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'Believe it or not....' - a Bunch of Begats

The following lineage presents 114 generations to Matilda, wife of King Henry I, obtained from records in Wales which were supposedly not destroyed when the Vandals overran Europe, destroying the records on the continent. The additional 19 generations from King Henry I to Griffith Bowen and to Margaret Fleming, and the 10 generations from Griffith BOWEN and Margaret FLEMING, 'completes' the 143 generation lineage from Adam to Iva Melvina FREEMAN, wife of Donald VanHoosier LAWSON.

Abbreviations: a. - acceded; b. - born; ca. - about (circa); d. - died.

  1. Adam, husband of Eve, at age 130 begat
  2. Seth, who at age 105 begat
  3. Enosh, who at age 90 begat
  4. Kenan, who at age 70 begat
  5. Mahalalel, who at age 65 begat
  6. Jared, who at age 162 begat
  7. Enoch, who at age 65 begat
  8. Methuselah, who at age 187 begat
  9. Lamech, who at age 182 begat
  10. Noah, who after age 500 begat
  11. Japheth, who begat
  12. Magog, who begat
  13. Boath or Boaz, who begat
  14. Fenius or Farfaidh, who begat
  15. Niul, who begat
  16. Goadhal Glas, who begat
  17. Esasru, who begat
  18. Sru, who begat
  19. Eibher Swt, who begat
  20. Beogamon, who begat
  21. Ogamon, who begat
  22. Tait, who begat
  23. Agnamaan, who begat
  24. Lamhfinn, who begat
  25. Agnonfinn, who begat
  26. Ermhear Glas, who begat
  27. Nenuaill, who begat
  28. Nuadhat, who begat
  29. Aldoid, who begat
  30. Earchada, who begat
  31. Deaghata, who begat
  32. Bratha, who begat
  33. Breogan, who begat
  34. Bile, who begat
  35. Mileadh or Milesius, who married Scota, daughter of a Pharoah, and begat
  36. Ereahmon (a. 1699 BC), who begat
  37. Irial (a. 1680 BC), who begat
  38. Ekthrial (a. 1670 BC), who begat
  39. Follagh, who begat
  40. Tighearnmas (a. 1620 BC), who begat
  41. Eanbothadh, who begat
  42. Smiorgoill, who begat
  43. Faichadah I (a. 1472 BC), who begat
  44. Aonghus or Aeneas, who begat
  45. Macin, who begat
  46. Roitheachtack I (a. 1387 BC), who begat
  47. Deman, who begat
  48. Dian, who begat
  49. Siorna (a. 1180 BC), who begat
  50. Oilioll Olchacin, who begat
  51. Giallchaidh (a. 1022 BC), who begat
  52. Nuadhat I (a. 1001 BC), who begat
  53. Aodham Glas, who begat
  54. Diomon or Siomon (a. 909 BC), who begat
  55. Muireadhach I (a. 873 BC), who begat
  56. Fiadchadh Tolgrach, who begat
  57. Duach II (a. 777 BC), who begat
  58. Eochaidh Buadhach, who begat
  59. Ugaine Mor (a. 633 BC), who begat
  60. Cobhthach (a. 591 BC), who begat
  61. Melghe (a. 522 BC), who begat
  62. Ireroe (a. 480 BC), who begat
  63. Connla (a. 462 BC), who begat
  64. Oilioll III (a. 442 BC), who begat
  65. Eachaidh VIII (a. 412 BC), who begat
  66. Aonghus III (a. 304 BC), who begat
  67. Fiachadh Fearmon, who begat
  68. Oilioll Earn, who begat
  69. Fearadhach, who begat
  70. Forgo, who begat
  71. Maine, who begat
  72. Airindil, who begat
  73. Rothrein, who begat
  74. Trein, who begat
  75. Roisin, who begat
  76. Suin, who begat
  77. Deagha Cirea (a. ca. 230 BC), who begat
  78. Iar, who begat
  79. Oilioll, who begat
  80. Eaghan, who begat
  81. Eterscell (a. 115 BC), who begat
  82. Conaire I (a. 109 BC), who begat
  83. Cairbre Fionncor, who begat
  84. Daire, who begat
  85. Cairbre Creoneinn, who begat
  86. Lughaidh Allathaim, who begat
  87. Modha Lamba, who begat
  88. Conaire II (a. 157 AD), who begat
  89. Eochaidh Cairbre Riada, who begat
  90. Fearghus of Scotland, who begat
  91. Aonghus, who begat
  92. Eochaidh, who begat
  93. Eric (d. 474), who begat
  94. Fearghus II (d. 501), who begat
  95. Domhaugart (d. 505), who begat
  96. Gabhran (d. 560), who begat
  97. Aodhan (d. 606), who begat
  98. Eochaidh I (d. 629), who begat
  99. Domhnall I (d. 642), who begat
  100. Domhaugart (d. 673), who begat
  101. Eochaidh II (d. 698), who begat
  102. Aodh I (d. 778), who begat
  103. Rochaidh IV (d. 781), who begat
  104. Alpin (d. 834; not a king), who begat
  105. Cineath I (d. 858), known as Kenneth McAlpin, first King of Scots and Picts, who begat
  106. Custantin I (d. 876), who begat
  107. Domhnall IV (d. 900), who begat
  108. Malcolm I (d. 954), who begat
  109. Cineath II (d. 995), who begat
  110. Malcolm II (d. 1034), who begat
  111. Bethoc, wife of Crinan, a Thane, who begat
  112. Donnchadh I or King Duncan (slain by MacBeth 1040), who begat
  113. Malcolm III (d. 1093), husband of Margaret (daughter of Edward the Exile), who begat
  114. Matilda (b. 1079; d. 1118), wife of King Henry I of England.

