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Kinnexions is a compilation of material gathered from a large variety of sources over the past five decades - refer to Fine Print for further comments on the methodology used. A few significant publications referred to by the compiler will be cited here.

This is not an exhaustive list and includes publications that are out of print. However, enough information is given that should permit the reader to locate the item in a library or on the internet, or find where it might be purchased. There are a number of internet site which have available many classic genealogical publications which no longer have copyright restrictions. Most publishers have an internet site and recent publications are often available through on-line book stores.

For those living exclusively in the internet age, a library is a place where a large variety of published material is available for reading, copying and/or borrowing. Libraries are either public or private organizations, and virtually every community has a public library, supported by tax payers for use by individuals at no charge. Most public libraries participate in the inter-library loan system, allowing access to materials in other public libraries (with some restrictions and perhaps nominal fees). Private libraries usually have some access restrictions, such as membership requirements or user fees.

The following items are identified by the major surname appearing on this web site. ISBN numbers are given when available, otherwise LC number, or neither. Many outstanding classic publications are available on CD-ROM, but only one will be included as an example at the end of the following list.

The Family History of Judge Ellsworth B. Belden and Collateral Families - by Stanley R. Belden and Elvera K. Belden (Anundsen Publishing, 1980; 310 pages)

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume I: Six Generations of Descendants of John Biglo (1617-1703) of Watertown, Massachusetts - by The Bigelow Society, Patricia Bigelow, Editor (The Bigelow Society, 1986; 503 pages) ISBN 0-9616682-1-0

Biggerstaff: Third Edition - by Ralph L. Biggerstaff (Ralph L. Biggerstaff, 1988; 223 pages)

Carpenters A Plenty - by Robert C. Carpenter ( Gateway Press, 1982; 1112 pages) LC 82-83269

Descendants of John Comins (ca.1668-1751) and his wife, Mary, of Woburn and Oxford, Massachusetts, and Windham County, Connecticut - by Abbott Lowell Cummings (Newbury Street Press, 2001; 806 pages) ISBN 0-88082-127-2

Counting Kindred of Christian Deppen and History of Christian Ruchty... - by E. E. and M. L. Deppen (Ray K. Deppen, 1940 reprint; 625 pages)

Remembering Who You Are!: Dunkley Family History - Lee Ann Whiteside Gerhart and Debra Dunkley Williams (Publication Consultants, 2006; 438 pages) ISBN 1-978-59433-014-4

The Fairbanks House: A History of the Oldest Timber-Frame Building in New England - by Abbot Lowell Cummings (NEHGS, 2002; 110 pages) ISBN 0-88082-153-1
Some Descendants of Rev. Leonard Metcalf of Tatterford Parish, Norfolk, England: Mostly those of his son Michael, the emigrant to Dedham, Massachusetts, in 1637 - by Howard Hurtig Metcalfe (Heritage Books, 2003; 768 pages) ISBN 0-7884-2290-1

John Freeman of Norfolk Co., VA: His Descendants in North Carolina and Virginia, and Other Colonial North Carolina Freeman Families - by Merrill Hill Mosher (Heritage Books, 1994; 236 pages) ISBN 0-7884-0109-2
Families of Warren, Franklin, & Granville Counties North Carolina & Virginia Ancestry: King, Tharrington, Shearin, & Timberlake - by Gayle King Blankenship (Gayle K. Blankenship, 1989; 203 pages) LC 90-156079

Hazelrigg Family History: North America, c1635 to c1935 - by Lawrence Hazelrigg (Xlibris Corp., 2007; 652 pages) ISBN 978-1-4257-3956-0
John Ringo - by David Johnson (Barbed Wire Press, 1996; 264 pages) ISBN 0-935269-23-1

The Higleys and Their Ancestry: An Old Colonial Family - by Mary Coffin Johnson (Grover S. Higley, 1963; 757 pages)

Descendants of John and Mary (Pharo) Holloway from New Jersey to California 1704-1991 -compiled by Doris (Holloway) Sleath (Doris Sleath, 1991; 328 pages)

Ancestors and Descendants of Ira Johnson and Abigail (Furbush) Johnson from 1590 to 2003, edited by William A. Blandon and Gerald Garth Johnson (Heritage Books, 2004; 677 pages) ISBN 0-7884-2493-8
The Ancestry of Emily Jane Angell 1844-1910: With Lines from... Johnson of Roxbury, MA... - by Dean Crawford Smith, edited by Melinde Lutz Sanborn (NEHGS, 1992: 655 pages) ISBN 0-88082-034-9
The Biography and Genealogy of Captain John Johnson from Roxbury, Massachusetts: An Uncommon Man in the Commonwealth of The Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1630-1659 - by Gerald Garth Johnson (Heritage Books, 2000; 228 pages) ISBN 0-7884-1678-2
Captain John Johnson Genealogy
- by Paul Franklin Johnson, Editor (Commonwealth Press, 1951; 500 pages)
The Diaries of Nancy A. Brown and William H. Brown of Edwards, New York, edited by Gerald Garth Johnson (Heritage Books, 2004; 610 pages) ISBN 0-7884-2511-0
The Diaries of Nancy A. Brown and William H. Brown of Edwards, New York, Volume II, edited by Gerald Garth Johnson and Mary E. Spadaro (Edwards History Center, 2004; 184 pages)

