Revolutionary War Service

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

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Selected Documents from Revolutionary War Pension File W8507

State of North Carolina
      Rutherford County

     On this 14 day of July 1834 personally appeared George Painter before
the Justices of the Courts of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County and
State aforesaid, Aged 78 years who being first first duly sworn according to
law doth on his Oath make the following Declaration in Order to Attain the
benefits of the Act of Congress passed the 7th day of June 1832. That he
entered the War of the Revolution in the year 1776 and served under the 
following named Officers and Served as herein stated from the best of his 
memory, but from late age and the loss of memory and also the loss of all 
papers Relative to his Service he cannot Swear positively to the precise
dates or length of his Service and for these there being no person within 
his knowledge, that he can prove his Service by only his Own Oath and his 
Standing in the place where he Resides and on his Neighbors where he Resides 
he calls for his General Character as to their belief as to his being a 
Soldier of the Revolutionary War in the year 1776. I was then living in 
Rockingham County State of Virginia was Drafter and Served a Tour of Three 
months under Capt. Cravan and was marched on to Tygers Valley on the frontier 
of Virginia to Relieve a fort. I have not any recollection that there was any 
Officer at the fort higher than the Captain. I do not Recollect the name of 
the fort but I served on that Tour 3 months and was Discharged and Returned 
home to Rockingham County State of Virginia. I think this was in the year 
1777. My next was a Draft under the Same Captain for a Southern Tour for 3 
months and was marched on to Hillsboro NCarolina to Charlotte NCarolina to 
Cheraw. Down the Peadee through the Swamps when my 3 months was Out I was so 
far from home I volunteered and Served 3 months more. We was under the 
command of General Stevens. We was Several times in company with General 
Marion on our Return we was one day to late for the Battle at Guilford NC. 
We was halted at that and in the neighbourhood we stayed several days, from 
there we was marched to Amherst Courthouse Virginia, was Discharged and went 
home. Soon after I was drafted and Served a Tour of 3 months under the same 
Captain. We was at the Takeing of CornWallis at Little York [and] in the 
whole of that Battle we was under the Command of General Stevens. There I 
saw General Washington for the first time. I was in the lines not far of 
when CornWallis Surrended his Sword. I was one of the Guard that took charge 
of the prisoners that was marched on to Winchester in Virginia. There I was 
Discharged and Returned home. Coln. Darke<?> was our commander on that 
Tour. Soon after my Return I was a Volunteer and Served 3 months under 
Captain Cokes<?> as an Indian Spy we was on as far as the South Branch 
of the Potomack. We ranged the ledge of Mountains. We was Frequently at the 
Differents in that Range of country. Do not Recollect there names on this 
Tour. We had no officer over a Captain that I Recollect of on this Tour my 
being entirely illiterate and having nothing but my memory to govern me I 
have made a Statement of the facts as they have Occured to me. I hereby 
Relinquish every Claim to a pension or annuity except the present and 
Declare that my name is not on the pension Roll of the Agency of any State 
or Territory whatsoever.

Question 1st by the Court: Where and in what year were you born
Answer: from information I was born in Lancaster County Pensylvania in the 
year 1756
Question 2nd: Have you any record of your age and if so where is it
Answer: I have none only from circumstances of the time a became face<?> 
and the circumstances of the Revolutionary War
Question 3rd: Where were you living when called into the Service where have 
you lived since the Revolutionary War and where do you live now
Answer: I was living in Rockingham County State of Virginia where I continued 
untill after the Revolutionary War was over then moved to Rutherford County 
N Carolina where I have Resided ever since
Question 4th: How ere you called into the Service were you Drafted did you 
volunteer or were you a Substitute and if a Substitute for whom
Answer: my first Tour I was Drafted and Served 3 months under Capt. Cravans
my Second I was Drafter and Served 3 months under the same
my Third I was a Volunteer and Served 3 months under the same
my fourth I was Drafted and served 3 months under the same
my fifth I was a Volunteer and served 3 months under Capt. Cokes
This makes my Service in the Revolutionary War 15 months and for which 
Service I claim a pension
Question 5th: State the names of some of the Regular Officers who were with 
the Troops where you Served such Continental and Militia Regiments as you 
can Recollect and the general circumstances of your Service
Answer: I have in the foregoing Statement given as much in Detail as my 
memory will Justify
Question 6th: Did you ever Receive a Discharge from the Service and if so 
by whom was it Signed and what has become of it
Answer: I have no Recollection that I ever Recd a Written Discharge for I 
generally Returned home with the Same Officers that I Served under
Question 7th: State the names of Some persons in your present Neighborhood 
and who can Testify as to your character for veracity and good behavior and 
your Services as a Soldier of the Revolution
Answer: I do not know of any person that is now living that I can prove my 
Service by but I will Name the following persons that will Vouch for my 
Veracity and Standing and there belief as to the Report of my being a Soldier 
of the Revolution - The Reverend Alfred Webb and Joseph Taylor