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Extension to Mark Anthony

The following extension of the line from Princess Elizabeth, daughter of King Edward I is from Ritchie's genealogy of Major Francis Wright. The lineage to St. Arnulph includes data from Frederick Weis, except for the four generation line from Richard II to Pepin II.

  1. Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet (b. Aug. 1282; d. May 5, 1316) married second 14 Nov 1302 Humphrey de Bohun VIII (b. 1276; d. Mar. 16, 1331/2), Earl of Hereford and Essex. Elizabeth was daughter of,
  2. Edward I, King of England 1272-1307 (b. Jun. 16 or 17, 1239; d. Jul. 7, 1307) married Oct. 18, 1254 Eleanor of Castile (d. Nov. 28, 1290), daughter of St. Fernando II, King of Castile and Leon. He married second Sep. 8, 1299 Margarite, daughter of King Philip II of France. Edward was the son of,
  3. Henry III, King of England 1216-1272 (b. Oct. 1, 1207; d. Jun. 15 or 16, 1272) married Jan. 24 or 25, 1236/7 Eleanor of Provence (b. 1217; d; Jun. 25, 1291), daughter of Count Raymond IV Berenger. Henry was son of,
  4. John I, King of England 1199-1216 (b. Dec. 24, 1166 or 1167; d. Oct. 19, 1216) married second Aug. 24, 1200 Isabella of Angouleme (b. 1188; d. May 31, 1246). John was son of,
  5. Henry II, King of England 1154-1189 (b. Mar. 5, 1132/3; d. Jul 6, 1189) married May 18, 1153 Eleanor of Acquitaine (b. 1123; d. Mar. 3 or 31, or Apr. 1, 1204), divorcee (1150) of King Louis VII of France, and daughter of William VIII of Poitou. Henry was son of,
  6. Matilda (b. 1104; d. Sep. 10, 1167) married second Apr. 3, 1127 Count Geoffrey V 'Plantagenet' (b. Aug. 24, 1113; d. Sep. 7, 1151). She was the widow of Henry V, Emperor of Germany (d. May 22, 1125). Matilda was daughter of,
  7. Henry I, Beauclerc, King of England 1100-1135 (b. 1070; d. Dec. 1, 1135) married Nov. 11, 1100 Matilda of Scotland (b. 1079; d. May 1, 1118), daughter of Malcom III Canmore, King of Scotland. He married second Jan. 29, 1121 Adeliza of Louvain. Henry was son of,
  8. William I, the Conqueror, King of England 1066-1087 (b. 1027; d. Sep. 9, 1087) married 1053 Matilda (or Maud) of Flanders (b. 1032; d.Nov. 3, 1083), daughter of Count Baldwin V. William was son of,
  9. Robert I, the Magnificent, Duke of Normandy (b. 1011; d. Jul. 22, 1035) had natural son by Herleve, daughter of Fulbert of Falaise, a tanner. Robert was son of,
  10. Richard II, the Good, Duke of Normandy (d. Aug. 1027) married 1000 Judith of Brittany (b. 982; d. 1017), daughter of Conan I, Duke of Brittany. Richard was son of,
  11. Richard I, the Fearless, Duke of Normandy (b. about 933; d. 996) married Lady Gunnora Crepon 'Gunilda' of Denmark (d. about 1031). Richard was son of,
  12. William Longswood, Duke of Normandy (d. 942) married his cousin Espriota, daughter of Count Hugh of Senlis. William was son of,
  13. Lady Poppa (meaning puppet or little doll) married Rollo (or Hrolf the Ganger, later Robert), first Duke of Normandy (d. 931). Poppa was daughter of,
  14. Pepin de Senlis de Valois, Count of Berengarius or Bretagne (b. 817; living in 893). Pepin was son of,
  15. Pepin II, King of Acquitaine (d. 838). He was deposed by Emperor Louis the Pious, his great uncle. Pepin was son of,
  16. Bernard, King of Italy 810-818 (b. 797; d. Apr. 17, 818) married Cunegonde (d. 835). He was deposed and killed by Emperor Louis the Pious, his uncle. Bernard was natural son of,
  17. Pepin, King of Italy 781-810 (b. Apr. 773; bap. Apr. 12, 781; d. Jul. 8, 810) had son by daughter of Duke Bernard. He married Bertha, daughter of Count William of Toulouse. Pepin was son of,