Descendants of Capt. Hugh Mason - by Edna Warren Mason (Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co., 1937; 867 pages)

A Merrill Memorial: An Account of the Descendants of Nathaniel Merrill, an Early Settler of Newbury, Massachusetts - by Samuel Merrill (Parker River Researchers, 1917-1928 reprint; 721 pages)

The Sisters and the Cousins and the Aunts: Ancestral Lines of the Foster and Curtis Families of Long Island, New York, and New England - compiled by Marian Foster Fraser (Reference Publications, 1988; 640 pages) ISBN 0-917256-35-2

Descendants of Thomas Olcott, One of the First Settlers of Hartford, Ct. - by Nathaniel Goodwin (J. Munsell, 1874 reprint; 124 pages)

The Pease Record - by Rev. David Pease and Austin Spencer Pease. Presents A Genealogical and Historical Record of the Descendants of John Pease, Sen. and The Early History of the Pease Family in America (Heritage Books, 1869 reprint; 499 pages)

Lieut. Samuel Smith: His Children and One Line of Descendants and Related Families - compiled by James William Hook (James W. Hook, 1953; 377 pages)
American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales - by Gary Boyd Roberts & William Addams Reitwiesner (Genealogical Publishing, 1984; 194 pages) ISBN 0-8063-1085-5

The Family of Samuel W. Wallace - by Robert E. Wallace (Heritage Books, 1994; 236 pages)

Ancestors of American Presidents - compile by Gary Boyd Roberts (Carl Boyer 3rd, 1995; 456 pages) ISBN 0-936124-19-9
Ancestors of Mary Herron (1890-1891): Including early New England immigrant families of Bridge, Brown, Browning, Coolidge, Farrington, Fisher, Hammond, Hastings, Hawes, Hunting, Hyde, Livermore, Mann, Palgrave, Sherman, & Whitney - by John O. & Louise B. Rasmussen (J. & L. Rasmussen Genealogies, 2000; 261 pages) ISBN 0-9701741-0-1
Ancestral Lines: Third Edition - by Carl Boyer, 3rd (Carl Boyer 3rd, 1998; 952 pages) ISBN 0-936124-18-0
The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908, Part I: The Ancestry of Warren Francis Kempton 1817-1879 - by Dean Crawford Smith, edited by Melinde Lutz Sanborn (NEHGS, 1996: 599 pages) ISBN 0-88082-047-0
The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908, Part III: The Ancestry of Henry Clay Bartlett 1832-1892 - by Dean Crawford Smith, edited by Melinde Lutz Sanborn (NEHGS, 2004: 540 pages) ISBN 0-88082-177-9
The Ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman (1829-1912: Wife of Learner Blackman Harrison - by Harrison Black, M.D. (Newbury Street Press, 2001; 665 pages) ISBN 0-88082-129-9
Centennial Celebration of the Town of Orford, N. H.... - by Committee of Arangements (Henry A. Gage, Printer, ca. 1865; 148 pages)
The Colonial Clegy and the Colonial Churches of New England - by Frederick Lewis Weis (Genealogical Publishing, 1936 reprint; 280 pages) ISBN 0-8063-0779-X
The Colonial Clergy of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina - by Frederick Lewis Weis (Society of the Desc. of the Colonial Clergy, 1955; 100 pages) LC 55-8812
Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut - by Lucius Barnes Barbour (Genealogical Publishing, 1982; 742 pages) ISBN 0-8063-0764-1
Genealogies of Hadley Families: Embracing the Early Settlers of the Towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and Granby - compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood (Genealogical Publishing, 1905 reprint; 203 pages) LC 79-52942
Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, Including Waltham and Weston... - (NEHGS, 1860 reprint; 1094 pages)
The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Volumes I-III - by Robert Charles Anderson (NEHGS, 1995; 2386 pages) ISBN 0-88082-42-X, 0-88082-43-8 and 0-88082-044-6
he Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Volumes I-V - by Robert Charles Anderson (NEHGS, 1999-2007; 636, 739, 599, 475 and 665 pages) ISBN 0-88082-110-8, 0-88082-120-5, 0-88082-158-2, 0-88082-162-0 and 978-0-88082-211-4
The "Mary and John": A Story of the Founding of Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1630 - by Maude Pinney Kuhns (Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1971; 254 pages) ISBN 0-8048-0923-2

HB Archives: Genealogical Dictionaries of New England (Heritage Books, 2000; 5349 pages). This CD-ROM includes the following titles: A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New-England - by John Farmer (1847), Genealogical Notes, or Contributions to the Family History of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts - by Nathaniel Goodwin (1856), Genealogical Dictional of Maine and New Hampshire - by Sybil Noyes, et al. (1928-1939), The Pioneers of Massachusetts - by Charles Henry Pope (1900), The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire - by Charles Henry Pope (1908), A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Volumes 1-4 - by James Savage (1860-1884), and The Pioneers on Maine Rivers - by Wilbur D. Spencer (1930).

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