I Go Pogo

Nothing can be said about these characters that is not already known by Pogo Fans. And space does not permit the necessary introductions to those who do not already know these Okefenokee Critters.

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1959 Wade of Ireland

Additional information on the development of this figure.


Pogo Possum

1968 Poynter Products, Inc.

Albert, Beau & Churchy

Albert Alligator, Beauregard Hound and Churchy LaFemme

1969 Proctor & Gamble

Howland, Pogo & Porky

Howland Owl, Pogo Possum and Porkypine

1969 Proctor & Gamble

Who's Who?


First frame of Walt Kelly's 1962 introductory strip for new Pogo readers.
Scanned from Pogo Files for Pogophiles, by Selby Daley Kelly & Steve Thompson
(1992: Spring Hollow Books, Richfield, MN), page 40.
Uh, the character at the right is Churchy La Femme.

Figures illustrated copyright by Walt Kelly.
All POGO characters copyright by The Okefenokee Glee & Perloo Society, Inc.

Background created about 1984 by Charles Hearn - on a Mac, of course.

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