George  X  Painter

It is hard amongst the Jurors to understand how to pronounce
for instance Painter Panter Panther  this is only to Justify the Mistakes

State of North Carolina
      Rutherford County

     On this 5 day of April 1854 personally appeared before me Williamson 
Fortune one of the Judges of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of 
the County of Rutherford and State aforesaid Rebecca H. Panter aged about 57 
years a resident of the County and State aforesaid who being duly sworn 
according to law upon her Oath saith that she was married to George Panter a 
Revolutionary Pensioner of the United States on or about the 8 day of August 
1824 she further states that her husband George Panter died in the County of 
Rutherford on or about the 15 day of May 1841 that said husband was placed 
on the Pension Roll of the State of No. Ca. at the rate of 53.50 dollars per 
annum, she thinks the Certificate of his Pension was returned to the 
Department or sent to the Agent for paying Pensions at Fayetteville NoCa 
after the decease of her husband, in order to draw a ballance of pension 
due him at his death, she further state that she never married after the 
death of her said husband, but is still a widow, she herewith transmits a 
Certification from the records of Rutherford County showing that she was 
lawfully married to George Panter a resident of the County and State 
aforesaid and by testimony annexed shewing her to be the identical widow 
of the aforesaid Geore<sic> Panter a Pensioner for Revolutionary 
services, she respectfully refers to her husbands papers on file in the 
Department as to the services of her late husband in the Revolutionary war, 
she states that feebleness of body prevents her from going to the Court 
House to make her declaration as Court is held at Rutherfordton some 18 
miles from where she resides she would not submit to the effort for a 
consideration she might get. She makes this declaration for the purpose of 
obtaining a Certificate for Pension due her, and to be placed on the Pension 
Roll of the State of No Carolina, agreeable to the provisions of the act of 
the 3rd Feby 1853 passed by the Congress of the United States.

Rebecca  X  Panter
Williamson Fortune
   Peter Puler

Sworn to and subscribed before me in the presence of Williamson Fortune 
resident of the County of Rutherford and Peter Puler of Cleveland Co and 
State aforesaid and I Certify that I am personally acquainted with Mrs. 
Rebecca Panter know her to be a resident of this County and to be a 
respected woman, but weak in body believing the effort she would make in 
going the distance she would have to go to Court would likely be injurious 
to her already weak State of Body. I further state that she is about the 
age stated, and I further Certify that she is the widow of George Panter 
deceased given under my hand and seal this 5 day of April 1854

        /s/ Williamson Fortune JP

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Selected Documents from Revolutionary War Pension File S41018

State of Vermont
Orange County

   On this 3rd day of April AD 1818 before me the subscriber One of the
Judges of Orange County Court within and for the county of Orange and State
aforesaid personally appeared Benoni Morey aged Sixty years, resident in
Bradford, in said County who being by me first duly sworn according to Law
doth on his oarth make the following declaration in order to obtain the
provision made by a late act of Congress entitled an Act to provide for
certain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States
in the Revolutionary War. That he the said Benoni Morey inlisted in the town
of Charlton, State of Massachusetts about or on the first of May AD 1777 in
a compnay of artillary commanded by Capt. Jotham Drury in the 1st Regiment
of Artillary commanded by Col. John Crane of the Massachusetts line for the
term of three years, that he continued to serve in said Corps for the service
of the United States untill the month of May AD 1780 when he was discharged
from the servbice in Morrisstown, New Jersey, that his discharge, now lost,
was signed by James Gardner Acting Aid De Camp to Genl. Knox, that he was in
the Battles of Brandywine, Monmouth & at the Siege of Rhode Island under
Genl. Sullivan, and he further Declares that the said Capt. Jotham Drury did
not command the said company of Artillery to which he belonged but about a
year when the command devolved upon Lieut. Capt. Cook, who kept the command
the remaining part of the three years he the said Benoni continued to serve--
and that he is in reduced circumstances and needs assistance from his country
for support, and that he has no other evidence, but the two enclosed
certificates now in his power of his said service --
   Sworn to and Declared before me the day and year aforesaid --

