Outlaws In-Law

Prepared by Stephen M. Lawson

Kinship of a Dozen Desperados - Plus a Couple More

Very often, one sees relationship charts showing family connections to notable ancestors and cousins. While one should not make light of the significance of both the heredity or environmental values contributed to the current generation by those who have gone before, there seems to be a preponderance of 'good' folk who are claimed as kin. At times one should sit back and view history, noting that the notorious lived along side, or at least nearby, the notable.

It is often difficult to find relationships to the notorious. One reason is that many of the notorious died without having families of their own. More often, however, family traditions and history hide the 'black sheep' in the bottom dresser drawer. It's good to see an organization like the International Black Sheep Society recognizes these kin who are often neglected in genealogical circles. To provide a wee bit of balance to the Notable Cousins claimed on this site, a few Outlaws In-Law are presented here.

Selected links are provided to some of the web sites which give additional information on the related outlaws. For the record (and for the web spiders), the outlaws here are Johnny Ringo, Bill Dalton, Bob Dalton, Em Dalton, Frank Dalton, Grat Dalton, Bob Younger, Cole Younger, Jim Younger, John Younger, Frank James, Jesse James, Clarence Hite and Wood Hite.

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The Dalton, James and Younger Gangs, and Johnny Ringo

       William                         Simplified Chart
     HAZELRIGG                              of
  _____|______                        Outlaws In-Law
  |          |
William    Elizabeth                     Richard                             John
HAZELRIGG  HAZELRIGG                     SIMMS, Jr.                          JAMES   |          |             ________________|___________                    ____|____   |          |             |                          |                    |       | Charles    Peter         Frances        Charles     Benjamin---Zerelda---Robert  Nancy HAZELRIGG  RINGO         SIMMS          YOUNGER     SIMMS      COLE    | JAMES   JAMES
  |          |        _____|___        ___|____________________        |           |
  |          |        |       |        |      |    |          |        |           |
Lucy Jane  Martin---Mary    Augusta--Coleman  *  Adeline   Henry W   JAMES       HITE
  |               |                                |          |
Scott           Johnny      * Bruce----Belle     DALTON    YOUNGER   Frank       Wood
FREEMAN         RINGO         YOUNGER  STARR     Brothers  Brothers  Jesse       Clarence
Lucy Jane                                        Bill      Bob
FREEMAN                                          Bob       Cole
  |                                              Em        Jim
Donald                                           Frank     John
LAWSON                                           Grat
Stephen   3c3r of Johnny RINGO, whose mother's brother-in-law was uncle of both the
LAWSON            DALTONs and the YOUNGERs, & whose grandmother's sister-in-law was
                  mother of the JAMES brothers and aunt-in-law of the HITE brothers.

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