Estate of Maude A. Morey

Maude A. Morey, daughter of Homer Atwood and Kate (Irwin) Morey, died at Boise, Ada Co., ID, on January 3, 1958, at the age of 77. She had never married, had no surviving siblings, had no nephews or nieces, and left no will. The Probate Court papers relating to the distribution of her estate contain valuable family information.

The Court concluded that Maude A. Morey had only 5 first cousins with surviving descendants in 1958. The five were Olive Irene (Gould) Smith, daughter of Maria T. (Morey) Gould, and four children of William Clemeth Morey: Rosa Belle Conner, Charles Clemeth Morey, Minnie Elsie Freeman, and Kittie Bessie Cornett. It is known that Charles Clemeth Morey had no grandchildren, thus, the only continuing lines of descent from Elijah Mason and Elizabeth (Merrill) Morey, parents of Maude A. Morey, are through granddaughters Rosa Belle (Morey) Conner, Minnie Elsie (Morey) Freeman, and Kittie Bessie (Morey) Cornett, and possibly Olive Irene (Gould) Smith Rains.

HOWEVER, the Court apparently did not discover that Maria T. (Morey) Gould also had a daughter Carrie Elizabeth (Gould) Mackwood, whose son D. Eugene Mackwood was born in 1903 and living in FL in 1987. D. Eugene Mackwood had two sons: Gerald and James.

The PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION, Jan. 6, 1958, names the following as the only known relatives of Maude A. Morey, deceased:

The DECREE, Apr. 2, 1959, adds the children of Rosa Belle (Morey) Conner as heirs, and summarizes the Court findings as follows:

The Court finds that the descedant Maude A. Morey was a spinster and daughter of HOMER MOREY, deceased and that she died leaving her surviving neither issue, brother, sister, father or mother. That her next of kin of equal degree are children of a brother and a sister of her father, together with the issue of deceased children of such kin.

IT IS NOW, THEREFORE, ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED by the Court that MAUD A. MOREY died intestate on the 3rd day of January, 1958 in Boise, Ada County, State of Idaho, leaving her surviving, as her only heirs at law, the persons whose names and relationship to said decedant are as follows:

  1. JOHN A. SMITH, son of Olive Irene Gould, deceased, daughter of MARIA T. MOREY (GOULD) deceased, who was the sister of HOMER MOREY,deceased.
  2. The following children of WILLIAM C. MOREY, deceased, brother of HOMER MOREY, deceased:

The DECREE SETTLING FIRST AND FINAL ACCOUNT AND FINAL DISTRIBUTION OF ESTATE, Nov. 17, 1959, finds the residue of the estate to be $10,162.35, and directs distribution as follows (addresses given in decree, omitted here):

The DECREE OF FINAL DISCHARGE of the administrator of the estate of Maude A. Morey was issue Jan. 15, 1960.

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