Family Record by Lucy Jane Lawson

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

The originals of the following notarized statement and separate family record was borrowed from George O. Lawson, son of Lucy Jane (Freeman) Lawson, on October 3, 1995, and returned to him after photocopies were obtained.

Both sheets contain various pencil notations in the handwriting of Lucy Jane Lawson, and both sheets were typed with the same typewriter, except for the notary statement. A comparison of the characters indicates that the same typewriter was used by Lucy to type her Personal History on Nov. 5, 1931.

The first page was signed before a Notary Public by Malinda Margrett Freeman, then age 87.

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To Certify

Lucy Jane Lawson (nee Freeman)  born Sept. 12, 1871
at Eldara, Ill.

Names of parents and date of birth and place.

Mother- Malinda Margrett Freeman, born Dec. 13, 1853 at La Plata, Mo.

Father- Scott Cyrus Freeman, born Feb. 23, 1848 at Barry, Ill.

Names of Father's and Mother's parents.

Father's parents,

J.Howell Freeman and Lizzie Jane Hazelrigg Freeman.

Mother's parents,

Chesley Sears and Lizzie McClanahan Sears.

I hereby certify that the above statement is true and  correct.

Witness my hand this the 30th day of January 1941.

                     /s/      Malinda Margrett Freeman

                                  Choteau Okla.

State of Oklahoma)
                 ) SS.
County of Mayes  )

Sunscribed and sworn to before me this the 30th day of January 1941.

                                     /s/  Will A Crockett            
                                          Notary Public


My Commission expires Jan.15th 1943.

[Seal reads: Will A. Crockett
              Notary Public
             State of Oklahoma
             Choteau, Oklahoma]

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                   FAMILY RECORD OF

      Scott Cyrus Freeman and Malinda Margrett Sears Freeman

Scott Cyrus Freeman, son of J.Howell Freeman and Lizzie Jane Hazelrigg
Freeman was born Feb.23,1848 at Barry, Ill. Departed Mar.21,1920 at
Muskogee, Okla.

Malinda Margrett Freeman, daughter of Chesley and Lizzie McClanahan
Sears was born Dec. 13,1853 at LaPlate, Mo.

Scott Cyrus Freeman of Eldara,Ill and Malinda Margrett Sears of Winchest-
er, Ill. by Rev. John H.Taylor, Witnesses, Maggie Hamilton,David Holder.

Lucy Jane Freeman born in Eldara,Ill. Sept.12,1871

Lizzie Belle Freeman,born in Nevada,Mo. Jan.6,1874,departed July 10,1910.

Charles Albert Freeman,Born in Nevada,Mo.Jan.18,1876,depared Feb.29,1936

Annie May Freeman,born Nevada,Mo. Sept.15,1878 departed Sept.5,1935.

Ada Pearl Freeman,born Nevada,Mo. Mar.29, 1881,departed April 9,1882.

Leland Clyde Freeman born Nevada,Mo.Jan.29,1883

Pansy Maude Freeman,born Nevada,Mo.Feb.20,1887

Ollie Freeman,born June14,1889 at Nevada Mo. departed Nov.9,1933

Nellie Freeman,born Muskogee, Okla. June 7,1892,departed Dec.6,1912.

Melvin Cyrus Freeman,born Muskogee,Okla.March 22,1895.

Orville Freeman born Sept.7,1890,departed June 28,1891.
Benjamin Marshall was born Feb.13,1866 departed Aug.8,1940

Cerle N.Pierce                         departed Sept.17,1940.

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Pencil notations on Birth Certificate:

                the above - Substitute
             for my Birth Certificate.

                           Lucy J Lawson
                                   (Nee Freeman)

Vertically, along left side, with small arrow pointing to "Reason":

Reason - was some trouble - through Clyde)

Back, top center section of six-fold page:

       Birth Certificate

Vertically, along left side of section:

                  ====== <-double line
                don't let any Know
                for self
                Lucy J. Lawson

Pencil notations on Family Record: Back, center section of six-fold page: My Family Record Keep might be Need for Something in coming years Front, right margin: [Lizzie Belle] 26 yr [Charles Albert] 60 yr [Annie May] 57 yr [Ada Pearl] 2 yr 54 yr [Pansy Maude] Passed on - Sep 10 - 41- [Ollie] 44 yr [Nellie] 20 yr [Orville] 19 mo - 21 days Front, left margin: Names of Benjamin Marshall and Cerle N. Pierce are bracketted and marked with three small arrows, and unclear diagonal notation: ?? Lawson [Ben married Lizzie, then Anna. Cerle married Ollie]

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