LINNELL; Elizabeth; Mary married Thomas LEWIS; Simon married Mary BLOOD; Samuel married first Mary MEADOW, and second Ruth TAYLOR; and Ruth married Stephen HALL.
  4. Simon - bap. Apr. 7, 1605, Horsmonden, Kent; d. Apr. 24, 1676, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA.
  5. Catherine - bap. Aug. 30, 1607, Horsmonden, Kent.
  6. George - bap. Dec. 4, 1614, Horsmonden, Kent. Probably son of Richard and Joan, and half-brother of Francis MOREBREAD. Removed to New England.

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Selden - Hosmer Ancestry in England

Extracted from The Selden Family following a chart by J. Gardner Bartlett

William SELKEDEN, b. about 1485, in Sele or Upper Beeding, on subsidy 1523 and 1543; married about 1510, Alice. William Selkeden died in 1549; buried April 10, 1549 and his widow died in 1551, buried April 6. She made a will dated December 2, 1549 and proved October 6, 1551. She desired to be buried in the churchyard of Sele (Upper Beeding) where her husband was also buried. This ancestor of the American line had: William married Marian; Elizabeth married John HOLDER; Alice married Symon PLUMBER; John; and Richard married Margaret.

William SELKEDEN, of Upper Beeding who is mentioned in the will of his mother, Alice Selkeden, dated December 2, 1549; married about 1540, Marian. He was buried in the churchyard of Upper Beeding, October 4, 1551, leaving two sons, Richard and William. Marian Selkeden married (2) a widower, Goddard Bacheler, whose will dated February 28, 1555-56 and proved April 16, 1556, mentions his wife, Marian, who was named as executrix, and five daughters, also an unborn child. The will was endorsed by Amyre (als) Selden. This William Selden was born 1512. Children of William and Marian SELKEDEN: Richard died unmarried; two daughters; and William married Mary APPES.

William SELDEN, of Ticehurst and Wadhurst, b. in Upper Beeding. On court rolls of Hammerden Manor in Ticehurst 1583; at Ticehurst between 1576 and 1580, removed to Wadhurst. On fines there in 1611, was buried December 8, 1621. There is no record of either will or administration. He inherited property from his brother, Richard, at Ticehurst, which he sold as he was then living in Wadhurst. He married (1) at Ticehurst June 25, 1576, Mary APPES, whose parents have not been traced; she died at Wadhurst, October 29, 1617. He married (2) Thomasine Amary or Amyre, widow, October 22, 1621, at Wadhurst. She died in 1640. Her will was dated August 24, 1612, and administration granted May 20, 1640. William signed himself "Selden" in a deed with his brother, who still used the name Selkeden. Children of William and Mary SELDEN: Richard; Mary married William BEECHER; Dorothy married Stephen HOSMER; John married Mary BALDOCK; and William.

Dorothy SELDEN, b. about 1582. Died February 5, 1640. Married at Ticehurst January 25, 1601-02, Stephen HOSMER, son of James and Agnes HOSMER, who was baptized at Ticehurst, December 26, 1570. In 1602 they settled in Hawkhurst, Kent County, where all their children were born. Stephen died May 24, 1632. Children of Stephen and Dorothy HOSMER: Thomas married Frances and emigrated to America; Stephen died in infancy; James married Ann; William; Mary married Nehemiah HUCKSTEP; Anne; John; and Stephen died in infancy.

Stephen and Dorothy (Selden) Hosmer

For further information on the family of James HOSMER, see The Great Migration 1634-1635, by Robert Charles Anderson (Boston 2003), Vol. III, pp. 421-23.

Stephen HOSMER - bap. Dec. 26, 1570, Ticehurst, Kent, England; d. May 24, 1632. Son of James HOSMER and Agnes. Settled at Hawkhurst, Kent in 1602. Married about 1602.

Dorothy SELDEN - b. about 1582; d. Feb. 5, 1640, Hawkhurst, Kent, England.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Harriet Goodhue HOSMER

  1. Thomas - bap. Jan. 2, 1602/3, Hawkhurst, Kent; d. Apr. 12, 1687, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA.
  2. Stephen - Died as infant.
  4. James - bap. Dec. 8, 1605, Hawkhurst, Kent; d. Feb. 7, 1685, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA. A clothier, he arrived in America aboard the 'Elizabeth' (departed Apr. 9, 1635), and settled first at Cambridge, and removed in 1637 to Concord, MA. Married first about 1633 Ann, second about 1637 Mary (bur. May 11, 1641, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA), and third by 1642 Alice (d. Mar. 3, 1664/5, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA). James became freeman on May 17, 1637 at Concord. Children of James and Ann HOSMER: Mary; and Ann. Children of James and Mary HOSMER: James married Sarah WHITE; and Mary died as infant. Children of James and Alice HOSMER: Stephen married Abigail WOOD; Hannah married Joseph HAYWARD; and Mary married Thomas SMITH.
  5. William -
  6. Mary - Married Nehemiah HUCKSTEP.
  7. Ann -
  8. John -
  9. Stephen - died as infant.