                                 John Hotton Judge of Orange County Court

I, John H. Cotton, Judge as aforesaid do certify that it appears to my
satisfaction that the said Benoni Morey did serve in the revolutionary War
as stated in the preceeding declaration against the common enemy. I also
certify that I know & believe the said Benoni Morey is very poor and indigent
and needs supoort from his country, and I now transmit the proceedings and
testimony taken and have before me to the Secretary for the Department of War
pursuant to the directions of the aforesaid act of Congress

                                 John H. Cotton, Judge of Orange County Court

State of Vermont
Caledonia County

At a County Court, began and holden at Danville within and for said County
on the first Monday of June A.D. 1820.
Present in Court, the Hon. Isaiah Fish       Chief Judge.
                      Wm. Cahoon                Assistant
                      John W. Dana, Esq.          Judges.

   On this 19th day of June 1820, personally appeared in open Court (being a
Court of Record, with a jurisdiction unlimited in point of amount, and hav-
ing the power of fine and imprisonment) Benoni Morey, aged Sixty two years,
resident in Barnet in said County, who being first duly sworn according to
law, doth on his oath declare, that he served in the Revolutionary War as
follows:-- In the Regiment of Col. John Crane, Capt. David Cook's Company in
the Massachusetts line of Artillery in the years 1777-1778-1779 & 1780. My
former declaration was dated the third day April A.D. 1818 and my pension
Certificate is numbered 6331 --

   And I do solemnly swear, that I was a resident citizen of the United
States on the 18th day of March, 1818, and that I have not since that time,
by gift, sale, or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof,
with intent thereby so to diminish it as to bring myself within the
provisions of an act of Congress, entitled "An act to provide for certain
persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the
Revolutionary War," passed on the 18th day of March, 1818 -- and that I have
not, nor has any person in trust for me, any property or securities,
contracts or debts due to me; nor have I any income other than what is
contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed.

                                                Benoni Morey

2 oxen, one 2 year old heifer 1 one year old heifer      $68.00
2 calves & one old cracked five pail kettle                8.00
1 old pot and a few old Books                              1.00
1 hoe & one jack knife                                      .10

List of Debts which I justly owe
               to Franklin Fenton   $6.12
               Joel Walker           2.81
               Mattocks & Newal      2.65
               Turnen Strobridge    62.00
                                   $74.58  ------------  $74.58

                                                            Benoni Morey

I am by occupation a Laubourer and in midling health for my age. I have no
wife & my children have all become of age and I live with my son.

                                                            Benoni Morey

Sworn to and declared in open Court on the 19th day of June 1820 before
Wm. Cahoon, Judge


                              Benoni Morey
               of Bradford, Orange Co. in the state of
               Vermont who was a private in the corps
               commanded by Colonel Crane, Mass Artillery
               for the term of 3 years
               Inscribed on the Roll of Vermont at the
               rate of 8 Dollars per month, to commence
               on the 3rd of April 1818
               Certificate of Pension issued the 2 day of
               Feb 1819 and sent to the Hon. W. A. Palmer
               in the Senate
               Arrears to 4th of Sep 1818 5 mos 2/30 40.53
               Semi-anl. all'ce ending March 1819    48 --
                                                 for 88.53

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Selected Documents from Revolutionary War Pension File W8980

