Freeman DNA Charts

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

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Freeman DNA Chart of lines for Freeman families included on - descendants of John and Mary FREEMAN of Surry Co., VA. Note that all lines are not fully documented and changes of relationships in the early generations may be required.

Unconnected Freeman DNA Chart of families whose connection to John and Mary FREEMAN of Surry Co., VA is not known. This chart includes those lines where the Y-DNA indicates a probable connection, and those lines previously believed to be connected, but the Y-DNA indicates the connection is unlikely.

Note that a biological lines is not necessarily the legal and social line, and that a broken biological link can have many explanations, such as formal or informal adoption of a non-relative or relative by marriage, or an undisclosed prior marriage or relationship of a spouse.

DNA and Family History - Some comments concerning use of DNA analysis in family history, with links to other selected families incuded in

Freeman Surname DNA Project - External site with a large database and lineages of Project participants, including but not limited to those on


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