Freeman Chronicles

by Bobbie Jo Freeman Lane Pinson

Letter from the researcher

Presented by Stephen M. Lawson

Freeman Chronicles is a presentation of the information concerning the life of an individual drawn from a multitude of public and private records in a chronological order. The records have been gathered from four decades of research by Bobbie Jo Freeman Lane Pinson. The arrangement and presentation of these records has been edited by her son David Earl Pinson, who writes:

"In future dicussions about what is true about our kin, we can now refer to a specific dated entry in the chronology of that person, which everyone has access to. The challenge for everyone is to see if they have any record not now in the chronology and to send it in so that it may be included. Any statement not supported by an entry in the chronology would beg for a support of some kind. With these chronologies out in the hands of all serious researchers, we can all start from the same point to push further back together. Or, just flesh out the chronology that is incomplete."

Bobbie Jo Pinson is a double descendant of Howell Freeman in the following lines, with circumstantial evidence supporting the belief that Howell Freeman was a son of Bridges Freeman. The links in this chart are to the narratives in Freeman Family Lines. These narrative DO NOT include all of the evidence included in Freeman Chronicles.

Number 1 Freeman Chronicles focuses on the life and family of Bridges Freeman (b. by 1733 VA), whose constructed family includes 11 children. Number 2 focuses on the life and family of Howell Freeman (1760 VA-1836 TN), whose constructed family includes 6 children.

Each of these issues includes nearly 100 chronologically arranged events in the lives of the subject families. The compiler and editor of Freeman Chronicles have made these first two issues available to other researchers. The files have been converted to TEXT format with permission of the author. Redistribution of the Freeman Chronicles issues must be as a complete file.

You may view a preformatted file in your browser and save it as text, if you desire. Use the BACK button of your browser to return to this page as no links have been added to the Chronology.

Note: Much of the information in the Chronology of Howell Freeman can also be found on the Dickson Co., TN USGENWEB page.

Current research: Howell Underwood Chronology - (6K). This is a file of preliminary information on the UNDERWOOD family. There is a close relationship between the FREEMAN and UNDERWOOD family, and it is possible that Howell UNDERWOOD was related by marriage to Howell FREEMAN or his father Bridges FREEMAN.

Questions concerning the Chronicles should be directed to:

Bobbie Jo Pinson, Compiler or David Earl Pinson, Editor [both at the same address]
409 South Second Street
Garland, TX 75040-6419

Email :

Freeman Chronicles

10 February 1997

Bobbie Jo Freeman Lane Pinson
409 South Second Street
Garland, Texas 75040
Telephone 972 272-0840
Email address:

Dear Freeman Family,

As many of you know, we have been working on our Freeman family history for 38 years. Now we have begun the process of making copies of that history so that all may have it.

There are many exciting things to learn about your Freeman ancestors and we have found them involved in every important event in the history of our country. We have Virginia Planters, a Constable, a Revolutionary War soldier, War of 1812 soldiers, a Blackhawk War soldier, Forty-Niners in the California gold rush, citizens of the Republic of Texas, Mexican War soldiers, Texas Rangers, Civil War soldiers, Sooners in the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, cowboys and Indian fighters of the Comanches on the west Texas plains. One of our relatives was saved from death at the hands of the British and Indians by Chief Tecumseh. Another was a lawman and detective in Indian Territory. We have a Spanish American War soldier and a resident of Sangamon County at the same time Abraham Lincoln practiced law there. They may have known each other.

There are many wonderful things you will learn about our very special family. And while these events have come and gone, our family has endured. "Family is forever" applies to us. [Printed copies of the first two issues of Chronicles are no longer available.]

We started at the beginning, before the Revolutionary War, and will continue publishing these copies of our records until we get down to your generation. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope in your letter if you have any question and would like a reply. We have 2 email addresses where you may inquire about these chronologies and other matters that pertain to your Freeman ancestors. They are: and Steve Lawson [contact info]

We do not have everyone's address and will appreciate your help in getting the news out. Please check with us if you have family information about your particular line that we do not have so that we may include it in our records that get copied. We hope you enjoy these records of your family.


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