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This research note concerns the relationship between William Freeman (d. late 1761, Bute [now Franklin] Co., NC), Joseph Freeman (d. 1828, Wake Co., NC) and Edward Freeman (d. 1811, Franklin Co., NC). The information provided here is from a 1994 book by Merrill Hill Mosher, and from a letter dated Oct. 29, 1996 by Wanda Freeman Ridge.

The conclusion is that Joseph Freeman, who died in 1828, was the son of Edward Freeman, who died in 1811, and *NOT* the son of William Freeman and Elizabeth Bridges as outlined in Mrs. Mosher's book quoted below.

The family of William Freeman and Elizabeth Bridges appears in Freeman Family Lines. A link has been added in the family narrative to this note. Here is the information on Joseph Freeman that is in error has been removed from this family:

Joseph FREEMAN - b. about 1755; d. 1828, Wake Co., NC. A resident of Franklin Co., NC in 1790 and 1800. Request for the division of his estate entered May 1, 1828. Revolutionary soldier, possibly from VA. Married November 11, 1778 in Bute Co., NC to Aggie FREEMAN, probably a cousin. Children: Allen; Wilie; William; Robert; Tempy married Mr. TIMBERLAKE; Edward; Lucy married William MURRY; Biddy married William ROLES (children: James, Robert, Livea, Mary Ann, W. H.); and Kinchen married Telitha (children: James, Emily Ann, Kinchen, Sarah Ann, William, John, Jane).

John Freeman of Norfolk County, Virginia
His Descendants in North Carolina and Virginia
And Other Colonial North Carolina Freeman Families

by Merrill Hill Mosher
ISBN 0-7884-0109-2 (Bowie, MD, 1994)

[Only the information on the family of Joseph Freeman, found on pages 149-51, will be presented, providing the reference base for the letter which follows. - sl]

6. Joseph3 Freeman (William,2 John1 Freeman) died in Wake County in 1828. His obituary gives his age as 70, but his appearance as a tithable with brothers Henry and John of hismother Elizabeth in 1771 would make his birthdate closer to 1755 and his age at death as 73. He had served as a soldier of the Revolutionary War.25 He was listed on the 1790 and 1800 Censuses as a resident of Franklin County. He married Aggy Freeman, probably a cousin, in Bute County on 11 Nov. 1778.26

Although his obituaty identifies him as a Revolutionary soldier, no record has been found to support that report. He may have moved north across the border and served in a Virginia unit.

Joseph Freeman died before 1 May 1728. In the November session of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, his heirs requested division of the estate.

Issue of Joseph and Aggy (Freeman) Freeman.

 9.  i.    Allen4 Freeman
10.  ii.   Wilie4 Freeman
11.  iii.  William4 Freeman
12.  iv.   Robert4 Freeman
13.  v.    Tempy4 Freeman m. Timberlake
14.  vi.   Edward4 Freeman
15.  vii.  Lucy4 Freeman m. William Murray
16.  viii. Biddy4 Freeman, d. bef. Nov. 1824; m. William Roles.
           Children: James Robert, Livea, Mary Ann. W. H.
17.  ix.   Kinchen4 Freeman, m. Telitha ______; d. 23 Jul 1828.
           Children: James, Emily Ann, Kinchen, Sarah Ann, William, John, Jane.



A few others who appear to be connected to this family and were possibly third generation members or cousins include.... [comments on Howell Freeman omitted here - sl] Edward Freeman does not appear as a minor tithable on any extant list, appearing only as an adult in 1766, responsible for his own poll tax. Edward died in 1811 leaving children: William, Robert of Wilson Co., TN, Joseph, Henry, Daniel of Wilson Co., TN, Rebeccah m. Wm Reaves, Sarah m. Wm Massey and had a daughter Temperance, Patience m. David Jones.29 .... [additional comments on Howell Freeman omitted here - sl]

[note that Mrs. Mosher is unclear in the above wording, but does not explicitly claim that the Edward Freeman who died in 1811 was the same Edward Freeman listed as a son of Joseph Freeman - sl]

25Lois Smathers Neal, Abstracts of Vital Records from Raleigh, North Carolina Newspapers, 1820-1829, v.2 (Spartanburg: The Reprint Company, Pub., 1980):236. Obituary of Joseph Freeman; Johnston, J of NC Genealogy:1500

26LDS, IGI, 1992 edition.

27Joseph W. Watson, Kinfolks of Franklin County, North Carolina, 1793-1844 (Rocky Mount, NC: By the author, 1985):91; Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., Will Book C, Franklin County, North Carolina, 1804-1812 (South Boston, VA: By the author, 1988):49.

Letter dated 29 October 1996

from Wanda Freeman Ridge
172 Helendale St., Helena, AR 72342-2536
e-mail: wanda (dot) ridge [at] sbcglobal (dot) net (updated 4/8/07)

Re: Information extracted from John Freeman of Norfolk County, Virginia - His Descendants in North Carolina and Virginia - And Other Colonial North Carolina Freeman Families by Merrill Hill Mosher, and as posted under FREEMAN on the internet, GenWeb Messages.

Pg. 149:
Joseph Freeman, b. about 1755, d. 1828, Wake Co., N.C. is listed as a son of William and Elizabeth Freeman. I believe Joseph Freeman is the son of Edward Freeman who died in Franklin Co., N.C. in 1811.

1766: Edward Freeman is listed in tax list of Bute Co., Crooked Creek area of James Alford's list. Living near are Elizabeth Bridges, widow of William Sr., who died about 1761-2, William Freeman Jr. and Bridges Freeman. Elizabeth Freeman listed sons John and Henry, both being 16 years of age or older. Edward listed no sons, indicating all his sons were under the age of 16.

1771: Bute Co., N.C. tax list records Edward Freeman and no son 16 or older. Elizabeth Freeman lists sons Henry, John and Joseph. This indicates the Joseph named by Elizabeth would have been born ca 1761-1755. The obituary of Joseph Freeman who died in 1828, Wake Co., N.C., gives his age as 70, making his birth year 1758. He would have been age 13 in 1771, bearing out my belief that Joseph who died in 1828 is not the son of William and Elizabeth Freeman, but of Edward Freeman. Edward Freeman died in Franklin Co., N.C., 1811, naming a son Joseph in his will.

Referring again to the book by Merrill Hill Mosher, pg. 150: [see above for note - sl]
Edward Freeman who died in 1811 is listed as son of Joseph who died in 1828. This is an obvious error as the Edward Freeman who died in 1811 left a will naming a grandchild. A son of Joseph born 1758 and married 1776, could hardly have had a grandchild before 1811. This is the Edward I believe is the FATHER of Joseph, not the SON.

I would appreciate your posting this information on FreemanNet, or under Freeman Link on the internet.


Wanda Ridge (Mrs. Charles)

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