Home Sweet Home

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

Tracing ancestors across the continent has been challenging since they never seemed to "stay put." Except for the Freeman family in Rutherford Co., NC, a location was rarely a residence for more than half a generation. And the Freeman family even lived in several different residences within the county.

Even limiting the definition of residence to require that the person lived there for more than two months (to rule out vacations, business trips, temporary residences while moving, and the like), Dad lived in 52 residences from 1908 to 1974, and Mom lived in 41 residences from 1913 to 1991, each figure including the 34 residences during their 42 year marriage.

This compiler missed out on the first 11 of his parents residences during the first 6 years of their marriage, but has made up for it since leaving his parents' home. He has lived in 43 residences, even noting that a new family record has been set by living in the same home for the past 22 years!

By rummaging through cancelled checks, old letters, old phone books (don't you keep yours?), city directories, and lots of memories, addresses have been obtained for most of the above 86 distinctive residences. Photos are not available for all of the residences - some no longer exist and contemporary photos have not been found, and some have simply not yet been photographed.

Here are images of 27 of the 43 residences of the compiler.


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Modified: 9/29/99