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The Willard family in America

Many published sources provide information on the families of Maj. Simon WILLARD and of his son Josiah WILLARD. Perhaps the most concise, yet thorough, genealogical data is that of the New York Genealogical Society (1923 "Registration of Pedigrees", page 191-92) in Pedigree No. 127 of Annie Burr Jennings, citing numerous sources.

Maj. Simon and Mary (Sharpe) Willard

Simon WILLARD - bap. Apr. 7, 1605, Horsmonden, Kent, England; d. Apr. 24, 1676, Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA. Probably son of Richard WILLARD and Margery HUMPHRIE. Simon's baptism record does not name his mother: "Ano Dmi. 1605 The Vij day of April Simon Willarde, sonne of Ricarde Willarde was christened. Edward Alchine, Rector." To America in 1634. Lived at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA 1634, Concord 1635, Lancaster 1660, Groton 1672, Salem 1676. Major WILLARD's military career is detailed in Soldiers in King Philip's War, by George M. Bodge (Leominster, MA: 1896), pages 120-126. Simon was Clerk of Writs at Concord, MA for 19 years, and also served as Surveyor of Arms. It was while he lived at Concrod that he was promoted to Major in 1653. When past age 70 he led 47 men thirty miles to route the Indians from an attack on Brookfield, MA. Married first in England; second about 1643, Concord, MA Elizabeth DUNSTER (d. about 1643), daughter of Henry DUNSTER (bur. Sep. 16, 1646, Bury, Lancaster) and Isabel KAYE; and third about 1645 Mary DUNSTER (b. Dec. 15, 1630, Bury, Lancaster; d. Dec. 28 1715, Sudbury, MA) cousin of Elizabeth and daughter of Robert DUNSTER and Mary GERRETT. Simon WILLARD had no children by Elizabeth, and his ten youngest were by his third marriage. As the widow of Maj. WILLARD, Mary married second, on Jul. 19, 1680, Dea. Joseph NOYES. Simon's first marriage was recorded at Marden, Kent as: Simon Willard & Mary Sharpe were married the 13 day [Oct. 1628]. (See The American Genealogist, Vol. 80 [2005], page 25, in "New Information on Massachusetts Bay Colonists from Kent, England," by Leslie Mahler.)

Mary SHARPE - bap. Oct. 16, 1614, Horsmonden, Kent, England; d. 1642-1643; Concord, MA. Daughter of Henry SHARPE and Jayne FEYLDE. Mother of seven children.

