Pioneers In-Law

Prepared by Stephen M. Lawson

Kinship of a Couple Notable Pioneers

Except for one location in north western North Carolina, virtually all of the families included on this site were among the second wave of pioneers to settle on the frontier as it moved west across the continent between the late 18th century and the early 20th century. Most families settled in an area for two generations at most before moving on. Ancestors of the compiler resided in every state east of the Mississippi River except ME, FL, OH and IN. And they were early settlers in what is now AR, MO, KS, OK, TX, NM, WA, OR and CA.

It is often difficult to find relationships to some of the historical figures involved in settling the frontier of America. In many cases, they have relatively short American ancestries. Frequently, stories of possible connections are passed down through the generations and cannot be substantiated by available records. To provide some more distant kin than qualify for the Notable Cousins section on this site, known Pioneers In-Law are presented here - perhaps others will join them.

Selected links are provided to some of the web sites which give additional information on the related pioneers. For the record (and for the web spiders), the pioneers here are Daniel Boone and Kit Carson (born Christopher Carson or Christopher Houston Carson).

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Daniel Boone and Kit Carson

                                       Simplified Chart
                                       Pioneers In-Law

     William                            Squire BOONE
     HAZELRIGG                          Sarah MORGAN
  _____|______               _____________|_____________________________
  |          |               |                         |               |
William    John            Edward BOONE              George BOONE    Daniel BOONE
HAZELRIGG  HAZELRIGG       Martha BRYAN              Nancy LINVILLE  Frontiersman
  |          |            ___|_________                |
  |          |            |           |                |               Lindsey CARSON
Charles    Martha-------George      Charity BOONE    William BOONE   Lucy      Rebecca
  |                                   |                |               |         |
Lucy Jane     Zachariah BEALL       Edward ELLEDGE   Cassandra-------William   Christopher
HAZELRIGG     Nancy Ann EVANS       Malinda SCHOLL   BOONE           CARSON   'Kit' CARSON
  |          ___|____________         |        
Scott        |              |         |
FREEMAN    Eleanor BEALL  Richard--Jemima
  |        Charles Henry  BEALL    ELLEDGE
Lucy Jane      HAZELRIGG
  |       Charles Henry HAZELRIGG's  brother-in-law married a great grandniece of Daniel BOONE.
Donald    (Charles Henry HAZELRIGG is unplaced, but was perhaps a cousin of Martha HAZELRIGG.)
Stephen    1c5r of Martha HAZELRIGG, who married George BOONE, the nephew of Daniel BOONE,
LAWSON             and 1c1r of Cassandra BOONE CARSON, half sister-in-law of 'Kit' CARSON.

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