  18. Charlemagne ('Charles the Great'), King of France 768-814 and Holy Roman Emporer 800-814 (b. Apr. 2, 747; d. Jan. 28, 813/4) married about 771 Hildegarde (b. 758; d. Apr. 30, 783), daughter of Count Gerold of Swabia. Charlemagne was son of,
  19. Pepin the Short, Mayor of the Palace and King of Franks 751-768 (b. 714; d. Sep. 768) married Bertha (d. 783), daughter of Count Canbert of Laon. Pepin was son of,
  20. Charles Martel ('the Hammer'), Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia (b. 689; d. 741) married Rotrou (d. 724), daughter of St. Lievin, Bishop of Treves. Charles was son of,
  21. Pepin of Heristal, Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia (d. 714) had son by his concubine, Aupais. He married Alpias. Pepin was son of,
  22. Duke Ansgise, Mayor to the palace to Siegbert, son of Dagobert (b. 602; d. 685) married St. Begga (d. 694), daughter of Pepin of Landen, Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia. Ansgise was son of,
  23. Saint Arnulf, Bishop of Metz 612, Mayor of the Palace and tutor of Dagobert (b. about Aug. 582; d. Aug. 16, 640) married about 595 Dode (or Clothilde) who became a nun at Treves 612. Arnulf was son of,
  24. Arnoul, Bishop of Metz (d. 601) married Oda de Savoy. Arnoul was son of,
  25. Ausbert (d. 570) married Blithildes, daughter of King Clothaire I of France. Ausbert was son of,
  26. Ferreolus married Dueteria, a Roman lady. Ferreolus was son of,
  27. Sigermerus I married a daughter of Ferreolus Tonantius. Sigermerus was son of,
  28. Clodio, King of Westphalia (d. 455) married Basina, daughter of King Welelhus of Thuringia. Clodio was son of,
  29. Pharamond, King of Westphalia (d. 430) married argotta, daughter of Genebald I. Pharamond was son of,
  30. Marcomir, King of Franks (d. 404), the son of,
  31. Clodius, King of Franks (d. 389), the son of,
  32. Dagobert II, King of Franks (d. 379), the son of,
  33. Genebald I, Duke of East Franks (d. 350), the son of,
  34. Dagobert, King of Franks 306-317, the son of,
  35. Walter, King of Franks 298-306, the son of,
  36. Clodius, King of Franks 272-298, the son of,
  37. Bartherus, King of Franks 253-272, the son of,
  38. Hilderick, King of Franks 213-253, the son of,
  39. Sunno, King of Franks 186-213, the son of,
  40. Farabert, King of Franks 166-186, the son of,
  41. Clodomir IV, King of Franks (d. 166) married Hasilda, daughter of the King of Rugij. Clodomir was son of,
  42. Athildis married King Marcomir IV of Fanconia 128-149, son of Elicure, Ruler of Britons. Athildis was daughter of,
  43. Coel (or Coilus, 'Old King Cole'), known as first Christian king (d. 170). Coel was son of,
  44. Marius (or Meric, or Marcomir) married a daughter of Boadicia and Prasutagus, rulers of Icena. Marius was son of,
  45. Vanessa 'Genissa' Julia married King Arvirgaus of Britain (d. 74), son of King Kimberline. Vanessa was daughter of,
  46. Claudius Caesar, Emperor of Rome, married Messalina. Claudius was son of,
  47. Antonia married Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus, brother of Emporer Tiberius. Antonia was daughter of,
  48. Marc Antony (or Mark Anthony) (b. about 83 BC; d. about 30 BC) married third Octavia, sister of Octavius. He married first Antonia; second Fulvia, widow of Clodius; and fourth Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. Mark was son of,
  49. Julia Caesar, daughter of Lucius Julius Caesar (d. 87 BC) married Antonius Creticus, son of Marcus Antonius.

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