Children of Simon and Mary (Sharpe) Willard

See Notable Cousins for line to: Robert Treat PAINE
  1. Mary - b. about 1631, England; d. between 1656 and 1661. Married 1648/9, Concord, MA Joshua EDMUNDS, son of Walter EDMUNDS. Children of Mary and Joshua EDMUNDS: Samuel married; and Mary married Nathaniel DAVIS.
  2. Elizabeth - b. about 1632, England, Died in infancy.
  3. Josiah - b. about 1635, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Jul. 1674, Wethersfield, CT.
  4. Elizabeth - b. about 1636; d. Aug. 29, 1690. Married Apr. 8, 1653, Concord, MA Robert BLOOD, son of James BLOOD. Children of Elizabeth and Robert BLOOD: Mary married John BUTTRICK; Elizabeth married Samuel BUTTRICK; Sarah married Daniel COLBURN; Robert married Dorcas WHEELER; Simon; Josiah (or Joshua); John did not marry; Ellen; Samuel married Hannah DAVIS; James; Ebenezer; Jonathan; and possibly Abigail.
  5. Dorothy - b. about 1638. Died in infancy.
  6. Samuel - b. Jan. 31, 1639/40, Concord, MA; d. Sep. 12, 1707, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; bur. Old Granary Burying Ground. Graduated Harvard 1659, and ordained Jul. 13, 1662. Minister at Groton, MA and the Old South Meeting House of Boston. Vice-president and acting President of Harvard 1700-1707. Author of "Complete Body of Divinity," a collection of his sermons published in 1724. His maidservant (1670), Elizabeth KNAPP (b. 1655; daughter of Elizabeth WARREN and James KNAPP), was the subject of his 8000 word treatise "A Brief Account of a Strange and Unusual Providence of God Befallen to Elizabeth Knapp of Groton," relating the events of a three month period beginning in late 1671, during which she was a victim of 'a diabolical distempter' attributed to Satan. (See Entertaining Satan, by John Putnam Demos, 1982, pages 97-131.) Married first Aug. 8, 1664, Groton, MA Abigail SHERMAN (b. Feb. 3, 1646/7), daughter of Rev. John SHERMAN and Mary LAUNCE; and second about 1679 Eunice TYNG (d. Jan. 14, 1719/0, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA), daughter of Edward TYNG and Mary. Children of Samuel and Abigail WILLARD: Abigail married first Rev. Benjamin ESTABROOK, married second Rev. Samuel TREAT; Samuel died young; Mary married David MELVILLE; John married Frances SHERBURNE (grandparents of Joseph WILLARD, astronomer, Hellenist, and president of Harvard 1781-1804); Elizabeth; Simon married Elizabeth ALDEN (daughter of John ALDEN, Jr., and granddaughter of John ALDEN and Priscilla MULLINS). Children of Samuel and Eunice WILLARD: Edward died young; Judge Josiah married first Katherine ALLEN, and second Hannah CLARKE, widow; Eunice died young; Richard died young; William; Margaret married Thomas CHILD; Edward died young; Hannah married Willitam LITTLE; Sarah died young; Eunice; Sarah died young; and Richard.
  7. Sarah - b. Apr. 27, 1642, Concord, MA; d. 1677/8. Married Jul. 2, 1666 at Charlestown, MA to Nathaniel HOWARD, who married second Sarah PARKER. Children Sarah and Nathaniel HOWARD: Sarah married Benjamin PARKER; Nathaniel; and Mary.

