Y-DNA Projects

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

DNA analysis is rapidly becoming an exciting and important aid to genealogical research.
Links provided only when a paper trail to a compiler's ancestor is included in the database.
These external links are subject to change and may no longer be functional.

Y-DNA Surname Projects Links
 Grandfathers  Great
Great Great
Three Great
Four Great
 Lawson  Lawson  Lawson  Lawson  Lawson
       Sims  Sims
     Turman  Turman  Turman
       Neely  Neely
   Freeman  Freeman  Freeman  Freeman
       Hazelrigg  Hazelrigg
     Sears  Sears  Sears
       McClanahan  McClanahan
 Freeman  Freeman  Freeman  Freeman  Freeman
       Wallace  Wallace
     Carpenter  Carpenter  Carpenter
       McGaughey  McGaughey
   Morey  Morey  Morey  Morey
       Merrill  Merrill
     Andrews  Andrews  Andrews
       Holcomb  Holcomb


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