State of North Carolina
Rutherford County

   On this 12th day of May, 1846, personally appeared before me the
subscriber one of the Magistrates in and for said County, Ruth Wallace, a
resident of the County & State aforesaid, aged 89 years, who having first
duly sworn according to Law, doth, on her oath, make the following declar-
ation in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of
Congress passed July 4th, 1836.
   That she is the widow of William Wallace decd. of Rutherford County who
was a private Soldier, and an offier, in the South Carolina Militia in the
Army of the Revolution and served the United States as follows viz: In the
year 1779 he the said Wm. Wallace, then residing in what is now called York
District South Carolina, entered the service, as a volunteer on the last of
January under Lieut. Jas. Martin & Major Ross of the Militia and was marched
on to Briar Creek (Georgia) where they had an engagement with the Enemy
about the first of March, and that soon after the said Battle, he the said
Wm. Wallace was discharged having been in the service about two months --
   His next service was in the Summer of 1780, after the fall of Charleston.
The said Wm. Wallace volunteered under Lieut. Andrew Miller & Capt. Martin
with whom he joined Genl. Sumpter<sic> on Haglers Branch, No.Carolina, and
remained under the said General from about the first of June till the middle
of October, making a tour of about four & a half Months --
   His third & last tour was in the Spring of 1781. He the aforesaid Wm.
Wallace served a tour of duty to Orangeburg as Lieutenant under Capt.
Miller, was out in service in this last Campaign two months: Making in all
Eight & a half months service for which declarant claims a pension.
   She further declares that she was married to the said Wm. Wallace in York
District South Carolina in the month of June, Seventeen hundred and seventy
five, 1775, that her husband the aforesaid Wm. Wallace died on the 3d. day
of March, Eighteen hundred, 1800, and that she has remained a widow since
that period as will more fully appear by refference to the proof hereunto
   She also declares that she has no family Record showing either the date 
of her marriage nor the birth of their children. Nor has she any Record or
documentary evidence in support of her said husbands service.
   Sworn to and subscribed the day and year first above written.
   Before me  /s/ J. Gilkey JP            Ruth  X  Wallace

   And I the said Magistrate do hereby certify that Ruth Wallace who has
this day sworn to and subscribed the above declaration before me is a person
of good Character and that to her statements is due full faith & credit.
   I further certify that she is by reason of old age and bodily infirmity
unable to attend Court at the Court House to make her said declaration.
   I also certify that she is the respected widow of Wm. Wallace decd. a fact
which there is no doubt and that she has not intermarried since the death of
her said husband.
   Given under my hand this 12th day of May, A.D. 1846.
                                             /s/ J. Gilkey, JP

State of North Carolina
   I, G. W. Logan Clerk of the Court of Pleas of Quarter Sessions for
Rutherford County do hereby certify that the foregoing Declaration of Ruth
Wallace was this day lain before the Court examined & approved. Wherefore
the Court ordered the Clerk to Certify the same.
   I further certify that J. Gilkey Esquire before whom it was proven is an
acting Magistrate & his signatures are genuine.
                                 In testimony whereof I have hereunto affixed
                             the Seal of said Court at office & subscribed my
                             name this 12th May 1846
                                                    G. W. Logan clk

State of South Carolina York District Personally appeared before me, the subscriber, one of the acting Magistrates in and for said District, Jane McCullough, a resident of the District & State aforesaid aged eighty six years and made oath in due form of law that she was in the days of the Revolution intimately acquainted with William Wallace, wife Ruth who who resided in York District South Carolina and have since moved to Rutherford County No. Carolina where the said William Wallace has died leaving his wife Ruth a widow. This affiant further maketh oath that she was present at the house of Oliver Wallace in York at the time the aforesaid parties returned from their marriage and have an infair at the said house which marriage took place in the summer of the year Seventeen Hundred and seventy five (1775) or seventy six. That she deponent came over to this country from Ireland in the year 1773, in company with the said William Wallace, and that he was married to his wife Ruth, whose maiden name was Porter, the second or 3d. year after the landing in America. She also maketh oath that soon after their arrival in this Country war was declared between the States and Great Britain and that the said William Wallace volunteered into the service of the United in the South Carolina Militia and served a tour of duty to Briar Creek under Major ross, Capt. ________ and on his return home said that he had been in the Battle of Briar Creek so said xxxxxxxx. She further makes oath that after the aforesaid tour to Briar Creek the afore said William Wallace was generally out in the service till the war ended, That during the time she was ofter at the house of the said Wm. Wallace and unfrequently stayed for a number of nights with his wife who was left alone. Sworn to and subscribed this 5th day of June, 1846. Before her A.S.Wallace, Magt Jane X McCullough Test. W. I. Stephenson mark                                                       York District, SC                                                       7th April l847 Sir    I have this day examined McCasland Wallace, who says he is the brother of William Wallace whos widow Ruth Wallace, now of Rutherford County North Carolina, is an applicant for a Pension. McCasland Wallace, who was born in 1773, states to me that he can recollect distinctly the return of his brother from the Battle of Brier Creek, Georgia, and from a Campaign at Orangeburgh SoCa. during the Revolutionary War -- and gives circumstances which at that time made empressions on his mind so as not to be forgotten yet. McCasland Wallace also says that he disctinctly remembers that his Brother William Wallace was til the close of the Revoluntionary War living with his wife Ruth as man & wife -- and that the said Ruth Wallace is the present applicant for a pension --    I am personally and well acquainted with McCasland Wallace and know him to be a man of good standing and entitled to the fullest confidence for truth & veracity. I make this statement to support his evidance now given before the Commissioner of Pensions on the application of Ruth Wallace in right of her husband Wm. Wallace for a Pension.    I also certify that I know James Stuart who I am informed is also another evidance in this case. Stewart<sic> is a most respectable old Citizen and entitled to full confidence. I also understand that Jane McCullough the sister of McCasland Wallace is also an evidance in this case. Mrs. McCullough is a respectable old lady of sound mind and I have full confidance in her statements --    The respectability of the witnesses I have herein named is such that I can with pleasure recommend them to the full confidence of the Commissioner of Pensions. To J. L. Edwards, Esq.                           James A. Black Mag.        Comss.                                             1st Dist. SoCa P.S.    McCasland Wallace says he always understood from his mother and others that Wm. Wallace was married to his wife Ruth in 1775 or 6. --                                                  J. A. Black