Children of Simon and Mary (Dunster) Willard

See Notable Cousins for line to: Harriet Goodhue HOSMER and Carole LOMBARD
  1. Abovehope - b. Oct. 30, 1646, Concord, MA; d. Dec. 23, 1663, Lancaster, MA.
  2. Simon - b. Nov. 23, 1649, Concord, MA; d. Jun. 23, 1731, Salem, MA. Deacon at Salem. Married first 1679 Martha JACOBS, daughter of Richard JACOBS; second 1702 Elizabeth WALLY; and third 1722 Priscilla BUTTOLPH. Children of Simon and Martha WILLARD: Jacob married Sarah FLINT; Josiah married first Jane JACOB, and second Susanna PARKMAN; Martha married John STEARNS; Simon died as infant; and Richard married Hannah BUTMAN.
  3. Mary - b. Sep. 7, 1653, Concord, MA. Married Jan. 22, 1671 at Chelsea, MA, Cyprian STEVENS, son of Thomas STEVENS, Jr., and grandson of Thomas STEVENS and Mary WALLE. Children of Mary and Cyprian STEVENS: Cyprian; Mary married Samuel WRIGHT; Dorothy died young; Simon married Mary WILDER; Elizabeth married Ephraim WILDER; and Joseph married Prudence RICE.
  4. Henry - b. Jun. 4, 1655, Concord, MA; d. 1701. Lived at Lancaster, MA. Married first Jul. 18, 1674 at Groton, Middlesex Co., MA Mary LAKIN (b. about 1660), daughter of John LAKIN and Mary BACON; and second 1689 Dorcas CUTLER (d. Sep. 8, 1747, Lunenberg, Worcester Co., MA), who married second Benjamin BELLOWS. Childen of Henry and Mary WILLARD: Henry married first Abigail TEMPLE (ancestors of suffragist and social activist Frances Elizabeth Caroline WILLARD), and second Sarah NUTTING; Simon married Mary WITCOMB; Mary married first Isaac HUNT, and second Mr. LEALAND; John married Anne HILL; Hezekiah married Anna WILDER; Joseph married Elizabeth TARBELL; and Sarah married Samuel ROGERS. Children of Henry and Dorcas WILLARD: Samuel married Elizabeth PHELPS; James married Hannah HOUGHTON; Josiah married Anna WILDER; Abigail died young; Jonathan married Keziah WHITE; Susanna married John MOORE; and Tabitha died as infant.
  5. John - b. Feb. 12, 1656/7, Concord, MA; d. Aug. 27, 1726. Lived at Concord, MA. Married Oct. 31, 1698, Mary HAYWARD, daughter of John HAYWARD. Children of John and Mary WILLARD: David; Jonathan married first Sarah, and second Abigail; Mercy married William WHEELER; and Simon married Zeruiah BREWER, widow.
  6. Daniel - b. Dec. 26 or 29, 1658, Concord, MA; d. Aug. 23, 1708. Lived at Boston. Married first Dec. 6, 1683 Hannah CULTER (d. Feb. 22, 1690/1), daughter of John CULTER; and second Jan. 4, 1692/3 Mary MILLS, who married second David MELVILL. Children of Daniel and Hannah WILLARD: Ann died as infant; Ann(a) married first Timothy LeFEVRE, and second John BOSWORTH; and Elizabeth married Phineas RICE. Children of Daniel and Mary WILLARD: Daniel married first Abigail MATHER, and second Ann THOMAS; George; Mary married Edward ELLIS; Edward married Mary TOOL, widow, and second Elizabeth GIBSON, widow; Benjamin; Susanna married Matthias COWDRY; William; Sarah died as infant; Sarah married Mr. HOPE; and Mehitable married John BAXTER.
  7. Joseph - b. Jan. 4, 1660/1, Lancaster, MA; d. before Jun. 23, 1721, London, England. Married. Children of Joseph WILLIARD include: John; and Joseph
  8. Benjamin - b. 1664/5, Lancaster, MA; d. Jun. 16, 1732. Lived at Grafton. Served in King William's War. Married 1690 Sarah LAKIN (b. Feb. 4, 1661; d. Mar. 15, 1740), daughter of John LAKIN and Mary BACON . Children of Benjamin and Sarah WILLARD: Sarah; Joseph married Martha CLARKE (grandparents of celebrated colonial clock maker brothers Aaron, Simon, Ephraim, and Benjamin WILLARD, Jr.); Margaret married Nehemiah HOWE, Esther; Simon married Phoebe NEWTON; Hannah died as infant; Hannah; and Benjamin.
  9. Hannah - b. Oct. 6, 1666, Lancaster, MA. Lived at Sudbury. Married May 23, 1693 Capt. Thomas BRINTNALL (b. Nov. 1, 1669; d. Aug. 2, 1733), son of Thomas BRINTNALL and Esther. Children of Hannah and Thomas BRINTNALL: Phinehas married Sybil RICE; William; Thomas; Parnel married Joshua PARKER; William married Zeruiah BUCKMINSTER; Paul married first Mary RICE, and second Dorothy RICE; Nathaniel did not marry; Jerusha married Josiah WILLIS; Dorothy married Ephraim MOORE; and Susanna married Dr. FLETCHER.
  10. Jonathan - b. Dec. 14, 1669, Lancaster, MA; d. 1705, Sudbury, MA. Married Jan. 8, 1690/1 Mary BROWN (b. Nov. 25, 1668; d. Jun. 21, 1720, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA), daughter of Maj. Thomas BROWN of Sudbury, MA. Children of Jonathan and Mary WILLARD: Jonathan; Mary; Hannah; and Hepzibah.

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The Hosmers in America

Thomas and Frances Hosmer

Thomas HOSMER - bap. Jan. 2, 1602/3, Hawkhurst, Kent, England; d. Apr. 12, 1687, Northampton, MA. Son of Stephen HOSMER and Dorothy SELDEN. Emigrated to America and was in Cambridge, MA 1632-3. Settled at Hartford, CT 1636; constable 1639, 1663; townsman 1643, 1671, and deputy. His name appears on Hartford's Founders Monument. Moved to Northampton, MA after 1675. Will dated 1685 refers to Thomas SELDEN, son of John and Mary, nephew of Dorothy (Selden) Hosmer, and husband of Esther (Wakeman) of Hartford, CT as "kinsman." Thomas SELDEN, in turn, refers to Thomas HOSMER in his will as "cousin." Sometime before 1877, memorial stone [photo] was placed in the Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT next to his wife's gravesite. Married second May 6, 1679 Katharine HOSKINS, daughter of John HOSKINS and Ann FILER, and widow of David WILTON.

Frances - b. about 1602, England; d. Feb. 15, 1675, Hartford, CT; bur. Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT (marker). Mother of the known children of Thomas HOSMER.

