Personal History by Lucy Jane Lawson

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

Personal History                                             11.25.31

I, Lucy J. Lawson(nee Freeman), was born in Eldora Ill. Parents moved to Nevada Mo. when I was 8 months--was raised there & educated, school & college & music. At early age of eighteen years was married. Lived in Oklahoma and vicinity 20 years. Became mother of seven sons & three daughters. One son and one daughter died in infancy. Eight lived to be grown and at age of 24 years darling son Charles was called to "Heavenly Home"(year 1931). I was raised in home of "spiritual atmosphere". Can't remember when first(for I always loved the Savior) I was converted but at age of sixteen I united with Methodist Church. I was Methodist eight years until my first child was born. Then I began to think of "Infant Baptism by sprinkle and of many other things of Doctrine and I felt I must study & pray & as a result of this I united with Baptist Church. I was baptised in a mud pond near or farm house with the help of two of Dad's sisters. I organized the first(union) Sunday School in County starting with 12 people but it grew rapidly & then we had a neighbor farmer who had been a preacher & was then Circuit Rider. We, by some persuasion secured him as our pastor and had services twice a month. Many things happened in the years of our town life--will not detail. Our first sorrow was in that town the "going away to home on high" of our first daughter Carrie, age 15 months. We went from Okla. to New Mexico and there we were pioneers truly. It was new. Nothing there, dad had first town lot and first business house & I was first white woman in this new town, Tucumcari. We had 3 children(the first four children were born on farm in okla.) and I was so grieved at outlook--no church; but God always hears and answers prayer and he opened up a way for a place to establish worship. A Methodist minister came through and took donations from business ones who had pen ed in place from everywhere & it was agreed a Buliding should be erected at once and be called Town or Community Hall, always giving first place to Christian Services. As soon as it was up we found an old man from Las Vegas who had 25 years of experience in Sunday School work, so he agreed to be "Superintendent" & I had pleasure of teaching the first class of Boys and Girls, a number of 12--and soon buildings began to rise all over town & people came & in mean time(a saloon keeper had a piano) he came to us and said if you can find anyone who can play it, I will take piano out of saloon & put in church as long as you want; or till you get an organ--again I was able to give my service as pianist. The church grew and I worked(as pianist for four different Churches) for by now we had a number of each denomination to Justify. Union school and one Sunday each for our own denomination pastor. We had prayer meeting Wed. & Thursday eve. Then we women of all denominations decided to organize a woman's work --called it Ladies Aid. I was president of this Body for three years and then we were called to Okla. for a year. Then we went bakc to Tucumcari. Again I had honor of being organist of our own Baptist Church. It would take to long to give history of all that took place in my and Dad's "Charity work-Lodge work(Masonic and Easter Star). Again a terrible fire swept all we had. There was born to us in Tucumcari twins and 2 other sons. Again we moved, now to Seattle. Many trials confronted us but still we continued our Church and Christian life. I again was organist & teacher in a Junior Dept. for 2 years.(also teacher & pianist in Muskogee Okla. in Junior Dept. 5 years continuous) and thank God I saw all my children give themselves to God & Baptized. Ages at time of Baptism for 9 years of age to 14--but one he being 22 before being confirmed. Two more children born in Seattle and now old age comes and I'm lonely--all grown and married but one & scattered, and memories linger of soft little hands, smiles, first patter & steps of babies-then youth and manhood & womanhood. God has been with me thro it all. Without him & his love I could not have succeeded as well as I have & now in my memories of days gone never to return as I go down the trail in Sunset of my life I will still trust him and pray each of you my children be prepared to meet your Maker & die as peaceful and strong in faith as did dear Charles--& we all will be united in that "Beautiful Land Where No Sorroe Comes." "God will be done" and may he bless each one. May you wolk straight & Narrow path and have some long memories of a Mother who Loved all so searly and all the love a Mother's heart could give--


    I leave all in hands of God
                        Love to all,

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