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Use the above email address. My reply will be from a different address. Sorry, excessive spam and junk mail dictates all email links be removed from the web site - you will have to type the above address into your email, and the address will be changed periodically.

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Most available information on my ancestry is already on the site, but I have more information in my personal files on some lines of descent from my ancestors - especially if they are LAWSON, FREEMAN, and MOREY cousins - my grandparents' surnames. Please provide either a site page name or enough information so I can avoid having to search for the person of interest.

If you "must" contact me by regular mail, please send an email request for the address. I keep irregular hours, so phone calls may not be answered, and probably will not be returned (due to costs). - Steve

"The encouragement and support of friends, even though they are known only through such messages as yours and may never be met in person, is still the most satisfying reward that any American can ask of life."
- Ike, in a 1952 letter written at the Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, CO

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Stephen M. Lawson's Kinnexions is maintained as a means of sharing over five decades of family history information on all of my ancestral lines. The search began in the usual manner, by questioning my parents and grandparents about their origins. On my paternal lines, information beyond my grandparents would not be shared. But I was able to obtain basic data on my maternal great grandparents. My earliest family history notes are from 1954. From those very sparse beginnings, bits and pieces were slowly added.

Three of my four grandparents have roots in the southern states. Once the connection was made to my maternal grandmother's New England roots, that branch blossomed rapidly - though there are a few limbs that are bare stubs - notably the Smith-Wheeler ancestry of Tamma (Smith) Merrill. The southern lines have been much more difficult to establish and document. Since a great amount of the information gathered has been shared by many distant cousins, Kinnexions is my means of sharing with others.

Please read the Fine Print page concerning the lack of documentation on some lines. Some information on this site is based on very slim circumstantial evidence, or even on conjecture. While I will attempt to assist other tree climbers in establishing their lines, I will not depart very far from my direct lines and will not guarantee any information provided. No charge is made for assistance, and you get what you pay for (well, maybe a little more).

A bit of personal information about Stephen M. Lawson:

Born in Seattle, WA in 1938, I lived in and around the Puget Sound area for 18 years - in 18 different residences! After graduation from Renton High School in 1956, I entered the Army Signal Corps, attended The Signal School at Fort Monmouth, NJ, and spent a bit over two years in Anchorage and Healy Fork with the Alaska Communications System. After discharge in 1959, I was employed for 6 years as an electronics technician with John Fluke Manufacturing, and with the Boeing Company in Seattle, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Returning to the Seattle area, I obtained a BA in Economics, with a minor in History, from the University of Washington in 1968. With Teaching Certificate in hand, I became a mathematics teacher (you figure it!) at Central Kitsap Junior High in Silverdale, WA. But, after a brief subsequent period as instructor in accounting at a private business school, I left teaching and became a Bank Examiner with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in 1970. In late 1972, I left FDIC and was employed as an operations officer at a savings bank and a commercial bank over the next 9 years. From 1981 to 1987, I was not employed, and made great progress researching my family tree. Finally, from 1987 to 1996, I was employed as a computer operator and scheduler at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA - taking advantage of an early retirement offer on February 29, 1996.

Never married. That certainly shortens this paragraph!

I'm a Christian with tendencies toward the classic reformed position, quite close to the New England Puritan beliefs. The Christian heritage received from family history is varied - Puritan, Congregational, Presbyterian from New England, and Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist from the South, with some short Lutheran and Quaker lines in the Mid-Atlantic states. My personal denominational background includes a childhood in the Church of the Nazarene, profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and baptism at age 12 in the Ridgecrest Community Baptist Church, and membership in Baptist, Congregational, Christian Reformed and Presbyterian churches. While it would be simple to state that my Christian beliefs are in accordance with Scriptures, the same claim is made by others with whose stated beliefs and actions I respectfully disagree. My beliefs are best stated in the Belgic Confession and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

In December of 1978, I purchased a used Apple II computer, using it and one upgrade to an Apple //e until purchasing a Macintosh in December of 1992. Along with various Apple hardware, my every computing desire is satisfied with the following software (as of Jan. 2007):

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