Children of Thomas and Frances Hosmer

See Notable Cousins for line to: Clinton 'Clint' EASTWOOD

  1. Hannah - b. about 1639, Hartford, CT. Married first Josiah WILLARD, and second Judge MALBY (or MALTBY).
  2. Clemence - Married first Sep. 3, 1662, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., MA Jonathan HUNT (b. 1637, Eng.; d. Sep. 29, 1691, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA), son of Thomas HUNT, Jr. and Margaret WEBSTER; and second 1694 John SMITH. Children of Clemence and Jonathan HUNT: Thomas maried Mary; Jonathan died as infant; John married Martha WILLIAMS; Hannah married Ebenezer WHITE; Clemence died young; Ebenezer died as infant; Ebenezer married Hannah CLARK; Mary; Sarah; and Samuel married Elizabeth.
  3. Stephen - b. 1645, Hartford, CT; d. Nov. 4, 1693, Hartford, CT. Owned covenant at 2nd church Apr. 9, 1671. Married Hannah BUSHNELL, daughter of Dea. Francis BUSHNELL of Saybrook. Children of Stephen and Hannah HOSMER: Hanna married Mr. POST; Mary died young; Dorothy married Joseph SKINNER; Thomas married Ann PRENTISS; Stephen died in infancy; Stephen married Sarah LONG; Esther married Nathaniel PITKIN; Sarah died young; Deborah married Richard OLMSTED; Clemence married Nehemiah OLMSTED; and Mary married first Nicholas OLMSTED, and second Richard GOODWIN.
  4. Hester - b. about 1646; d. Jun. 3, 1702, Middlesex Co., CT. Married on Sep. 20, 1666 in Middlesex Co., CT to Rev. Thomas BUCKINGHAM (bap. Nov. 8, 1646, Milford, CT; d. Apr. 1, 1709, Middlesex Co., CT), son of Thomas BUCKINGHAM and Hannah HAWKINS?. Thomas was minister of the First Church of Christ at Saybrook from 1665 until his death in 1709. In 1701, he was a founding trustee of The Collegiate School (now Yale University), and in 1708 he was a signer of The Saybrook Platform for the Congregational churches. Thomas was married second on Aug. 10, 1703 to Mary (WILLET) HOOKER, daughter of Capt. Thomas WILLET and widow of Rev. Samuel HOOKER, minister at Farmington, CT. Children of Hester and Thomas BUCKINGHAM: Hester married Samuel BEAUMONT, Sr.; Thomas III married Margaret GRISWOLD; Daniel married Sarah LEE; Rev. Stephen married his step-sister Sarah HOOKER (daughter of Rev. Samuel HOOKER and Mary WILLET); Samuel died as infant; Samuel died young; Hezekiah married Sarah LAY; Temperance married John KIRTLAND; and Anne married Samuel DOTY.

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Josiah and Hannah (Hosmer) Willard

Josiah WILLARD - b. about 1635, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Jul. 1674, Wethersfield, CT. Son of Simon WILLARD and Mary SHARPE. Married Mar. 20, 1656/7, Hartford, CT.

Hannah HOSMER - b. about 1639, Hartford, CT. She married second Judge MALBY (or MALTBY). Daughter of Thomas HOSMER and Frances.

Children of Josiah and Hannah Willard

  1. Samuel - b. Sep. 19, 1658, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; d. Jan. 19, 1715/6, Saybrook, CT. Married Jun. 6, 1683 Sarah CLARK. Children of Samuel and Sarah WILLARD: Sarah died as infant; Samuel; Rev. Joseph; and Mehitable died as infant.
  2. Josiah - b. Mar. 13, 1659/60, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. Did not marry.
  3. Dorothy - b. about 1663, Wethersfield, CT; d. Feb. 28, 1754, Wethersfield, CT. Married John BELDEN.
  4. Simon - b. about 1664, Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT; d. Jan. 8, 1726/7, Newington, CT. Married Feb. 12, 1690/1 Mary GILBERT (b. Nov. 18, 1670; d. Dec. 1, 1712). Children of Simon and Mary WILLARD: Dea. Josiah married first Hannah MONTAGUE, and second Elizabeth FILER, John; Benjamin died young; Mary married Jonathan GRISWOLD; Hannah married Jacob WHAPLES; Simon died young; Ephraim; Daniel; and Benjamin.
  5. Stephen - d. Jul. 28, 1741, Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT. His grave marker reads: Here lies Interr'd the Body of Mr Stephen Willard Who Deceased July ye 28th 1741 in the 74th Year of His Age. Did not marry.
  6. Thomas - b. Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT; d. Jan. 30, 1737/8, Guilford, New Haven Co., CT. Married Jul. 8, 1689, Guilford, New Haven Co., CT Abigail BRADLEY. Children of Thomas and Abigail WILLARD: Hannah married Daniel BARTLETT; Abigail; Prudence married David GRAVES; Daniel; Jarod; Josiah; Nathan died as infant; Dorothy; and Nathan.
  7. John - b. Wethersfield, CT. Did not marry.
  8. Hannah - b. 1674, Wethersfield, CT. Married May 18, 1698 Capt. Janna MEIGS.

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