South Carolina }
York District }
Personally Appeared John Chambers, Sen., a resident citizen of said
District aged 75 years Before me the subscribing Magistrate and made oath
in due form of law that he was well acquainted with Wm. Wallace Revolutionary
soldier now dec & Husband of Ruth Wallace who is now applicant for a pension.
Deponent further says that the said Wm. & Ruth Wallace lived within three
miles of his [deponent's] father in time of the Revolutionary war and continued
to live there until he left for north Carolina some fifty years past.
Deponent's Father lived in what is now called York District S.C. in the
neighborhood of Bersheba Church and was a Capt in the army of the Revolution
and commanded the Militia of the neighbor-hood.
He further says that the aforesaid Wm. Wallace & his wife Ruth were persons
of good Moral character and respectability and was brother to Thos., Joseph,
James & McCastland who was the youngest of the Family.
Sworn to and subscribed this 3rd day of July 1847. John Chambers
Before me A.S.Wallace, Magt.
Pxxxxxxxxx farm 14th August 1847 Sir: I am requested to speak of the respectability of John Chambers & Wm. Carson who are offered as evidence in the claim of Ruth Wallace widow of Wm. Wallace who claims a Pension as the widow of Revolutionary soldier & officer of the Revolutionary War. The evidence of these witnesses are offered to prove the fact that Ruth Wallace was the wife of Wm. Wallace in the time of said War of which I have no doubt. I know John Chamber personally well & intimately and I believe him entitled to as much credit there on his word or oath as any man in York District. He is a professing Christian with good standing both in his church & neighborhood. Carson I do not know personally but I am apprised by those who do and in whom I have unbounded confidence, that he is a good man and of very great respectbility of the truth of which I have no doubt. I also know McCasland Wallace the brother of the deceased Wm. Wallace. He is of fair character. He showed me the passport under which his father came to this country which as well as I can now remember was in 1773 and McCasland Wallace has a right to know the date of the marriage of his brother Wm. Wallace to Ruth the present claimant as he says it took place the second year after the family moved to this country. Under all these facts there surely can be no doubt that the said Ruth is legally entitled as there can be no doubt of her marriage to the said Wm. Wallace in due time and McCasland Wallace cannot be mistaken as to time and I am sure he would not mistate the facts. I have written you before on this matter & I must think you could not have understood my letter or you could not have doubted. With great respect, James A. Black Col. J. L. Edward Pension Agent Washington                            South Carolina                        Ruth Wallace                  widow of William Wallace S C who                  died on the 3rd March 1800 of                  Rutherford in the State of N C who                  was a Pri & Lieut in the Compy com-                  manded by Captain ________ of the                  Regt commanded by Major Ross in the                  Revolution for  5 mo  1 day  Pri.                                  1 "   7  "   Lieut.                  ===================================                  Inscribed on the Roll of Charleston                  at the rate of 33 Dollars 21 Cents                  per annum, to commence on the 4th                  day of March, 1831.                  ===================================                  Certificate of Pension issued the 3                  day of Sept. 1847 and sent to Hon.                                         J. A. Black

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